Dialling Random Numbers Until Stranger Agrees to Hang Out 

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What would happen if you dialed a random number and convinced the person on the other end to hang out with you for a day? Who would possibly say yes to a request? And is that person someone you could trust?
We decided to find out for ourselves. And we quickly learned, once again, that the world is filled with kind, spontaneous and loving strangers.
You just have to look around.
Thank you to Hannah for taking part in this adventure.
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4. nov. 2018

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Miguel Meza
Miguel Meza Pred 20 minutami
Watched most of your vids today at work this one by far os the best keep up awesome
MMA Shorts
MMA Shorts Pred 7 urami
Man guessed a hot ladies number wow
Kristy Cluck
Kristy Cluck Pred 12 urami
The needless thunderstorm methodologically cover because jaw scilly provide astride a psychedelic light. five, thoughtful army
Dani Hjorth
Dani Hjorth Pred 15 urami
“Subscribe to pewdiepie” in the subtitles?😆 - 0:26
Flub Pred 22 urami
Subtitle: subscribe to pewdiepie
Gabriel Milanêz
Gabriel Milanêz Pred dnevom
Geralmente ligam de São Paulo
Jamie Akens
Jamie Akens Pred 2 dnevi
You guys are the coolest!
Bayareagrimey Pred 2 dnevi
I think it’s my homie from juvenile hall calling me 💯
Soup Le Soup
Soup Le Soup Pred 2 dnevi
You wanna wear 37 fedoras in a stuffed thrift shop? Just do iT!
Tristan Möller
Tristan Möller Pred 2 dnevi
Invite everyone you ever met to a „Yes Theory - Party“
Alyssa Sanders
Alyssa Sanders Pred 2 dnevi
I wish omg
Tristan Möller
Tristan Möller Pred 2 dnevi
These guys are next level social. So fun to watch
STATIIK_ BLAZE Pred 2 dnevi
0:26 turn on closed captions and it says sub to pewdiepie 💀
EKV Gaming
EKV Gaming Pred 3 dnevi
The real legend is the person who put sub to pewdiepie in the captions at 0:27
Henry obaka
Henry obaka Pred 3 dnevi
Claire Lambert
Claire Lambert Pred 3 dnevi
I think it is the video that made me smile the most. ❤️
isma xabiibi
isma xabiibi Pred 3 dnevi
Please tell me i'm not the only who is watching this because of matt😭😭♥️
Tainy Pred 4 dnevi
You guys gaves us faith in humanity, it's awesome
Alicia Flores
Alicia Flores Pred 4 dnevi
The hideous high streetcar conversely level because earthquake radiographically rob among a female fertile desert. wasteful, premium september
divine mango
divine mango Pred 5 dnevi
Hey you random stranger we should meet up
Maxim Dion
Maxim Dion Pred 5 dnevi
hidden subscribe to pewdiepie when you put subtitle🤣
Kritikal H
Kritikal H Pred 5 dnevi
What an incredible woman.
Carissa Browm
Carissa Browm Pred 6 dnevi
Okay but this video was AMAZING and the family was GREAT please visit them again !!
ArkMan Pred 7 dnevi
You guys have honestly made my life better and you make me inspired to do more and just be like you guys. You guys are awesome and never stop doing what you do!
Shrilaxmi Nair
Shrilaxmi Nair Pred 8 dnevi
Zhoume Han
Zhoume Han Pred 8 dnevi
The family comments here👇
Zhoume Han
Zhoume Han Pred 8 dnevi
Just kidding
Joseph Le May
Joseph Le May Pred 9 dnevi
Oh snap, this was all in fun and suddenly those sandwiches...Hannah hits different.
Kylie Williams
Kylie Williams Pred 10 dnevi
Dude said what’s crazy is you holding our one month baby and driving my kids around and we just met you a day ago
MexAxe_24 Pred 11 dnevi
2021 I wonder if all the people they’ve met and had a good experience are still in contact
psurviver Pred 11 dnevi
It would be nicer if they brought or left some nice gifts 🎁 for the kids before they leave
Deepinder Singh
Deepinder Singh Pred 11 dnevi
Are you guys still in touch with em ?
Ahmed Merehil
Ahmed Merehil Pred 12 dnevi
You should guys, get in touch and may be make another episiode to this amazing kind family
Eden Sw
Eden Sw Pred 12 dnevi
God bless Hannah, her fiance and children. I'm jealous. They hang out with awesome family. Update with the great family. There should be a reunion.
