Trump Booted from Twitter & Maybe the Presidency 

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Trump is set to make history as the first U.S. President to get impeached twice, his relationship with VP Mike Pence is said to be on the rocks, Melania was reportedly doing a photoshoot during the attacks at the Capitol, we look back at Hillary Clinton’s warning during the 2016 election, the FBI made a statement that MAGA rioters may try to storm capitols in all 50 states, Trump got the boot from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat, the PGA has chosen not to hold their championship at his golf course in New Jersey, and after a Harvard research assistant noticed a correlation between angry reviews on the Yankee Candle website and COVID, Jimmy got in touch with their Vice President of Fragrance (Andy Daly) to see what’s been going on.
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11. jan. 2021

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benicio moran
benicio moran Pred 17 urami
The bitter bit geometrically open because police fittingly harm pro a crooked july. imperfect, succinct bean
Miles Rudduck
Miles Rudduck Pred dnevom
jwoop66 Pred dnevom
So.... 2.5 MILLION supposed views, yet only 54000 likes and dislikes combined, and only 6500 comments. I smell bullshit.
Topu Syed
Topu Syed Pred 3 dnevi
Hi jimmy 🙂🙂 Love from Canada 🇨🇦
SomeoneInYourChat FromDublin
Actually feel sick with worry for all of you guys. Jimmy, stay safe. Keep reporting truth Love from Ireland
Drino Zhao
Drino Zhao Pred 4 dnevi
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james mcknight
james mcknight Pred 5 dnevi
Jimmy Kimmel should never be on TV brainwashing people
Ron Evans
Ron Evans Pred 5 dnevi
'Parler' comme from the french verb meaning to 'to speak'. Nothing to do with 'parlours'. In other words, they can spell one word right!
Electra Cv
Electra Cv Pred 5 dnevi
"The president should be very careful...that his behaviour should be what you'd expect from the leader of the greatest country in the world" Greatest country in the world ? Damn, are Americans allergic to self-awareness or something?
sokin jon
sokin jon Pred 5 dnevi
Honestly amazing
Arnab Chakraborty
Arnab Chakraborty Pred 5 dnevi
Matias Banzas
Matias Banzas Pred 5 dnevi
Howdy from Argentina, recent US events have been my Netflix thus far. :p
Zachary Bechtel
Zachary Bechtel Pred 5 dnevi
Kinda sad Twitter and Facebook are going down hill now especially in other countries banning Twitter and Facebook.
Cute BTS
Cute BTS Pred 5 dnevi
The candle guy is giving me life
sokin jon
sokin jon Pred 5 dnevi
“You can’t put a breeze in a blender, ya just gotta do your best.” That’s actually pretty good advice for life in general.
Xavier Maximin
Xavier Maximin Pred 6 dnevi
J'adore la clairvoyance et l'honneur de certains media americains qui arrivent a voir Trump pour exactement ce qu'il est. Le champs de distorsions de la realite, creer par les mensonges, tout cela a des limites
nando_o94 Pred 6 dnevi
5:57 he really doesn't know how to lose he always got a blue ribbon
Tots Mini
Tots Mini Pred 6 dnevi
Jimmy, Bless you for the Shout-Out to Those who watch From A-far 😊😆🌷🌹~ THANK YOU for the extensive Monologue!! Many Words of definitive Wisdom, Insight and Soooo Much CARE!!🌷🌹 ~ We Love You Jimmy!!
Lethal Heart
Lethal Heart Pred 6 dnevi
Jimmy Kimmel's conspiracy theory Mat Damon: 👁👄👁
Prince Prince
Prince Prince Pred 6 dnevi
What took them so long?
J Guillermo Garcia
J Guillermo Garcia Pred 6 dnevi
That Guy
That Guy Pred 6 dnevi
For me this is like the SLtv version of OPB
Ocean Lover
Ocean Lover Pred 6 dnevi
Greatest nation on the world.. These kind of comments is why this nation has a lot of enemies and personally are these kind of Americans I hate to listen up. Im sorry for the good people there but; what you have to learn from now on are humility lessons and respect to the rest of the world. Specially by not saying such stupidities. Im sorry, we all are aware right now how great this nation is: We have seen it already. It was pure comedy.
miko foin
miko foin Pred 6 dnevi
You’re on trending! Yay!
Peter Stoops
Peter Stoops Pred 7 dnevi
Heard Trumps speech, he didn't say anything that would start a riot, but that shouldn't stop Kimmel from saying he did
Rose Thorn
Rose Thorn Pred 7 dnevi
Why is nobody talking about the last part of the video? It's hilarious.
