Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Driving 

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Niko and Clint are joined by SLtvr, Stunt Driver, and Car Enthusiast David Patterson (@thatdudeinblue) to break down some of the best (and worst) stunt driving sequences in Hollywood!
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19. sep. 2020

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Jake Volk
Jake Volk Pred 2 urami
I don't know if they cut down some of his explanations, but he's a little misleading. He puts a little too much stock in the high profile tires, they help with holding onto traction during the launch but don't have as much benefit once the cars are moving. Until you get to the insane horsepower numbers in professional drag racing a skilled driver can make the difference between them minimal. Not to mention that benefit is thrown away once you break traction and spin the wheels. It's also impossible to do a wheelie and a burnout at the same time.
Incomplete River
Incomplete River Pred 5 urami
At the beginning this better have baby driver in it Edit: it didn't
TheRedbikemaster™ Pred 22 urami
I own my own semi truck and think you guys should do a video critiquing the (usually terrible) semi truck scenes in movies. I volunteer as tribute lol jk
Disgusting Milky Water.
When's the next one of these? I like the driving aspect of films, you could maybe react to the first chase in 2015's The man from U.N.C.L.E., and maybe the last part on the island?
Edgar Garcia
Edgar Garcia Pred 2 dnevi
Could you react to the "gone in 60 seconds" driving
SRT_Mike Pred 3 dnevi
Have you guys done one of Troy, Achilles and Hector fight
John Pierce
John Pierce Pred 4 dnevi
Was Clint wearing an Ape Escape t-shirt?
Samuel Skorsetz
Samuel Skorsetz Pred 4 dnevi
As a German I have to note, that flashing your lights or blinking left, to signal you want someone to move over is actually illegal and it is indeed a dickmove.
Tyrone Sewell
Tyrone Sewell Pred 5 dnevi
Loved RONIN car chase.
Exploding Tomahawks
Exploding Tomahawks Pred 6 dnevi
I know a TINY bit about cars but isn't the manifold something to do with the intake of air? (Please be kind and don't make fun of me.)
Blaine Houk
Blaine Houk Pred 7 dnevi
Steve McQueen did all that driving :)
Stela Barberis
Stela Barberis Pred 7 dnevi
You guys should do 47 Ronin
Stephen Huntsman
Stephen Huntsman Pred 7 dnevi
This dude is an enthusiast, i like how he froze at the manifold question lololol
000000000 Pred 8 dnevi
There one man on this video is fired .........Twice😎
GourmetGringo Pred 8 dnevi
I'm sorry but as a kid who spent summers at the drag strip...that Charger vs Supra scene triggers me. You can't do a burnout like Dom did while pulling the front wheels. Look back at the video from the drag strip, the red car wheelies because the rear wheels HOOK. And you'll see the back tire wrinkle up. Doms charger does a burnout (which happens in drag racing after the tire has been covered in water to warm the tires up). You cannot spin the tires that aggressively (causing smoke) while pulling the front wheels. So I will nicely disagree with the expert. It's not possible. Or at the very least completely unrealistic with the setup shown in the movie #MythBusted I would LOVE to see the behind the scenes of that shot in a future episode
Chris K
Chris K Pred 9 dnevi
I have to disappoint you guys flashing your lights on the autobahn is basically a dick move
VainerCactus 0
VainerCactus 0 Pred 11 dnevi
What about that car flip from that James Bond movie?
Tim Kays Nerd Crate
Tim Kays Nerd Crate Pred 11 dnevi
Actually not 100% accurate. Flashing the light is done on the Autobahn, here. But it's not normal behaviour. It IS though a dickmove.^^
ameya kunte
ameya kunte Pred 12 dnevi
The guy doesn't know anything about the movie 'DRIVE'.....
Tim Ostermann
Tim Ostermann Pred 13 dnevi
As a German I can say that the things he said about the „Autobahn“ are true, you can go as fast as you want
Nick Pedroza
Nick Pedroza Pred 13 dnevi
The French connection was filmed in my neighborhood and I know majority of the streets that car/train chase was filmed on so when I’m watching it I notice all the cuts back and forth show the car on COMPLETELY different streets. First he’s by my high school then a mile away from it then he’s back a block away from my high school then he’s like 3/4 miles down the train line then I have no idea where he crashes. Just thought I should share that little insight!
