Training In Quarantine For 3 Weeks 

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This weeks video I decided to put together a load of home exercises that you guys can try yourselves during this tough times to keep your self ticking over OR if you're new to working out! Hope you enjoy!
💪 Gymshark: gym.sh/EthanGS
🏋️‍♂️ BULK POWDERS: tidd.ly/5031843e
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📸 Instagram: goo.gl/kZFDby
😅 Resistance Bands: www.decathlon.co.uk/training-band-5-kg-id_8552664.html
This video is trying to find the positives in the hard times we're all going through worldwide right now, I urge you guys to stay safe and listen to the rules being applied to all of us right now. I'll leave a link below to information about the virus and the do's and don'ts whilst we're going through this. The upmost love goes to those in the NHS & Volunteers helping throughout these times.
💙 NHS: www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/
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25. mar. 2020

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Behzinga Pred 11 meseci
Hope you guys enjoy this weeks video, would be amazing to see you guys pick a few exercises and get involved! Share the results you get over the time in lockdown with me on twitter or instagram, I would also like to say a massive thank you to everyone volunteering and doing their hardest during these hard times. Especially our NHS and medicals all over the world, salute. Love gang, stay safe, stay smart.
perparimm ballazhii
perparimm ballazhii Pred 10 meseci
do a meal thing
KXJIS Pred 10 meseci
motivating, class, 🙏🏾
Arjun Pred 11 meseci
Noah Granacki keep imagining
Ashton Allen
Ashton Allen Pred 11 meseci
Really good content coming this year behz keep it up 🙌💪
Bel Pred 11 meseci
Jack Tonkins same here love you behz
R DM Pred mesecem
Sorry if this sounds stupid but would you do all of the work outs on each day or just hand pick them?
Antoncn Pred mesecem
I’m here for the second lockdown in Denmark, and this video have helped me, not even staying in shape, but with getting more fit than before covid! Thank u
Ernesto Naranjo
Ernesto Naranjo Pred 2 meseci
I remember
Shaun Fogarty
Shaun Fogarty Pred 2 meseci
Will you do West Ham match day vlogs again when fans Return
Harish Raghu
Harish Raghu Pred 4 meseci
who's come back to this after gyms have closed again 😭😭😭😭
MGR HD Pred 4 meseci
anyone here for lockdown 2?😂
Turkey Sandwich
Turkey Sandwich Pred 5 meseci
Behz trains for covid and still gets covid
Blu Pred 6 meseci
Your body reminds me of Viddal 😂 hehe
Blu Pred 6 meseci
THIS IS WHAT I WANTED FOR 4 MONTHS !! I cannot go to gym , I live in Bucharest , Romania , where actually is dangerous for smart people to go out for a walk so ....*THANKS MY BRO*
Gregor Sandford
Gregor Sandford Pred 6 meseci
"Every week, 2020, we're here." That didn't age well
Emre Karakaya
Emre Karakaya Pred 6 meseci
For the shoulder press dont drop ur elbow to far just go horizontally and squeeze at the top 👍🏻
Jamie Dunkerley
Jamie Dunkerley Pred 6 meseci
Been doing this for 13 weeks now and with the correct nutrition I’ve lost 5 stone.
Liam Sharpe
Liam Sharpe Pred 6 meseci
Behz jsut helps a lot like mad
N43U N4Z
N43U N4Z Pred 7 meseci
I have lost 6kg gang sheet Edit:As of right now I have lost 13 kg
K3NZ1E Pred 7 meseci
I have lost 8kg yeee
Inside Jokes
Inside Jokes Pred 8 meseci
I wish he put time stamps
Devan Bhardwaj
Devan Bhardwaj Pred 9 meseci
Taufeeque Ahmad
Taufeeque Ahmad Pred 9 meseci
Do more of these type of vids plzzz
Bradley Simmons
Bradley Simmons Pred 9 meseci
May be a dumb question but youre saying 3 sets of 10-15, are these just options or do you mean literally do every single exercise
N43U N4Z
N43U N4Z Pred 8 meseci
Do your thing man
Daniel XYZ
Daniel XYZ Pred 9 meseci
Im gonna do some of these exercises thx behz 🙌
Haza VS Games
Haza VS Games Pred 9 meseci
this really helped as i couldnt think of what i could use instead and the backpack idea was exactly what i needed
Alex hale
Alex hale Pred 9 meseci
Where did u get ur bands from and I don’t rlly do gym but I’ve started using my bed to do dips on 😂
nico 9
nico 9 Pred 9 meseci
This vid is really good!
PivotShorts Pred 9 meseci
But for real, that view is insane!
