Why Hydrogen Cars Flopped 

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Hydrogen Fuel Cells were supposed to save the auto industry from climate change, and promised no harmful emissions from the tailpipe, just pure water. So what happened? Why hasn't the hydrogen car taken over the industry in the years since? And what future does this amazing technology have? Well, it's complicated.
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12. apr. 2021

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Tsetso Zdravkov
In the environment chapter you've missed the production, storage and recycling of batteries, which is worse than everything else. Plus, you should also calculate the used water during the battery production...
Naman Lahoti
Naman Lahoti Pred 3 urami
But making Batteries from Rare Earth minerals is a very energy incentive process along with a process rife human rights abuses - was that factored in?
Martin Sander
Martin Sander Pred uro
Yes - there have been numerous studies on this - most studies conclude that even in a electric grid with mostly coal power, battery electric vehicles have lower lifetime emissions than a gas or diesel car. As for the rare earth minerals - I suppose you mean Cobalt primarily then. A lot of battery manufacturers are trying to reduce their dependence on Cobalt, and iirc Tesla/Panasonic don't use Cobalt at all for their batteries. You will also find rare earth minerals in pretty much every vehicle of any type.
Cavan P
Cavan P Pred 4 urami
I was surprised to learn that hydrogen fuel powers an electric motor, rather than a combustion engine. Figured hydrogen gas would work like gasoline and be ignited in tiny amounts to work pistons.
Simon Pred 3 urami
Hydrogen in combustion engines are even more inefficient.
Affluent Nerd
Affluent Nerd Pred 6 urami
How bout a hydrogen electric hybrid?
Rahul Bhatia
Rahul Bhatia Pred 7 urami
why their are not any hydrogen engines which works with combustion of hydrogen just like simple engines
Simon Pred 3 urami
Horribly inefficient.
vinayak vk
vinayak vk Pred 7 urami
I don't have any problem with ev rather paying daily for __ fuel I have solar panels in my house and its enough for me to my commute
SavvyPlayzYT NZQ
SavvyPlayzYT NZQ Pred 7 urami
The car looks like its peeing , oh wait i know why people dislike hydrogen cars because they FREAKING EMIT PISS
Richard Bambenek
Richard Bambenek Pred 7 urami
Short answer, remember the Hindenburg?
epicPhsycoturtle Pred 8 urami
liked because of the dreamcast shoutout
TheLizardKing1967 Pred 8 urami
A 94' Celica. A new car dealership’s worst nightmare! 😂 Scotty Kilmer
Lennart Gran
Lennart Gran Pred 10 urami
I mean you already said Hydrogen is better than gas, but completly forgot that we don't even have enough minerals on earth to build enough batterys for all the electric cars...
Simon Pred 3 urami
Where did you get that information?
Marco Hangman
Marco Hangman Pred 10 urami
There are a lot of renewable energy that are being wasted and are untapped coz of storage issue. We all know that we are being bombarded by the sun 8 hours a day, :) This is where hydrogen comes in. It’s light weight and no need to mine lot of precious metals. The only problem real problem that I see is the cost, or maybe the revenue from the grid that they will loose..😜
Lukaka Repa
Lukaka Repa Pred 10 urami
I'd be more concerned of possible hydrogen enbrittlement of any containers.
Dan Lane
Dan Lane Pred 11 urami
Hydrogen does have one advantage over batteries: energy density.
Simon Pred 3 urami
Only be weight, not by volume.
James Dunbar
James Dunbar Pred 13 urami
And this is why Honda added a plug-in hybrid model for the Clarity for the car's 2nd generation.
Mr Anthony
Mr Anthony Pred 15 urami
Hydrogen - over the last week I have been in and out of hospitals up and down the country without Gas surely I would be on the side of the road. Can just go get a gas can full do you need to tow a stranded EV?
