Reacting To The Best Dad Jokes 

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5. feb. 2020

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RealSeaRyan Pred mesecem
Great video bro
Blu Pred mesecem
2:38 Was it Elz s voice????
Jas Pred mesecem
don’t mine me, just commenting to be the 1000th comment
Zynex Pred 2 meseci
1000th comment 😶
Marp Beebop Chickenpox Kaij
Faisal Zazai
Faisal Zazai Pred 4 meseci
When Covid-19 wasn't a thing
elite Pred 4 meseci
S7172 Pred 4 meseci
Who is here after the documentary?
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman Pred 6 meseci
Bro alyssa dont deserve you
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman Pred 6 meseci
What app are you using for recording screen
RobbzFN Pred 7 meseci
who came back here because its at 999k views
TelsaWolverine -
TelsaWolverine - Pred 8 meseci
Did he ever give these the green light in the first place?
K0mpY Pred 8 meseci
2:03, ye but his mum accidentally gave him double the food
MJ Cleetus
MJ Cleetus Pred 8 meseci
I’m sorry but I just can’t get over ethans ultimate transformation, he looks so much more different, it’s crazy💯👏🏽
luis Pred 8 meseci
2:40 “professional environment” he’s wearing slides.
iloveas999 too
iloveas999 too Pred 8 meseci
Crepper 9000
Crepper 9000 Pred 8 meseci
I mean cows do drink milk. I’m a farmer and we feed the calves milk from their mothers
Crispy Cookie
Crispy Cookie Pred 6 meseci
@Crepper 9000 ah ok that makes sense
Crepper 9000
Crepper 9000 Pred 6 meseci
Crispy Cookie I mean I live and work on a farm in a small town near Rochester Minnesota. It’s not that rare to be a farmer
Crispy Cookie
Crispy Cookie Pred 6 meseci
I doubt crepper 9000 is a farmer, but u do make a good point
Ashdon Miller
Ashdon Miller Pred 8 meseci
Alissa don't deserve you Behz when you are peeing on a wall
Shain Shyju
Shain Shyju Pred 8 meseci
What’s happened to your dad
Cyrus McCoy
Cyrus McCoy Pred 8 meseci
I_Am_MaziKeen Pred 8 meseci
4:52 Lauren Alexis ???? :D
Nika Sitcho
Nika Sitcho Pred 9 meseci
He deserves more subs then vik
Cypher The Hedgehog Gaming
this came out on my birthday!!
Furret Escalator Police
We thought Harry was the alcoholic. We were wrong
ChosenChadsClub !
ChosenChadsClub ! Pred 9 meseci
i thought title was about dad jokes, but it was jokes about his dad
King Erick
King Erick Pred 9 meseci
Can someone tell me the brand/name of his laptop
Araz Pred 9 meseci
He wants dad jokes beacause his dad was never there to tell dad jokes to other dada
Adrian Mathew
Adrian Mathew Pred 9 meseci
Who's watching this when he's hit 3.69 million
Jake Gibbs
Jake Gibbs Pred 9 meseci
Dad joke here dad joke there you’ve got the best dad joke of the year
SlightlyInsane 111
SlightlyInsane 111 Pred 9 meseci
This video is a joke
Frode Pred 9 meseci
nearly all the ideas at the start of the video got done
sdmn _edits
sdmn _edits Pred 9 meseci
When are u gonna do another reddit video ❤️
ivergy Pred 9 meseci
Why is everything around him expensive but his microphone is absolute dogshite
jayz Playz
jayz Playz Pred 9 meseci
I'm sorry for this but does behz still have his Nissan gtr
Mr Fattyboomba
Mr Fattyboomba Pred 9 meseci
I’m acc surprised that bez doesn’t have a mil views , he’s a really good content creator 👍🏽
ItzNathz Pred 9 meseci
TheZProject115 Pred 10 meseci
uhmmmm more people drink Gfuel with milk and not water dude -_- well a load more not just more
millie dodd
millie dodd Pred 10 meseci
i cant be the only one who can’t figure out how to use reddit haha
Adrien Amorim
Adrien Amorim Pred 10 meseci
For normal youtubers, dad jokes arepuns. Ethan's not a regular youtuber. He's greater than that
Richard Hipwell
Richard Hipwell Pred 10 meseci
Ur epic
BeaSty SAG
BeaSty SAG Pred 10 meseci
If ethans dad was fifa card he would be a walkout
Bilal Ljubijankić
Bilal Ljubijankić Pred 11 meseci
Did his dad really left him?
Malachi Campbell
Malachi Campbell Pred letom
Are u Nigerian
TheWalkingBritt Pred letom
In England you get a ticket for peeing in public. In America you get registered as a sex offender. I'm completely serious.
Mersols Pred letom
I have the same glass as you 😂
Martin Holmgren
Martin Holmgren Pred letom
Charlie is hella gay right
Briana Shaw
Briana Shaw Pred letom
How did you come up with the name behzinga?
