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How many cats do you need to have before you're known as the 'crazy cat lady?'
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9. dec. 2018

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Padami Plays
Padami Plays Pred 2 urami
Sad ); but cutes cats.
Zion Akio Marco
Zion Akio Marco Pred 2 urami
''Im bisexual'' Me:bruh
Maria Fidela Dioneo
Maria Fidela Dioneo Pred 3 urami
He pridicted the gigantimax meowth in pokèmon oh yeah you see it on the thumbnail
Elijah Benjamin
Elijah Benjamin Pred 4 urami
Why not he puur
Beyblade burst Universe Universe
Sad will miss you georgie will miss you
Kevin Batan
Kevin Batan Pred 8 urami
0:05 i said meow
Fynn Allen
Fynn Allen Pred 9 urami
im acat lover
mightyspirit0120 Gam3r
Izzy Stuart
Izzy Stuart Pred 9 urami
Yuvaan Chandra Pradhan
i hate cat
Ember812 Pred 10 urami
ze baby cat, Pepsi, calico and pepper
Matthew The demon
Matthew The demon Pred 10 urami
aldebaran psiwi
aldebaran psiwi Pred 10 urami
My cat is gone
MeepyNotSus Pred 11 urami
You know, you named your cat Calico... Well, mine is called Kitty.
MeepyNotSus Pred 11 urami
“One cat is enough, there were no more cats... UNTIL ONE NIGHT”
Mmmxksjsjskslツ Pred 11 urami
I don't like cats but there cute I don't hate them :)
Rhonda Dickerson
Rhonda Dickerson Pred 12 urami
James : why cant i pick both pets me: i picked both
RedDragon Pred 12 urami
i never fall a sleep
Victoria Cegarra
Victoria Cegarra Pred 12 urami
Mr. Rat Lover
Mr. Rat Lover Pred 12 urami
Shyanne Laduc
Shyanne Laduc Pred 12 urami
I have 7 or 8 dogs
TheABCS Pred 12 urami
Berit Silva
Berit Silva Pred 12 urami
Hey the total of cat lives is 63 because they have 9 lives 😁😁😁
Karsen Ramsey
Karsen Ramsey Pred 13 urami
Kimberly Bryant
Kimberly Bryant Pred 13 urami
Rip 🪦 Georgie Georgie
Rafael Proa
Rafael Proa Pred 13 urami
can i have one of you cat plllllllzzz
ツSamTheWeirdo Pred 14 urami
Pff you think you have a lot of cats? Wait till you see my family tree
Space Wolf
Space Wolf Pred 14 urami
I love dogs. But I’m more of a cat person :> But I’m also both.... Also go Christian life 👌🏼😎 Also go Avatar the last airbender. Best SHOW EVER...
Project Pumkin PP4
Project Pumkin PP4 Pred 14 urami
Fish people
The Little Kitties Forever Cats
OMG someone related to me!
Otku Corner
Otku Corner Pred 15 urami
I'm not a cat person or a dog person. *I'm an animal person* #AnamalsAreAwesome
Andrew Bigelow
Andrew Bigelow Pred 15 urami
I feel like he keeps saying "but then one time" day over and over again
Lucy Anna
Lucy Anna Pred 15 urami
:3 meow :3
Blair Simpson
Blair Simpson Pred 16 urami
I'm a cat person only
Molly Morris
Molly Morris Pred 16 urami
The chiwawa drawing
Reading With Nella Sweets!
James: I think I'm bisexual for animals. Me: Me too ☆_☆
ghazt Pred 16 urami
I had that once
M I N T C H O C O Pred 16 urami
And also have my sister having a cat
JIM JIANG Pred 16 urami
0:25 Cat being angry be like:
Linjinkz Pred 17 urami
Noooooo Luna I like her... cartoon her
stephanie Leveck
stephanie Leveck Pred 17 urami
My favourite animal is a cat
ExoplanetZepyxl Pred 17 urami
I love my cats ❤️
Diane Pfingstler
Diane Pfingstler Pred 17 urami
Naomi _best
Naomi _best Pred 17 urami
You must have lived near a village ..cats spawn there
Jessica may’s Magical world for kids
Anyone notice the red dog that was in one of his other videos
Tyler Gallagher
Tyler Gallagher Pred 18 urami
man i use to have 5 cats too but now i just have one cat:MY CAT
bananaboy Pred 19 urami
Pepsi Im MoRe Of A COOKI...a coke person myself
Yee T
Yee T Pred 21 uro
Jesus. Loves. U
sans the skeleton
sans the skeleton Pred 21 uro
i ike cats and dogs
KATiE. XD Pred 22 urami
Dog at the end
Jaicob Johns
Jaicob Johns Pred 23 urami
It’s a Friendly truck! - Roblox and more!
Guess what? My cat died 2 months ago..