Darren McDowell
Darren McDowell Pred 16 urami
Too bad for the hydrogen car, takes too much juice for production
damiancanteros Pred 18 urami
Cheap lithium could be a factor for the success of the electric car too. But why is lithium cheap?
Snowy Pred 19 urami
the biggest problem is the lack of hydrogen farms with more farms hydrogen will get cheaper and hydrogen will be a lot more appealing
Simon Pred 14 urami
Not really. Hydrogen always remains inefficient.
Ludix147 Pred 19 urami
A very cool thing is that you can vary the rate of hydrogen production depending on the load of the grid. So if there's an exceptional amount of wind, you can just use that to make hydrogen. And you don't need expensive batteries to store it.
Simon Pred 14 urami
If there is an exceptional amount of wind, you just crank up charging speeds of EV chargers. Much easier and already exists.
Boaz Sla
Boaz Sla Pred 20 urami
80 bucks per tank are normal prices tf yall on ab? Gas cost like 1,4-1,5 euros per liter
Simon Pred 14 urami
Only in Murica
Dgisch Pred 21 uro
well nothing that drives is good for the environment electricity doesnt spawn in your outlet
Sportsnut jim
Sportsnut jim Pred 21 uro
green hydrogen is the answer.... partly
Simon Pred 20 urami
Yeah, for ships and possibly aircraft.
j v
j v Pred 21 uro
1:23 thank you for adding that scream to my day.
Klaus Schaffer Peci
Klaus Schaffer Peci Pred 22 urami
I bet this guy has a tesla. Specifically a tesla model 3
Daniyal Khan
Daniyal Khan Pred 22 urami
Mirai can be hybrid,..! (Electric + Hydrogen)
Star of Eden
Star of Eden Pred 22 urami
money talks bullshit walks as long as they can milk your pockets for cash they will do it water car was invented long ago as a steam car engine but selling fuel and oil is much more profit taking from your pockets than cheaper free alternatives now hydrogen is next but dangerous as well everyone can use garden water or piss in the tank to get going companies go bank rupt so electrical cars are next as they can still milk you for cash hydrogen is not dead and there is still companies announcing it as a next project its all competiton and your pockets that matter to them
Martin Sander
Martin Sander Pred uro
Hydrogen is, as mentioned in the latter part of the video, pretty decent for larger applications where energy density by weight is important. For small personal vehicles? Not so much. Especially with electric cars still rapidly getting cheaper and with many models now starting to exceed 500 km or more in range rating.
Ashley D
Ashley D Pred 22 urami
If you'd told me 15 years ago that EVs would win out over hydrogen I wouldn't believe you. I was convinced it was the only viable replacement for petrol given that it worked the same but with zero emissions.
Aussie Taipan
Aussie Taipan Pred 23 urami
With most EVs being less than 10 years old, it will be interesting to see them at 20 or more years old. While I do like EV's I hate the hours spent charging and long trips and towing are a no go in AU. With this I go back to my trusty old ICE cars. I prefer the H2 cars with their quick refill times. We just need H2 infrastructure and government input and mandate.
Skeptical Caveman
Skeptical Caveman Pred 23 urami
Hydrogen cars are such a bad idea. Battery electric cars can be charged at home and everywhere electricity is available, hydrogen cars are COMPLETELY dependent on refueling at hydrogen stations. This means that you can only travel to places where hydrogen fuel stations exist. With battery EV's on the other hand you can travel to your relatives at the countryside and charge at their wall outlet, no problem. You can even travel to the middle of nowhere if you have portable solar panels that you can charge your car with.
Eli E Co
Eli E Co Pred dnevom
A bit misleading. You are not comparing apples to apples!!! You have not factored in the real cost of creating the electricity for EV's. You have not factored in the cost and environmental aspects of the batteries. Hydrogen costs will plummet drastically once the infrastructure is in place and the numbers grow.
