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Guy Gets Hit Trying to Catch Drone with Bare Hands goo.gl/J6cEwk
Girl Breaks Light With Confetti Cannon goo.gl/kixs2s
Object Flies out of Girl's Hands goo.gl/rPdRgf
Man Nearly Gets Hit by Exploding Refrigerator goo.gl/NYcjij
Truck Accidentally Runs Into Tree During Gender Reveal goo.gl/mWuRCq
ATV Loses Control and Crashes into Crowd goo.gl/mccNrx
Guy Flies Off Motorcycle goo.gl/eQzFAk
Guy Rides Canoe Down Escalator goo.gl/RKnWt6
Guy Gets Science Experiment All Over Face and Hair goo.gl/6YM7r1
Baby Stunned to See Beet Root Juice All Over Sister goo.gl/2bqDUh
Guy Pets Chihuahua to Relax goo.gl/oC9d6a
Kid Gets Hit in Face with Inflatable Ball on Obstacle Course
Woman Breaks Traffic Gate While Doing the Limbo goo.gl/kSQVsU
Guy Walks Into Light Post While Watching Fish goo.gl/eezVeZ
Girl Tries to Record Birthday Message while in Pool goo.gl/HNy3VG
Father Scares Son With Creepy Doll goo.gl/QnMQtJ
Guy in Costume Scares Woman goo.gl/eSRFE8
Man Scares Wife While She Cooks Dinner goo.gl/Z4KJDk
Quad Crashes Into Car goo.gl/6Z2gLC
Kid Runs Into Tree With Electric Scooter
Girl Wipes out Running to First Base goo.gl/vqGA14
Carp Slaps Guy's Face goo.gl/grR7EX
Guy Nearly Gets Hit by Fallen Tree Branch goo.gl/ENinbA
Lion Bites Guy's Hand
Hummingbird Pokes Man's Eye goo.gl/5xww2M
Guy in Wheelchair Fails to Back Away From Fireworks goo.gl/aKB4Lu
Car Explodes in a Yard goo.gl/U2Qvwe
Girl Pets Cat's Behind
Guy Tries to Do Yoga with Dog goo.gl/qFvQNw
Praying Mantis Gets Run Over by Skateboard goo.gl/gzWuP6
Partner Yoga Takes an Unexpected Twist
"Woman Slams into Sand While Attempting to do a Cannonball
JV" goo.gl/mQvVEi
Woman Falls Attempting Barbell Workout goo.gl/YNxNAk

Cake Smashes into Woman's Face During Selfie goo.gl/J24AvR
Parked Car is Covered in Bird Doo-doo goo.gl/8Ct53s
Kid Falls While Trying to Scooter Down Ramp
Guy Crashes Into Automatic Door While Cycling Down Stairs goo.gl/zXbPFn
Guy Trips While Dribbling Ball goo.gl/u5CFc1
Guy Tries to Do Basketball Trickshot goo.gl/ze88MB
Grandpa Complains About Not Being Allowed to Buy Game goo.gl/RjcwSm
Hiker Falls While Filming Scenery goo.gl/cZjLsP
Glider Crashes into Tree goo.gl/pKmaUF
Mom Breaks Bed in Attempt to Jump goo.gl/ovvLCY
Drone Crashes Into Balloons goo.gl/ne1zMm
Suit Cases Fall Off Conveyor Belt goo.gl/NcygkU
Little Girl Rollerblades Indoors goo.gl/XMFs23
Ocean Waves Wipeout Hula Hoop Performer goo.gl/diXXMR
Bidet Sprays Girl goo.gl/XcQG8V
Guy Falls off Ladder after Dropping Chandelier goo.gl/syeFj5
Kid Rolls After Bumping into Exercise Ball
Cockatoo Closes Basket Lid on Cat goo.gl/TmX1Ap
Dog Tries to Get Through Barrier in Car goo.gl/A21Huz
Dog Misses Jump Into Car
Guy Hits Ball Out of Park and Hits Car goo.gl/UUU4ws
Construction Workers Lose Control of Water Hose
Sunglasses Fly off Girl's Face goo.gl/848xSS
Girl Tries to Ride Luggage Cart goo.gl/tzpSUo
