LaMelo Ball Posts First Triple-Double At Age 19 

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It only took 10 games for LaMelo Ball to make NBA history as he became the youngest player to post a triple-double.
He finished with 22 PTS, 12 REB and 11 AST.
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9. jan. 2021

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Josean Thompson
Josean Thompson Pred 3 urami
Man he living up to the Hype like I knew he would.
Ryan Madrid
Ryan Madrid Pred 22 urami
Now lavar can do what he want
The4fourEver Pred dnevom
Could the commentator be any worse? No this is as bad as it gets
Crystal Butter fly
Crystal Butter fly Pred dnevom
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THOCÃO BR Pred dnevom
Zyon Dove
Zyon Dove Pred dnevom
2:12 did any one else notice the shoe change?
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Pred 2 dnevi
That was great!
Zerrot III
Zerrot III Pred 2 dnevi
I used to hate this kid bc of he’s dad but now seeing him play I love this kid he’s a baller
Elok Tampaty
Elok Tampaty Pred 3 dnevi
Let's have a ball 😂
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Pred 3 dnevi
Man I had to watch this thing five times in a row it’s so damn good lol
Keine Schwäche zeigen.
Lamelo plays like a mycareer player thats max ovr
Sounds Great PH
Sounds Great PH Pred 4 dnevi
Melo needs to stay hungry every game!
Ben Lam
Ben Lam Pred 5 dnevi
LaMelo's the kid who can back up his father's bragging.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Pred 2 dnevi
That was great!
Andrew Hiedelburg
Andrew Hiedelburg Pred 5 dnevi
He gave Young that work!
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Pred 3 dnevi
Playing sik.. jst like his dad said..
JpAir 205
JpAir 205 Pred 5 dnevi
Yeah I want this boy to be Steph Curry so bad he just don't impress me the NBA is so fake and fraudulent now I don't know who really got talent
Emily An
Emily An Pred 5 dnevi
He's starting to get the hang of it
Daniel Deal
Daniel Deal Pred 5 dnevi
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Bobby Potts
Bobby Potts Pred 5 dnevi
Did the announcer call that man number 10 🤣🤣 smh RDC was right
Christian Penafiel
Christian Penafiel Pred 6 dnevi
0:52??? WTF 2 MARTIN?
Regzy Pred 6 dnevi
Fast and smart player that have a lot of talent
Emily An
Emily An Pred 5 dnevi
Ceezur 2x
Ceezur 2x Pred 6 dnevi
I seen this coming like 4 years ago. I remember EVERYONE was clowning the ball family not that long ago. who is clowning now? lmao. BBB
Terrence Head
Terrence Head Pred 6 dnevi
His dad wasn't lying, he is all that!!!!
carlos gomez
carlos gomez Pred 6 dnevi
well, hes looking better than his brother... let see how he will turn up
Denrypaul Dalilan
Denrypaul Dalilan Pred 7 dnevi
If Lamelo Ball is in resemblance in the Slamdunk anime, he is much look a like Sendo or Rukawa.
CaLixxN8tiVe Pred 7 dnevi
Lonzo on suicide watch
Gambino MMC
Gambino MMC Pred 7 dnevi
Ryan Hanley
Ryan Hanley Pred 7 dnevi
How is he not a starter, damn
Karl Daniel
Karl Daniel Pred 7 dnevi
Playing sik.. jst like his dad said..
A Parker Sr
A Parker Sr Pred 7 dnevi
Liangelo....... That Louis Vuitton wasn't worth it......
Cassie Pred 7 dnevi
His passes are drastically getting dangerous
Twin Barber
Twin Barber Pred 7 dnevi
He’s special and his game is better then his bro’s. His future is going to be very bright.
dookdawg214 Pred 5 dnevi
Unlike Lonzo, he attacks the basket. I don't know why Lonzo never wants to. If Lonzo doesn't get a fast break, he'd just rather swing the ball around the perimeter, then end up taking some nasty shot. Lamelo makes things happen because he penetrates.
Le Bron Selby 知恵善意のある静かな子供
This how I want to feel on mycareer when I get a triple double early in the season
Teresa De jesus
Teresa De jesus Pred 7 dnevi
I think he is the next Chris Paul only for how much assist he gets only in that category
RodSterling’s Grandson
He’s going to win championships because he plays like he wants it all.
Cassie Pred 7 dnevi
this man shot soo kindergarten. lol when the luck runs out its gonna look baaddd his form looks soo weakk
Tdhbpi Cbdjy
Tdhbpi Cbdjy Pred 7 dnevi
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serdy ximi
serdy ximi Pred 7 dnevi
This guy is already better than his older brother, Lonzo.
Rob Cupcupin
Rob Cupcupin Pred 8 dnevi
I want a Jason Tatum vs Lamelo Ball Show down!