DeniGS70 Pred letom
Ethans dad might not have run away, he probably got lost in ikea m8
Greasy Bastard
Greasy Bastard Pred letom
In Canada a lot of people piss outside i don't know if we have piss tickets lol
George Foster
George Foster Pred letom
His dad do be hiding tho
Fishy Bitz
Fishy Bitz Pred letom
This is terrible, how has he got subscribers when all he does us shows otber ppls stuff and babbles on randomly.
Captain Jack Sparrow
Guess it's his first time hearing Dad jokes.
Otaku Emin
Otaku Emin Pred letom
He has done it by now.
exhoost fuum
exhoost fuum Pred letom
He likes dad jokes because he didn't have one
Shade _
Shade _ Pred letom
Best dad joke-“ “
Woof Woof
Woof Woof Pred letom
Ты не мой папа I learnt some Russian lol
Aram Amang
Aram Amang Pred letom
lad keep going bro
NUFC Pred letom
Who is Alissa?
Karlo Ivančić
Karlo Ivančić Pred letom
Whos here before 1mil views?
Roman Pred letom
This is not what I thought he meant when I read dad jokes
Yvng HB
Yvng HB Pred letom
When he burped i fuckin died 😂
Syed Mohammad Wasiq
Ethan's handsome
Space-ice Pred letom
Wait you still make vids lol
Mariah Krystell
Mariah Krystell Pred letom
I’ve sin your story a big announcement are you coming out gay aswel?
Joel Küttel
Joel Küttel Pred letom
I see you strong bro
stephen changoor !
Your dad looks a lot like my self confidence
Theprince_ ids
Theprince_ ids Pred letom
I subscribed 😎🥇
Kye Wilson
Kye Wilson Pred letom
Sidemen top gear, each buy their own car within a budget and drive with tasks?
liyjay Pred letom
Your abit of a prick tbh, can’t even spend five mins of your time to help a SLtvr out by jumping in joes video, but you can jump in another interview, ur morals are twisted mate
Niklas6799 Pred letom
damn i hate u
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv Pred letom
I love how he laughs when inside he is crying at the dad jokes
Nuki Awoyelu
Nuki Awoyelu Pred letom
I hope you got the girls number from blind date 2
Dean CATENA Pred letom
the jokes on you, your the one with no dad
James Pred letom
8:56, love how he pulls out his phone to get the definition when his computer is right in front of him LMAO
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv Pred letom
"Reacting to the best Dad jokes" Wait hold up?!?!
KHALID Pred letom
9:54 that ending was sublime LMAO
Logan Williams
Logan Williams Pred letom
Your dads a sick magician
animal guy
animal guy Pred letom
Keep up the good work boi your weigh lose and videos are great
Harshad Gentle
Harshad Gentle Pred letom
Madskull59 ojpb
Madskull59 ojpb Pred letom
Oi behz what happened to the 5 a side vids ??
Razvan Mercea
Razvan Mercea Pred letom
Mate, miss the rags 2 riches videos😂
Marwan Hossam
Marwan Hossam Pred letom
Has no dad Reacts to dad jokes
Ahmed Ali
Ahmed Ali Pred letom
Make a video about your nofap journey!
MaxyBoss Plays
MaxyBoss Plays Pred letom
There’s gonna be a movie about Ethan’s dad it’s called the invisible man
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Pred letom
8:55 gets his phone out when his laptop is right in front of him.
blue jay
blue jay Pred letom
Two people have already commented on this
Tom Greaves
Tom Greaves Pred letom
Why is your editor funnier than you
xx_alice read_xx
xx_alice read_xx Pred letom
Jj activated window in one of his last vids
General Grievous
General Grievous Pred letom
Me: I’m thirsty dad Dad: I’m friday nice to meet you
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Pred letom
Darragh Gough
Darragh Gough Pred letom
"Reacting to the best Dad jokes" Wait hold up?!?!
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Pred letom
7:26 pause it there and just look at that frame.
What actually happened to his dad?
Charlie Howell
Charlie Howell Pred letom
Dad jokes? What dad
Mr Noot
Mr Noot Pred letom
The irony is unreal
Trollface Twatbag
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Pred letom
Excuse me, Behz? When was this filmed..
Imtiyaz Patel
Imtiyaz Patel Pred letom
Do Cristiano Ronaldo's workout for a week
CF COLD FIRE Pred letom
Man if u don’t clap Demi bagbys cheeks imma be v disappointed in u
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Pred letom
Behzinga video POW POW ...always a new intro mate
FinesseIC Pred letom
At this point Ethan’s like Fck my dad, he isn’t coming back at this point
DonnyTheDmon Pred letom
When u do a thumbnail shot *But dont use it*
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Pred letom
5:25 mans living in the past it is activated now
SupaDupaKewlVideeows 123
You’re not even that wham
Sam Aimson
Sam Aimson Pred letom
Police: you need to pay a fine! Behz: Quick 10 minute video will do the trick!
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