Seth Meyers on His 12-hour Cancun Vacation with Ted Cruz 

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Seth Meyers talks about his 12-hour vacation to Cancun with Texas Senator Ted Cruz.
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Seth Meyers on His 12-hour Cancun Vacation with Ted Cruz- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers




23. feb. 2021

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Megg Sohn
Megg Sohn Pred mesecem
These are getting better and better. MORE PLEASE :)
bre don
bre don Pred mesecem
Ted Cruz has an ugly wife.
Terry Sutherland
Terry Sutherland Pred mesecem
Al Franken said, "When most people think of a cruise that's full of crap, they think of Carnival, but the Senate thinks of Ted". I'm not a poop humor guy, but that one doesn't stink.
Bella Tan
Bella Tan Pred mesecem
The defiant flute conceptually invite because shape qualitatively wish against a early edger. draconian, likeable beautician
Martin D
Martin D Pred mesecem
You gotta slap these old girls to mind them of the bussy
Alain Savard
Alain Savard Pred mesecem
Ted CanCruz
MrMelgibstein Pred mesecem
I wonder why Anderson Cooper thought Seth Meyers was gay?
lee jonghwan
lee jonghwan Pred mesecem
Ted better peter
Protest Channel
Protest Channel Pred mesecem
sltv.info/label/qs6M0tDVfYZ8iog/video sea water Ted
Evon Cossar
Evon Cossar Pred mesecem
BS1 Pred mesecem
What was Ted Cruz doing about Texas? Oh, that's what he was doing. What most Republicans do during a crisis... Nothing... like usual . sltv.info/label/g7Khra-0fJ6SfYw/video
chris weber
chris weber Pred mesecem
Its funny how you dont talk about Gov Cuomo send seniors back to spread and kill others and then covering it up. You give that a past
clownage123 Pred mesecem
lol priceless
Querencia.tv Pred mesecem
Nice ☺️ ❤️&✌️
Laurie Stapleton
Laurie Stapleton Pred mesecem
Is Seth gone again? This is very sad ☹️
Ramen Dragon
Ramen Dragon Pred mesecem
In theaters whenever they open again due to the pandemic, '12 Hours in Cancun: The Ted Cruz Story'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mlebrooks Pred mesecem
11 hours too many
mlebrooks Pred mesecem
Nick Kulessza
Nick Kulessza Pred mesecem
Hello from the sands of Heidi Cruz's hot pink G-string
Time Warped
Time Warped Pred mesecem
Thanks Seth. 👍
randomness Pred mesecem
Was this clip even worth the thought?
randomness Pred mesecem
@Alexander Carroll clearly i thought it was bc the spot was horrible and not up to the shows standard. Now f off
Alexander Carroll
Alexander Carroll Pred mesecem
Was this comment even worth typing?
President Reeves
President Reeves Pred mesecem
You'll See Mendez
You'll See Mendez Pred mesecem
I saw a delinquent American under the Cancún Moon and it was Ted Cruz, he-he. sltv.info/label/gsKirZOag5iykow/video
world citizen G
world citizen G Pred mesecem
Seth just wanted to make sure that his passport is still valid. Note to Seth- NEVER make any plans with a friend named TC
Oddly Wired
Oddly Wired Pred mesecem
He'll always be Ferret Face to me.
GibboStation_775 Pred mesecem
Seth it’s quite disgusting your not even “open minded” you have a left opinion and a left opinion only.
Jim Shreve
Jim Shreve Pred mesecem
Everybody lets send ted some FROZEN "Texas Toast"
George A
George A Pred mesecem
Biden's Secretary of Defense just awarded a $285M defense contract to a company he owns over $1M of stock in...but, sure, let's talk about Ted Cruz going to Cancun.
ISA USA2020 Pred mesecem
Flyin Lyin Ted Cancun Cruz
daddymuggle Pred mesecem
The first time you realized TC was lying. Maybe not the first time he lied.
Ayad Ali
Ayad Ali Pred mesecem
🙀🙀🙀He’s kidding us, right?!😱😱😱
Zealotes the Aussie
Zealotes the Aussie Pred mesecem
Text: So my mom’s house burned down yesterday, and my daddy had a heart attack the day before, and my best buddy’s wife died yesterday, and my kids dropped out of school the day before that.....so I’m off to Hawaii for a few days to cope with the stress by having 48 tequila slammers and a day on the beach. Love Ted.
phillip st
phillip st Pred mesecem
12 hours in cancun could be part 4 of the hangover series
Alejandro Arevalo
Alejandro Arevalo Pred mesecem
Loved it!
Kat Pima
Kat Pima Pred mesecem
As others pointed out rather than assist with handing out H2O he needed to QUARANTINE for 14 days bc he traveled out of the country. What a dipsh1t
cmilla111 Pred mesecem
the Zodiac Killer strikes again!
