My $20,000 Custom SIDEMEN Jewellery 

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This weeks video finds us doing another Behzinga Reddit video because we're stuck inside BUT we also got a little surprise to share with you guys! Hope you guys are keeping safe and enjoy the video!
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3. apr. 2020

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JCUTZ Pred 4 dnevi
Ahhh, still not as good as the beerus chain, get gud
leo plays 83
leo plays 83 Pred 17 dnevi
Bootleg ksi
1001 Random
1001 Random Pred 17 dnevi
Subscribe to me please please
Trisdead Pred 20 dnevi
Why does it say xix? What does xix mean and why do they have xix on their chain?
FunnyManJoe Pred mesecem
I got an add for willne on JD????? Lol
Talha Pred 2 meseci
Does anyone know what asos ring is that?
Kiprop Pred 2 meseci
Weh sidemen wako machingling tiambo
Amine Athem
Amine Athem Pred 3 meseci
2:24 what's the name of that middle finger ring he has ?
long angry sausage
long angry sausage Pred 4 meseci
Yess Lauren Alexis ftw!!
Courtney Twing
Courtney Twing Pred 5 meseci
If anyone is curious an update on how many subs the sidemen have all together is now 107,366,000 P.s. I didn’t include Kicktown or What’s good but I also included Sidemen Reacts, MiniminterClips, and ZerkaaClips
Ethan Hibbert
Ethan Hibbert Pred 5 meseci
What fit is ethans sweater cos I’m tryna find one that fits like that perfect but slightly baggy, could someone help please 😁
Maani Campbell
Maani Campbell Pred 6 meseci
Yo I just bought one lol 😂
Ben Adams
Ben Adams Pred 6 meseci
Can’t turn on notifications for some reason
Emily Hagger-Deacon
Emily Hagger-Deacon Pred 8 meseci
My dad left me aswell
Kordell Stewart
Kordell Stewart Pred 8 meseci
What jumper is that????
Maddy Samateh
Maddy Samateh Pred 9 meseci
5:26 “ricey pudding” 😂😂
Steven Mendieta
Steven Mendieta Pred 9 meseci
His reactions are soo boring now. Like remember the old days with the gta rage or the try not to laugh with simon
Bw Raven
Bw Raven Pred 10 meseci
Big boi Behzinga killing it out here not just hench but uploading amazing content big up🙌🏻
TotallyTayah Pred 10 meseci
So can I hand your old chain? Thanks hehe
GLOCKAYE Pred 10 meseci
I’m more focused on what’s the watch?
Milad Miah
Milad Miah Pred 10 meseci
Veroun Bhim
Veroun Bhim Pred 10 meseci
Man called him "ricey pudding" Jokes
Sam Stringfellow
Sam Stringfellow Pred 10 meseci
JJ: laughs in £500k beerus chain
Sam Stringfellow
Sam Stringfellow Pred 10 meseci
JJ: laughs in £500k beerus chain
Sam Stringfellow
Sam Stringfellow Pred 10 meseci
JJ: laughs in £500k beerus chain
Alex Pred 10 meseci
Love for shouting out Matthew walker u should watch his episode on the Joe rogan experience 👍
Jaygerz Pred 10 meseci
Is this guy just a big sidemen fan or something
Zak's Shirts
Zak's Shirts Pred 10 meseci
Should have just said Isolation Nation.....
Alek Harry
Alek Harry Pred 10 meseci
behhz seems quite chilled these days, subscribed
Crys • 15 years ago
Crys • 15 years ago Pred 10 meseci
The title was cut cuz I'm on mobile, but it said " My $20,000 Custom SIDEMEN Jew"
Thy Game Man
Thy Game Man Pred 10 meseci
shore breakresort
shore breakresort Pred 10 meseci
SwagLad Pred 10 meseci
FaZe Banks vs Behzinga August 25th
Kirsty Rickman
Kirsty Rickman Pred 10 meseci
That ring slid on well too easy, I'd worry it would just fall off 🤷‍♀️
Vignir Snær
Vignir Snær Pred 10 meseci
That intro lmfao 🤣😂 keep up the good work my G
BaveryRed Pred 10 meseci
KSI's Pokemon Chain
pacemask Pred 10 meseci
Is it weird that the only sidemen I watch is you?
Z bone
Z bone Pred 10 meseci
Is that a t1 pillow
Wackywind Pred 10 meseci
Copying KSI with this one ? 😂
Ultra X
Ultra X Pred 10 meseci
Oh no behz not you with the bucKET hat😂
TrickshotFag Pred 10 meseci
What’s the difference between your dad and a boomerang The boomerang came back
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Pred 10 meseci
Favroute you tuber
Kievan Zane Candiah
Kievan Zane Candiah Pred 10 meseci
Pls do a diss track on infinite, so quarantine won't be so boring. After all he did say he wanted to do one on you.
ImAnonyMouS _
ImAnonyMouS _ Pred 10 meseci
I disliked to be 700th dislike 🤪🥳🤪
Tricky Trixxy
Tricky Trixxy Pred 10 meseci
The one Ciool
The one Ciool Pred 10 meseci
Bruh that bling costs two 8 times more than my dads car.
alida flus
alida flus Pred 10 meseci
I just subbed
Lee Roy
Lee Roy Pred 10 meseci
Watched you for years to realize I wasn't subbed 😂
Stefan Ubiparip
Stefan Ubiparip Pred 10 meseci
He’s got skinnier
alida flus
alida flus Pred 10 meseci
You should do a competition to win a work out with you!