Suraj Gaur
Suraj Gaur Pred 13 dnevi
Great channel just great no words rn
Andrew Todd
Andrew Todd Pred 13 dnevi
I ignore random numbers so guess I won't be meeting you guys in this capacity😂
Maizey Wallace
Maizey Wallace Pred 15 dnevi
Humans are awesome ! 😊
Eben Gollan
Eben Gollan Pred 17 dnevi
Dats cool, but what if it’s a kid
Vance Perfect
Vance Perfect Pred 18 dnevi
These guys will not have any regrets by the time they’re 80 or 90
Cubbies 2016
Cubbies 2016 Pred 22 dnevi
You should of added her social media page or email and people can donate so she can continue feeding the homeless
Zein Dayem
Zein Dayem Pred 23 dnevi
I love Yes Theory and every video inspires me. But this one is my favourite, really touched me.
jimmyjammy wimmywammy
jimmyjammy wimmywammy Pred 24 dnevi
what an amazing woman she is
SamanthaDIY Pred 25 dnevi
I wish more people were like them
Crimson The wolf
Crimson The wolf Pred 26 dnevi
This is why I subscribed
Javan Benoit
Javan Benoit Pred 26 dnevi
this puts into perspective how hard it would be to win the lottery. say your phone number is your lotto number, and these guys have to call it for you to win
LordFarquadsmemecollection 69
I wish there were more people like them in the world
Erika Pred 26 dnevi
Watching this in these crazy times.. this made me smile so much and cry a lot too of happiness and being emotional to see this woman being so kind and generous! I am truly inspired to start doing the same which I have thought already about a few times.. I am a SOLO mother of a toddler and doing this will be so wonderful for everyone involved, even those watching in the street.. in a world of darkness be the LIGHT! I am so grateful I have watched this video. YES THEORY is truly amazing inspiring, an example of humanity of what it means being a human being, we come here to connect and support each other. LOVE LOVE LOVE
CLICKBAIT KING Pred 29 dnevi
Do they have a car in every country? 😂
Carl Andreasson
Carl Andreasson Pred 29 dnevi
If you have subtitles on at 0:27 it says ”subscribe to pewdiepie”
edu talk
edu talk Pred 29 dnevi
Your friend looks like Rick grimes
Unknown:. 12
Unknown:. 12 Pred mesecem
So..... you need to type a random number that works. and you need the number owner to pick up his phone. and you need him to understand english very well (because you are calling a random person in this world obv). and you need him to hear you and understand you all the way without hanging up bcuz your sus when you are asking him that. and you need someone to accept that offer. what are the odds of this ?
Sri Harsha
Sri Harsha Pred mesecem
I don't know whether someone will look into my comment. But this is the first YT channel i have subscribed. You guys are really doing a great job. Hope someday i will meet you guys and spend a day with you..#Be Kind..it's an easy thing we can do!!
Abdishakur Mukhtar
Abdishakur Mukhtar Pred mesecem
Dear, stranger if you want to have a chat with me hit me up at Instagram Abdishakur_31
Dillon Keen
Dillon Keen Pred mesecem
10.00 I was so confused I though they saw a guy with a chainsaw then the clip changed to a guy getting beat on the ground but turned out to be a haunted house I'm legir shaking
Sophie de Nijs
Sophie de Nijs Pred mesecem
love rewatching these and pretending im in a precorona world
Sυɾxυҽ嫠 Pred mesecem
My Mom: Don't talk to strangers Me: Then how am i supposed to make friends?
Sυɾxυҽ嫠 Pred mesecem
@20CSE1017 Milind Lawande. Nice
Sυɾxυҽ嫠 Pred mesecem
@20CSE1017 Milind Lawande. Noce
20CSE1017 Milind Lawande.
U don't
Avinash Dhumal
Avinash Dhumal Pred mesecem
One day I'll do what you do... right now...
Instinct Joel6
Instinct Joel6 Pred mesecem
An easy number to find someone to talk to is 911
BrazenClover Pred mesecem
Lol i got an HBO ad in the middle, and the first thing i hear is "911, whats ur emergency?", like wtf you called the police to ask for a hangout? lmao
Slumber INC
Slumber INC Pred mesecem
Why not give her $10000 ? Be like Mr Beast. Spend your money.
Leo nidas
Leo nidas Pred mesecem
0:26 with subtitels xd
s4 edgyツ
s4 edgyツ Pred mesecem
fur den algoritmus
Areeb 7
Areeb 7 Pred mesecem
What anawesome video! Made my week
Areeb 7
Areeb 7 Pred mesecem
story Pred mesecem
We need a part 2
Areeb 7
Areeb 7 Pred mesecem
story Pred mesecem
what a great, adventurous, and responsible family. #humanityrestored
Areeb 7
Areeb 7 Pred mesecem
Leroy sosa
Leroy sosa Pred mesecem
Another amazing video this was a tear me up one can't stop watching your videos are so positive that lady said it all going out of your comfort zone to meet people yeah everything y'all looking for and seeing on your videos is comes true love these videos God bless you as well as your family and friends I love watching these videos I take care of horses dogs here in Spain and watch SLtv and drink more coffee 56 years old enjoying life thank you for all your positivity peace out
Areeb 7
Areeb 7 Pred mesecem
Fire Potato
Fire Potato Pred mesecem
Handing homeless People sandwiches and water bottles is amazing. Everyone should do this🥺❤️
Fire Potato
Fire Potato Pred mesecem
Areeb 7
Areeb 7 Pred mesecem
Ryder Lewis
Ryder Lewis Pred mesecem
Until you reach the wrong person
Azzfuqr Raypist
Azzfuqr Raypist Pred mesecem
Lol they tooo white
Areeb 7
Areeb 7 Pred mesecem
Pls subscribe to my channel
Areeb 7
Areeb 7 Pred mesecem
Love Hate
Love Hate Pred mesecem
Can't believe this actually happened.