Simon Pred 20 urami
"You have not factored in the real cost of creating the electricity for EV's." - Not relevant. They both start with the same electricity. "You have not factored in the cost and environmental aspects of the batteries." - Not relevant. He didn't factor in the cost and environmental aspects of the batteries, fuel tanks and fuel cell that go in a hydrogen car either. "Hydrogen costs will plummet drastically once the infrastructure is in place and the numbers grow." - Wrong. Hydrogen will remain VERY inefficient and therefore expensive, no matter the scale.
Martin O'Shea
Martin O'Shea Pred dnevom
Hydrogen is almost a 100 green when produced with wind turbines. Batteries components are terrible for our environment. I hope the run away success of electric can be pivoted to hydrogen. Also fulling is so much more convenient when at the pump. We just need more…
Simon Pred 14 urami
@Martin O'Shea Yeah that is a cool island but it does not solve the efficiency problem. You will need three times as many wind turbines if we all went for hydrogen cars.
Martin O'Shea
Martin O'Shea Pred 14 urami
@Simon if we are all hydrogen we can take advantage of the infrastructure coming in the grid coming online. Like the hydrogen island being built in Denmark. fuelcellsworks.com/news/denmark-decides-to-construct-the-worlds-first-windenergy-hub-as-an-artificial-island-in-the-north-sea-to-include-green-hydrogen/ Others just need to follow the example. Green energy should have a green storage mechanism and hydrogen is the greenest we have right now.
Simon Pred 15 urami
@Martin O'Shea The problem is that the hunger for energy of a hydrogen car is much more harmful. The electricity emissions per kilometer are three times higher than an EV.
Martin O'Shea
Martin O'Shea Pred 16 urami
@Simon I hear what you're saying, but would you prefer to build the minimum amount of lower efficiency/harmful batteries now, or build loads because things won't get better. Tech always gets better so let's take the minimum amount of today's harmful technology and make products that can be repaired.
Simon Pred 20 urami
@Martin O'Shea The Toyota Mirai has a similar lithium ion battery. It is indeed smaller, but will need replacing much earlier due to the much higher number of cycles it has to go through.
Onne de Moes
Onne de Moes Pred dnevom
What about a Hydrogen internal combustion engine?
Simon Pred 20 urami
Very inefficient.
Manc 2608
Manc 2608 Pred dnevom
Hello from the UK. When 40 million people are trying to charge their EV’s at the same time plus. We’re going to have a problem. Also many can’t because of where they live terraced houses apartments etc. I wouldn’t write Hydrogen off just yet.
Simon Pred 20 urami
That is a common misconception. We won't be charging all at the same time and we only need about 10 kWh a day on average.
William Figge
William Figge Pred dnevom
I think you are correct about the popularity of electric cars over hydrogen, however your efficiency comparison is skewed. How much of that 100 watts does it take to make a lithium battery? And as far as batteries being clean energy, what happens to the environment when producing batteries? The mining of the raw materials, and chemical process required for manufacturing batteries. What happen to the lithium battery when it no longer holds a charge?
Simon Pred 20 urami
Dude, read the other comments. Literally thousands complain about the same thing. But it's not relevant because, guess what, hydrogen cars ALSO require lithium batteries, carbon fiber hydrogen tanks, and fuel cells with platinum in them. They ALSO require manufacturing, they ALSO wear out and need to be replaced and they ALSO need to be recycled.
Puneet Seth
Puneet Seth Pred dnevom
The real joke in the video is at 14:32 😂
Lyle Kirsch
Lyle Kirsch Pred dnevom
Okay here is my opinion, make more EVs. BUT and this is important use trains for things like moving people long distances like Chicago to NY or LA type of things. EV Trucks are a bad idea, we already have trains that (with some money) can be made fully electric and would be massively more efficient. A train is more efficient for many reasons, such as being on metal wheels creating less friction and they do less stop and start. Trains are also able to carry more and they don't damage roads and bridges like a truck would. I would however say that small electric trucks would be good for moving things from trains around towns and cities.
