Everything Epic Didn't Tell You in The HUGE New Update! (New Six Shooter, New Mythic + MORE!) 

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Today Epic released a new update that includes the new exotic six shooter, a new mythic item thats coming out soon, updates on the next wild week: fishing, an update on the new sandbox mode and MORE! We break it all down today and give you everything epic didn't tell you!

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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! So glad you guys liked the video about everything Epic didn't tell you in the new Fortnite Season 6 update! Today we're covering the new exotic six shooter, the new mythic and more! Hope you enjoy!



11. maj. 2021

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SypherPK Pred mesecem
Apparently the mythic primal is not yet activated. There will be a different MoreSypherPK video going out though!!
LRG Dark
LRG Dark Pred 9 dnevi
Yo yo yo yo
NS Sweat
NS Sweat Pred mesecem
I'm the SypherPK of Nintendo Switch 😈👀
shaj ask
shaj ask Pred mesecem
The mythic is in the game the wife/sister/gf of Oro has it if you steal the scar she attacks you with is
SypherPK Plus
SypherPK Plus Pred mesecem
What up Sypher I am a huge fan
peekxy Pred mesecem
am i decent for a ps4 player 👌🏽
LRG Dark
LRG Dark Pred 9 dnevi
christopher nieves
christopher nieves Pred 17 dnevi
the new exotic be hitting different 😳 imagine good aimers with the mythic primal ar 😳 new update is pretty good though
Omar Arafa
Omar Arafa Pred 25 dnevi
did everyone forget about save the world
Justin Peyton
Justin Peyton Pred 25 dnevi
You forgot to make that other video on more sypher about the mythic primal , wow shocking ?
Steven Jin
Steven Jin Pred 26 dnevi
I am angered at fortnite for copying other games like Minecraft.
demon 666
demon 666 Pred 27 dnevi
he has ai in his game because hes bad?
AHEXES Pred 27 dnevi
Bro can u gift me a skin please
The Aussie Vampire
The Aussie Vampire Pred 28 dnevi
Hey SyphetPK you missed something also, epic nerfed the stink bow by reducing the fire rate.(try spam shooting it while still getting the stink effect and then repeat, the bows waits for half a second and then it shoots.)
SirensRequiem Pred 29 dnevi
How can you tell who is an AI?
William Sheridan
William Sheridan Pred 29 dnevi
I think they didn’t need to vault the Dub. At least not in public games.
William Sheridan
William Sheridan Pred 29 dnevi
The original six shooter didn’t deal less damage on hip fire, it just had less accuracy. The stark rifle was the only one to have higher damage when ADSing
baearn otee
baearn otee Pred 29 dnevi
Man there is no content in this game anymore
icegamer837 Pred 29 dnevi
SypherPK weight loss!
Xazan10 Gaming
Xazan10 Gaming Pred 29 dnevi
Sypher: using the exotic six shooter with only aiming less than 5 times
TTV Lidds101
TTV Lidds101 Pred mesecem
Thanxs for telling me about the six shooter
Joseph Garcia
Joseph Garcia Pred mesecem
Bruh sypher broke shrek’s outhouse
Pseudo Llama
Pseudo Llama Pred mesecem
So, basically the new ltm is gonna be a PvPvE. Like "The Cycle".
Pranav V Deshpande
Pranav V Deshpande Pred mesecem
First time me seeing no fire on Sypher's head
V Pred mesecem
Lol the LTM is save the world
V Pred mesecem
Blue infantry: 80 headshot. 40 body. This exotic. 🗑🚮
General Locura
General Locura Pred mesecem
Cut the hair lmao
Lil Editz
Lil Editz Pred mesecem
To your contents great keep that 💩 up Fr straight up got 600 iq u predict almost everything and epic even gave u a locker bundle
Bretton H
Bretton H Pred mesecem
New six shooter seems garbage
Voidh4ydn Pred mesecem
Happy birthday sypher hope u have a victory royal of a time.....that was a horrible joke anyways happy bday
Mark and corey 2
Mark and corey 2 Pred mesecem
Sorry it was a joke
Mark and corey 2
Mark and corey 2 Pred mesecem
Mark and corey 2
Mark and corey 2 Pred mesecem
Sorry it was a joke
Archi Th Creator
Archi Th Creator Pred mesecem
I hate you😟you can't blame me you took out sniper rifles and you made me and Machi upset and all Trickshoters I subed to your chanel bring sniper rifles back please😟🥺
Leslie Ellis
Leslie Ellis Pred mesecem
I sub!