Leslie Bell
Leslie Bell Pred mesecem
You know Seth and his writers haven’t traveled in months because they don’t realize there’s no cocktails to be ordered on planes these days.
Alfred Degiorgio
Alfred Degiorgio Pred mesecem
Trump is the Champion Whiner of the World. He’s unhappy with SCOTUS which he and the GOP stacked with Justices they thought would always rule in their favor. He is still whining about the result of the 2020 election in which he was trashed by Biden. On his deathbed, Trump’s last whine will be, “I won the 2020 election”!
Rod Gall
Rod Gall Pred mesecem
Absolutely true !!!!
Mikael Biilmann
Mikael Biilmann Pred mesecem
The bus is stuck... too many people under it...
Moni Moni
Moni Moni Pred mesecem
sleezy with that commercial
liberty Ann
liberty Ann Pred mesecem
Seth: "Good evening I'm Seth Meyers and this is late night, how's everyone doing tonight" Me: "Well actually-" Seth: "Alright, good to hear" Me: "Oh, ok"
superspeed221 Pred mesecem
Typical Canadian Ted
Shooter Sanoff
Shooter Sanoff Pred mesecem
People say you don’t need more than 3 days and 2 night in Vegas.. Cancun is 12 hours at most I agree
Ian Jay
Ian Jay Pred mesecem
T.C. = Time child
solvseus Pred mesecem
Hm, wonder what the comedians are going to talk about when the former guy is gone. * *this happens* * "Oh, unlike Cruz, I think we're going to be just fine..."
Rachel Clark
Rachel Clark Pred mesecem
TC and I lol
EJ Wright
EJ Wright Pred mesecem
Fled cruz
Marianne Brandon
Marianne Brandon Pred mesecem
Seth how could you betray us like that you’re friends with Ted Cruz with Rafael you should be ashamed 😂
Kris Frederick
Kris Frederick Pred mesecem
"I'd buy that for a dollar 💲"
Tom R.
Tom R. Pred mesecem
Brilliant, who wrote this?
ForeverMe543 Pred mesecem
My initials are literally TC and I was watching this going 👀👀👀
Iam Good
Iam Good Pred mesecem
lying Cancun Corona Cruz and family importing covid variants to Texas. Doing their part to get the body count up
Leah Pred mesecem
I missed you, Seth! ❤️
Dahn Pred mesecem
Seth! You are a sick, sick man! Who would be as warped and twisted enough to claim that Traitor Ted is their friend? I mean, who would be nuts enough to admit it, even if ol' Lying Ted HAD any friends?
Philoctetes Pred mesecem
If tweens are calling the shots in the Cruz household, they need to be taken into foster care. Clearly the adults in the home are incompetent, and unfit to care for children.
Dr. Mantis Toboggan
Dr. Mantis Toboggan Pred mesecem
"12 Hours in Cancún" Sounds like the next big Hollywood hit.
Nghia Nguyen
Nghia Nguyen Pred mesecem
i cant tell if seth meyers is being serious or not... did he really have a plan with Teddy to go to cancun???
tom my
tom my Pred mesecem
Calling Ted a 'slimy politician' is insulting to slimy politicians.
Tracey Sharpe
Tracey Sharpe Pred mesecem
Much to Short !!
Laharal Bob
Laharal Bob Pred mesecem
The could be a theme for a party/hangover-like movie '' 12 hours in Cancun'' :)
John Davis
John Davis Pred mesecem
Texas needs to start thinking blue. Cruz, Perry and Abbott have just about ruined our state. We as Texans must be a special kind of stupid to keep re electing them.
John Davis
John Davis Pred mesecem
@Rod Gall I have a friend and a good friend too that thinks the people that broke into the capital were not Trump followers. He calls them professional agitators. In his mind no Republican can do wrong. We have had an excessive amount of unnecessary deaths here because of the Covid-19 and our infrastructure is falling apart. All of this starts with the man rolling around in his wheelchair in the governor’s office. Perry was even worse. No telling what would have happened last week if Perry had been in office. Rafael alias Ted Cruz jumps ship and goes to Mexico when he should have been on the phone to Washington getting help down here. Oh yes he made a grandstand play by loading water in cars the other day. Rod you can just about bet they will vote Abbott back in office next year. That is how stupid the people are here. I say kick the republicans to the curb and make Texas great again.
Rod Gall
Rod Gall Pred mesecem
John Davis, thank you for telling it like it is. I like Texas, good people there. Like you.
John Davis
John Davis Pred mesecem
@Rod Gall that is very true. Rod I don’t think they ever will figure it out anytime soon. Next generation might. They are die hard republicans in Texas.
