50 Hours Inside the Most Radioactive Place On Earth (Exclusion Zone of Chernobyl) 

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I've been fascinated with Chernobyl since the moment I read about it in history class over 10 years ago. A few months ago I had the opportunity to go explore it after a big snowfall. The stories we heard were both heartbreaking and inspiring. So excited to finally be able to share.

We were all tested for Covid multiple times before filming this episode and no one has showed any symptoms in the months following this trip.

Thank you to:
Nazar Dorosh for the FPV drone shots:

Cory Martin for the cinematography:

Misha for the guidance:

And Yuri Tabach for the facilitation of this trip.

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6. jun. 2021

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Yes Theory
Yes Theory Pred 5 dnevi
As you can see, we decided to not add any sponsors or plugs on this story so we could focus on the story-telling and visual experience. But making a video of this complexity without sponsor is definitely not easy, the support from Seek Discomfort is largely how we're able to create stories like this one. It took us several months get the edit to this place and a few days of filming. I'm super proud of how the video came out and hope you enjoy it. Watch it on a TV for full experience :) See you next week - Thomas
Ricardo Santo
Ricardo Santo Pred 14 urami
You guys deserve the world :) Thank you !
Lol Be mad
Lol Be mad Pred 16 urami
Has four ads
Christopher Angeles
Christopher Angeles Pred 20 urami
4:21 Sooooo,just a random may or may not be dead dog
Introvert Pred dnevom
Get in touch with “Matt Fitzgerald” on SLtv. A man worth talking to!
Hasnae Boudchar
Hasnae Boudchar Pred dnevom
The quality of the editing, informations, is sooo powerful... Great Job
lGhxstl Pred 8 minutami
I cant stop remembering my favourite ever cod mission all ghilled up while watching this lol
mma junky
mma junky Pred 25 minutami
Fun fact a filter in a gas masks last 24 hours in this condition
K T Pred 32 minutami
1:37 you wrote the Ukrainian city Kiev in Russian instead of Ukrainian
kitty might
kitty might Pred 33 minutami
4:21 is that a dead dog/wolf?!
Ian Chu
Ian Chu Pred 41 minuto
what da dog doin? 8:03
Retix_burst Pred 45 minutami
can dogs be there cuz i saw one at 8:06
Nathan Johnson
Nathan Johnson Pred 59 minutami
Such good quality
gmerti Pred uro
him going out of there like 👁👂👁
Nothin Trippin
Not the most radioactive place on earth tho..
T Pred 2 urami
Is the dog at 4 minutes 22 alive
Life Of Riza
Life Of Riza Pred 2 urami
Wow what amazing storytelling and editing! I got chills at a couple of points. And that FPV footage was crazy beautiful.
TBNRWilly Pred 2 urami
Legit, I am surprised nobody is talking more about this place being in COD
c v
c v Pred 2 urami
They r gönnä be heer lönGer v v ?? make reegthörr cämchatcäre plant bömb get xp döne. knöt in middell öf €V xD cönjecktüre öff at liced öne species... watch black höle eh pretzeldente v v missing 411 canam dp ^^
c v
c v Pred 2 urami
bin in russia ge wise and some reacthörr (ps ^^) on The önlie? ? outfall eh country road leading east. into well least slightlie? b4 ural-sk D 3 chimneys absolutelie monstrous? gigantick and this slanted öppösite bank... yeah watt middell? road xD or bröök D ?? never göt id bhäck... like swallowed büy matka gäiär v v ?
c v
c v Pred 2 urami
They r gönnä be heer lönGer v v ?? make reegthörr cämchatcäre plant bömb get xp döne. knöt in middell öf €V xD
Gucci Fresh
Gucci Fresh Pred 2 urami
This better be the next call of duty zombie DLC
Tasnem Hasan
Tasnem Hasan Pred 2 urami
3:37 That reminds me of Palestine
Hugh jass
Hugh jass Pred 2 urami
Not the moat radioactive place on earth lmao
Alif Putra
Alif Putra Pred 2 urami
guys remember radioactive dust please caution
Anna Argento
Anna Argento Pred 2 urami
Did the dog at 8:07 live in the ghost town?
Reach Me
Reach Me Pred 2 urami
that grandma must be pretty lonely, i cant imagine living be in her place. but i guess not everyone is as strong as her
Sims Simms
Sims Simms Pred 3 urami
I'm a survivor
Alfurberry Pred 3 urami
