if smartphone commercials were honest. 

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8. okt. 2020

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Mrwhosetheboss Pred mesecem
Me: Can I get a new phone Mum; You can have the phone at home Phone at home:
Ashton Cohan
Ashton Cohan Pred dnevom
You're my favorie youtuber !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ph4ntomblaze Pred 2 dnevi
Ph4ntomblaze Pred 2 dnevi
Big Noob
Big Noob Pred 5 dnevi
jayden train
jayden train Pred 9 dnevi
finally a man who doesnt heart his own comment
sheikh saad
sheikh saad Pred 3 minutami
Angeline365mt Johns559mr
Angeline365mt Johns559mr Pred 16 minutami
Jimmy tells some holiday-themed items like eggnog & tinsel to Go On, Git! 🤠🎁 sltv.info/label/f9xprbK5r4WcZ5A/video
Asznee Pred 27 minutami
Came back to say that 6:41 sounds a lot like Lucifer from Lucifer.
Rock Rock
Rock Rock Pred 36 minutami
@Mrwhosetheboss-``Dude our team like to do our first youtube video on your company (passion fruit) product laptop commercials honesty......! Could you please give us permission to launch our laptop in your company😐"
Ozeimu美的 Pred 37 minutami
Lmfao🤣🤣 died out laughing Arundiepie
B13. Patayon, Ralph Algin Q.
Nice camera design, it reminds me of something...🤔
R Jay
R Jay Pred uro
Best sarcasm ever 😂😂
International Top rated songs
Awsome man u nailed it
1vs4 Gaming
1vs4 Gaming Pred 3 urami
😂😂😂😂😂😂 I love this video watched it 20 times ❣❤
Sajan Mittal
Sajan Mittal Pred 4 urami
The cool Boi
The cool Boi Pred 4 urami
I love passionfruit underwear Lol
Shankar Prabhu
Shankar Prabhu Pred 6 urami
I should sell my kidney...
Shankar Prabhu
Shankar Prabhu Pred 6 urami
You missed triple ssss😂😂😂
By no means this came to my recommendation😅😂 and thanks to youtube I realized the I missed the best Advertisement of my life.
Soumyadip Pal
Soumyadip Pal Pred 6 urami
Why there is a creeper in ur thumbnail
Advait More
Advait More Pred 6 urami
Hopefully Nobody follies passionfruit and apple and removes the charging brick !!
Akil29 Pred 7 urami
Moncrief Pred 7 urami
"fold" lmao
b SRIKANTH Pred 7 urami
I never liked I phone ever, wasting money
Debadrita das
Debadrita das Pred 8 urami
No hate but @RØB does it better🌟
Ahtesham Zia Abbasi
Ahtesham Zia Abbasi Pred 8 urami
I absolutely love it. I want that iphoney ultra instinct pro glaxy max 😁🙌
Samurai Pred 9 urami
Arun: Buy our underwear me: well i am not wearing one, ok
Isaiah Moreno
Isaiah Moreno Pred 9 urami
Røb was better, way better...
Misael Avila
Misael Avila Pred 11 urami
copy cat
spek Pred 15 urami
we here at passion fruit believe that passion is a fruitless endeavor that doesnt matter give us money
Ikswotab Relyt
Ikswotab Relyt Pred 16 urami
0:23 My mans just listing off the tags for this video. Lol
Polaroid Pred 17 urami
And now he's a meme lmao
ßéëf stëw
ßéëf stëw Pred 18 urami
4:29 is it cotton thoe? *just curious man* *why ya scrolling* *fr fr why*
One Shot
One Shot Pred 18 urami
I buy a $100 phone and get a charger
Z A Pred 19 urami
What is this? A bootleg RØB Jobs commercial
Eytan Skorupski
Eytan Skorupski Pred 19 urami
Copy of ROB
betsy groves
betsy groves Pred 19 urami
make more of these kind of videos I love them
Dark potato King
Dark potato King Pred 20 urami
2:37 you know what we were all thinking
Akhil Amarlapudi
Akhil Amarlapudi Pred 20 urami
The writing could be better. Brother love your videos. Sarcasm isn't your thing 😒
R_E_X_2016 GG
R_E_X_2016 GG Pred 21 uro
so good video and so funny😂
Phenom Vister
Phenom Vister Pred 21 uro
This is copy of rob jobs
Gravity Basumatary
Gravity Basumatary Pred 22 urami
I don't get the joke
I don't get the joke Pred 23 urami
And on that exact 8 minute mark
HOPE link
HOPE link Pred dnevom
I fellt like ,U sucking Samsung 😈😈😈
Sankar Acchu Mobile
Is that Rohit Sharma?
Sankar Acchu Mobile
Anyone ?
Arjun Cs
Arjun Cs Pred dnevom
He is genuinely not targeting any particular company..so chill
Abbas세훈 Pred dnevom
Dude stop making these types of videos those dumbass will note it down for next year 😂
ledger plus
ledger plus Pred dnevom
lol i love the way he had put the youtubers
Ramdhan Besra
Ramdhan Besra Pred dnevom
I like the way he waits a bit to think and says why make his comedy more cringe
Puthrady Kun
Puthrady Kun Pred dnevom
Rob job has left the chat
Kenichi Pred dnevom
iPhoney has much passion , love to take our all money And are you selling battery separately . It is so much Revolutionary .
Jessica Pred dnevom
Wait doesnt phony mean something?
Amitraj naik
Amitraj naik Pred dnevom
Copied content 🤬
R4P1D Pred dnevom
Hmmm i have an "eye- phoeny pro lite s 8 pro bro max superb supa dupa" i have bought it from passion fruit its the latest model Whats the price ? Nah its just a body part 👍
Rock paper studio
Rock paper studio Pred dnevom
But those glasses ?