Chip Pred 16 dnevi
"It's like a GTA mission." GTA is influenced by pretty much every crime/cop movie. :D
Andrew Batson
Andrew Batson Pred 16 dnevi
Death Proof
Seth K Johnson
Seth K Johnson Pred 21 dnevom
The scariest thing about the Ronin tunnel chase was that it came out a year and a half or two years after Princess Diana was chased to death in the Paris tunnel.
Seth K Johnson
Seth K Johnson Pred 21 dnevom
Fast 5 was my favorite.
james jayatilaka
james jayatilaka Pred 21 dnevom
Fully sick, but in fast and furious when they are doing "work" on the cars, some of them are missing the break disks, then they just put the wheel back on, without putting the disk brake on!
Badledgend117 Pred 24 dnevi
Nooooooot a stunt driver. Would love to see a real one though
Andrew Charlton
Andrew Charlton Pred 25 dnevi
I mean that downshift looks about right in an old 5 pattern gearbox. Esp if he double clutched it. Smacks of American automaticitus
Doug Pred 26 dnevi
Baby Driver or anything from Rush next please!👌🏼👌🏼
Cedric L. Marquard
Cedric L. Marquard Pred 26 dnevi
Why are people so hung up on the title "stuntmen react", it's just what they call the series. And nowhere do they actually claim him do do stunts
those people are out of their minds who call drive boring
BenK885 Pred 29 dnevi
12:38 It actually is a dick move and illegal too. So beware...
Hello Hello
Hello Hello Pred 29 dnevi
Anybody else visiting old Clint videos?
Cocheeze Pred mesecem
Lol it's definitely a d*ck move to flash lights in germany in the fast lane. It's also prohibited by the law.
Teddy Flood
Teddy Flood Pred mesecem
I like need for speed or.... Dukes of hazard.
paper choppa
paper choppa Pred mesecem
When he said most Japanese cars are 4 bangers 2jzgte, any rb, and 3000gt had a v6 Honda’s are all 4 cyl, and 4g63 are 4 cyl
Kowsalya Peela
Kowsalya Peela Pred mesecem
Make a video on nividia gaugan super free A. I.
Pablo Gusman
Pablo Gusman Pred mesecem
Fast and furius. No tiene sentido
Thinex HD
Thinex HD Pred mesecem
I did this to an undercover policeman the other day.... he wasnt that pleased
M B Pred mesecem
Actually the cars flashing their lights in Ronin was an agreed signal by the stunt drivers to indicate which they were about to turn.
M B Pred mesecem
Dude in the middle is Clem Fandango
Shalom Osei-Bonsu
Shalom Osei-Bonsu Pred mesecem
did he just disrespect jarule??
Stevie G
Stevie G Pred mesecem
I love it when american people think that a 900 hp box with drag wheels and NM is supposed to anihilate anything and when you see how a 720S or a 911 Turbo S with slim tyres destroy a 1300 hp Mustang or Hellcat completely in a drag race. So funny. Just pretending to know more about cars and in the end he keeps on missing the right facts too... made my day haha
Amanda Margaret
Amanda Margaret Pred mesecem
Can you get a stunt driver break down Initial D ( live action ) with youse guys?!
pieter Pred mesecem
You cant do a burn-out and a wheelie on the same time tho
Cthulhu TV
Cthulhu TV Pred mesecem
That "little wiggle" in Ronin is shifting from 3 or 5 to 2, where you have to pull it down to central position, get to left and down. Straight down would be shifting from 3 to 4 or from 5 to 6. I know in 'muricca you don't know such techiques but...
pickanon Pred mesecem
React to Stewie stunt double
viaductdreams Pred mesecem
Fun fact: The chase scenes in Bullitt were sped up in post-production.
Katharina Webber
Katharina Webber Pred mesecem
Flashing lights on a german autobahn is actually pretty much a dick move 😅
The IRS Pred mesecem
Opening scene from baby driver please !!