Boy Faceplants Grass After Going Face-First Down Slide goo.gl/zzxsyu
Kid Crashes Bicycle Into Bleachers
Guy Tries to Jump over Barricade goo.gl/KGVsUg
Snake Steals Boy's Fish goo.gl/E8Dfn9
Little Girl Confuses Weeds goo.gl/NRhjBx
Boy Falls in Homemade Robot Costume goo.gl/fdz2dk
Dog Steals Baby's Cracker goo.gl/RK1XYe
Broken Wall Nearly Falls on Man
Construction Worker Falls off Ladder goo.gl/t5g6sE
Driver Scares Mother Awake goo.gl/mioggV
Girl Falls into Lake goo.gl/9HT1G6




22. dec. 2017

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your vante
your vante Pred 2 meseci
the vid: *5 seconds in* me: *laughs like an idiot*
your vante
your vante Pred 6 dnevi
@SerJ NoAlse lol why
SerJ NoAlse
SerJ NoAlse Pred 6 dnevi
@NOVEMBER DAGEN What stupid idiots you are there ...
Yeah its true.MEEEEEE TOOOOO
J Road
J Road Pred 8 dnevi
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Troy Stavros
Troy Stavros Pred 8 dnevi
Sounds a lot like me
Archie blackhall Lego film
1:17 The Dog
SuBleuFlower 06
SuBleuFlower 06 Pred 2 urami
Karma :D
sun ray
sun ray Pred 2 urami
google -------- faithfreedom chalenge google ------ faithfreedom ali sina articles google ------- internet archive ali sina debates
A random person who liked my comment, i wish you successful future
Frank R.
Frank R. Pred 3 urami
Noah Bro
Noah Bro Pred 5 urami
Bro yo, holy shit... 67 MILLION
roi romain6
roi romain6 Pred 5 urami
4:50min, enfin un clip français!!!
D EMIL Pred 6 urami
The biggest fail are the adverts within the video. I stopped watching there.
Marcelllo Pred 7 urami
SLtv: Try to not laugh Me: 😂😁😂😂😂😂😂😂
One Ash Ralph
One Ash Ralph Pred 7 urami
One Ash Ralph
One Ash Ralph Pred 7 urami
Joyce Ismail
Joyce Ismail Pred 8 urami
This is so funny i loved it 😂😂😂
World Wide United
World Wide United Pred 8 urami
when the dog yeeted into the bumper, lost my shit
Paulette Russell
Paulette Russell Pred 9 urami
The cute hate daily wink because linen ontogenically attack before a powerful spinach. sparkling, alike asia
Antonio Di Cuonzo
Antonio Di Cuonzo Pred 10 urami
🤣🤣🤣👍👍 viva il leone
Antonio Di Cuonzo
Antonio Di Cuonzo Pred 10 urami
Geoff gadon
Geoff gadon Pred 10 urami
2:22 its just like 1 day tome to recover
Sky O
Sky O Pred 11 urami
Was pretty easy NOT to laugh at that random lion bite ┐( ˘_˘)┌
Gabriel Nunes Souza de Oliveira
der Landwirt
der Landwirt Pred 13 urami
3:50 der ramelt einfach alles was nicht bei 3 auf nem baum ist
Michael Wayne
Michael Wayne Pred 16 urami
3:31 the cat loved it
Marvin M. Messier
Marvin M. Messier Pred 17 urami
Dude in escalator canoe - priceless. I wanna do that
Idc ?
Idc ? Pred 20 urami
3:51 that had me laughing so hard😭
Victor Roldan
Victor Roldan Pred 20 urami
The kayak guy going down the escalator is a total WIN
Armius Pog
Armius Pog Pred 21 uro
11:11 your welcome ladies V:
SpongeThomas EnginePants A.K.A Episode Remaker 265
11:10. "Send this to FailArmy! Send it!"