Amey Rahman-Stokes
Amey Rahman-Stokes Pred 10 meseci
I hate how you talk now. Sound like a fucking moron.
L1_levy Pred 10 meseci
and wallah 3:20
aola wili
aola wili Pred 10 meseci
Seriously may be my favorite ever.
RYEADO Pred 10 meseci
Anyone else miss ethans gaming vids
Alexander Karlsson
Alexander Karlsson Pred 10 meseci
Yeez Behz! You became as red as a tomato when talking about Elz and the sims thing. What are you not telling us bro? 😉
Will Townsend
Will Townsend Pred 10 meseci
JJ: laughs in money
aola wili
aola wili Pred 10 meseci
You are the best. Let’s get to 4m
James vlogzz
James vlogzz Pred 10 meseci
Favroute you tuber
Marco Antonio Hernandez R.
Behzinga really need a Re design a new logo, new brand, (new name maybe). Something more fit to his new style, less wacky more modern.
Rocco Carbone
Rocco Carbone Pred 10 meseci
Are you dating Lauren Alexis yet
Callum Pred 10 meseci
There being moist about it
Liam Wray
Liam Wray Pred 10 meseci
Workout programs and diet programs?
Fraser Lennie
Fraser Lennie Pred 10 meseci
You should do a competition to win a work out with you!
ClashWithFin Pred 10 meseci
I just subbed
sproutley1 Pred 10 meseci
conor thompson
conor thompson Pred 11 meseci
Yes nathanial is at 200k wooooop
AJgrimE Pred 11 meseci
Why did i get a notification for this 7 days later? Thanks youtube.That BELL really is a great feature
Daniel J.D
Daniel J.D Pred 11 meseci
Your turning into ksi
Jatne Buir
Jatne Buir Pred 11 meseci
Behzinga: check out my custom 20k jewelry! JJ: ha. Cute.
Morgan Lyndon
Morgan Lyndon Pred 11 meseci
I’ll be honest I clicked cos I thought it was Harry 😬
Alpha videos
Alpha videos Pred 11 meseci
Charlie Charlton
Charlie Charlton Pred 11 meseci
You are the best. Let’s get to 4m
Ella Tanner
Ella Tanner Pred 11 meseci
G it means the teenage girls love u
AGx3 Pred 11 meseci
Cringe af
Cole skuxx
Cole skuxx Pred 11 meseci
Ok, Ethans either got corona or started doing heroin
Kayla hi
Kayla hi Pred 11 meseci
ksi wannabe but ok
Harry White
Harry White Pred 11 meseci
You spelled jewelry wrong
Maazi Pred 11 meseci
Get a custom chain for the 3 Nigerians ❤️
Laura Woodland
Laura Woodland Pred 11 meseci
I love this Chanel u r one of my fav SLtvrs
Kelvin Zayas
Kelvin Zayas Pred 11 meseci
Yo behz you could do a 30 days dumbell bicep/traps workout so we can follow it with you and get the gains with you aswell
Bladesync 42
Bladesync 42 Pred 11 meseci
The reflection on the left is killing me 😂
Huddzzy Pred 11 meseci
3:30 did he say wallah?
Moto TV E
Moto TV E Pred 11 meseci
Im i the only one that was watching the white guy in the window reflection
Jarred Bowen
Jarred Bowen Pred 11 meseci
outro song?
KovaaKs_ Pred 11 meseci
why you acting like a gansta hahahaah
assassinsmonkey 27
assassinsmonkey 27 Pred 11 meseci
It would look sicc if you got a diamond ring
xq Saseyo
xq Saseyo Pred 11 meseci
The video should have been Ginger bear flexing JEWS(ELS) and some random site
Magikarp 22
Magikarp 22 Pred 11 meseci
Behzinga got bars...... For about 12 seconds....
Devonwc Pred 11 meseci
Wait simon has this
alida flus
alida flus Pred 11 meseci
we love it
Eray yildirim
Eray yildirim Pred 11 meseci
I think Alisa back with banks
Abdulla Abdul
Abdulla Abdul Pred 11 meseci
Can I have your old chain
Era Era
Era Era Pred 11 meseci
Why did he put it in dollars he lives in Uk and we use pounds
Charlee Felton
Charlee Felton Pred 11 meseci
alida flus
alida flus Pred 11 meseci
He looks high ngl
Kayla Love
Kayla Love Pred 11 meseci
Spaghetti Pred 11 meseci
Love your vids
XXIX Pred 11 meseci
I just wanna know where he got his asos ring
Clutch_ wxm
Clutch_ wxm Pred 11 meseci
Who’s in the background u can see in the glass btw
Sensei GB
Sensei GB Pred 11 meseci
Not 500k tho is it
Trent Ferrari
Trent Ferrari Pred 11 meseci
"pave set" looool
Jamie Brown
Jamie Brown Pred 11 meseci
What are you actually doing?
Lets Talk About It
Lets Talk About It Pred 11 meseci
That chain and ring cost no were near 20,000
Terrence Loughran
Terrence Loughran Pred 11 meseci
Idk if going to the jewelry store is essential.....
Kevin Bing
Kevin Bing Pred 11 meseci
Why not wear both chains, tuck in the big one during the the daily and let the little one hang, and switch when you trynna flex.
Daniel Fesseha
Daniel Fesseha Pred 11 meseci
Behzinga father memes will never just like jj big forehead meme
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