Rod Gall
Rod Gall Pred mesecem
Omg !!!! What is taking Texans so long to figure out that republicans only care about themselves. AND THEIR POCKET BOOK!!!
Steven Fry
Steven Fry Pred mesecem
Hammered as usual Seth thanks for asking
I'm right you're wrong
Is he talking about the guy with the ugly wife whose dad may have shot JFK?
don wilson
don wilson Pred mesecem
Wondering why Teddy Cancun doesn’t have to use his legal name to obtain a United Airline ticket. Is he on the No Fly List?
Maki Burgess
Maki Burgess Pred mesecem
Rafael is his legal name. He was listed as R. Cruz
Elvira Canaveral
Elvira Canaveral Pred mesecem
The Mariachi Band you sent to T.C’s house was the chef’s kiss.
Pat Pred mesecem
Kirby Snortfarts
Kirby Snortfarts Pred mesecem
The biggest shame is that Republicans don't give a sh!t about this.
mori1bund Pred mesecem
"...this was the first time he lied to me!" - Oh Seth, I have bad news for you... 😂🤣
Jeff Brailsford
Jeff Brailsford Pred mesecem
Loved all the background laughter! 😂
Fix News
Fix News Pred mesecem
Must be nice to work 4 days a week then get a week off every month. You're a warrior Seth.
Fix News
Fix News Pred mesecem
@Lawrence D’Oliveiro I do. Didn't you see me?
Lawrence D’Oliveiro
Who says he only works while he’s on air?
Burgers Pred mesecem
The heavens of cold snow act of 2021:your an idiot if you ain't flying with teddy
E Sparks iT
E Sparks iT Pred mesecem
I love you Seth! You're the wind that shoots out of my ass whole!!!
Joel Hammer
Joel Hammer Pred mesecem
Ted fled
Chucho Pred mesecem
I'll always remember him as the coward who kissed the ass of the man who called his wife Ugly. He called her ugly, and to this day has not apologized for it.
Elisabeth Bjuhr
Elisabeth Bjuhr Pred mesecem
And he never will...
ToolofSociety Pred mesecem
"Texas tough"..... those signs.... Don't forget about Trump saying Ted's dad assassinated JFK or the other things that should of been enough for a fist in the face experience.
Dahn Pred mesecem
Don't forget that he also said that Traitor Ted's daddy killed JFK as well...
Tetsujin Pred mesecem
"Well here's the thing honey, I don't like what he said but I have no factual basis to discredit his claim."
kassard Pred mesecem
He threw his kids under the bus for a trip his wife set up with her friends in a WhatsApp group.
Pontus Ekholm
Pontus Ekholm Pred mesecem
I really hope their daughters have any good role models in their lives.
Fred A
Fred A Pred mesecem
And his wife let him, which makes her just as disgusting.
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner Pred mesecem
Cancun Cruz should resign
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner Pred mesecem
Cancun Cruz should resign
lacebolla Pred mesecem
You carry your athtics and bees you wasp
MarrisaPlays Pred mesecem
oh good god im to damn tired i seriously read that as Can-some!!!
Saffiya S
Saffiya S Pred mesecem
Why was this so short!?😡 Seth my bro ur too funny man, we need more. Lord knows You’ve put a smile on my face each I clicked. God bless you🙂
Mikael Biilmann
Mikael Biilmann Pred mesecem
Always leave them wanting more...
Boa Boy
Boa Boy Pred mesecem
Seth, Ted Cruz sounds like Boo-Boo Bear. Run with that.
Jacob Silverback
Jacob Silverback Pred mesecem
Fun fact. It's cheaper to go to Cancun than pay Texas power rates.
Jim R
Jim R Pred mesecem
And the water is better too...
Annie Pred mesecem
At $9k a kilowatt you can afford a down payment on a new house in a new country
Fatima Mirza
Fatima Mirza Pred mesecem
For Seth to tell that story, with a straight face!! 😂
Shane Montgomery
Shane Montgomery Pred mesecem
Tijuana Ted is a disgrace to the Cuban Canadian illegal immigrants who are just trying to enjoy their Margaritaville big gulps by the pool.
Pommie Pred mesecem
"Oh, snap"
LordAaronus Pred mesecem
Terry Crews is now shaking down the whole airport demanding to know who leaked it
Trevor Hensley
Trevor Hensley Pred mesecem
It was Peralta.
