Crew Poetry: An Ode to Gene Kelly 

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It's a Late Night staffer poetry slam featuring the respected works of stage manager Tom Ucciferri, cameraman Paul Martens and more.
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Crew Poetry: An Ode to Gene Kelly- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers




26. feb. 2021

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Jacob Harvill
Jacob Harvill Pred 25 dnevi
how do I know he is a lorey it????????
thetramp123 Pred mesecem
Ha ha, good one Seth.
Joshwa Crasta
Joshwa Crasta Pred mesecem
Seth has one of the best workplace relationship in all of the late night shows... They really are a family and I love it💓
‘Tis I, Sri
‘Tis I, Sri Pred mesecem
oh this is making me laugh & ugly cry at the same time 🤣😭 happy retirement Gene Kelly 🥳
Amanda Reven
Amanda Reven Pred mesecem
Farewell Gene! You will be missed.
Jack Kagan
Jack Kagan Pred mesecem
Boy do I feel dumb. I thought they were referring to the late movie star/dancer. I never knew the name of the camera man.
TheRogueStatesman Pred mesecem
ha ha... good one seth!
Job Pred mesecem
Congratulations sir! Happy retirement, mr. Kelly
Chuck Griffith
Chuck Griffith Pred mesecem
Exit stage left Gene...awesome. Enjoy retirement and cashing in the camera.
Penny Lane
Penny Lane Pred mesecem
Maybe Wally can be the new Main Camera person? Just give him a go-pro Seth's in trouble
Linda Klann
Linda Klann Pred mesecem
KPepper L
KPepper L Pred mesecem
Enjoy your retirement Mr. Kelly. Thank you for making Seth's show better.
Stevie Mac
Stevie Mac Pred mesecem
Bye Gene. See you with Joe Pera soon?
ErykaSoleil Pred mesecem
I'm sure Gene will figure out a way to get the camera home just fine. 😆 This was such a sweet segment, and I hope Gene is able to enjoy his retirement.
Paul Ker
Paul Ker Pred mesecem
Happy Retirement Gene! Well earned.
Tahtahme's Diary
Tahtahme's Diary Pred mesecem
Gene should have done more voiceovers for yall! What a voice!
Tahtahme's Diary
Tahtahme's Diary Pred mesecem
Lmao Bucks was the best. Whose Buck? Have a good retirement Gene! Enjoy 🤗💚💚💚
Jason Wood
Jason Wood Pred mesecem
Paula Ryan
Paula Ryan Pred mesecem
Might have something to do with the battery in the microwave.
TheLettybird Pred mesecem
So adorable.
Rachel LeCrone Photography
Love you gene! Thanks for 50 years of laughs. We love you. Enjoy retirement
Jorie Henrickson
Jorie Henrickson Pred mesecem
Fun! See FukiuPoetry.com for political haiku :-)
John Miller
John Miller Pred mesecem
Killed it Gen laughed my ass off and I gotta feel bad for Seth lol
Mariko K
Mariko K Pred mesecem
Happy retirement Gene!
Clare Willison
Clare Willison Pred mesecem
God bless Gene and his beloved camera 😘❤️ (and God help the remaining crew and only camera) 🥺😂
M Long
M Long Pred mesecem
Happy retirement, Gene!!!!!!!
S. Pociecha
S. Pociecha Pred mesecem
Have exactly the retirement that grooves you the most, Gene. Thanks & praises
odradekk Pred mesecem
That Tv Magic right there. Good life Gene.
Christopher Price
Christopher Price Pred mesecem
Take care Gene 😂stay well brother HBHM! Loved the poem sir
Keith McPhee
Keith McPhee Pred mesecem
My man Gene! I'm sorry to see you go. Wishing you all the best bro.
solvseus Pred mesecem
Scared there for a moment, I was afraid something bad had happened. Ah well, at least now he has time to hang out with his kids in the big city, Milwaukee.
Jean Kaufmann
Jean Kaufmann Pred mesecem
Best wishes Gene! 🙂
debbiedoodiedandi Pred mesecem
Beautiful send-off. Happy Retirement, Gene!
Glorious Exceptionalism
Grateful for this art! Thank you all! Happy trails, Gene Kelly🥰 Thank you for your great work
I'm right you're wrong
Too needy, Enjoy Retirement Gene.
Mother of All Evil
Mother of All Evil Pred mesecem
Haha good one seth!
