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Very good, Sir......
Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on explosm.net since 2005!
Created By: Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick
Directed By: Connor Murphy
Screenplay By: Connor Murphy
Story By: Connor Murphy, Mike Salcedo, Rob DenBleyker, Joel Watson, Kris Wilson
Voice Actors:
Mr. Richmond - Ross Plaskow
Bernard the Butler - Dave McElfatrick
Board Member #1 - Connor Murphy
Board Member #2 - Trisha Mellon
Animation Director: Bill Jones
Supervising Animator: Matt Thurman
Animation: Seth Gordon, Matt Thurman
Character Design: Connor Murphy, Natalie Zusman, Jerald Lewis, Paul Blair, Elizabeth Del Rosario
Background Art: Elizabeth Del Rosario, Shawn Coss
Animatic: Connor Murphy
Editor: Taylor Ransom
Supervising Sound Editor & Mixer: Ben Governale
Sound Design/Foley: Nic Federle, Ben Governale
Music: Steve Lehmann
The Four Seasons (Vivaldi) by John Harrison
with the Wichita State University Chamber Players
is licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike
3.0 International License.
Produced By: Adam Nusrallah
Production Manager: Autumn Soeder
Production Coordinator: Michael Stewart




4. feb. 2021

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Horse Janitor
Horse Janitor Pred 19 urami
I hate this
Dusty Boot
Dusty Boot Pred dnevom
Once again, Woke shit crap and not funny.
Ian Reynolds
Ian Reynolds Pred 2 dnevi
Eat the rich
Dimitri J
Dimitri J Pred 2 dnevi
That there is an SCP
Jacob Herrero
Jacob Herrero Pred 2 dnevi
not a problem, sir
張宗瑋 Pred 3 dnevi
Why I know that's gonna happen.
anshats Pred 3 dnevi
he vored him oh my god
Velocity Wheat
Velocity Wheat Pred 4 dnevi
I did not expect the end
Unlucky Phantom
Unlucky Phantom Pred 5 dnevi
LMAO. I thought it was a costume of his butler at first.
crystal megalodon
crystal megalodon Pred 6 dnevi
Wow, the new among us skin looks great
Unknown User
Unknown User Pred 7 dnevi
U can't fire the CEO lmao
Silver Gamer
Silver Gamer Pred 7 dnevi
*ahem* vore *ahem*
Loss Boy
Loss Boy Pred 8 dnevi
Dude got fired for wearing black suit
I am your paint roller
This is the start of a villains origin story
Xxtra 1313
Xxtra 1313 Pred 9 dnevi
Now thats a real nigga🤣
Kasper Mikkonen
Kasper Mikkonen Pred 10 dnevi
How do you even fire the Ceo
Regular Guy
Regular Guy Pred 10 dnevi
He was bernard’s last paycheck
Rolly's Animal storys
Rolly's Animal storys Pred 12 dnevi
The butler did it!
Awesome Deer
Awesome Deer Pred 13 dnevi
That’s cannibal at the end
The Science of Fiction
Bernard’s hair looks like wailing souls
Inebriated Fowl
Inebriated Fowl Pred 13 dnevi
Once in a while, they make really funny episodes like MR. Bitch; the other times, we get this
Cringey Marshmallo
Cringey Marshmallo Pred 13 dnevi
Miłosz Gruźlewski
Miłosz Gruźlewski Pred 16 dnevi
Burn Lit
Burn Lit Pred 17 dnevi
the food at 0:25 seems like they have been rotting and days old
War Veteran Pedro
War Veteran Pedro Pred 17 dnevi
Alfreds long lost brother
xa Pred 18 dnevi
ik its homour... but such unlogic things as getting fired by your employees as a fking CEO is hilariously dumb
Diamond Warrior
Diamond Warrior Pred 18 dnevi
FXyZ Pred 18 dnevi
Vore was used in this video Why did i overthink this
Mr J
Mr J Pred 18 dnevi
Is this before the other one with Bernard
n d
n d Pred 18 dnevi
black butler but his soul actually does get eatsn
Jonah Unger
Jonah Unger Pred 19 dnevi
Maciej Andrzejczyk
Maciej Andrzejczyk Pred 19 dnevi
Men in black
Knightmonx Pred 20 dnevi
lets be real here we all know he was going to be eaten by Bernard, eventually.
Kyle Rivera
Kyle Rivera Pred 20 dnevi
0:27 I just noticed that the newspaper is a reference to Invisi-Bill.
The Fox Samurai
The Fox Samurai Pred 21 dnevom
Its the butler SCP
Chris Perrien
Chris Perrien Pred 21 dnevom
here we go with more cultural appropriation, then the dude loses his job for it , lol
Grace T
Grace T Pred 21 dnevom
This was awesome. Super funny 😆
Z3R0_P01NT5 Pred 22 dnevi
2:00 his mustache disappeared
Hiie Posti
Hiie Posti Pred 22 dnevi
"bönaaard, I have seen to run out of toileted paper!"
Bogdan Higes
Bogdan Higes Pred 22 dnevi
neko of west
neko of west Pred 22 dnevi
First I've felt bad for Bernard then I've felt bad again for Bernard he has to do anything thing for living
Isaac Scherban
Isaac Scherban Pred 22 dnevi
I was going to do a scp comment like some people do but idk how to do one......bloody hell
oreo cat
oreo cat Pred 23 dnevi
so is no one questioning how they literally fired the ceo
Some gamer named Omega
what the actual fuck did i just watch
Xaser Pred 23 dnevi
Nice "Coming to america" references there.