there is something oddly beautiful about this video, whether it be the fact that life continues after almost 40 years or that the scenery remains the same i don't know. However i do know this is my favourite video that i have watched in awhile, thank you Yes Theory.
MrBahr12 Pred 3 urami
The guide is wearing a Philly Union hat, epic
LIL MAC Pred 3 urami
His crew has the most stereotypical Slavic names ever
Ravage Pred 3 urami
This looks like cod modern remastered
Deadpool Pred 3 urami
*proceeds to get flipper toes after video*
Aidan Swanson
Aidan Swanson Pred 3 urami
Nuclear power is still so damn safe and maybe 100 people died as a result of Chernobyl. Read the UNSCEAR report and the Chernobyl tissue bank data before you make stupid claims
david vindis
david vindis Pred 3 urami
How ironic is that a week ago i was talking to my ukraine friend wich lives in slovenia now(where i live) and we've come with a idea that next year we shall go to kiev and visit chernobyl. 1week later a documentary from Yes Theory.
Leo Pred 3 urami
8:35 pubg players will know where this place is 😁😁
Satan Official
Satan Official Pred 3 urami
The Fukushima ELE is far, far, far worse.
Satan Official
Satan Official Pred 3 urami
Radiation is bad for children and other living things.
Satan Official
Satan Official Pred 3 urami
Not since the Asteroid Impact ELE of 66 million years ago has anything else already caused so much overall slaughter of life. And the Fukushima ELE will last next to forever. The Fukushima ELE is bad news on extreme steroids.
YooBrady Pred 3 urami
aww yes COD4
Cosmic Falcon
Cosmic Falcon Pred 4 urami
Player Unknowns Battle Ground
Angel Cook
Angel Cook Pred 4 urami
The lazy factory demographically regret because children intralysosomally reproduce unlike a befitting wren. sweltering, lazy fibre
Jeffrey Cordero
Jeffrey Cordero Pred 4 urami
And yet, even after this massive disaster, nuclear energy is still far safer and less deadly than fossil fuels
nami Pred 4 urami
8:06 ayo what the dog doin?
Gabriel Kwiatkowski
Gabriel Kwiatkowski Pred 4 urami
The thing is imagine if that reactor changed the whole world if it didn’t explode we would be using nuclear energy for planes cars and more but that 1 thing messed it up
Tetra Gem
Tetra Gem Pred 4 urami
Y’all stock up on rad x?
Aleea Saylor
Aleea Saylor Pred 4 urami
This is incredible thank you for giving us the opportunity to see this BUT please tell me you brought the doggie at 8:06 to safety!!!? So sad to see him in an abandoned town in the snow
Lazy Animator
Lazy Animator Pred 4 urami
Babushka lady is so adorable! Check out Bald and Bankrupt. He's got some good encounters with Chernobyl residents too.
ארז מקובר
ארז מקובר Pred 4 urami
8:28 its school from pubg
Emiliano Mejia
Emiliano Mejia Pred 4 urami
Does anyone know the guy that picked them up is the dad of Eric tabach
Frank Uhlig
Frank Uhlig Pred 5 urami
The abashed farm regularly charge because poet bacteriologically copy times a waiting stepdaughter. amazing, worthless bowl
Jeterang !
Jeterang ! Pred 5 urami
Felt like an hour not 25m guess I clinged to every second. Beautiful work
Charlie Wolf
Charlie Wolf Pred 5 urami
I had difficulty putting into words, how I felt watching this film, other than to say I felt strange yet profound cense of love and joy. Thank you.
Neil k
Neil k Pred 5 urami
50,000 people used to live here now it's ghost town... If you know you know
Stephanie Bates
Stephanie Bates Pred 5 urami
Cool but did the animal be hind you guys get affected 😱😱???
NotShap Pred 5 urami
am i the only one that when he said 50 thousand people used to live here and i heard price from cod4
Hann Gifford
Hann Gifford Pred 5 urami
Verdansk 😍
- HaichPlays -
- HaichPlays - Pred 5 urami
wut about the “no” theory
Weird Raccoon
Weird Raccoon Pred 5 urami
You should go on the shortest flight in the world from west ray to papa westray is Scotland
Jamie Mompalao
Jamie Mompalao Pred 5 urami
is the dog ok 4:28 😳
captain skeptical
captain skeptical Pred 5 urami
we love slavic babuskas!!! they are the best grannys!
FYB-_-Angel Pred 5 urami
that’s the pool house in warzone
Kas Pred 6 urami
4:28 umm....... is that dog dead or just chilling?
SpecTor_0 Pred 6 urami
Wow. I love your guys documentaries. They are always done so well. Keep up the great work!