Maki Zermalias
Maki Zermalias Pred dnevom
You fogot to mention the by-products produced by each type of power source. EVs leave behind toxic batteries, we all know about gas, but what is the by-product of H2?
Geez_ Mahn
Geez_ Mahn Pred dnevom
Hydrogen consumer cars are fucking moronic. I’m honestly surprised anyone fell for it.
arjuman banu
arjuman banu Pred dnevom
the same reason why zepelines failed.
Tera Star
Tera Star Pred dnevom
Isn't the creation and disposal of lithion batteries pretty bad for the environment too? If i were to guess, probably worse than using a bit more power from the grid to extract hydrogen
Engineering the weird guy
So at a guess I’d say they’re neck and neck in that regard
Engineering the weird guy
It’s not a little, it’s 3 times more than just putting that energy into a BEV. however whilst battery production isn’t super clean, Hydrogen requires the use of large batteries as well (although not as large) and the production of a fuel cell which itself uses exotic materials and the fuel tanks also require exotic materials as it not only has to withstand pressures 32x higher than LPG is stored at *AND* be anti puncture, but hydrogen atoms are so small they can leak *through solid steel* meaning you need some pretty exotic and energy intense (to manufacturer) material to contain the hydrogen.
Spark Ev
Spark Ev Pred dnevom
Only fools buy hydrogen cars!
Louis Robbins
Louis Robbins Pred dnevom
My only problem with this video is you went through the process of producing Hydrogen and Gasoline but acted like electricity was just there. Even the cheapest electricity like Nuclear is not 95% efficient.
Simon Pred 20 urami
They both start with the same electricity...
terry hutchinson
terry hutchinson Pred dnevom
Wouldn't buy kove if you paid me
KimGelloLatonio Pred dnevom
So basically E-car > G-car > potato > H-car
Lottovind Pred dnevom
1. yeah it would be more expensive, all new technology usually is. Mass production can lower cost. Even electric cars are still expensive. It depends on investments. The price of H2 depends on what part of the world you live in when comparing to oil/gas/electricity 2. Convenience... yes not very easy to refuel, again depends on whether there will be investments in this tec. 3. For the average consumer acceleration is hardly something that matters much. But performance can also be range and for this H2 is better and it could be used for trucks instead of large batteries. It is also used on city bus transportation where I live, which results in no petrol fumes from combustion engines on the buses. 4. Environment... well this really depends on how u produce. Where I live there is a lot of surplus electricity on windy days from wind turbines... so much it more than covers consumption in the whole country. H2 will be produced on days when the surplus is to large and only from electrical power from wind turbines. So instead of wasting power completely H2 is produced. 5. yes, but at some point this may change. I am sure that this tec will supplement electrical cars perfectly and it certainly has not flopped and the reasons you brought up are just how it looks right now and maybe it will take longer to get a breakthrough in the US, but with all respect it may be a good solution in other places.
Steve Wiles
Steve Wiles Pred dnevom
When hydrogen cars get old and worn out, do they become hydrogen bombs?
Kloko Loko
Kloko Loko Pred 12 urami
Planet Terra
Planet Terra Pred dnevom
Hydrogen can be extracted from methane hydrates, which can be found on seabed in a form of so-called "fire ice". Japan is still considering using this technology. I bet, oil companies are not happy about that, EV manufacturers even less. Concerning HV efficiency. You totally forget, that EV cars are not part of Harry Potter's universe. You need batteries to store energy. You need power to produce batteries. You need power to extract metals and chemicals to produce batteries. You need power to re-cycle batteries(unless you just dump them in India and call it re-cycling). Batteries are very VERY HAZARDOUS and damaging to our planet. Plus, they degrade very fast. Plus, they are very sensitive to env. temp. changes, i.e. require more charging and efficiency can fall dramatically. So, EV's efficiency is about the same as is HV's. EV cars are trash and were never ZERO emission. It is just good marketing. Pricing point. I really had a good laugh at this point. Do you actually remember, how much did Tesla cars cost as the technology was "new"(no it is not, but still). Toyota's HV costs half of that, even without subsidies. Acceleration? Hm, this one is a tricky one. Acceleration or clean air, clean soil, free from battery plants and another extra pollutants.