Adam Koford
Adam Koford Pred mesecem
Have an electric retirement, Gene!
Seth Larson
Seth Larson Pred mesecem
50 years?! Dang, he deserves that camera.
Ducks4lif3 Pred mesecem
Let gene #keepthecamera
These Toe Thumbs
These Toe Thumbs Pred mesecem
GENE!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!
Ernesto Marcos
Ernesto Marcos Pred mesecem
Now I wanna see Gene dancing with Jerry the mouse.
Kate Macdonald
Kate Macdonald Pred mesecem
hope i get to see him on Jo Prea
Darth Virgin
Darth Virgin Pred mesecem
i always preferred Fred over Gene.
Dev M
Dev M Pred mesecem
I hope Gene has a wonderful retirement. That voice!
whitlie Irving
whitlie Irving Pred mesecem
Hopefully we still get Gene on Joe Pera
George G
George G Pred mesecem
This has been the best scene ever.
srajendra3977 Pred mesecem
These dudes are loosing there minds with their inside jokes😂😂😂.... YOU WILL NEED AN AUDIENCE AGAIN, BOW BEFORE US!!!!
robin orona
robin orona Pred mesecem
best wishes, gene, & thanks for all your hard work. 50 years is quite impressive, seriously, who can stick with something for so long? get that vaccine & hopefully get some serious travelin' in, soon. cheers!
Lorne Epstein Show
Lorne Epstein Show Pred mesecem
Gene, we never knew each other and I did not know you were the cameraman, but now I consider us best of friends, let's keep in touch. Do you want my email address?
Jeff Suarez
Jeff Suarez Pred mesecem
I worked with Gene Kelly at ABC-TV for over 35 years, whether it was a Soap Opera or an ABC sporting event, or an ABC-News event, Gene was always one of the most asked for cameraman. He was professional, intuitive and a person that was an absolute pleasure to deal with. I consider him one of the best people I've worked with in my broadcasting career of almost 50 years. Have a wonderful retirement Gene-o! Love ya Bra!
Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller Pred mesecem
Thanks, Gene!
Ivy Hnin
Ivy Hnin Pred mesecem
Buck Buchanan?! He’s one letter away from being my favourite character in the MCU.
Said Toshimaru
Said Toshimaru Pred mesecem
I'm sure he'll be singing in the rain for many years.
Karla Marie
Karla Marie Pred mesecem
Best wishes to Gene. A fitting farewell.
kathy bell
kathy bell Pred mesecem
Gene I hope your days ahead are full of joy and good health!
Tiffany Anderson
Tiffany Anderson Pred mesecem
Give him the camera. Don’t you dare call security on him either!
Madeline Vogel
Madeline Vogel Pred mesecem
Congrats Gene!
jenbdiamond Pred mesecem
*laugh* Good one, Seth. :D
Lynn Dobbs
Lynn Dobbs Pred mesecem
Oh. I'm old. "Gene Kelly" brings to mind an entirely different person.
silentjay01 Pred mesecem
Ha ha. Good one, Seth.
Wendy Muller
Wendy Muller Pred mesecem
Happy Retirement, Gene!
Tania Hedge
Tania Hedge Pred mesecem
All the love to Gene. I'm going to miss his interaction with Seth. Be well Gene.
Michael Emond
Michael Emond Pred mesecem
The fact I am tearing up over a camera man retiring, shows me how this show has made their crew a part of the family over the years. I hate to see Gene go, but I love to watch him walk away. He didn't even look back?
Tahtahme's Diary
Tahtahme's Diary Pred mesecem
Lmaooo he slowly walked out and didn't even look back once 😂💀
Poop NOODLE Pred mesecem
Lmao I’m literally crying
Captain Kraken
Captain Kraken Pred mesecem
Good bye Gene! Best wishes!
Thevani Maduray
Thevani Maduray Pred mesecem
Happy Retirement, Gene Kelly! What an incredible career. The best thing about no audience shows is that we could hear the crew laugh... and probably Gene more than most. All the best to you in this fun new adventure 💜💓💜
douglas mennella
douglas mennella Pred mesecem
Loved Gene in all the sketches he was in! Congrats on your retirement Gene!!
Brianne Morell
Brianne Morell Pred mesecem
Gene, I've really enjoyed getting to watch you here and on Joe Pera. I wish you lots of fun and relaxation in your retirement!!
