LeBron James' Top 35 Plays | NBA Career Highlights 

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As LeBron James celebrates his 35th birthday today, check out his top 35 plays from his career so far.
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30. dec. 2019

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Will Wogan
Will Wogan Pred 16 urami
So many legendary commentators in this one.
Ali Naqvi
Ali Naqvi Pred dnevom
I've never followed sports so this is my first time really watching Lebron after just hearing so many people talk about him over the years. I understand now. I literally just sat here yelling 'WHAAAAT!!!!" among other things in utter disbelief for 11 minutes straight. Every now and then, things like this remind me how grateful I am to exist in this era.
Kendall Thomas
Kendall Thomas Pred dnevom
Tristan play top 3 🤣
WorkingClass Hero
WorkingClass Hero Pred dnevom
wow this is boring as fuck
Moonroof Pred dnevom
Love Lebron
JJ Pred 2 dnevi
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Sir Fernan Sports ,Tips and Tutorial
James is one of the complete player ever in NBA history.He can pass, shoot block and can hit 3 points
Rapid Pred 3 dnevi
AlisonAslondrea WenderyAva
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Calvin Lipstraw
Calvin Lipstraw Pred 4 dnevi
half of these are just of him dunking on people... bruh..
Calvin Lipstraw
Calvin Lipstraw Pred 4 dnevi
Sho'Gun Diamondz
Sho'Gun Diamondz Pred 4 dnevi
Hax0r Bugan
Hax0r Bugan Pred 4 dnevi
The king has arrived
Black Crack
Black Crack Pred 4 dnevi
I only can say WOW 😳 LeBron is the real G.O.A.T
Lebron James
Lebron James Pred 5 dnevi
Who is this man, oh yea me
blue sunset
blue sunset Pred 6 dnevi
For me lebron is aomine daiki, curry is midorima, and shaq is murasakibara.
Crimson Koba
Crimson Koba Pred 7 dnevi
Besides being bigger, if there's something Lebron has that Jordan didn't is his game vision. His positioning and capacity of reading the opponent's plays and his teammates movements are just unreal.
riduan sarker
riduan sarker Pred 8 dnevi
riduan sarker
riduan sarker Pred 8 dnevi
"Basketball GiveAways"
Celestine Jordan
Celestine Jordan Pred 8 dnevi
1. Lebron James. MVP. Lakers.
Celestine Jordan
Celestine Jordan Pred 8 dnevi
Goat MVP
iTsDylan Pred 8 dnevi
Kamen 23
Kamen 23 Pred 8 dnevi
"Momma, there goes that man" never gets old.
Felix Hansson
Felix Hansson Pred 8 dnevi
miami lebron was superhuman
It Hertz
It Hertz Pred 8 dnevi
We broke lebron and show his inner beast.
UMAMI CHAN Pred 9 dnevi
man i still dont get it why would people hate on this guy,,,in fact i still dont get it why would people hate on other players comparing shit and all fucking childish brains everybody has their own talents and flaws
Criss97 Pred 9 dnevi
2:50 which game? plz
Silk Lion
Silk Lion Pred 9 dnevi
I stay in Germany and watched alot of Lebron Games live. Most of them are from 2am to 5am ar our time. I still remember the block by James. I was so hyped I just skipped sleeping and went to the next streetball court to play at 6am there.
Slime 2 Shiesty
Slime 2 Shiesty Pred 9 dnevi
Lmaooo Lebron gamed Jimmy twice
Slime 2 Shiesty
Slime 2 Shiesty Pred 9 dnevi
Slime 2 Shiesty
Slime 2 Shiesty Pred 9 dnevi
Number 29 one of his best plays top 10 easily so underrated
Alex Zauner
Alex Zauner Pred 10 dnevi
the LeFuckyou floater on the Raptors is still the most disrespectful shot in NBA history...
Stretch Pred 10 dnevi
9:40 that’s for 2011 bitch!
Ritabrata Chakrabarti
Ritabrata Chakrabarti Pred 10 dnevi
LeBron James with no regard for human life🔥
Gus Reynolds
Gus Reynolds Pred 11 dnevi
Lebron hate Jimmy butler lmao
reliquia de GarchompMC
Esto es un juego? (Elxocas reference)
Viny Araujo
Viny Araujo Pred 11 dnevi
👉 sltv.info/label/Z8-jqqizmnuvhoQ/video
Bsid3 Pred 11 dnevi
From 6:23 to 6:30, I have no idea what he said, but I loved it.
Kirk In
Kirk In Pred 11 dnevi
Freedom is over sad
Freedom is over sad Pred 11 dnevi
When you can take six steps sometimes it must be nice.
Kevin Eminov
Kevin Eminov Pred 11 dnevi
Romel abadingo
Romel abadingo Pred 11 dnevi
idol james hahhaha nice pa shout out
Michael Brewer
Michael Brewer Pred 12 dnevi
Im_Blitz Pred 12 dnevi
I remember thinking after seeing #25 live, "is this the NBA all-star game?" 🤣
준JUNE Pred 12 dnevi
I didn't know it was 10 minutes video
Michael Jordan RB
Michael Jordan RB Pred 13 dnevi
BMW Performance
BMW Performance Pred 13 dnevi
31 is not a fault?