Engineering the weird guy
You see hydrogen fuel cells can’t supply enough energy on demand to adequately accelerate the car. So they just keep the fuel cell going and charge a battery which can supply the energy flow rate to adequately accelerate the car (although in this case slowly but for other reasons). In the case of traffic or fault with the fuel cell they need considerable energy storage because unlike other hybrids, which use energy storage, a combustion motor is capable of supply adequate energy flow rate on demand, whilst hydrogen fuel cells, cannot.
Engineering the weird guy
You do realise that splitting methane produce a boat load of CO2 (because they’re hydrocarbon, hydrogen- carbon). Whilst still requiring about as much energy as electrolysis except they can get it by burning more methane to heat the steam which produces even more emissions. Further to that you do realise that hydrogen vehicles also need large batteries (although not as large) as well as a fuel cell which requires some exotic materials. And the fuel tanks need to be made of pretty hard to come by and energy intensive materials to make because it has to be lightweight, able to withstand pressures more than 32x LPG is stored at, be anti-puncture and all to boot also need to be made if special materials because hydrogen can leak *through solid steel* because the atoms are so small.
Craig Theophilus
Craig Theophilus Pred dnevom
Hydrogen is safer cleaner than both gas and EV from start to finish.
Kloko Loko
Kloko Loko Pred 12 urami
Hydrogen is explosive gas.
Engineering the weird guy
No it isn’t. EV quite clearly has the title there. Sorry to burst that bubble. Happy to discuss though
KEK Pred dnevom
I mean its unpractical and all but its the ultimate flex if you think about it. NOBODY has a hydrogen car thats what makes it special
Rugnar Lodbrok
Rugnar Lodbrok Pred dnevom
When talking about electric cars and the environment, everyone forgets how dirty lithium battery production is.
Engineering the weird guy
They also forget that EV’s done have to mine, smelt and machine huge engine blocks and transmissions too.
Sinan Özbaygın
Sinan Özbaygın Pred dnevom
I think veeery important part got skipped here. Yeah, you talked about electrolysis, compression, cooling etc. for fuel cells. But what about Lithium Ion batteries? Big mass production run of these things can generate even more carbon dioxide than all petrol engines combined. Not even mentioning what kind of sorry state are people working in lithium mines currently in right now.
Engineering the weird guy
Firstly, they (EV’s) don’t produce that much more emissions. Studies show 15% more than a combustion car, or about 1 ton more in emissions during manufacturing. As opposed to saving 30-40 tons of emissions during operation when compared to combustion cars over their operational lifetimes. And even on a pure coal grid that’s still 20-30 tons saving. So I think you got your numbers wrong there. As for where lithium is mined? The largest producer of lithium in the world is Australia. Hardly a third world country. The median wage for miners in Australian (including lithium) is more than $100,000 pa USD. (Australian it’s around $130,000 pa). So what conditions? Pretty good conditions actually.
Mathijs Pred dnevom
As Elon stated. Its mind boggeling stupid. And EV semi truck is coming
Eduardo Oliveira
Eduardo Oliveira Pred dnevom
I have read the comments and nobody takes you seriously
Engineering the weird guy
That wasn’t my take away from the comments but ok. You do you.