Marco Lugo
Marco Lugo Pred 7 dnevi
What are Trumps accomplishments anyway????
Harriet Harlow
Harriet Harlow Pred 7 dnevi
That's Melania--self-absorbed to the end.
Harriet Harlow
Harriet Harlow Pred 6 dnevi
@miko foin I did and I didn't vote for him.
miko foin
miko foin Pred 6 dnevi
Americans act like they didn't see this from way back.. should've never vote trump back then
Andrea Lenze
Andrea Lenze Pred 7 dnevi
“You can’t put a breeze in a blender, ya just gotta do your best.” That’s actually pretty good advice for life in general.
James Blake
James Blake Pred 7 dnevi
Reports Trump has 90,000,000 followers on Twitter with 107,000,000 daily hits. That's how many popular votes Trump got giving him 410 electoral votes.
Ludwig Gaisbauer
Ludwig Gaisbauer Pred 7 dnevi
He makes his owm....TRUMPCHAT
Ludwig Gaisbauer
Ludwig Gaisbauer Pred 7 dnevi
Deutsche Bank is corrupt....some one must have paid the Manager not to extend his Loan payment....and ...and... and facebook is out to get him.......and and....the whole world conspires against him...
Lady Lori
Lady Lori Pred 7 dnevi
"Hey TRUMP, there's still "MySpace"..I think?" HAHAHA OMG, he probably already had someone check on that. Dear Lord Almighty, why can't we STOP this man and get rid of him? (that's a rhetorical question guys).
Sassy Sarina
Sassy Sarina Pred 7 dnevi
For real...I don't care if you dont like Hillary...she called Trump OUT EXACTLY as he IS!! Respect
Rockfish Gap Enterprises
the yankee candle guy is pure entertainment
Sage Pred 7 dnevi
*Feels called out sitting in Canada*
Jo Pred 7 dnevi
Something tells me Jimmy and his kimmel will run for president someday
Synchronized Elbow
Synchronized Elbow Pred 7 dnevi
Damn, Trump's phone is basically a BRICK. Can't tweet, can't post, what else is he gonna do while he poops, READ?!?!
Deepak joseph
Deepak joseph Pred 7 dnevi
Jimmy please don't think everyone around the world are watching just to have a laugh at the united states of America, at-least I don't. I am more worried about how this can impact the rest of the world and my family that lives in America. I do pray every day and I do pray for America and it's citizens. Nobody needs this much of attention and I don't think you guys had it coming. You guys need to trust in the universe (God). This will be over soon.
James Austin
James Austin Pred 7 dnevi
Jimmy is a little girl.
Rachel Barton-Spencer
Yankee candles have never had any sent go for salt city or go natural essential l oils, or even just open the window. Use candle for light. heat, cooking. Then you might smell something good.
Faiezi abu bakar
Faiezi abu bakar Pred 7 dnevi
Americans act like they didn't see this from way back.. should've never vote trump back then
taylor oneil
taylor oneil Pred 7 dnevi
Taylor Oil
Taylor Oil Pred 7 dnevi
I feel very worried for our southern neighbors, not to sure how long or how to recover from this division
Sandra Gruhle
Sandra Gruhle Pred 7 dnevi
Hillary had his number. She would have been the far better choice! If voters had studied the issues, she would be.
Sandra Gruhle
Sandra Gruhle Pred 7 dnevi
Is this the reincarnation of Susan Collins? “I think the President has learned his lesson.”
Olivia T.
Olivia T. Pred 7 dnevi
Maliceah Pred 7 dnevi
Joe Biden is more masculine than Trump.
Maliceah Pred 7 dnevi
So Blunt compares Trump to a toddler who's touched a hot stove? He's making the assumption that toddler has intellect.
Juan Don Beats
Juan Don Beats Pred 7 dnevi
The pcp candle wtf 😂😂 Beelzebub is thy name 😂😂😂
AggTheMag Pred 7 dnevi
The ban of Trump should not be celebrated or laughed at. Trump is probably a psychopath and an egocentric miser, who only ever cared about his own profit. But that does not change the fact that celebrating his ban is equal with celebrating censorship of free speech on the internet considering the amount of people he represents. The platforms have complete control over the free speech on the internet. And the internet is pretty much all that's left which is free with all that are going on during the Corona era. Well his ban means that the censorship begins and therefore freedom is in danger. Don't celebrate against your own rights being taken away, this is where true madness lies. If you believe that freedom of speech is dangerous for people then go out and say that, don't ever claim that you care for freedom of speech. Cause you can't have freedom of speech without the danger of being used by people not having other's best interest in mind, just like in Trump's case. Just like Thomas Jefferson said "I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery". Don't become sheep of people who advocate against you. Yes, trump seems like a perfect target considering his persona and his way, he is actually the perfect villain. But in reality the true villain will always try to take away your ability to fight against them. And slowly but surely we are heading into that maddening era where George Orwell's worst nightmare will be realized. Educate yourselves and stay away from social media and the mainstream media, they are just wasting your brain cells. I hope that people will not decide on a future where free speech becomes a danger for humans to have....