Iconlconl Velez
Iconlconl Velez Pred dnevom
Gianfilippo Marra Guerrero
untill one day
Timothy Anderson
Timothy Anderson Pred dnevom
My cat died
Timothy Anderson
Timothy Anderson Pred dnevom
I cat died around Christmas
Julie Morrison
Julie Morrison Pred dnevom
Ironically I got a battle cat add (:’ sponser?
ipok Pred dnevom
Cat sooo cute
Vivi Vitriani
Vivi Vitriani Pred dnevom
i never laughed at your cat puns, but at the coke part i laughed so much
simon wee
simon wee Pred dnevom
"I think Im kinda allergic to cats bc whenever I snuggle up with the cat and my eyes get watery and my nose gets stuffy. " Me: wait that's My eyes get watery and I kept rubbing it and my nose get stuffy ;-;
Jack Pred dnevom
I LOV🐈🐈🐈🐈
Tri Tran
Tri Tran Pred dnevom
Until one day...
LOLBIT CAT Pred dnevom
Kto z polski 👁👄👁🇵🇱 koty fajne
Anonymous_1 Pred dnevom
Luna is like my cat name black
Lovely Dovely
Lovely Dovely Pred dnevom
Spot left cuz he doesn't want to get "nuderd"
ILast Level
ILast Level Pred dnevom
Twinshely 789
Twinshely 789 Pred dnevom
everybody gansta until james said "Until one da-
Mr Pixel Tails
Mr Pixel Tails Pred dnevom
Luna was cute at 5:31 🥰
Jenny McDonald
Jenny McDonald Pred dnevom
Illymation: I have a cat Luigi Illymations comments: get another cat called Mario Odd1sout: I have a cat called Pepsi Me: what about one called coke
ItzJoud123 Pred dnevom
I am allergic to cats too... 😞
Da Potato king
Da Potato king Pred dnevom
Your dog Georgie reminds me of my dog ruby
KFP Plush collector
andrea ghostkeeper
andrea ghostkeeper Pred dnevom
I'm bisexual for animals
Gemma Bae
Gemma Bae Pred dnevom
James: And that was it we never got another cat again. UNTIL ONE-
Sean cullin
Sean cullin Pred dnevom
4:39 ???????????what
Nicole Josephs
Nicole Josephs Pred dnevom
The ratty titanium intralysosomally excite because size optionally practise modulo a exultant barber. ignorant, abandoned pheasant
Bloodybear’s Ffs and gacha
We never got another cat again UNTIL ONE DAY!
Jax Wilkes
Jax Wilkes Pred dnevom
My family has had 11 cats in my life and I’M NINE!!
Beth Greentree
Beth Greentree Pred dnevom
NO DOG you B*ch
Son Goku
Son Goku Pred dnevom
one of the cat's ears were ripped off-
kaleb jackson
kaleb jackson Pred dnevom
me: that's enoph snacks for tonight no more tonight also me: I'm hungery *chooses my snacks and eats them all*
NG JING YAO Moe Pred dnevom
why does peppers ears got blood
jude morrison
jude morrison Pred dnevom
Kitty kat
Lainey Bryant
Lainey Bryant Pred dnevom
We had a dog passed away a few weeks ago it was very sad but we managed to get through 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭😭it
Rainbow kid
Rainbow kid Pred dnevom
James mom: no we are not having 5 cats James: showes cat Me: look at the cats freaking ear
Is kitten
Is kitten Pred 19 urami
Yee T
Yee T Pred 21 uro
Jesus. Loves U
Craig Gardner
Craig Gardner Pred dnevom
Boba pandas UWU
Boba pandas UWU Pred dnevom
Junalyn Escarpe
Junalyn Escarpe Pred dnevom
I have 3 cats and 2 of them died and 1 was missing🥺
Rylee Cadenhead
Rylee Cadenhead Pred dnevom
5:56 0_0
Jennifer Solis
Jennifer Solis Pred dnevom
I like your music
VsnitchesV Pred dnevom
young me: whats bisexual me now: oh
Tony Segura
Tony Segura Pred dnevom
What does one is a cat's look like that it's its has been bitten off
Random Ksines
Random Ksines Pred dnevom
Fun fact, when a cat comes and purrs on you they are mending your bones. Also, cats eat negative energy and protect you from demons and evil spirits which is probably why they’re the most common familiar
Dyl the ytp maker And fun
One day when I grow up I’m going to have a dog well I still have cats 🐈
Dyl the ytp maker And fun
My cats are living really long it’s like 10 hours of screaming
trutul gang trutuls
I m not alawd to have a pet on till I m 35
The Boss
The Boss Pred dnevom
I hate cats because one once bit me and it really hurt and I’m allergic to cats
Giselle Casillas
Giselle Casillas Pred dnevom
i looove kitty cats shes 8 and im 8
London Birch
London Birch Pred dnevom
There’s a group on Roblox that hates cats and bully them online it’s rats united and they get joy out of online bullying children. Wow.
William Preece
William Preece Pred dnevom
Dog is best duh mans best friend
William Preece
William Preece Pred dnevom
Cats are ugly pigs
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