MEME INDIAN Pred dnevom
Best roasted
emam hassan
emam hassan Pred dnevom
Haa 🤣🤣🤣🤣
srinivas dadiga
srinivas dadiga Pred dnevom
2 mp macro .......🙄 Who want that .......even cropped photo with main cam does better job.....
YoGI SiNgH YaDaV Pred dnevom
Passionfruit's Iphoney 24 max pro plus 5g fold. After delivered to me Me: 😭😭 seems like dream come true. The phone: because passion is something, that you should have 😎. 👍👍👍👍
FireBomb Pred dnevom
Røb did this?
Parkson Tano Daniel
Heart Less
Heart Less Pred dnevom
milhindor Pred dnevom
Shut up and take my money!
Nicholas Lindquist
Nicholas Lindquist Pred dnevom
I think that's definitely something Apple says we love your money I mean we love you as our customers but mostly we want your money lol
Aryan Pred dnevom
Me imagining iPhoney 25 max pro plus 5 g fold Same as old but the best thing is Price is increased 🤫
Hasan Mohammed
Hasan Mohammed Pred dnevom
Thanks dude you really made my day
Klone is sweaty
Klone is sweaty Pred dnevom
I’d never thought I’d be liking Android more then any other phone
Yvelluap Pred dnevom
that is a stunning camera design
Not_Hydra V2
Not_Hydra V2 Pred 2 dnevi
I think you also own EA
ashikqur rahman
ashikqur rahman Pred 2 dnevi
WE MADE 6 CAMRA (only 0 of them work) WE LOVE COUSTOMER (only if they buy all of our product) and our new phone also buy it if the name is "iphoney pro max wax fax mabye tax"
Jake Pac
Jake Pac Pred 2 dnevi
Rob made this before you so it’s not funny at all :/
Gabriel O
Gabriel O Pred 2 dnevi
Apple Engineering Team: Quick, take notes!!
Ricky Marlow
Ricky Marlow Pred 2 dnevi
He just straight up copied my man Rob, this will never be as funny as his ones
BLUe TIcKs Pred 7 urami
Siddharth Pred 2 dnevi
TRØY VIPÉR Pred 2 dnevi
I love all the 3 colores but I loved black the most...😂😂
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow Pred 2 dnevi
Did u take this from ROB yup u defiantly took this from another channel
unfriendly YT
unfriendly YT Pred 2 dnevi
hey, i just noticed what the cameras look like....
unfriendly YT
unfriendly YT Pred 2 dnevi
anyone pick up that this is rob's job?
Michael's Lets Plays
your company is going to go bankrupt real quick with all the law suits you will get lol
Harry . Inc
Harry . Inc Pred 2 dnevi
For Awesome drag Race 👉sltv.info/label/d8WG0bu5pWZ9YKo/video Ford Perfomance.
QuEn TeZia
QuEn TeZia Pred 2 dnevi
Best review ever made
chesterv88 Pred 2 dnevi
That camera setup 😅
*astonBS *
*astonBS * Pred 2 dnevi
5:37 I regret eating lasagna while watching this. Now i gotta clean lasagna parts off my bed. Crap.
LHKP WELL Pred 2 dnevi
I thought this phone has the lowest name Sam sung Ga lax y note 20 ul tra 5 G
Janak Brahmbhatt
Janak Brahmbhatt Pred 2 dnevi
1:04 "So we came up with 3 stunning case designs - charcoal black , burnt wood And 'Roasted potato' " Me : "They had in the first half , not gonna lie"
Layla Branom
Layla Branom Pred 2 dnevi
With 128 gigs of RAM, I was surprised that the benchmark was only 69, however... Those 76 apps that never stop running, makes the benchmark make more sense. Oh, and after some further research, they actually use blueteeth, instead of bluetooth It's bone conducting sound technology! The iphoney XS Max pro 5G sounds lovely!
IAmDrown Pred 2 dnevi
Where can I order one of those passionfruits
Freddie Reid
Freddie Reid Pred 2 dnevi
“Buy one, lose one free!”
Tawhid Choudhury
Tawhid Choudhury Pred 2 dnevi
Finally a worthy opponent of rob Jobs, the CEO of robbing your jobs😂
Marksman of the Unknown
10/10 would buy
Nabeel Mohammed
Nabeel Mohammed Pred 2 dnevi
How much for this phone definitely I will buy to show support
Hussayn Chaudhry
Hussayn Chaudhry Pred 2 dnevi
Madhav Aditya Pynda
Madhav Aditya Pynda Pred 2 dnevi
Jassim Pred 2 dnevi
Good one try
Jassim Pred 2 dnevi
YASHWANTH S Pred 2 dnevi
Airpods max or hair blower
YASHWANTH S Pred 2 dnevi
Oh jeez every funny
XxcloudyxX Pred 2 dnevi
“by are under where” I cryed soo hard 😂
Neph Pred dnevom
Haha, ikr
XxcloudyxX Pred 2 dnevi
“Rosted potatoes” and it a android logo with little dots just the best ad I’ve ever seen XD
Technical Pranav
Technical Pranav Pred 2 dnevi
Please speak in hindi
Md Afsar Ali
Md Afsar Ali Pred 2 dnevi
We have direct ⛅ sun charging That was amazing 👌
Bean Boy
Bean Boy Pred 3 dnevi
Why everyone portraits apple in honest commercials 😂😂😂
Aditya Joshi
Aditya Joshi Pred 3 dnevi
My stupid grin remained on my face for the entire 8 minutes
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