Entity_Zero Pred mesecem
fortnite is coming out with a minecraft gamemode
EXOTIC FN Pred mesecem
Ok I’m wrong he got bowed to the head and does not have any gold😭😭😭😭
D4RK TRTL Pred mesecem
Sypher this is different from the vid but I think this Batman that we have this season could be from the Titans universe
EXOTIC FN Pred mesecem
New commentary coming soon by sypherpk
mr_flawlesstaco Pred mesecem
Pump is op
Electric Goku
Electric Goku Pred mesecem
It would be cool if they made an axotic flare bow
king Giraffe
king Giraffe Pred mesecem
fu you lied too me
Lili T
Lili T Pred mesecem
Damn that gun is broken 🙏🏽
Lili T
Lili T Pred mesecem
Sypher talking about new exotic Me wtf he has 42 mechanical parts 👁👄👁
Patience January
Patience January Pred mesecem
Sypher you need a hair cut
NightmareTaps Pred mesecem
Eid Mubarak Sypher Pk Or Should I Call You Ali Hassan
Joseph Anderson
Joseph Anderson Pred mesecem
Pc can’t have visual sound effects?
BENJAMIN BEAN Pred mesecem
How is this game still alive???
TheGardenSnail Pred mesecem
Fortnite saw sypher playing minecraft. Now there trying to win him back
Niklas Schönhofer
Niklas Schönhofer Pred mesecem
Me when I saw the title: What? A huge update? Me when I saw the video: Oh... I guess it's pretty decent But You always say that updates are huge so nothing to expect different
SuperFireTurtle14 Pred mesecem
Jesus Loves you
Jose Jorge
Jose Jorge Pred mesecem
Have you realise that there a mides and female mides and know there oro and female oro
Nathan Oakes
Nathan Oakes Pred mesecem
If I want to play sandbox survival I’ll go play Minecraft.
banana bomber009
banana bomber009 Pred mesecem
Its litteraly the last word from dying light
Flaretesu Pred mesecem
this update is the worse... bro the input delay is the worst
Xatar Pred mesecem
Somethings up with his voice
Joel Gaming 619
Joel Gaming 619 Pred mesecem
Joel Gaming 619
Joel Gaming 619 Pred mesecem
Bro my cici boyfriend say your a kid come to jakarta and punch
josue jovel
josue jovel Pred mesecem
Sypherpk can you add me pls im subscribed im a super fan for real i have notifications on and like the videos i like alot your videos pls see this message i want to 1v1 you im bad or noob how ever but pls see this message
Malachi Brown
Malachi Brown Pred mesecem
Ninja Gamer YT
Ninja Gamer YT Pred mesecem
go nick h8 30 and watch it sypher
Ninja Gamer YT
Ninja Gamer YT Pred mesecem
sypher you don't kill her like that u need to take Lara skin and take the gun she is not going to kill you but if you don't take the Lara skin to that plays if you take the gun she is trying to kill you
Damien Guarnieri
Damien Guarnieri Pred mesecem
5:53 Sypher just describing his time playing minecraft
Hoodedgull88YT Pred mesecem
Feels like watching the Fortnite news lol
Hxs3 Pred mesecem
Do u remember ZooM Apden
Joshua X
Joshua X Pred mesecem
Bring back RuneScape sypher
BooThang Pred mesecem
Me who misses ever shot with a Tac: yeah this gun isn’t for me
Feelin Sweaty
Feelin Sweaty Pred mesecem
It’s the Last Word from Destiny. If you know you know
munesh yadav
munesh yadav Pred mesecem
Hello @shyperPK pls tell epic to add Google pay or Paytm while billing pls my guy
Rafael Lynn
Rafael Lynn Pred mesecem
The dub is vaulted?
Shadoww Pred mesecem
I got 95 points in the last solo cash cup with only 6 games played....there's a catch tho......I used no weapons at all 😈 is that good?