Marcel le Roux
Marcel le Roux Pred 23 dnevi
"Toileted paper" ....... yes
Crazy Rabbids
Crazy Rabbids Pred 24 dnevi
1:59 *His mustache disappeared!*
Juacket Pred 24 dnevi
*g0 tU h3lL suH.*
Quinlan Hunter
Quinlan Hunter Pred 24 dnevi
**v e r y g o o d s i r**
sombodyoncetoold Pred 25 dnevi
1:59 Did- did he just start eating him that he lost his moustache?
Bernard Frederich Mok
Bernard Frederich Mok Pred 25 dnevi
Rude you use my name
Oblivious Mooncake
Oblivious Mooncake Pred 27 dnevi
Bernard before the restraining order
Gold Pred 27 dnevi
aah yes SCP-662 in its natural habitat
Doge Happy
Doge Happy Pred 28 dnevi
Benard is now known as the soul eater devour of souls
Archie Edward Ranile
Archie Edward Ranile Pred 28 dnevi
*mind* mmm this is a rich taste
Erick Silvas
Erick Silvas Pred 28 dnevi
Very good sir
Numbah6 Pred 29 dnevi
This is more or less the plot of Black Butler
Y4 BOI Pred mesecem
He later went to find a new sir and bumped into a husband and wife
Theodore Fisher
Theodore Fisher Pred mesecem
Tristen Riley
Tristen Riley Pred mesecem
Did no one else notice the gray part of his hair look like screaming Souls?
Lime Tea
Lime Tea Pred mesecem
How i eat glizzys
CBflyswat Pred mesecem
Exclusive Meme
Exclusive Meme Pred mesecem
Lol the newspaper says invisible man now visible in jail 0:28
SCOOB Pred mesecem
one day there going to make a video called bernard the but-ler
theNYANkittyCAT Pred mesecem
He truly was the best
TheHarlequinHatter Pred mesecem
So much vore happens in these shorts, it's starting to feel like someone on the staff is into it... Not judgin', not sayin' it's a problem, just... Pointin' it out.
Misha ForFunOff
Misha ForFunOff Pred mesecem
Какого хрена?! Это ужасно!! Ужасно находчиво!! = ))
Dan da man
Dan da man Pred mesecem
*g o* *t o* *h e l l* *s i r s*
Jonathan Allert
Jonathan Allert Pred mesecem
And thus life goes for this predator of the concrete jungle waiting for his next prey to emerge
LaserRayzer Pred mesecem
Saintbow Pred mesecem
Plot Twist: Bernard is White Knight
kogababe Pred mesecem
The plot of Kuroshitsuji
LazyArtz Pred mesecem
Why did this remind me of black butler?
Avery Digeraas
Avery Digeraas Pred mesecem
Bernard is a completely his own mood
MR Meseeks
MR Meseeks Pred mesecem
It looks like Bernard has AirPods when he was being *worn*
Kdark Guy
Kdark Guy Pred mesecem
What Rich taste if say so myself (I'm sorry pls kill me now)
Nisa Rojas
Nisa Rojas Pred mesecem
Bernard lives on
francis gumogda
francis gumogda Pred mesecem
When the butler dies, he'll be going deep down underground, because he ate the forbiddene fruit.
Stefano Porcu
Stefano Porcu Pred mesecem
Deadly Demon
Deadly Demon Pred mesecem
Beavis Likes nachos
Beavis Likes nachos Pred mesecem
1:28 I’m out? I started this company, DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I SACRIFICED?”
bannana man
bannana man Pred mesecem
invisabill rev
StainderFin Pred mesecem
When butler job went wrong or was too demanted
DeathByBarb Pred mesecem
This is just Black Butler
Dusty Jones
Dusty Jones Pred mesecem
Now that's one way to eat the rich lol
babblingdabblingmom Pred mesecem
Rosegold Beats
Rosegold Beats Pred mesecem
how did they fire a CEO
The visitor
The visitor Pred mesecem
bernard tell them to go to hell lol
Yusi Today
Yusi Today Pred mesecem
1:59 he doesn't have a mouth Stache in Bernard mouth
GrizzleyGangQuietz Pred mesecem
"Yes very tasty you are indeed my guud sir"
Miguel Pred mesecem
Miguel Pred mesecem
Tim William
Tim William Pred mesecem
Perhaps it’s Bernard from Westworld (HBO) It’s a robot!
Jackie Pred mesecem
is this a fnaf reference?! scumb-diddelee-umchus!
Zalikor_Gaming_TTV Pred mesecem
thats.... Messed up And i love it
PaperBoi Pred mesecem
0:28 the newspaper is a reference to Invisibill
skele sans
skele sans Pred mesecem
Didn't Bernard die
Millie Raven
Millie Raven Pred mesecem
vore be like awooo
Some Random Person On The Internet
Red suit blue suit? Four letter word company? his name ending in mond? Anybody else getting tf2 vibes?
Ben Neron
Ben Neron Pred mesecem
What Jake should've done to Finn in that episode.
Ben Neron
Ben Neron Pred mesecem
What Jake should've done to Finn in that episode.
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