My New $3,000,000 Apartment Tour 

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9. sep. 2020

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Chewy Pred 5 urami
You paid 3 mil for that ? Its so small tf
SYNDCT Pred 19 urami
Here for a year. So you’re renting?
Sapelu Apparel
Sapelu Apparel Pred 20 urami
The glow up is lit. The next property for you should be a purchase though ...
Jake Woodley
Jake Woodley Pred 22 urami
Nice apartment! But £3,000,000?
Elliot Brown
Elliot Brown Pred dnevom
My garage is bigger then this clowns house
ColaBoxx Pred dnevom
If that`s $3.000.000 my house must be $25.000.000
88_Italkbasketball_88 MoMo
The Joel Embiid line🙏🏼🙏🏼 you a king for that my G
Anna Reeves
Anna Reeves Pred 3 dnevi
I’ve happened to notice you’re using elvive dream lengths as a shampoo and conditioner 😆😆😆
Josh Pred 3 dnevi
Means nothing to be a millionaire in London
miguel santos
miguel santos Pred 3 dnevi
if that is a 3M apartment you just got scamed by friend
MotoBros Pred 3 dnevi
3 MIL for that ? WOW !
Ike 774
Ike 774 Pred 4 dnevi
ethans pc has such old hardware
Ike 774
Ike 774 Pred 4 dnevi
"very fast" he says with 156 ms network ping
Nuuman Belharrat
Nuuman Belharrat Pred 4 dnevi
looks nice, but 3 million for that?
jaabaee Pred 5 dnevi
KF-gaming ninja FISHER
Why 3m
Dat Boi
Dat Boi Pred 6 dnevi
As someone who lives in Texas, THAT'S $3M DOLLARS??!!. Wow.
Matthew Benvenuti
Matthew Benvenuti Pred 7 dnevi
That’s the smallest 3 million dollar home I’ve ever seen wow my house is way bigger and it’s not even worth half that.
Galactico 999
Galactico 999 Pred 7 dnevi
How can it be worth 3 mill if it has the dining, the living and the kitchen in one room.
Asher Cobiac
Asher Cobiac Pred 8 dnevi
Ethan's mum is actually the GOAT
Becca Johnstone
Becca Johnstone Pred 8 dnevi
rTk Pred 8 dnevi
I also have a traffic cone like that :'D Had it for lil over a decade now.
Glen riz
Glen riz Pred 9 dnevi
He took the assist trophy home meanwhile vikkstar took howe the cup 😂😂
OnlineCentral Pred 11 dnevi
Around 700k or abit more
keshav jhunjhunwala
keshav jhunjhunwala Pred 12 dnevi
This is what $ 3,000,000 gets you in London? Jeez, thats sad af.
Destruction LOL
Destruction LOL Pred 14 dnevi
KJoulani Pred 18 dnevi
lol 2 tiny bedrooms for 3 mill and an ok view, lol you got robbed!
Felicia Zawadi
Felicia Zawadi Pred 18 dnevi
Jordan Silis
Jordan Silis Pred 19 dnevi
Do u still have your GTR
Bitch Dectectors
Bitch Dectectors Pred 19 dnevi
3 mill for one apartment u may as well buy a home at that point 😂
Mace Windu X JumboStudios
They're all getting Chad pads
pyratech _gamer
pyratech _gamer Pred 23 dnevi
I got it. Sidemen came here to finish the pub golf video where it was simon vs Harry and simin one. It's the same flat, damn.
Dennis Pauli
Dennis Pauli Pred 24 dnevi
Noone could see Express VPN paid for his house :P
True North
True North Pred 27 dnevi
His mom is so sweet for making all those collages for him 🥲🥰
427Pancakes - Brawl Stars
He said 18 degrees and every room and I was like... HUH WTH? and then i realized that he's not an Idiot who uses Fahrenheit
1 2
1 2 Pred 14 dnevi
still a bit cool
Ylam Pred 28 dnevi
CoNe !
Katt123 Pred 28 dnevi
Alissa: "why is there a traffic cone on the table?"
Sebastian Morales
Sebastian Morales Pred 28 dnevi
I’m hoping this appt doesn’t 3,000,000
Sebastian Morales
Sebastian Morales Pred 28 dnevi
I hope this click bait
M7amad panda
M7amad panda Pred 29 dnevi
This is my dream house. Simple yet nice
Finn Corbett
Finn Corbett Pred 29 dnevi
3 million my arse😂
C O Pred 29 dnevi
now i understand why house tours are done nice little tax write off 😜😂
Isabelle Johnson
Isabelle Johnson Pred mesecem
Anyone else triggered about the order of the knives cause there not big to small
Haneesh Gadde
Haneesh Gadde Pred mesecem
thats 3 million😱??
Luke H
Luke H Pred mesecem
Only real ones know about the oofos on Ethan’s feet😉😎
BraxTer Pred mesecem
cant be 3mil for that appartament. In My country that would be like 150-200k.
Sumayyah Alzahrani
Sumayyah Alzahrani Pred mesecem
He should have a mansion with 3M …
Kyle Mckinnon
Kyle Mckinnon Pred mesecem
Wdym £3,000,000
Vin A
Vin A Pred mesecem
no way its 3 mil, not for this dump. what is that like 600 square foot.