Jennifer Morris
Jennifer Morris Pred mesecem
YO cipher please 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Jennifer Morris
Jennifer Morris Pred mesecem
A cipher yo do you know how to get a girl because my nephew is trying to hook up with mine and my best friend so I do not know how to do this can you please help me or anyone out there on the
ʊʟɛӼ Pred mesecem
I want to know how all the “pro” players get so many AI and real “bot” like players n their lobbies, and I’m in lobby’s like there’s a million dollars on the line and EVERY SINGLE PERSON IS SWEATY AF. Something doesn’t add up.
Aliya Asif
Aliya Asif Pred mesecem
Rip to the dub shotgun
Retarded Morons
Retarded Morons Pred mesecem
The marksman sixshooter sounds like a low durability Last shot or smtn like that
Ahmed Hoshan
Ahmed Hoshan Pred mesecem
People that watched the more Supher PK then came to this
The Rod
The Rod Pred mesecem
Love it when he keeps us up to date! Thanks
Kwami Pred mesecem
Bruh the new update is just Minecraft
Spartan Warrior
Spartan Warrior Pred mesecem
playing like GOD !!!
SereneChaos86 Pred mesecem
Sypher I absolutely love your Fortnite content. I have so much damn respect for you and even though I no longer play the game, your videos are so worth the watch. That’s when you know we have someone special on our hands. I so deeply appreciate you and your zeal for this game, Mr. Fortnite. Much love❤️
Mohammed hasbini
Mohammed hasbini Pred mesecem
Happy brithday
Phoenix Flyer
Phoenix Flyer Pred mesecem
They vaulted my best friend 😪😪
Joel Islas
Joel Islas Pred mesecem
This is why I love sypherpk
Kangaroo_sniperr Pred mesecem
Happy birthday 🎈🎇
201 Envy
201 Envy Pred mesecem
OGS know that the mythic primal riffle isn't new...
Inertia Fn 1k
Inertia Fn 1k Pred mesecem
Onni Parnell
Onni Parnell Pred mesecem
Did anyone see that he hit 100 in the body with a blue PUMP
Voodoo Mondo
Voodoo Mondo Pred mesecem
6 🔫
Agent 3
Agent 3 Pred mesecem
Great vid
Delaney CrowEagle
Delaney CrowEagle Pred mesecem
love the videos pk i`m from canada, AB
Beckson Gaming
Beckson Gaming Pred mesecem
Sypher pk: Goes on a tire just talking Me: Weeeeeeeeee
Lachlan Nunn
Lachlan Nunn Pred mesecem
ID WitlessBrush481 I need a partner for the Teen Titans tournament? Anyone wanna play with me?
garbage Pred mesecem
Can someone explain to me why fortnite is still fun to play
Wenden Goose
Wenden Goose Pred mesecem
Bro I haven’t watched your videos in awhile. You lost a lot of weight. what’s up with that
XTREME gamer
XTREME gamer Pred mesecem
Fortnite turns into minecraft
LZ_ SARRIO Pred mesecem
9:35 And he said he hadn't seen it sense it came out the unstable bow
Shadi Sraawe
Shadi Sraawe Pred mesecem
I think pump shot speed is changed little bit ..you feel it when you play flinkshot and high ping so trash ..all my pump is 30 dmg -_-
LZ_ SARRIO Pred mesecem
If u win the survival LTM u get the Umbrella
1x Artix
1x Artix Pred mesecem
I’m ˢᵘᵇᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˡᶦᵏᵉˢ ᵃⁿᵈ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉ to me
Ghillian Kurt Rejas
Ghillian Kurt Rejas Pred mesecem
When sypher get excited he got crazy emotion
your voice is changed
Jordan Himi
Jordan Himi Pred mesecem
The blue revolver does 60 body shot damage and 120 headshot damage. Yes the six shooter is quick but the revolvers are meant to aim in and hit head shots
Jayden Haro
Jayden Haro Pred mesecem
dude how many updates are they going to add i hate waiting for them to download
Ozzynes Pred mesecem
This new survival mode sounds like rust
Hydra Saws
Hydra Saws Pred mesecem
Kris on Meds
Kris on Meds Pred mesecem
Ya should peep the recent I’m on console btw❤️🥳
this has to stop.
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