Steve Tahay
Steve Tahay Pred dnevom
Wrong unless your renting out a car although the gain is very very little in the end a car will never be an investment
Stephen Reed
Stephen Reed Pred dnevom
Damn, that console reference hit pretty hard. Soooo many hours of my life went into Sonic Adventure and Phantasy Star Online... What a time to be alive
Techs and Bulls
Techs and Bulls Pred dnevom
www.google.com/search?q=cost+of+hydrogen&oq=COST+OF+HYDROGEN&aqs=chrome.0.0l10.4290j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 HERE THE HYDROGEN PRICE IS WAY LESS THAN WHAT YOU TOLD
krishna nath
krishna nath Pred dnevom
google -------- faithfreedom chalenge google ------ faithfreedom ali sina articles google ------- internet archive ali sina debates
Meesh Pred dnevom
When I was in elementary school I made hydrogen using electricity. Sun and wind can make electricity. So, make hydrogen using sun and wind and sell it instead of gasoline. And, make it at home using solar or wind turbines = free fuel. Store it when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing; use it when there is no sun or wind. In the long run hydrogen is king.
Jonatan Olsén
Jonatan Olsén Pred dnevom
Yep. Most abundant element i the universe. When we learn to use the power of the sun (solar, wind) to get hydrogen from sea water, there is no "energy crisis"
Frial S
Frial S Pred dnevom
1kg = 1 liter. Stop being so silly and just say liter instead of kilogram.
Kloko Loko
Kloko Loko Pred 12 urami
1kg of propane - butane have 1.72 liters 1kg of hydrogen = 14.1 liters
Engineering the weird guy
1kg=1L only with water. Kg is mass, L is volume. A bucket full of water weighs a lot more than a bucket full of packing foam. Because the densities are different. The bucket could be a 1L bucket, and you have 1 L of foam and 1L of water. Both will be different weights.
Phillip Pavlovich
Phillip Pavlovich Pred dnevom
At least you don't have to mine for bauxite, nickel, copper and lithium to produce the batteries and fuel cells of EV cars.
GregAndr Pred 2 dnevi
To fill your gas tank and be ok for the week takes a few minutes. To charge an electric car and be autonomous for a week takes up much more time. Until they make electric cars autonomous enough they are in the no go zone.
Carlos Geli
Carlos Geli Pred 2 dnevi
So basically what hydrogen cars need to succeed is someone like Musk & Tesla to put in the funds and time for the R&D while stomaching the losses & working pains
Porteibou Ops
Porteibou Ops Pred 2 dnevi
You failed to mention 2 things: 1. The oil/petrol lobby is strong, they can manipulate the oil price as commodity. They will not let money escape from their hands easily 2. Gasoline in US is heavely subsidized
Michael Murray
Michael Murray Pred 2 dnevi
So while Hydrogen works well as a rocket fuel for the Space Shuttle and some other rockets, it’s not that practical as an automotive fuel.
MegaSoarer Pred 2 dnevi
14:32 I do not think Nikola will ever produce any hydrogen truck.
Xi Du
Xi Du Pred 2 dnevi
Annoying commercials
The Note Doctor
The Note Doctor Pred 2 dnevi
Because the Obama administration killed it.....it is much better thatn electric vehicles
Sheila olfieWay
Sheila olfieWay Pred 2 dnevi
if only you could get the water exhaust, iinto an electrolosis machine hydrogen fuel cell cars could make their own fuel, or better yet, the car holds the water till you geto to a fill station where you plug it in and the water sent in gives you fuel credits, as the station uses water to make hydrogen.
Gavin Greaves
Gavin Greaves Pred 2 dnevi
Why do you need fuel cells when you can have direct ignition Hydrogen engines?? Not a great view of what Hydrogen cars are capable of. Open your view...
Engineering the weird guy
Hydrogen combustion would be very inefficient. A combustion engine is only approximately 20% efficient whilst a fuel cell, electric motor combination is roughly 60% efficient
Adrian Pred 2 dnevi
i don't like when people don't put batteries in the equation, to me , right now hidrogen is the best solution, if you can get easy , clean electricity .Even if it looks twisted at first, humanity has taken another bad shortcut
Robert Lee
Robert Lee Pred 2 dnevi
People who don't think H2 cars will succeed, is missing t that there are 100s millions people where EV doesn't make sense. Just like there was GAS, Diesel and LPG there is room for EV and H2
Thomas Petter
Thomas Petter Pred 2 dnevi
if(add.Count()>=10){ignoreList.Add("Donut Media");}else{Watch(enjoy=true);}
B Rutter
B Rutter Pred 2 dnevi
Toyota has just launched their Hydrogen powered combustion engine. Not a Hydrogen fuel cell but a combustion engine like a gasoline engine.