Kelvin Gillett
Kelvin Gillett Pred 8 dnevi
You still don't believe the NBA does not play defense .this young man has every player running around like headless chickens and he is jumping to pass which they said is a no no and given a stop and go .
x moses
x moses Pred 8 dnevi
Now we can finally shut up all the folks who say muscle/weight is all that.
x moses
x moses Pred 6 dnevi
@Leafy Peach ya it would help but it's not the most important. Skill is!
Leafy Peach
Leafy Peach Pred 6 dnevi
Naah muscle will help this man out tremendously,let's be honest.
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Pred 7 dnevi
Overrated af
Minh Duy
Minh Duy Pred 8 dnevi
This boy keep making history since 92 points
David Patterson Jr
David Patterson Jr Pred 8 dnevi
I’m happy Ball doing well!!! I hope all the Balls have success!!!
laskin riubn
laskin riubn Pred 8 dnevi
I love this boy, I pray the good Lord will continue to humble him an his brother.. I just love the ball Brothers they so respectful, credite to their Father an mother...they did good jo
Edwin Pred 8 dnevi
I’m glad to witness this. LaVar probably watching on his living room with a glass of wine with a smirk. He told us all since the get-go. He thought them real good. What makes Lamelo good is that he has his eyes everywhere on the court. Passes when there are openings and scores when there are openings. Give him the ball, he knows what to do with it. He’s not some selfish pointer. Just wait for his brothers to join him. The kid is just plain good.
laskin riubn
laskin riubn Pred 8 dnevi
he'll go down as one of the greatest
Klemente Pred 8 dnevi
I might sound crazy for some of y'all but he is a guaranteed all nba player and hell future hall of famer
GLASSOFGIN Pred 9 dnevi
1:10 isn’t that a travel ?
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb Pred 9 dnevi
if he doesn’t win ROY this season, imma lose my shit
Mr. Anonymous
Mr. Anonymous Pred 9 dnevi
He could have dropped it on Zo. But his coach apparently hates him.
djata ras
djata ras Pred 9 dnevi
this man shot soo kindergarten. lol when the luck runs out its gonna look baaddd his form looks soo weakk
B.Y.O.O. Pred 9 dnevi
This kid got visions for days
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb Pred 9 dnevi
배윤수 Pred 9 dnevi
cbx25 Pred 9 dnevi
I thought lebron did that
Leafy Peach
Leafy Peach Pred 6 dnevi
It was held by lonzo then fultz prior to this outbreak,so nah,maybe before these 3?
Basil Carpenter jr
Basil Carpenter jr Pred 9 dnevi
Hes going be good player uam hating buy triple double is nothing in today's NBA its just so soft and no defense not physical more possession more shots more threes itd ruining the nba think abt it this guy is 180 soaking wett and got 14 rebounds come on he mite get 2 rebounds in old nba if he's lucky
Leafy Peach
Leafy Peach Pred 6 dnevi
Bruh you're under estimating today's game.It's only all out serious in big games and the playoffs,this is true for every era.
Jay Doll
Jay Doll Pred 9 dnevi
Hes only gonna get better and better that is super scary the fact hes doing is with ease he looks like hes been in the nba for years
Kolbie Tafoya
Kolbie Tafoya Pred 9 dnevi
just an ordinary dank man
MJ gonna be so happy 😁
Chester Quisao
Chester Quisao Pred 9 dnevi
Hoodie Yolo
Hoodie Yolo Pred 9 dnevi
He is 18
Leafy Peach
Leafy Peach Pred 6 dnevi
zfgryf Pred 9 dnevi
he'll go down as one of the greatest
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht Pred 9 dnevi
Real triple double unlike westbrook’s
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht Pred 9 dnevi
At this rate, he'll get that Rookie Of The Year. I mean, he didn't fazed with all that fame. Look at 2:59 man.
Leafy Peach
Leafy Peach Pred 6 dnevi
@Regdu Geht fake noises, annoying.
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht Pred 9 dnevi
Where are they getting fan audio if there aren’t any fans?
Jamesc95 Pred 9 dnevi
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Colonel Snoopy
Colonel Snoopy Pred 9 dnevi
Lebwrong starts complaining about their guards now....
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht Pred 9 dnevi
Lavar and Jordan got this one right. I knew he was the ☝🏾!
Aldrich Calungcagin
Aldrich Calungcagin Pred 10 dnevi
What if MJ decided to take lonzo and signed liangelo and put Chino hills type of basketball in Charlotte...win or lose..the fans and the media will go nuts..that would be a must see TV. MJ only has one chance to do it once lonzos contact expires.