Fuerzaa. Pred 6 urami
It's not that radioactive as you think it is I can count with my one hand how many people made it out without equipment safely around 8
MR. mustache Story time
this looks like call of duty 4 ]\[
-Alex- Pred 6 urami
This is a great edit and well put out story
mauricio garcia
mauricio garcia Pred 6 urami
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AVDV Pred 7 urami
I swear the pool at 8:30 is the same pool as in the Erangel map in PUBG.
Digi Pred 7 urami
This aint even seeking discomfort this seeking cancer
Mahrosh Javaid
Mahrosh Javaid Pred 7 urami
For those poeple who don't know this, Yuri is Eric's dad, also like the video cause don't be bitch
Cotsios Cotsiou
Cotsios Cotsiou Pred 7 urami
it really reminds me of Famagusta. the whole ghost city situation
marissa hoover
marissa hoover Pred 7 urami
have y’all seen the movie, i’m terrified
Полесский Pred 7 urami
You should try a trip to Chernobyl
⠀1 Pred 6 urami
Ok, I am going to.
Lemon Tiel
Lemon Tiel Pred 7 urami
At 5:47 if you lookat the stairs,it reminds you of some another video of yes theory ,dont know which one
Raj Bhavnani
Raj Bhavnani Pred 7 urami
The Grandma is so cute ,pure ,humble reminds me of my grandma ❤️
INTRO VENUS Pred 7 urami
Can i get the info of the song you guys used on the outro ?
Ella Joann
Ella Joann Pred 7 urami
Legendary3f Pred 7 urami
He gonna die if he get to close to the power plant due to radiation Poisoning if he’s not careful and it’s obvious everybody know that
Celesti Tamang
Celesti Tamang Pred 7 urami
i think i have studied about it in history classes..🤔
Celesti Tamang
Celesti Tamang Pred 7 urami
Idk what it is about Yes theory but they just can change people minds.
Ape Yang Aku tengah belajar ni?
@Ajar baru tadi tengok content tenang kaki gajah,last² SLtv recommend
aldy nik0las
aldy nik0las Pred 8 urami
Name backgound music pls
KARMA Pred 8 urami
where you at @mrbeast ?
b Pred 8 urami
For anyone who wants to see more of Chernobyl, I really recommend checking out Shiey's channel. He has two long videos exploring the entire area, including some incredible climbing. Video style is raw and unfiltered too.
_ Lseerey23
_ Lseerey23 Pred 8 urami
Poor dogs...
NormaLord Pred 8 urami
8:36 call of duty moment
Elzzino Pred 8 urami
Rich Chigga
Rich Chigga Pred 8 urami
8:36 this pool area is very familiar.. this one is on PUBG mobile right??
magini martini
magini martini Pred 8 urami
Can’t believe y’all literally have radiation poisoning now
Ayush Pred 8 urami
It's more like a cod gameplay....
isaac knecht
isaac knecht Pred 8 urami
its very rare to find someone who will welcome you into their home and treat you as their own children
zach pan
zach pan Pred 8 urami
I like the message of yes theory but now your just going to get yourselfs killed💀
Gian Luca Mendes
Gian Luca Mendes Pred 8 urami
Jo isn’t it dangerous to be in contact with these type of people because of radioactivity
Gian Luca Mendes
Gian Luca Mendes Pred 8 urami
I was in there for 50 MINUTES AND ONE SECOND haha im better, well my leg isn’t 😂just JOKING
Derell_beast Pred 8 urami
"Yeah I mean I started glowing at night when I drink too much vodka but that's fine" the most Russian thing I've ever heard.
Flat is good
Flat is good Pred 9 urami
Bro where is the elephants foot?
Alex Pred 9 urami
Kinda looks like that Call of duty map
ptah tran
ptah tran Pred 9 urami
The squalid sentence probably entertain because silica frequently love amid a nostalgic gram. adhesive, amuck acknowledgment
Adrein Bisaillon
Adrein Bisaillon Pred 9 urami
“50,000 people used to live here, now it’s a ghost town.” - Captain McMillan
Martin Killer Of The Sacred Deer
Reminds me of “The Last of Us”.
shia Pred 9 urami
Was that a wolf dead or was it just laying down
J. Walker
J. Walker Pred 9 urami
And Japan is a Myth?
Zqott Pred 9 urami
6:40 Captain Price in cod4 be like
Liviu Pred 9 urami
Nice 3 ads one after another dont u have enough money
Anita Lauren
Anita Lauren Pred 10 urami
Is that dog ok at 4:28? :(
Me when I play call of duty zombies by myself 5:31
Flix Racing
Flix Racing Pred 10 urami
So cool
Elsie Room
Elsie Room Pred 10 urami
So happyy to see yes theoryy noww