Kloko Loko
Kloko Loko Pred 12 urami
Better is use gasoline one and put CO2 scrubber on exhaust .
teardropsonmyfallen Pred 2 dnevi
I feel like this video is Telsa propaganda
Taret Time
Taret Time Pred 2 dnevi
You can also create hydrogen combustion engines which would be an Environmentally friendly way of producing that wonderful revving sound
BP PH Pred 2 dnevi
EV are a bridge between fossil and electric watch this space
Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer Pred 2 dnevi
I find it odd that the single most abundant element in the entirety of the whole universe is more expensive than something that has to be pumped out of the ground and then run through a gigantic chemistry lab to be refined into what we put in our cars now.
Engineering the weird guy
@Central Scrutinizer or even animal fat. Hell as a primary school science experiment in Australia we make plastic out of milk.
Engineering the weird guy
@Central Scrutinizer such as vegetable oil for example
Engineering the weird guy
@Central Scrutinizer true but you don’t need crude oil for that. You just need oil.
Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer Pred 2 dnevi
@Engineering the weird guy Yeah spot on I forgot all about the hydrocarbon thing, thats the gold in that black gold. Crazy thing is more of it goes to making plastics and basically everything else than making gas.
Engineering the weird guy
That’s because we can’t find wells of it. It has to be separated from other elements which isn’t an easy process. Hell one of the big things which gives oil it’s energy is hydrogen. Being a hydrocarbon and all. But with oil, we don’t have to separate it into its elements. We just have to refine it. So much simpler and requires less energy.
Yojimbo Pred 2 dnevi
Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will come, especially for long distance travel and quick refueling. Technologies will improve and costs will come down. I imagine fuel cell vehicles will live alongside battery powered vehicles, because they complement each other.
jinxz •
jinxz • Pred 2 dnevi
Maybe I should get into science? I've always liked it and really want to become some sort of a manufacturer
Rodrigo Macedo
Rodrigo Macedo Pred 2 dnevi
I agree, still... there are some things that I did not see introduced in this research. It will be though to win EV's, however FCV do represent better performance for long distance driving, reason why it is a viable option for buses, taxis, a trucks that go for long distances. This in terms of mobility, green hydrogen is also a viable option to decarbonise some other type of industries. So the termn 'green hydrogen' is the key. Because the car is only clean, if the electricity used to produce hydrogen is green. Thats why hydrogen should be produced through steam, hydrothermal, wind and solar. Also green hydrogen presents itself with the opportunity to store the surplus of green energy created by these origins and better than that, it can be transported. Thats why green hydrogen is nice. I dont think FCV's will replace EV's for passenger cars, however for the options I mentioned before, hydrogen does present itself as a real opportunity, and in the future I believe we will have a mix of both, serving different needs.
David Morgan
David Morgan Pred 2 dnevi
But who the hell want's to live in California?
Makka Pakka
Makka Pakka Pred 2 dnevi
Basically big oil can’t make money from it so it’ll never kick off. They can rip people off with electric cats so they will boom
Steph Liveright
Steph Liveright Pred 2 dnevi
Not dead. Lack of publicity does not equate to the effort of development. Ford and GM are all-in on hydrogen R&D. So much so that Ford pushed their EV manufacturing off to VW. Ford and GM are still pressing ahead. Why???? because hydrogen is ubiquitous. Whereas EV raw materials depend on foreign countries for our power source. We've been there before.... Look at the root cause of arabian wars.... We do not want to go back to starting wars due to control of foreign energy... BTW, half of Tesla's profits are government subsidies. Normalize the balance sheet for freebies from the government and they are still operating at a loss. Can you make a video about how fire departments are equipped to extinguish fuel fires, but not battery chemical fires.... Thus, EV occupants typically burn alive in their EV's after surviving an accident???? Where as ICE occupants nearly always have time to get out... EV occupants are sitting on explosive batteries that the fire department can't put out....