Jhonny V
Jhonny V Pred 9 meseci
lmao wtf is this
Killer B
Killer B Pred 10 meseci
I appreciate you thanks love for the tips. Cheers
Luv Delirious
Luv Delirious Pred 10 meseci
Any tips on how to lose man boobs?😂
J.A.C gaming
J.A.C gaming Pred 10 meseci
He still looks like he has a belly
J.A.C gaming
J.A.C gaming Pred 8 meseci
N43U TGS ye I guess. It will eventually go
N43U N4Z
N43U N4Z Pred 8 meseci
At least he’s getting there
Sk Sword Fighting
Sk Sword Fighting Pred 10 meseci
4 weeks later still in Quarantine
Lmc 2000
Lmc 2000 Pred 10 meseci
Wheres best to get resistance bands? Amazon? And which ones are the best?
4pf 4L
4pf 4L Pred 10 meseci
put your fingers together forming a diamond for diamond pushups
rawan_-_ Pred 10 meseci
My dream is Behzinga replay my comment
Scythes Pred 10 meseci
Not sponsored by Rubber Bands Co.
Francis Yang
Francis Yang Pred 10 meseci
I was doing the shoulder press and my band snapped. Watch out kids.
Chinny Pred 10 meseci
The bigger orange band is a life saver
Imran Hasan
Imran Hasan Pred 10 meseci
I can barely do 5 push-ups
StealthBoii !
StealthBoii ! Pred 10 meseci
Respect you really do look good
Michael Joyce
Michael Joyce Pred 10 meseci
14:10 anyone else feel like it was going to ping back and hit him in his face ?
Alfie Kelly-Gallagher
Alfie Kelly-Gallagher Pred 10 meseci
you’re content is mad inspiring, doing your workouts and stretches and stuff, thank you lad 😁
tahir qureshi
tahir qureshi Pred 10 meseci
Good vid
N5 TV Pred 10 meseci
I don’t have that
Owin Fellingham
Owin Fellingham Pred 10 meseci
Got my respect ✊
A.S.E Gamer
A.S.E Gamer Pred 10 meseci
Let me just remind you that he was the fattest in the sdmn few yrs ago and now he telling us on how 2 keep fit
Tara McCloskey
Tara McCloskey Pred 10 meseci
You should try doing calisthenics for a video :)
so Pred 10 meseci
guys can someone tell me what that green type of thing is im gonna start working out its rlly good help if someone can tell me
Nathaniel Arullappan
Nathaniel Arullappan Pred 5 meseci
The resistance band?
hashim rifaq
hashim rifaq Pred 10 meseci
8:16 that band comes down its gonna take have of america's a** off
Ricardo Zenelaj
Ricardo Zenelaj Pred 11 meseci
You killed me on warzone yesterday after i knocked vikk. You guys won the round.
crmpts Pred 11 meseci
man said 3 weeks looool i love your optimism
Add a K get K’d
Add a K get K’d Pred 11 meseci
Put u as my screensaver to remember myself to do this tomorrow morning
Xela Rodriguez
Xela Rodriguez Pred 11 meseci
It's sad that i can't carry my body when doing push ups (not literally carry my body okay??) Uhm ACTUALLY I CAN'T EVEN DO PUSH UPS🙃🙃🙃🙃
River 006
River 006 Pred 11 meseci
We dont have resistance band
United pundit
United pundit Pred 10 meseci
River 006 get one then. I just got mine today
Joonas Pred 11 meseci
He said BANG BANG BANG... bang
artist of Aqua
artist of Aqua Pred 11 meseci
this is basic work out routine people act like they never heard of this and act surprise they also have apps in the play store you can download it gives you a 30 day work out for abs and chest and legs cover everything you would do In gym
Belal TM
Belal TM Pred 11 meseci
Funny how he told us we can buy a sidemen backpack online but not a dumbell 😂
Kelvin Zayas
Kelvin Zayas Pred 11 meseci
You could do a 30 days dumbell bicep/tricep workout so we can follow it with you and get the gains with you aswell
ThèÅrtÔfBënbõ ##
ThèÅrtÔfBënbõ ## Pred 11 meseci
You’ve helped me so much with this, I’ve never known what to use at home for workouts in terms of equipment and now I can do lifts, cheers!
TheEliteRanga Pred 11 meseci
Big Beza lad
Posted Finx
Posted Finx Pred 11 meseci
Imagine he has a six pack and is now skinnier than everybody else
Thomas Conner
Thomas Conner Pred 11 meseci
How long would the rest be between each set?
MakerO'chilD Pred 11 meseci
You know he'd probably have a girlfriend if he wasn't so awkward cring, like trying to be cute or something....
CMRNBRD Pred 11 meseci
A quarantine meal plan would go with this video fantastically. Some well-balanced meals to match this exercise.
Necromancy Pred 11 meseci
I need to lose some couple thousand pounds Big Behz!
