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■ Josh has almost completed 100% achievements in Golf With Your Friends on Steam
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18. jun. 2018

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Behzinga Pred 2 leti
Guys you can watch the FREE episode of the Sidemen Show over on the Sidemen Channel NOW Sign up for SLtv Premium to BINGE watch ALL of the Sidemen Show right now.
slade hamahona
slade hamahona Pred 2 leti
When's season 2??Season one was so funny hahaha
LenZr Pred 2 leti
Behzinga how this comment got no likes and comments
Albren Alarcon
Albren Alarcon Pred 10 meseci
Too many scam websites in the comment section. Only one that was real for me is AppCrook.
DaBnAtIoN Pred 2 leti
Season 2 pls
Nada Alabed
Nada Alabed Pred 2 leti
The video is not available for me
Real Redman
Real Redman Pred 2 leti
🤦‍♂️ when u realize that all the videos when they said I can’t tell u y we’re here it’s a secret project is to make the sidemen show lol
Joey Macheda
Joey Macheda Pred 2 leti
I’ve already seen all the episodes. It it one of my favourite series I’ve watched
Ghxst Pred 2 leti
Behz, react to shiros story
Greg YT
Greg YT Pred 2 leti
Dude, you got so much skinnier! Keep up the good work!
George Bush
George Bush Pred 2 leti
Mans is thinn
Ali Malik
Ali Malik Pred 2 leti
Yo bro u do too many hand gestures. Calm down ur not in a circus
Toby Lambert
Toby Lambert Pred 2 leti
I have premium but I can’t watch any episodes please help
Joseph Fitzgerald
Joseph Fitzgerald Pred 2 leti
Which one was the Wales episode? I’m Welsh
Night Haek397
Night Haek397 Pred 2 leti
I am strong I am bruised I was meant to be abused eeeaaattthhheeennn (Behzinga)
FiendishLawy Pred 2 leti
Hey behzinga what happend to Abdullah funniest thing
Golden Pred 2 leti
i watched them all in one day
rockingwithben Pred 2 leti
i got youtube but i cant watch any of the show as i live in vietnam
Bagner Pred 2 leti
when is the second season coming or episode 8
OwzThomz Pred 2 leti
Why isn’t it not free
SURAIN Pred 2 leti
i cant watch it. i live in malaysia
Hellion Pred 2 leti
i really wanted to watch all but "YouTibe Premium is not available in my country" pls someone help :(
TFaz Official
TFaz Official Pred 2 leti
I can’t get it
jeffy jeffy
jeffy jeffy Pred 2 leti
I've noticed that you've stopped playing rocket league and I was wondering if you'd donate some items in a trade pls :)
Dazasmaza Pred 2 leti
Whens season 2
RocKY Pred 2 leti
Premium isn't available in Bulgaria .... ffs
TheMilkMan Pred 2 leti
Can you react to them so I don’t have to pay for premium. And yes I know there is a free trial but tbh.... NAH
Nathan Stevens
Nathan Stevens Pred 2 leti
Alert the systems you have a three month free trial on SLtv premium
TurboChicken Pred 2 leti
If i try youtube premium for free after 3 monts will they just take money off my bank account or will they sak to quit or something?
Mr xyo Deman
Mr xyo Deman Pred 2 leti
I have watches all of the show and I do not have any words to explain it
HumourusLAV Pred 2 leti
Its not available in india... it says i have to buy it which I am ready to but i have a question if i buy it can i watch that video forever or its just for a month
HumourusLAV Pred 2 leti
I told it at every vlog that it is for a movie or show
NzKilla 2k
NzKilla 2k Pred 2 leti
Yoza bay kill
Mohammed SAOUDI
Mohammed SAOUDI Pred 2 leti
Amber Tatum Rawlings
frdrc Pred 2 leti
I don't have any credit card to get ytb premium... so sad, I loved the 1st episode too
Vyantyne122 Pred 2 leti
Happy 23rd birthday!