Charlee e
Charlee e Pred 22 urami
1:40 Best bday greeting ever.
Nico Campi
Nico Campi Pred 22 urami
Name girl minute 1:37
ZenZen Zense
ZenZen Zense Pred dnevom
dude almost lost his hand
Jurchen Chan
Jurchen Chan Pred dnevom
Why did I react mostly with disgust and horror? Except 3:41 that one's a gem.
Gav and win A.
Gav and win A. Pred dnevom
1:26 that dog loves getting petted
jassie dei
jassie dei Pred dnevom
The greedy doubt undesirably shock because peer-to-peer eventually burn between a sweltering eyeliner. acid, same north korea
Ms Dhoni
Ms Dhoni Pred dnevom
The null interactive consquentially hover because month alarmingly match beside a blue son. creepy, elastic flugelhorn
Hannah Young
Hannah Young Pred dnevom
PreciousGuen Pred dnevom
1:00 their terrified to eachother xD
ham học hậu
ham học hậu Pred dnevom
Megistosz Pred dnevom
what's funny?
Kell Adams
Kell Adams Pred dnevom
The tangible turnip secondarily pretend because eggnog concurringly amuse opposite a stale relish. rambunctious, makeshift pocket
Twinkle Renju
Twinkle Renju Pred dnevom
3:08 it's not funny or fail
Lego/other Pred dnevom
2:24 is how you run in your nightmares.
Rachel Lynn Sebastian - Spiritual Medium & Coach
10:08 was HILARIOUS.
Sarah Cooper
Sarah Cooper Pred dnevom
I lost it at 0:40 I was a goner😂
Per Arne
Per Arne Pred dnevom
I just got this recommend to me now wtf
Sheila Williams
Sheila Williams Pred dnevom
So funny
Sheila Williams
Sheila Williams Pred dnevom
So cool
Alan Fisher
Alan Fisher Pred dnevom
Jackrolian Dahl
Jackrolian Dahl Pred dnevom
I Laughed So Hard At 0:33
Hilton Driver
Hilton Driver Pred dnevom
I like the falls and fails with the animals
Pacrendo 335
Pacrendo 335 Pred dnevom
5:40 bro... i felt that
Doralino Santos
Doralino Santos Pred dnevom
Eita p
Cristian Lopez
Cristian Lopez Pred dnevom
4:00 Thats a win on my book.
MENDO Pred dnevom
3:56 That's the epitome natural selection right there
n04n1m0u5 Pred dnevom
1:30 street lamp made in China ...
Graciela Reyes
Graciela Reyes Pred 2 dnevi
La del oso esta genial
Yohanes Mandela
Yohanes Mandela Pred 2 dnevi
Sailence Love
Flavored Water
Flavored Water Pred 2 dnevi
0:54 is a mega win no where near a fail
tomitstube Pred 2 dnevi
you're not supposed to land on your face.
Richard J McFarland
Richard J McFarland Pred 2 dnevi
bruh, ol girl in the pool with the selfie stick TOOK. ME. OUT!!!!!
Be Sch
Be Sch Pred 2 dnevi
Scheiße wenn man doof ist
Soul Music
Soul Music Pred 2 dnevi
7:31. That wasnt funny man. Stop putting these types of clips on a funny vid cuz they r not funny
siavash halimi
siavash halimi Pred 2 dnevi
The alleged hexagon postoperatively provide because teaching commonly carry aside a elegant lentil. flashy, violet step-son
Warblo0D Pred 2 dnevi
3:52 You've got a friend in me...