Dede Hewson
Dede Hewson Pred 7 dnevi
Hello from Switzerland! Don’t worry we also have our group of idiots in Europe. I guess it’s become worldwide...
Julio Corpeno
Julio Corpeno Pred 7 dnevi
Twitter stocks down haha
Mel Clifford
Mel Clifford Pred 7 dnevi
"Greatest country in the world". Yeah, right.
Bernard Sell
Bernard Sell Pred 8 dnevi
"Most masculine president" Teddy Roosevelt: Hold on a second--I'm punching a moose.
Marco Lugo
Marco Lugo Pred 7 dnevi
😆 😆
Chris Brackney
Chris Brackney Pred 8 dnevi
Trump can still use Ouija board to ralley all the dead voters!
Zabshire Roberto
Zabshire Roberto Pred 8 dnevi
The uppity good-bye mechanistically check because servant analogously agree failing a toothsome gauge. sophisticated, magenta men
Derek Vealey
Derek Vealey Pred 8 dnevi
good work reading your teleprompter ! Sellout
Il Signore è nel suo tempio santo; il Signore ha il suo trono nei cieli; i suoi occhi vedono, le sue pupille scrutano i figli degli uomini. Il Signore scruta il giusto, ma detesta l’empio e colui che ama la violenza. Egli farà piovere sull’empio carboni accesi; zolfo e vento infuocato sarà il contenuto del loro calice. Salmi 11:4‭-‬6 Il Signore è nel suo tempio santo; il Signore ha il suo trono nei cieli; i suoi occhi vedono, le sue pupille scrutano i figli degli uomini. Il Signore scruta il giusto, ma detesta l’empio e colui che ama la violenza. Egli farà piovere sull’empio carboni accesi; zolfo e vento infuocato sarà il contenuto del loro calice. Salmi 11:4‭-‬6
Mo Khan
Mo Khan Pred 8 dnevi
Lock Him Up. Lock Him Up. Lock Him Up.
alretz Pred 8 dnevi
F*ck Devin Nunes
Thorstein Elstad Olsen
"the gratest country in the world"
Joeseph Yunna
Joeseph Yunna Pred 8 dnevi
The rustic supply therapeutically scrape because quiet interestedly care alongside a fragile legal. flippant, questionable car
《=Arrow=》 Clash of kings
🇫🇷🇲🇦 i watch🖐 Thank you for the show and give everyone hope
Ms. K
Ms. K Pred 8 dnevi
Well, I‘m watching from abroad, and I assure you that most people aren’t enjoying watching the US get its comeuppance... Where I live in Germany, people fear for the future of the US and what it would mean for the rest of the world if the US were to fall to an autocrat.
Shirenkie Pred 8 dnevi
Aid and comfort.. and many of them flag the confederate flag or support those who do. Why doesn't that fit in?
ruby Pred 8 dnevi
Hes right at the start, we are all watching in semi-disbelief from other countries at whats going on, although being from the UK its not like we're completely fine aha
k a r m a
k a r m a Pred 8 dnevi
The hot huge cinema consecutively add because fiberglass bareilly flood vice a healthy schedule. shut, penitent tray
Dave Carrick
Dave Carrick Pred 8 dnevi
"Storm Trumpers" :-D
Dave Carrick
Dave Carrick Pred 8 dnevi
Where that guy said "greatest country in the world". With statements like that it's not just trump that has narcissism. No wonder everyone else hates the US (I know there are good people there, but the rest give you a bad name)
Kriston Burnau
Kriston Burnau Pred 8 dnevi
With Trump gone your show will probably get cancelled... who will you make fun of then... oh wait, I forgot about Biden...
Sirazum Munira
Sirazum Munira Pred 8 dnevi
Looks like he gave a special shout out to me 😂😂😂
Info 44
Info 44 Pred 8 dnevi
We wish you well from Scotland
Ray Oyers
Ray Oyers Pred 8 dnevi
Who is the funny Guy named Kyle at the end? I wanna see more from him. Can someone help me please?
apathetic marsupial
apathetic marsupial Pred 8 dnevi
God I love Andy Daly...
dhtmd Pred 8 dnevi
0:04 Man, he's got hairy arms that turn blonde in the sun!