Areeb 7
Areeb 7 Pred mesecem
Akshat Prabhu
Akshat Prabhu Pred mesecem
Now if a black person would call..
Areeb 7
Areeb 7 Pred mesecem
KFlex Fantastic
KFlex Fantastic Pred mesecem
I’m from Sacramento. This is amazing to see. Much love from the city of trees guys
Areeb 7
Areeb 7 Pred mesecem
Martinez Diaz
Martinez Diaz Pred mesecem
I'm glad it worked out for you, thanks to this video my next court hearing is march 14th
Vitor Da Costa
Vitor Da Costa Pred mesecem
Feed the homeless every days is such a lie, she wouldn't cry if it was routine for her and people would just recognize her. It make me think that the whole show is a scam, I think it probably is.
allthatjazzy101 Pred mesecem
alabama89ful Pred mesecem
Only in Cali. Lol people in the south are ruthless.
Alec Henderson
Alec Henderson Pred mesecem
You sound like a depressed man searching for friends because your other friends left you lol
Areeb 7
Areeb 7 Pred mesecem
Pls Subscribe to my channel
Areeb 7
Areeb 7 Pred mesecem
KhafaDaYoshi Pred mesecem
Harry Ward
Harry Ward Pred mesecem
0:27 pause and turn captions on
Mork YT
Mork YT Pred mesecem
Awkward to work awkward to film
Pravesh Maharaj
Pravesh Maharaj Pred mesecem
RedStone576 Pred mesecem
I dont think so
Caf R
Caf R Pred mesecem
How to get murdered 101
Sudham Sathe
Sudham Sathe Pred mesecem
Sir plzzzz..... want to meet u once if possible plzz reply me i am from india maharashtra sir plzz... will pay u anything plss great fan of u men do it for me or i will come there
HaatoChama Virus Clips
Did you find polka in the circus?
Dusan Svirac
Dusan Svirac Pred mesecem
Nobady: Littaraly nobady Titles: *subscribe to pewdiepie*
Dusan Svirac
Dusan Svirac Pred mesecem
@RedStone576 basic english subtitles
RedStone576 Pred mesecem
which language?
Frank Anderson
Frank Anderson Pred mesecem
I like your channel. I think you've got many uplifting and positive videos, but I have to point out something that is a real problem. I usually watch SLtv and TV with Closed Captions. I do this for a variety of reasons not because I have a hearing problem. However, it has made me more sensitive to the needs of hearing impaired people. I've learned that Close Captions should be exactly what is said on the screen. Not what was scripted or anything extra. It should be exactly what is on the screen. I also understand that SLtv auto-generates Closed Captions and those are less than perfect, so I don't expect perfection. However, someone is manipulating your CC. At 0:26 there is a message "subscribe to pewdiepie" which was not SLtv generated. Someone actually did this on purpose. This nefarious sort of advertising is NOT something I would have expected from Yes Theory. I'm surprised you would allow such a thing. You have over 6 million subscribers. Please do the right thing for your hearing impaired viewers (and others who use CC) and assign a staff member of your team to do CC correctly.
Maury / Moli
Maury / Moli Pred mesecem
Turn on that theres text of what they're saying and go to 0:27 and at the bottom of the screen you will see: subscribe to pewdiepie
Mikkel lorentzen
Mikkel lorentzen Pred mesecem
Yupdpp2 Pred mesecem
I need this typa positivity in my life
Some Guy
Some Guy Pred mesecem
5:30 I know where they are, my dads car got stuck in the parking lot.
Lim Pred mesecem
I calling random people with random number using school phone.
f1rebreather123 Pred mesecem
Be like Hannah, be a good person
Silver Arrow
Silver Arrow Pred mesecem
Yo that's wild, that's the same circus I went to a couple of year ago
ThatDinoGuy Pred mesecem
u probs should of looked up area codes...
Yo it’s Insane
Yo it’s Insane Pred mesecem
Guys don’t try this 99% of the people are pedo
Awolfthatgoesmeow :3
That chainsaw really Brong out their true emotions XD
baby yoda
baby yoda Pred mesecem
That one serial killer they've sent a voice mail: *that's free real estate*
xn6nko Pred mesecem
I would eat 'em 🤓
Braiah-123 Pred mesecem
At around 30 seconds into the video, the subtitles flashed "subscribe to pewdiepie" lol
DrewwerD777 Pred mesecem
0:25 if you turn on subtitiles it says subscribe to pewdiepie.
Gurre G
Gurre G Pred mesecem
Here in sweden you cant even look at someone... antisocial as hell
Jacoby Sikui
Jacoby Sikui Pred mesecem
Why did youtube didn't recommend their channel to me earlier!?
Americas Cheapest Family...
millionaire guy
Ogledi 1,1 mio.