Benjamin Haefner
Benjamin Haefner Pred mesecem
It definitely is a dick move, if u flash ur lights, when somebody is to slow for u lol
Fogo Fogo
Fogo Fogo Pred mesecem
The one legit gear shift in this is the one in Ronin and you clown it but some times when you down shift in older cars it just won't go in to gear and you have to wiggle it in.
Mark Swann
Mark Swann Pred mesecem
Man says he's familiar with cars, then says the totally implausible scene of Dom pulling a BURNOUT WHEELSTAND could definitely happen....
William Allen
William Allen Pred mesecem
How dare he besmirch the name of the great Drive by calling it a “Hipster Car movie.” Drive is more than a car movie.
ernesto che fujara
ernesto che fujara Pred mesecem
Wait, you don't flash the lights so the car in front of you moves over in the US?!!?!
Kuroi Uzu
Kuroi Uzu Pred mesecem
It's not possible to burnout and Wheely actually
Josh Bryan
Josh Bryan Pred mesecem
Idiots it's just a movie
DatGuyMo Pred mesecem
I am german, live in germany and I have a driver licence and flashing the lights on the autobahn to get by someone is the biggest dick move on street. Its not even allowed. So I dont know what the "stuntdriver" is talking about..
Steven Said
Steven Said Pred mesecem
It's actually impossible to do a burnout AND a wheelie at the same time.
Avery Rose
Avery Rose Pred mesecem
Would love to see an episode about the first car scene, boss 429 Mustang 1969, in the first John Wick. I know Keanu Reeves is a moter cycle fan and has his own company. Would love to know if he drove during the scene at the air strip.
No More BS Please
No More BS Please Pred mesecem
Could you at least get a real stunt driver or at least someone who knows where a sparkplug goes next time? This guy knows nothing about cars, and it shows from his dumb answers!
nX' ElecktrixX
nX' ElecktrixX Pred mesecem
It is a dick move to flash ur lights in germany. If the police catches you doing it you'll be fined
Brian Tidey
Brian Tidey Pred mesecem
This is the worst YT video yet. These guys have no idea what they are talking about at all. Was hoping it would be a real driver that knows exactly what he's talking about. What's a Manifold ?? Really dude. You are some dumb SLtvr. Suggest you go back and learn parts of cars and their capabilities.
Thomas Lappin SAX
Thomas Lappin SAX Pred mesecem
Do the blues brothers police chase near the end of the film, it's a classic and I think it was most expensive car chase in its time and for a long time after
Mike Parks
Mike Parks Pred mesecem
Anytime the boy with the bun has a input . Calm down and sip your chai tea
Daniel Hurd
Daniel Hurd Pred mesecem
The stunt driving in the original "Gone in 60 Seconds" (1974) is phenominal.
Ben Christensen
Ben Christensen Pred mesecem
So I’m late to the party. But how about bad and great stunts from my childhood favorites. The 3 Ninjas movies and Surf Ninjas.
TrIpMo Games
TrIpMo Games Pred mesecem
When he said it's possible for Don's Charger to do that wheelie with burnout I down voted. That ain't possible....
Whydopeoplelovefoxy Pred mesecem
There’s a Stunt in transformers that’s bad
turbo 2014 malibu
turbo 2014 malibu Pred mesecem
There wrong you can't do a burnout while having the front wheels in the air. The manifold on a car is for turbo cars there's a exhaust manifold and intake manifold. Headers are for none turbo cars. They don't know anything about cars
D E S P A Y E E T O Pred mesecem
fun fact the supercharger on doms charger issnt real because if you look close when it chrashes the hood opens up a little and the supercharger and blower moves up a bit
joshjooh Pred mesecem
"Stuntmen" Where is the Stunt man? This dude isn't even a stuntman.
08HuskyBoyYT Pred 27 dnevi
You're probably thinking about a movie stunt man. He is paid to do stunts, which means he is a stunt man. Just because he isn't in movies doesn't mean that he isn't a stunt man
kylem03000 Pred mesecem
Yeah that crazy pinto was designed with the fuel tank in the back lol. Just say you dont know why it was prone to explosions.