nightowl 12
nightowl 12 Pred 2 leti
Question is the sidemen show going to be free someday or do you always have to pay love your cobtent keep up the good work👍
Daniel Lees
Daniel Lees Pred 2 leti
It is to staged to watch. Prefer other sidemen videos
Demontized •
Demontized • Pred 2 leti
For the people that don't have SLtv Red or doesn't want to do the free trial you can just use *Rulu* it's a website where you can watch SLtv red shows and other stuff :)
Bali Eblal
Bali Eblal Pred 2 leti
I have already watched all of them and i got to say it was funny and entertaining
Magnus Heide
Magnus Heide Pred 2 leti
All scandinavian countries except Denmark are yt prrmium avaible...
Jan Mikolasek
Jan Mikolasek Pred 2 leti
I‘ve seen it it‘s sick
b football b
b football b Pred 2 leti
What's going on with Abdul?
Film Sarc
Film Sarc Pred 2 leti
It's sad that it is only available in U.K. But not in Singapore. Anyone from Singapore, guys?
Daniel Bobadilla
Daniel Bobadilla Pred 2 leti
Why cant you do it on youtube
TommyGQ Pred 2 leti
You have to pay for it what is this!! 😤😤😤😤
Heather Burns
Heather Burns Pred 2 leti
Do love west ham still behzinga
G1ganT Pred 2 leti
Ir can't watch it... SLtv red isn't in Latvia.. Sad
Raghav Madan
Raghav Madan Pred 2 leti
Seen all. Man awesome, especially the space one. Harry was awesome 😂.
IOI Pred 2 leti
Can you post some vids of the challange beacuse ITS YT PREMION AND NOT FREE so im not a sidemen now 😢
Theis Stilling
Theis Stilling Pred 2 leti
I've tried to sign up the whole day, but it's not out in Denmark
Oscar Newman
Oscar Newman Pred 2 leti
I’ve watched the whole series already
Connor Cotgrave
Connor Cotgrave Pred 2 leti
It says I have to pay from the 19th of September but I don’t want to, do I have to?
Matthew Powdrell
Matthew Powdrell Pred 2 leti
The first month is free but after that it costs money and money is one thing I don't have :(
Ellie H
Ellie H Pred 2 leti
Already finished it and it’s bloody amazing
Sigurdur Hrafn Ingólfsson
Im from iceland im so angry youtube red is’t in iceland
Brad parry
Brad parry Pred 2 leti
Why is it charging me if its meant to be a free trial? I don't get money in my account until tomorrow but why is this a problem if its free?
Liam Turner
Liam Turner Pred 2 leti
Can't get SLtv premium
Lucas marinus
Lucas marinus Pred 2 leti
Then I’m from Denmark
just kill me
just kill me Pred 2 leti
me too
Alex Wills
Alex Wills Pred 2 leti
Very disappointed that this series is on SLtv premium. Why not just put it on SLtv so people can actually watch it. First episode was really good but I’m not going to be buying SLtv premium so unfortunately I won’t be able to watch the rest :(
Alex Wills
Alex Wills Pred 2 leti
Will the series ever be put on SLtv free to watch ?
GG Buffalo
GG Buffalo Pred 2 leti
Premium? Pfhhhh im not looking at it because why should i pay for it
Kimboflo Pred 2 leti
I literally binge watched it last night lol! Loved it and I’m so proud you dudes! Hope you have a great day!
NK Remag
NK Remag Pred 2 leti
How many seasons are there
Gísli Ottesen
Gísli Ottesen Pred 2 leti
In iceland you can't watch it
obey_master Pred 2 leti
Is it free
Owen Clark
Owen Clark Pred 2 leti
Hero Scooter XD nope ☹️
Charlie Smith
Charlie Smith Pred 2 leti
Are you doing a season 2 of it because if you are ill wait till that comes out so I can watch them all for free because I can't afford to pay
SirHoneyBadger Pred 2 leti
One month free trial? Mans got a free 3 month trial...