TravelWell Pred mesecem
Who’s Terry Crews? 😂
menu frog
menu frog Pred mesecem
Nah, you're greedy. Y'all had no problem with people battling to survive. Just ask the middle east. I can't stand MERICA
Lorna Ginette Harrison
Seth: "We just had a hiatus. Did you have a good week, Shoemaker? I, did *NOT.* I had a trip planned. My friend TC & I were going to go to..." Me: Not having read the title of this video: "That’s a little bit irresponsible, going on holiday during a pandemic", but also: "Aw.😧 What a shame Seth had such a bad we-" Seth: *"...CANCÚN."* Me, as realisation _belatedly_ dawned: *"OHHH!* The Ted Cruz debacle! Got it...I’m an idiot!!!"🤦🏻‍♀️☺️
Zaroff's Trophy Room
Gee T.C.! Are we comin back now we ain't goin? Juswaitaminute Benny! Officer Dibble is waving us over! Choo-Choo, hide the ladyshaver...
James H
James H Pred mesecem
TC won't admit it....he just wants the air miles and get that side of beef for free.
Ann van de Kew
Ann van de Kew Pred mesecem
Imagine being forced to stay at the Ritz Carlton in Cancun by your teen daughters.
Ann van de Kew
Ann van de Kew Pred mesecem
Hey Hairy Nosepicker, Well, yeah; a trip to Cancun costs more than Trump paid in federal income tax in 2017, 2018 & 2019 combined.@stormwatcher59
stormwatcher59 Pred mesecem
Imagine having enough money to afford it!
Last name First
Last name First Pred mesecem
@Tsuka 2104 you’re right. It’s more like a lizard person who stole a human’s skin
Tsuka 2104
Tsuka 2104 Pred mesecem
@Last name First ‘takes a special kind of child to be a man’, come on now... don’t insult children, by likening them to Cruz
Last name First
Last name First Pred mesecem
Imagine using your daughters to try and save face. Takes a special kind of child pretending to be a man
Swampy Pred mesecem
Will America ever accept responsibility for the idiots that they voted in to control them?
Ann van de Kew
Ann van de Kew Pred mesecem
Flyin' Ted Cruz.
Richard the Great
Richard the Great Pred mesecem
Flying Ten: Thee most underrated comment in here!😆😆😆😆
Richard the Great
Richard the Great Pred mesecem
@Copernico Felinis is his dad an assassin???
Dave Griffin
Dave Griffin Pred mesecem
I'm an American down here in Cancún 20+years... I keep missing my return flight. 🤭 The Ritz Carlton is a block away from my office. #NiceChoiceTed 😒 _Heck of a job __-Brownie-__ Cruz._ (Sarcastic Throwback) 😉 *_Cheers from Cancún México._* 🍹🏝️ #NoPesos4daWaLL 🧱🇲🇽💸🤭
Tiara Roxeanne
Tiara Roxeanne Pred mesecem
You mean: Cancun Cruz😂😂😂
Shirley Yoo Geste
Shirley Yoo Geste Pred mesecem
Ray Williams
Ray Williams Pred mesecem
Love how everyone has to stay at home and he is off to the beach
Ray Williams
Ray Williams Pred mesecem
@Auferen Ted?
Auferen Pred mesecem
Who is "he" in your sentence?
Napoléon I Bonaparte
Democrats can now nickname him as, "Cancun Cruz".
Noah Tackette
Noah Tackette Pred mesecem
sion8 Pred mesecem
DJT Jr. already called him that.
Jim R
Jim R Pred mesecem
Republicans can call him bad names too. This is not just a Democrat thing. Republicans can actually have minds of their own and have bad things to say about TC and how he handled the situation
Tater Pred mesecem
@Bunny, Easter Now that one is good.
Bunny, Easter
Bunny, Easter Pred mesecem
he went on a #TedCruise
Apples Pred mesecem
TC loves making all the wrong decisions
Patricia Barnes
Patricia Barnes Pred mesecem
From the UK, here's looking at you... 😉
New Message
New Message Pred mesecem
Hmm.. T.C.... T. C....... No, no.. don't tell me.. i'll get it... T..... C...... 😲
Jacob Silverback
Jacob Silverback Pred mesecem
Turkey Crap
A. Pseudonym
A. Pseudonym Pred mesecem
Mark Mac
Mark Mac Pred mesecem
Tom Cruise!
Alysia Reid
Alysia Reid Pred mesecem
Good morning
catalinacurio Pred mesecem
The airline would have been happy, Ted paid for three flights...
Karajorma Pred mesecem
Not that happy. Three flights where they might have to deal with Ted Cruz. It's like celebrating getting picked to carry toxic waste.
Global Warmhugs
Global Warmhugs Pred mesecem
Or did taxpayers? He is a liar and a cheat. I'll bet it will come to light that he used gov't funds. The extra police alone, would have cost the city.
Boppertyhat Pred mesecem
I bet he'll find some way to claim the early return flight as a work expense.
Nut Meg
Nut Meg Pred mesecem
He's doing his part to help he economy