YNG PLWTO Pred 10 dnevi
Dick Sheckleton
Dick Sheckleton Pred 10 dnevi
I told you all he was gonna be great
T 4000
T 4000 Pred 10 dnevi
It’s crazy that Lonzo had this record too for couple days ... Now melo. Respect Lavar and Tina for teaching them kids how to play great basketball
Giantsdiscord Wow
Giantsdiscord Wow Pred 10 dnevi
Being able to play with Gordon Hayward. He better take some notes.
Carlos Vega
Carlos Vega Pred 10 dnevi
It socks to have a dad like his.
cqvio doli
cqvio doli Pred 10 dnevi
Literally 99% won't see this, but if you do, God bless you, stay safe, and DO NOT GIVE UP!
Carlos Sanchez
Carlos Sanchez Pred 10 dnevi
He is good
CJ Salud
CJ Salud Pred 10 dnevi
The kid can finish too.
Ryan J
Ryan J Pred 10 dnevi
Been watching this kid since he was in high school, he’s the real deal and the only ball brother that deserves the hype.
Benjamln Lewis
Benjamln Lewis Pred 10 dnevi
Point n fact from H.S. I can stand @ 1 baseline let U run 2 half court & & roll the ball on the floor,not throw, but roll & it will get 2 the other baseline b 4 the Fastest Sprinter N The World Everytime. Nough Said. Just Facts Baby Just Facts.
Benjamln Lewis
Benjamln Lewis Pred 10 dnevi
He's balling out. Secret 2 success he keeps the ball moving. That's why James Harden will never win a Chip. Whenever James Harden is balling everybody else is standing around. Trae Young ball always moving, Magic ball always moving, Warriors ball always moving.
Joshua Azel
Joshua Azel Pred 10 dnevi
Where are they getting fan audio if there aren’t any fans?
Zach Lee
Zach Lee Pred 10 dnevi
Real triple double unlike westbrook’s
kakashi sharigan
kakashi sharigan Pred 10 dnevi
Thanks to RDCWorld I can't watch these highlights in peace.
Zig Pred 10 dnevi
much much better then the older brother.
rytiski Pred 10 dnevi
Lavar and Jordan got this one right. I knew he was the ☝🏾!
MrRopes55 Pred 10 dnevi
Did he switch shoes up during the game?
Rj Blank
Rj Blank Pred 10 dnevi
Hornets may of not missed on this draft good news.
Prime Sumabat
Prime Sumabat Pred 10 dnevi
So he's better than his older bro😂
Frost AussieStingR
Frost AussieStingR Pred 10 dnevi
I remember seeing him when he was in Australia. Part of me wishes I got a picture or autograph, but he was with a friend and he was having dinner, so I decided not to intrude on his night
SonOfJigsaw Gaming
SonOfJigsaw Gaming Pred 10 dnevi
Literally 99% won't see this, but if you do, God bless you, stay safe, and DO NOT GIVE UP!
Andrew Stevenson
Andrew Stevenson Pred 10 dnevi
Gotta be awkward for liangelo at Thanksgiving
Bridget Chieng
Bridget Chieng Pred 10 dnevi
nothing unexpected
Jan kennedy Ricalde
Jan kennedy Ricalde Pred 10 dnevi
Great job melo👌
nigerian prince
nigerian prince Pred 10 dnevi
rookie year
Og Swank Gaad
Og Swank Gaad Pred 11 dnevi
Lamelo just might be an all star in his rookie season....I'd love to see hornets get into the playoffs his first year there
chima inwere
chima inwere Pred 11 dnevi
No big deal. Watered down NBA.
toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr Pred 10 dnevi
Love to see it! He will be one of the best to do it!!!😎🔥
Adekola Adebiyi
Adekola Adebiyi Pred 11 dnevi
This is still his rookie year. Very soon he will start posting deep threes like he did in high school.
toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr Pred 10 dnevi
Where's Julian Newman?
Turk Pred 11 dnevi
Trae Young is playing way too inconsistent
Big Scally
Big Scally Pred 11 dnevi
How many people in the comments think that he is better than Lonzo
Shawn John
Shawn John Pred 11 dnevi
Jordan gambled (no pun intended) and he might have won this time 👌🏽
KNEECALL LAST Pred 11 dnevi
Lamelo is Ballin
Toothpick Pred 11 dnevi
That kid gonna be Great!!
IceyG Pred 11 dnevi
Guy Bartlett
Guy Bartlett Pred 11 dnevi
Congratulations young man!
vg strezy
vg strezy Pred 11 dnevi
lol everyone hated him cause he dropped 0 on his first game. he was just warmin up.
Shane Zurel
Shane Zurel Pred 11 dnevi
Who remembers that bastard SLtvr hating on the ball brothers
Miranda Dean
Miranda Dean Pred 11 dnevi
damn nba switching darling so fast, from zion to lamelo
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