Chubby Gaming
Chubby Gaming Pred 2 leti
I've binged watched every single one you did extremely well and I'm hoping you do a season 2 congratulations man
Nikolas Kleonikou
Nikolas Kleonikou Pred 2 leti
But it sucks that we can't watch it
dilan OP
dilan OP Pred 2 leti
i don t have youtube premuim :( (i live in malta)
Cruzzsmi PLAYS
Cruzzsmi PLAYS Pred 2 leti
Alpha Wolf
Alpha Wolf Pred 2 leti
How can we get the youtube premium?!!!!!
Rusty Reveor
Rusty Reveor Pred 2 leti
its not fair that its on youtube premium most of fans cant watch it
Sam Agostini
Sam Agostini Pred 2 leti
I've already finished it
Sam Agostini
Sam Agostini Pred 2 leti
Episode 4 was best
TestNine Mallam-Hassam
Man lives in Mauritius, what am I meant to do now ?
apparently Pred 2 leti
No YT Premium in The Netherlands unfortunately, just gonna have to watch the first episode for 378 times.
Lou Pred 2 leti
When the views are less than you expected, remember that half your audience lives in countries where youtube premium isn't available
Fam everyone read the description, especially the 4th point ..... I see you Behz
J Dubz
J Dubz Pred 2 leti
Signed up to premium last night. Watched first 2 episodes.. love it!
Brooklyn Freeman
Brooklyn Freeman Pred 2 leti
I have watched 4 of them so far, there insane I love them, keep up the good work bro
ktwo Pred 2 leti
youtube premium isnt out in singapore :(
Treotrickz B
Treotrickz B Pred 2 leti
Should we pay to watch?
Kay Wiltshire
Kay Wiltshire Pred 2 leti
Watched it all in one night, loved it, gunna watch and watch it over and over again. I’m immensely proud of each and everyone of you not just individually but as a team :)
Matthew Carter
Matthew Carter Pred 2 leti
Just watched all 6 episodes and it was jokes
Mike Myers
Mike Myers Pred 2 leti
brilliant show absolutely brilliant but I'm also pissed cause I cant watch it cause I don't have youtuber premium, ya' ll have fun while I sit in the corner
Veda Anand
Veda Anand Pred 2 leti
Watch it on rulu
Mike Myers
Mike Myers Pred 2 leti
its good to know I'm not alone
Owen Clark
Owen Clark Pred 2 leti
ThatOneBounced same
Damian Petrof
Damian Petrof Pred 2 leti
If i live in Poland i can't watch the other series for free?
MS7 Pred 2 leti
elite series!
Gabor Pred 2 leti
No SLtv Premium in my country, sick
Ben Welsh
Ben Welsh Pred 2 leti
Watched all of the episodes absolutely brilliant definetly the best SLtv original shows ever
mohamed moh
mohamed moh Pred 2 leti
In my country is not available
Calum Goodwin
Calum Goodwin Pred 2 leti
I have a 3 month trial lol
Ruby O
Ruby O Pred 2 leti
Can you cancle it after the 1 month ?
eke Pred 2 leti
I have SLtv premium for 3 months free
S0k9 -
S0k9 - Pred 2 leti
SLtv Premium In UAE?
Romek Roolaht
Romek Roolaht Pred 2 leti
Cant watch it because its not out in Estonia
Ghost 1981
Ghost 1981 Pred 2 leti
I’m gassed but I’m upset how I need to pay I know there is a free trial but I need card ID and if I do my mums she will kill me is there a way not to do the ID please let me know
LOJPIK Pred 2 leti
Part with you an jj was very funny. Big like from Slovakia
Crikey Pred 2 leti
just binged it, amazing! great work guys.
Jackson Hollis
Jackson Hollis Pred 2 leti
I’ve watched the entire series already great job 👍
Rebecca Foster
Rebecca Foster Pred 2 leti
I literally binged watched every episode already. Really enjoyed it, and I really appreciate you guys taking the time to make it! Love you always.
Rangga Athari
Rangga Athari Pred 2 leti
Look at the description: Josh almost completed 100% achievements in Golf With Your Friends on Steam Wtf?
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