Ewan Wragg
Ewan Wragg Pred 2 dnevi
lmao did he really show nikola as a company that wants to make "real" hydrogen trucks ? trevor milton sure is planning on that lol
krishna nath
krishna nath Pred dnevom
google -------- faithfreedom chalenge google ------ faithfreedom ali sina articles google ------- internet archive ali sina debates
Alex St
Alex St Pred 2 dnevi
You used full production counting Hydro efficiency, but did not count pumping and refining oil into gasoline. Did not count production of electricity into electro cars efficiency.
mrdonetx Pred 3 dnevi
Okay if you're going to make the comparison of what it takes to separate hydrogen from water store compress chill transport, then you also have to factor in The energy it takes to make batteries for electric vehicles. Because those batteries are part of the fueling cycle of that vehicle just like All the things for the hydrogen vehicle you mentioned.
Niklas Offermanns
Niklas Offermanns Pred 3 dnevi
I was suprised by that 38% efficiency
Kloko Loko
Kloko Loko Pred 12 urami
They show real efficiency here at 12:26
P Gill
P Gill Pred 3 dnevi
This is so biased.. you give energy efficiency of hydrogen from the point of conversion to hydrogen, while for electric cars, you assume electricity is consumed directly but do not provide the conversion or loss while creating electricity (coal, gas, etc)..
inZane Reflections
inZane Reflections Pred 3 dnevi
Ehhh "it's not mainstream.... because it's not mainstream". No it's a lot easier, everyone hyped on electric cars.
SadamFlu Pred 3 dnevi
I don't like how you got the 80% efficiency for the electric car when you didn't go into the costs for it like you did for the hydrogen car. We just have to take your word for it that its 80%
hajile eee
hajile eee Pred 3 dnevi
Hb nuclear?
Gaurang N
Gaurang N Pred 3 dnevi
You missed the Safety point, since Hydrogen by nature is highly combustible...in case of an accident, the car can blow up unlike EVs where companies like BYD have aced the safety game by showcasing Nail Penetration test without a blast
evilcanofdrpepper Pred 3 dnevi
What about making alternate uses for hydrogen to boost the number of uses of uses for them? Maybe smaller sized hydrogen generators to fit into the trunks of electric vehicles or to be used as stand alone generators in other situations as well. Places such as hospitals or medical, underground, in mines or any other places where dealing with fumes would make normal generators too difficult to use.
Derby Racer
Derby Racer Pred 3 dnevi
So... didn’t Toyota just put an internal combustion engine that burns hydrogen in a race car? I’d say Toyota may have just made car enthusiasts very happy
hunyango Pred 3 dnevi
These electric cars are designed to fail, and then you have to change car... how are they going to have a ludicrous amount of profit if they are built to last a lifetime. Same as to why they don’t want to pursue the hydrogen technology... the money is not the same. The car industries are gaining more on electric than hydrogen.
hunyango Pred 3 dnevi
Hydrogen should be the future, the problem is... they are lobbying against it, we should invest in hydrogen fuelling infrastructures...
DNtrapPlays Pred 3 dnevi
A expensive car that pees water
Trevor Nicholas
Trevor Nicholas Pred 3 dnevi
my stock 03 accord sedan outperforms the mirai and i got it for 2k
LJ Whitmire
LJ Whitmire Pred 3 dnevi
The best thing about hydrogen is that it maintains the same quick refuel and distribution system as gas. If electric cars take over, then gas stations will disappear. Station owners should be pushing hydrogen to keep their businesses. How hard can this be? Hydrogen turbine electric would get rid of the weight and perform as well as any electric.