SheLikes Her
SheLikes Her Pred 2 dnevi
Petting your dog is one of the most relaxing things to do 🤣😂
Fedora Wang
Fedora Wang Pred 2 dnevi
3:18 bruh what did he think was gonna happen
Fahmifaiz 9805
Fahmifaiz 9805 Pred 2 dnevi
I forgot try not to laaugh
Klaus Peters
Klaus Peters Pred 2 dnevi
I don‘t laugh 🤣
Kenneth Hytten
Kenneth Hytten Pred 2 dnevi
at 1:00 there should have been this Dramatic music playing Xd
SOTOZ Pred 2 dnevi
1:30 the lamp was made in china
Shivam Mishra 20CS136
t= 1:22 OMG😂😂 Look at his face
Karani Collins
Karani Collins Pred 2 dnevi
'Not like that Sophia' 😂😂
Ankit Tikariha
Ankit Tikariha Pred 2 dnevi
My fav clip 2:59
Evan Ouk
Evan Ouk Pred 2 dnevi
The present quiver ethnopharmacologically disarm because tom-tom intraoperatively drip past a imminent measure. fearful fearless, apathetic bear
Orion Jiko
Orion Jiko Pred 2 dnevi
10:09 ахахахаха:)))))))))
Rori Robson
Rori Robson Pred 2 dnevi
Guillermo Vizuet
Guillermo Vizuet Pred 2 dnevi
The one with the mantis... It's not funny at all 🤬
NavDDG54 Pred 2 dnevi
the kid at 6:28 who sees the fail and casually turns the camera off to protect his sis.
My Life As Lai
My Life As Lai Pred 22 urami
He been here before
Pepega Music
Pepega Music Pred 2 dnevi
Aaron Pred 2 dnevi
2:20 got me LOL
mythical gamer
mythical gamer Pred 2 dnevi
1:46 had me dying
fds fds
fds fds Pred 2 dnevi
6:46 she used a pair of lineman pliers, which are usually used for electrical, to put her bidet together? no wonder it didnt work as intended
Rosa Fernandes Fernandes
wowJhil Pred 2 dnevi
Yeah, doesn't take much to lose belief in humankind!
Veronica Cruz
Veronica Cruz Pred 3 dnevi
Jiří Janeček
Jiří Janeček Pred 3 dnevi
3:50 got me😂
Chi-Vibes Pred 3 dnevi
The hummingbird that poked the guys 👁 🤣
Elisabeth Balber-Krieger
spaceman Pred 3 dnevi
the lion almost bite off the hand
Reno Raines the BH
Reno Raines the BH Pred 3 dnevi
The guy legit... :'D land on his face... :'D and then have the bike land on his face... :'''''D
Just A Normal Investigator
Man. This channel is a classic.
Katlyn Capps
Katlyn Capps Pred 3 dnevi
1:16-1:30 how the hell did he keep a straight face?
katusha Pred 3 dnevi
8:32 omg... i wish i had such a great father
Gaming ZONE
Gaming ZONE Pred 3 dnevi
JoeNathan1938 Pred 3 dnevi
@2:39 how TF do you whiskey throttle a 4x4 Arctic Cat?? Smh kid shoulda had a helmet on fs 🤣
TAE AFRIN Pred 3 dnevi
3:19 OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Corey Dalton
Corey Dalton Pred 3 dnevi
The mantis on the skateboard was just tragic as fuck.
your mother
your mother Pred 3 dnevi
anyone who thinks that a lion biting some one's hand is funny has some serious mental problems. Just like this uploader.
your mother
your mother Pred 3 dnevi
@Hell Hound45 it's okay. I understand your anger. Take care.
Hell Hound45
Hell Hound45 Pred 3 dnevi
@your mother Ok you are right I do sincerely apologize, I just get upset when it come to the treatment of animals and seeing someone get bit is not funny agreed just revenge....I am so sorry I will delete my ignorant comments...
your mother
your mother Pred 3 dnevi
@Hell Hound45 I totally agree about the animals bring captive. That's horrible. But a guy getting bitten is NOT FUNNY. No matter ehat!
your mother
your mother Pred 3 dnevi
@Hell Hound45 "funny" is the key
Gerardo Hernandez
Gerardo Hernandez Pred 3 dnevi
You guys failed to make me laugh
Rhats Kicks
Rhats Kicks Pred 3 dnevi
The dysfunctional pie intriguinly lock because revolve primarily prevent apud a selective slice. woozy, premium clipper
Als Sap
Als Sap Pred 3 dnevi
Ненавижу медведей!!! Они - конченные!!!
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