Alexiz Pred 13 dnevi
Mr. Crowley
Mr. Crowley Pred 13 dnevi
3:27 why the hell did this guy with dem long hair set a screen for LeBron? Isn't he supposed to guard him?
hyun lim
hyun lim Pred 14 dnevi
조던보다 덩크는 파워풀하다
Zach and lebron Gaming and sports
Lebron or kobe I pick the king
So Cool1
So Cool1 Pred 14 dnevi
Evelyn Wagner
Evelyn Wagner Pred 14 dnevi
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drroberson4 Pred 14 dnevi
When your opponents look at you in awe.....🤣
Mother Russia
Mother Russia Pred 15 dnevi
A lot of these is where he travels lmao, can't see how people calls him king
Cancelledt Pred 15 dnevi
LeBron is one of the most hated players in the nba, but this haters are always watching him play. lmfao
Applelivebox Pred 15 dnevi
How can they forget his dagger from 2013 G7..?
buendu30 cire
buendu30 cire Pred 15 dnevi
poor terry,
Cameron Durham
Cameron Durham Pred 16 dnevi
When I saw that dunk at 33, I knew I was in for a show.
亮諸葛 Pred 16 dnevi
When the king arrives, all beings avoid
Alexander Hariri
Alexander Hariri Pred 17 dnevi
„No bird soars too high, if he soars with his own wings!“ Kim Jong Un, Leader of South Korea
HobbyGamer Pred 17 dnevi
Surprised there are 35 in total. To find these must have been a lot of work.
czarnooki-kot Pred 17 dnevi
29. 1...2...3... steps... :D
CHIEF Red Pred 17 dnevi
The haters have to lie all the time about LBJ.
gua saya
gua saya Pred 10 dnevi
the haters just blaming his finals record
김대선 Pred 18 dnevi
Lebron should've had 6 rings by now. But you know. KD the snake.
gua saya
gua saya Pred 10 dnevi
i think 5, and yeah kd is great but he is weak
Secrets de Gospel
Secrets de Gospel Pred 18 dnevi
The Best player
Steleek Allen
Steleek Allen Pred 18 dnevi
Lmao why did bro on the spurs set bron a screen at highlight number 23
When Lebron dunked it on the 33rd one it didn’t even look like he made it on the replay
Romainverh Pred 18 dnevi
pas ouf
kingston hughes
kingston hughes Pred 19 dnevi
8:24 goddam he just jumped like 40 inched for a dam floter that shits crazy
K N Pred 19 dnevi
Somebody tell me wtf they're saying @ 9:16
Gianluca Etiénne
Gianluca Etiénne Pred 19 dnevi
LeBron James você é "RIDÍCULO!"
John Baek
John Baek Pred 19 dnevi
This just gets me emotional, gives me hope
Laudetur Jesus Christus
Random blood and urine tests needed.
SlimShady Pred 19 dnevi
I don't know much about basketball. I just saw a video of Michael Jordan's 50 best plays, now I'm watching this video… objectively, Lebron James is a million times better
Clyde the Glide #top5SG&top10dunkerever
Watch "Jordan's historic Bulls mixtape" and "rare voyager", as great as LeBron is he's nowhere near as entertaining as Jordan was
Jacob Summer
Jacob Summer Pred 20 dnevi
Highlights 27 and 34 are so tuff😤🔥
John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
Joseph Procopio
Joseph Procopio Pred 20 dnevi
Anybody else bothered that they put the dunk on Nurkic in the top5? It's a good poster, but it shouldn't even be in his top 20 [as Nurkic has like a 12 inch vertical]
Clyde the Glide #top5SG&top10dunkerever
Not at all, that dunk is amazing, arguably his best one
Greg Lialios
Greg Lialios Pred 21 dnevom
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hihihihihi1234567800 Pred 21 dnevom
man i still wish he postered draymond green at the end of game 7 vs the warriors
black man
black man Pred 21 dnevom
1:15 So were just gonna ignore the fact that that was all hand??
Dom Afronoy
Dom Afronoy Pred 21 dnevom
#3 still my best dunk of Lebron 9:42
Fernando Petrauskas
Fernando Petrauskas Pred 21 dnevom
Lebron James é uma força da natureza
Jarryd Pred 21 dnevom
James is the greatest player of all time.
asaf virin
asaf virin Pred 21 dnevom
Don't know his name but the guy in the 88 jersey at 2:37 looks absolutely terrified, he doesn't even try to stop the dunk
Jaristandbeeld Pred 21 dnevom
What a great video. Makes me very happy. And then we are still missing his quarterback passes... This man can do it all. So much respect and love for him. We have to savor every moment we have left to see him play imo.
Ning Smelly Shoe
Ning Smelly Shoe Pred 21 dnevom
true goat
chef bart
chef bart Pred 22 dnevi
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Esther Hellmich
Esther Hellmich Pred 22 dnevi
USFAlumni Pred 22 dnevi
When Lebron James retires Basketball is going to be like it was when Jordan retired: The Great NBA Depression; as there was no one big enough to fill their shoes for a while.
Clyde the Glide #top5SG&top10dunkerever
Luka will do just fine etc.
Life Is My Opportunity - Channel
I lost my job during the PANDEMIC. I created this channel in FAITH that things will get BETTER for myself and the WORLD🌍🏀
Snow Lion
Snow Lion Pred 23 dnevi
Just play ball stop the comparing on who's better
Snow Lion
Snow Lion Pred 23 dnevi
Yeah but derrick rose, stephen curry, cj, kyrie irving, james harden, the list goes on. There is no goat in bball stop trying who cares
wythe Hu
wythe Hu Pred 23 dnevi
lebron is not good
Ridgemond Takunda Muranda
9:34 he would've needed the entire bosnian army to stop lebron james😂
Jumoni Washington
Jumoni Washington Pred 24 dnevi
"Wade from behind, Chalmers cole JAMESSS" That's was just insane😂
Xavien Howard
Xavien Howard Pred 24 dnevi
I was at number sixes game it was crazy kyrie went on to win the game for the cavs
Esther Hellmich
Esther Hellmich Pred 24 dnevi
Horny Step Mom _ Videos
ooowwww read more 👉 #clickreadmore