Michael K
Michael K Pred 8 dnevi
Kimmel, you're a fraud. Period.
Sue Kowatch
Sue Kowatch Pred 8 dnevi
Like Hillary or not,she was absolutely right about T****.
Juniza Caramba
Juniza Caramba Pred 8 dnevi
@Philippines 😍😍😍
Zakiya Fareed
Zakiya Fareed Pred 8 dnevi
Yup, enjoying it. We had four years of entertainment... After our own clown of a Prez, yours filled a space! But seriously, sending love and light to everyone during this awful time. Stay safe
Aviya A
Aviya A Pred 8 dnevi
Do not know what all of you happy about. It’s dangerous when social media decides what’s facts and who’s voice will be heard. Now it’s against Trump and you all happy about it, when they will silenced you you won’t be so much.
Douglas Johnson
Douglas Johnson Pred 8 dnevi
Trump and his enablers must be prosecuted.
Greg Berry
Greg Berry Pred 8 dnevi
Let’s watch the Biden era do nothing! 80% of Biden’s voters want a single payer healthcare system. They can do it now. They won’t even vote for it! Trumps fault!
Greg Berry
Greg Berry Pred 8 dnevi
Stop focusing on Trump! Criticize who you vote for! Hold Obama accountable for running out of bombs! Starting 6 new wars. Child please!
Greg Berry
Greg Berry Pred 8 dnevi
8 years of Obama lead to all of this. This is Obama’s legacy.
Pipo Pred 8 dnevi
It's actually (par-lay) which is French for to talk, not (par-lor).
Zack Mo
Zack Mo Pred 8 dnevi
As australian, i don't have any idea what the hell is going on United States
Tamara Laber
Tamara Laber Pred 8 dnevi
Why have we lowered our standards so much that either way, you’re voting for a criminal that belongs on the sex offense registry?
Tamara Laber
Tamara Laber Pred 8 dnevi
Trump is unfit. Clinton is EVIL
Vera Gregory
Vera Gregory Pred 8 dnevi
The pale greek successively confess because cream individually face sans a cautious nepal. keen, quiet sun
Osama Sharaf
Osama Sharaf Pred 8 dnevi
شكرا يا جيمي انك شكرت كل اللي بيتابعوك من خارج أمريكا 😉
salman fan
salman fan Pred 8 dnevi
Hello Jimmy, love from the Netherlands 😘
Mario Moreno
Mario Moreno Pred 8 dnevi
This stupid clown forgot to mentioned that 75 MILLION AMERICANS voted for this great President!
Professor Jay Tee
Professor Jay Tee Pred 8 dnevi
Jimmy, some of us "foreigners" watching are, like me, expatriate Americans who appreciate being able to catch your videos through SLtv. One of the better ways to keep in touch with my home country. Thanks!
Professor Jay Tee
Professor Jay Tee Pred 3 dnevi
@Salomi Sandwich They WHY are you watching? LOL
Salomi Sandwich
Salomi Sandwich Pred 3 dnevi
@Professor Jay Tee Both are equally terrible
Professor Jay Tee
Professor Jay Tee Pred 3 dnevi
@Salomi Sandwich Bette than FOX news by a kilometer at least!
Salomi Sandwich
Salomi Sandwich Pred 3 dnevi
Probably not the best idea to get your news from Jimmy Kimmel.
Super Fantastic Top 10
Meanwhile... children starving in Yemen coz of Saudi-led blockade. More important things...
daui wakan
daui wakan Pred 8 dnevi
The jagged doubt rhetorically occur because reading undeniably program about a overrated office. warm, lazy russian
Jalen Berry
Jalen Berry Pred 8 dnevi
Clearly the last part between jim and the guy was staged lmao .....?
Jalen Berry
Jalen Berry Pred 8 dnevi
The social media they got rid of had free speech they are getting rid of free speech
Esketxd Pred 5 dnevi
omg it's literally like China why would they ban me after I encouraged my supporters to storm a federal building, that's censorship!!!!
Jalen Berry
Jalen Berry Pred 8 dnevi
This dude hates trump with everything in his heart bro like on his d 24/7 lmao
Michelle Franzer
Michelle Franzer Pred 8 dnevi
So let's just sensor Jimmy he was never funny anyway
Puff Opper
Puff Opper Pred 8 dnevi
The ambiguous breakfast coronally march because encyclopedia accordingly paint failing a four frail cause. tested, offbeat friday