Elijah Loya
Elijah Loya Pred mesecem
I am a huge Ford fan and I want a pinto so yhe
MEDC Sean Pred mesecem
The most horrible thing in fast and furious.. is the charger doing a wheelie and a burnout at the same time..
Cornel Bogdan Macrineanu
The lights flashing is a DICK move even in Germany, if you are German you do not do that.
Cory Duke
Cory Duke Pred mesecem
You want bad stunts, watch I'm gonna get you sucka! Classic intentional bad stunts
Rich L.
Rich L. Pred mesecem
William Friedkin was a documentary film director, he also did a little movie called The Exorcist
t1n 420
t1n 420 Pred mesecem
Why are there 3 guys in this video if only 1 guy is explaining and it really bothers me that those 2 guys dont know anything about cars
dudder86 dudder
dudder86 dudder Pred mesecem
Not really its the streets back then u didn't use radials or slicks
Kathryn Brittain
Kathryn Brittain Pred mesecem
Hey I own a pinto
Sean Walsh
Sean Walsh Pred mesecem
Fun fact the wheelie and the supercharger of doms charger were both fake in the first fast and furious
Joyroop Ghosh
Joyroop Ghosh Pred mesecem
Sir can you include the car chase from the movie, the burglars.
Max Pred mesecem
So disappointed in thatdudeinblue. Doesn’t know what a manifold is, thinks it’s possible to spin your tires AND do a wheelie at the same time. So much misinformation in the episode. They need to invite someone on to correct all the mistakes thatdudeinblue made
Mike Deaton
Mike Deaton Pred mesecem
You guys should go over scenes from Vanishing Point 1971
Keith Zatkalik
Keith Zatkalik Pred mesecem
Love the Ape escape t shirt
justin jones
justin jones Pred mesecem
Notice the older movies they have no seatbelts while stunt driving 👌
G L Pred mesecem
sorry this David Patterson character really don't know cars too much, more specifically tires. There are low profile tires that are pretty close to being slicks. Please don't have him on your show again pls.
Cale McFadden
Cale McFadden Pred mesecem
4:44 it’s also not possible to wheelie and do a burnout at the same time 😂😂
OsDada Jr
OsDada Jr Pred mesecem
no one watched f&f for the REALISM
Eduardo Seitz
Eduardo Seitz Pred mesecem
10:42 the reason why it looks so GTA like is because the movie French Connection inspired the Driver video game series and later GTA got inspiration from Driver.
Eduardo Seitz
Eduardo Seitz Pred mesecem
I love drive because it is such an atmospheric movie, it's a lot more than just an action movie.
Rodrigo Gomes
Rodrigo Gomes Pred mesecem
Oh come on, you didn't choose the 180 turn of the car chase to analyze?
K S Pred mesecem
Ask this “STUNTMAN” for a box wrench, he’ll probably bring back something made of cardboard.
RoadRage79 Pred mesecem
This is funny they call themselves stuntmen. Definitely have stuff to learn. It's more than using a e-brake. Can about imagine what the douche on the couch drives
Nights Darkness
Nights Darkness Pred mesecem
It do make sense if you ever own a Mitsubishi eclipse in late 90s and early 00s known to fall apart 🤭 boy let me tell you wiring issues I had and engine issues black tar coming out from door panel etc etc
SBluesBrotherhood Pred mesecem
C'mon! One of the BEST car chases in HISTORY is The Blues Brothers (first film)!!! Yeah, the "flying car" at the "end of the bridge scene" is over the top, but if you research it, Landis insisted that in some scenes that the stuntmen were really driving at 110 mph through downtown Chicago. And the recently closed "Dixie Square Mall" was really re-outfitted with real merchandise and all that they had to do was to pay for the stuff that they actually destroyed.
music_heap_of_felip Pred mesecem
"thats how i pull up to trader joe's"
noisepuppet Pred mesecem
The way the ads were inserted made it go like: in the late nineties and early 2000s, there was an absolute explosion when it came to KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN
Richard Pena
Richard Pena Pred mesecem
I hate to post negative comments but I have to call yall out. That charger is not going to burnout and wheelie. Its either going to hook or not.
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