All Jks
All Jks Pred mesecem
Ethan’s dad: son I’m back how’s ya day been
tumelo mothoa
tumelo mothoa Pred 13 dnevi
Quezon fx
Quezon fx Pred mesecem
Emerald Pred mesecem
there is not a West Ham Fan that hasn't done something illegal
Luana Nivo
Luana Nivo Pred mesecem
Ethan Sorae
Ethan Sorae Pred mesecem
You went to Brentwood long time ago and saw my brother he was the one who edits boxing videos
Matthew Dooley
Matthew Dooley Pred mesecem
Ayy just saying, Petit Fromage literally translate into english as "Small Cheese"
Rayane_Tdv Pred mesecem
3 mil for that?
V2CJokeman Pred mesecem
Is dis in East London
NSE 465
NSE 465 Pred mesecem
Flex much. 3m for a place is normal in Brexitinflation-land.
Rohan blaze
Rohan blaze Pred mesecem
breh for 3 mill you can get a 10,000-15000 sq ft mansion in my area. but i understand ITS LONDON INNIT BRUV?😂.
Menacing Pred mesecem
Duck yu
unknown b
unknown b Pred mesecem
3 million for that apartment it's nice but it's not worth 3 million is it?
James Sandford
James Sandford Pred mesecem
Has anyone noticed that he has got socks when wearing sandels
OWENNASHY Pred mesecem
Cheers for letting us know you spent 3 mill on an apartment , rich prick
Nico Nico Nii
Nico Nico Nii Pred mesecem
where did you get that shirt it ´s a straight up banger and i want it to
CJ Millar
CJ Millar Pred mesecem
Your mum is adorable! on another note, dunno why "absorbent mat" sent me! 😂😂😂
Carl Pred mesecem
Congrats, looking amazing 🤩
madison emma
madison emma Pred mesecem
this is so random but ethans table looks like one that talia had😂
Rebecca Hunt
Rebecca Hunt Pred mesecem
My man subscribed to himself.....
Warren Egerton
Warren Egerton Pred mesecem
It’s nice but defo not 300000
lewis dunmore
lewis dunmore Pred mesecem
Where the sidemen did the end off drunk golf
carlos morillo
carlos morillo Pred mesecem
dawg, 3 mil can get you a mansion in the US😂
Tomas calian
Tomas calian Pred mesecem
Ur appartament too cheap bro
Anxhelo Lala
Anxhelo Lala Pred mesecem
Went from the fattest to most boring sideman
Tomas Falcao
Tomas Falcao Pred mesecem
Let’s be serious this is just expensive because is in London 😂
Sc sc
Sc sc Pred mesecem
Bit small for 3 mil bro ffs my flats bigger for 250 bag lol thy seen you coming pal 🤣
Lil-_-Thicky X
Lil-_-Thicky X Pred mesecem
Is it actually 3 mil loll
Yacqoub Yacqoub
Yacqoub Yacqoub Pred mesecem
That is not £3,000,000 house lier
Αιμιλιος Σιτμαλιδης
3 million for that ... absolutely not worth
Rele BoizZ
Rele BoizZ Pred 2 meseci
How do u get an apartment for 3million dollars, May I ask
Tre Moritz
Tre Moritz Pred 2 meseci
"piece de resistance, uno three"
Wreckord Beats
Wreckord Beats Pred 2 meseci
why not just buy a house for 3m
Smithy Pred 2 meseci
Ethan's glow up was unreal, now for him to develop a taste in wall art aha
Yanix dz
Yanix dz Pred 2 meseci
Man spent 3 mil on an apartment bruh. Thats dumb
aydan kun
aydan kun Pred 2 meseci
3 mil for that? Lord have mercy
VisionEmu Pred 2 meseci
Imagine paying 3mil for that
xMr_Sebax Pred 2 meseci
He's renting
anna cox
anna cox Pred 2 meseci
Awww your mam is so cute. That's so nice ❤️❤️
Retzii Pred 2 meseci
Does anyone know where I can find an apartment like this in London please
Mia? Pred 2 meseci
My guy could’ve just bout a 3 million house...
Diogo Monteiro
Diogo Monteiro Pred 2 meseci
3000000000 for that?
Betty Swollocks
Betty Swollocks Pred 2 meseci
Rental that
Muhammadzain P
Muhammadzain P Pred 2 meseci
It must be nice to own a beautiful house at 25 from almost commiting suicide
Mark Hunter
Mark Hunter Pred 2 meseci
£3,000,000 doesn't get you much, does it?
eden soccer
eden soccer Pred 2 meseci
The intro is cringe
Nico Pred 2 meseci
Bro when's your movie coming out?
Football Fanatic
Football Fanatic Pred 2 meseci
mate david dobrik had a massive house in LA and he bought it for 2.5 mills .how did you pay for this flat for 3 mil?
Brandon Lauder
Brandon Lauder Pred 2 meseci
What’s your gamer tag
Keegan K Ward
Keegan K Ward Pred 2 meseci
I feel like a three million apartment should be a tad bigger
kenny kim
kenny kim Pred 2 meseci
3 mil my ass tf that shits 300k max 😂😂😂😂
Old KSI Videos
Old KSI Videos Pred 2 meseci
It's central London next to the Olympic stadium What do u expect Real estate 📈
the dude that is actually good
6:24 LAMP
Allan Portilho
Allan Portilho Pred 2 meseci
I don't like hating for free on internet, but, gosh this guys is so annoying and 3Mil on this apt? sure!
olaolu fx
olaolu fx Pred 2 meseci
London is so overpriced wtaf
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