Knock Out
Knock Out Pred mesecem
All the best to you, Gene! I loved your poem and "Ha ha, good one, Seth" had me rolling. Also the big smile at "Who's Buck?" lol.
Adam Charming
Adam Charming Pred mesecem
That’s a very sweet send off and it shows the sincere, supportive and caring team Seth has cultivated over the last 7 years
Knock Out
Knock Out Pred mesecem
It really does. The jokes all work because we can tell the workplace is the complete opposite. Just a really good place to be. I could swear Gene got emotional saying his lines.
Yoli Spinner
Yoli Spinner Pred mesecem
Happy Retirement, Gene!
Edward James Feury
Edward James Feury Pred mesecem
It’s amazing what people on a subway will ignore
Slugworth Pred mesecem
I wonder if he will still be on Joe Pera talks with you.
Evan Schmidt
Evan Schmidt Pred mesecem
I hope so, he and Joe have a bond stronger than the sturdiest bean arch
Storm Pred mesecem
Enjoy your retirement Gene!!!
IA1 Pred mesecem
Gene's poem was the best one.
Gina Kay
Gina Kay Pred mesecem
Congrads to Gene so happy he will be taking time for himself but I am sure Seth is a bit broken. Cheers sir & don't worry Seth both sides of your face is your good side. Great poetry guys.
Jesse Miner
Jesse Miner Pred mesecem
Congrats, Gene!
MarqueMarq Pred mesecem
Loved the poetry and skit (except for Seth's last line). Happy retirement Gene!! Woo-hooo!
Joseph Corridon
Joseph Corridon Pred mesecem
"How's he gonna get it home? He doesn't live anywhere near here!"
Adam Kencki
Adam Kencki Pred mesecem
gene should read audiobooks
Wendy Muller
Wendy Muller Pred mesecem
Absolutely!!! His voice is like a hug
Flat Line
Flat Line Pred mesecem
Happy retirement, Gene!
Lauren Redding
Lauren Redding Pred mesecem
Seth meyers attempting that ol' "hasan and eddie are friends" bit, causing me to go find the "hasan and eddie are friends" patriot act, the greatest song on earth
Tonya Richards
Tonya Richards Pred mesecem
Happy Retirement Sir Gene!
Chris Pred mesecem
Gene performed it best out of them all! Congrats to him, can’t imagine he has worked as a camera man for 50 years. He doesn’t look that age,.. 👍
Minerva Minavera
Minerva Minavera Pred mesecem
Did gene actually choke up bc of tears or laughter??
O.C. Kidd Kidd
O.C. Kidd Kidd Pred mesecem
That was very touching but.... Don't kid yourself, Seth. You don't have a good side!
Tonya Richards
Tonya Richards Pred mesecem
Yes, Seth and his crew ARE the best in late night, bar none.
🍯 blood honey
🍯 blood honey Pred mesecem
this is so cute - congratulations on your retirement Gene!! xx
New Message
New Message Pred mesecem
When they collect these together and publish a book, I'm buying one. Have a great retirement, Gene!
Nadya Pred mesecem
Happy Retirement!
Jon Blondell
Jon Blondell Pred mesecem
I loved the camera bit!!!
Pam R
Pam R Pred mesecem
Jon Blondell
Jon Blondell Pred mesecem
God Bless Gene. I've always enjoyed him tremendously. I hate to see him go, but I hope he has a long, healthy retirement.
John Sheehy
John Sheehy Pred mesecem
Ann van de Kew
Ann van de Kew Pred mesecem
Mama called her senator, Moscow Mitch, nice lady confirmed Putin sent Trump a jar of Russian chick pea.
O.C. Kidd Kidd
O.C. Kidd Kidd Pred mesecem
Wow! That was great!
Gina O
Gina O Pred mesecem
Well, that’s a bit cute
Ann van de Kew
Ann van de Kew Pred mesecem
thrown out of an antique shop said, "Good afternoon, what's new?"
s Pred mesecem
Happy retirement, you earned it!
Ann van de Kew
Ann van de Kew Pred mesecem
Putin sent Trump a jar of hummus made of Russian chick pea.
Sidrah Ramadan
Sidrah Ramadan Pred mesecem
Josh Quick
Josh Quick Pred mesecem
Haha! Good one Seth!
Sarah Viola
Sarah Viola Pred mesecem
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