Charlene Turgeon
Charlene Turgeon Pred 11 meseci
You need a TRX or alike suspension trainer. Pull, push and stability.
Olly S
Olly S Pred 11 meseci
I didn’t realise ethans house was so fuckin nice
Leo31291 Pred 11 meseci
Face pulls at the end of your push days. In fact, face pulls at the end of every workout. When you're contracting your abs while planking you should be squeezing your glutes at the same time. But I love the video Behz! Opened my eyes to utilise the bands on some exercises I never thought you could do.
JJako Pred 11 meseci
You're such a homie for doing this mate. Will be saving this, what a lifesaver
Stacy Bronwyn King
Stacy Bronwyn King Pred 11 meseci
A good quick little CrossFit workout (Annie), need a skipping rope though; 50,40,30,20,10 Double unders and butterfly sit ups 10min cap 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
ALB Gaming G
ALB Gaming G Pred 11 meseci
Thank You!
Danny Fn
Danny Fn Pred 11 meseci
if i did that my chair would have fallen in 100 peices
Simrat Kaur
Simrat Kaur Pred 11 meseci
Asdfqwert Pred 11 meseci
18:05 reddit, your welcome
Learning with Alia
Learning with Alia Pred 11 meseci
Gym ♥️
Saima __
Saima __ Pred 11 meseci
behzs comment section is so positive aw lmao love him
Tanuj Pred 11 meseci
You really took the effort to make this video you were recording since noon and it was already dark outside love you keep up the great work 🔥
crexive Pred 11 meseci
Roses are red, violets are blue ethans dad left him when he was 2 : ))))))
nouf adil
nouf adil Pred 11 meseci
By far the best youtuber on the platform, keep it up!
Potatoman123 Pred 11 meseci
This inspierd me to work out
Alper Safak Jojo
Alper Safak Jojo Pred 11 meseci
ay cheers man now i can use these at home thank you alot keep up the good work
Craig Callaghan
Craig Callaghan Pred 11 meseci
My mate lives in a apartment block just like that. Yesterday he had to venture out to get essential, he took the stairs going out but was going to use the lift when he got home.... He gets back pushes lift button, there is a note tapped on wall in lift. Coronav19 in this building do not use lifts! I'm go glad I live in a house and haven't got 100 other people in same building as me.... Stay safe, and what ever you do DON'T turn on the aircon!
Harry Laundon
Harry Laundon Pred 11 meseci
cheers lad sorted me right out
red men
red men Pred 11 meseci
hows this guy got 3.5million subs.hes is dull, his patter is sh'te
A Fanboy
A Fanboy Pred 11 meseci
I’m proud of this man. The journey he has put himself through is hard yet he still keeps going. This is a good example of never giving up
Tamika Sky
Tamika Sky Pred 11 meseci
How do you stay balanced in a side plank 😩 I literally have to readjust every like 10 seconds
Gordon Sammon
Gordon Sammon Pred 11 meseci
Gymshark not good
Boné Pred 11 meseci
me having my gym in the cellar
Brown Munde_
Brown Munde_ Pred 11 meseci
Realist SLtvr helping the young ones with ideas If you don’t have any gym equipment💯❤️ Now I’m gonna use a bag and a broom🤘🏽
Aman Kishore
Aman Kishore Pred 11 meseci
This was the best home workout video i have ever seen. Just simple and informative
KdotA Pred 11 meseci
MISTAKE: do not set a goal like 10-12 reps on pushups. Do as many as you can and don't settle at some bar!
Chamal Mcv
Chamal Mcv Pred 11 meseci
what is the name of the outro music?
Chamal Mcv
Chamal Mcv Pred 11 meseci
i never thought this would helped me but this is a banger thanks behz
Luke Joseph
Luke Joseph Pred 11 meseci
1:36 push day 9:30 pull day 16:20 core 20:40 leg day
Chris Diethelm
Chris Diethelm Pred 11 meseci
Pls make a song
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Pred 11 meseci
he wont heart my comment
LordLegit Pred 11 meseci
Watch my video
LordLegit Pred 11 meseci
Watch my video
JuicyG Pred 11 meseci
mah mans still got man boobs, Good hussle tho.
Dan Letch
Dan Letch Pred 11 meseci
Antibacterial =/= antiviral, just saying
Tom Pred 11 meseci
Behzinga: I should be charging for this Ad: coming in 5..4..3..2..1
Ifat Kazi
Ifat Kazi Pred 11 meseci
1:36 push 9:30 pull 16:16 core 20:45 legs
Dan Klim
Dan Klim Pred 9 meseci
Need this pinned
Rory Gallagher
Rory Gallagher Pred 11 meseci
12:01 behz got a shelf on him