Say Yes to J-Fred or Lose!! *he was a SAVAGE😂* 

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Hey guys! In this challenge, Bobby, Bryan, and Jordan have to say yes to joey for the entire day! Joey makes us deliver icecream, Walk for miles, Jump into ice baths, and hold up signs at busy street corners! The prize... an $8 gift card to the hardware store. How long do you think the guys will last? Let us know down below! Some other videos you may like are We Built a Tiny Home in Our Truck bed!! | Larger Than Life!, We Put in a Ski Slope in the Edge Space!! | Larger Than Life!, and Don’t Get SMASHED in the Shrinking Room!! We have also appeared on Dope or Nope, Rekt, and Battle universe! Who do you think will win??
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19. jan. 2021

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Ohm Kazhbu
Ohm Kazhbu Pred mesecem
Bobby: "imma do something nice for her" Also Bobby: "I'm gonna make her regret it"
Ee Rrr
Ee Rrr Pred 20 urami
@Team Edge e
Legendskull43_ Playz
@Team Edge Is da greatest SLtvr ever so make post notifications on or Team Edge will never make a vid again don’t risk it.
Legendskull43_ Playz
Good job on winning a T-shirt
Matt Plays
Matt Plays Pred 3 dnevi
@Team Edge Hi
Kg King
Kg King Pred 4 dnevi
Bobby a simp
Alexandra Solomon
Alexandra Solomon Pred 3 urami
Are we able to join your Channel
KRAY Z K Pred 3 urami
Joey, what engine you got in that Ram 3500? Is it the hemi?
Jackie Kraus
Jackie Kraus Pred 12 urami
The alert particle microcephaly damage because mechanic july glow barring a didactic stepmother. fortunate, ugliest voyage
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya Pred 19 urami
Yes yes YES
SpiritSlayer Pred 20 urami
Literally all they have to do is say yes. There is no rule about having to have to listen to him
AsianKin Pred dnevom
Did anyone notice how long bobby took to get ice cream
Penny Cochran
Penny Cochran Pred dnevom
Hsi hall daughter workshop wrap pick rich icing jib talk tech ethic hem j tech GSM iso random again gsi
Nicole Ahrens
Nicole Ahrens Pred 2 dnevi
do say yes to kevin plz
Red Death
Red Death Pred 2 dnevi
Wow love the thumbnail have fun Bobby
Taylor Mcnaught
Taylor Mcnaught Pred 2 dnevi
kermit_froggyboi Pred 2 dnevi
I really want that merch
Susan Kingery
Susan Kingery Pred 2 dnevi
Legendskull43_ Playz
Bobby wins like In 0.2 seconds
louis nathan
louis nathan Pred 3 dnevi
I went shirtless in public once
Kaptian Among us
Kaptian Among us Pred 3 dnevi
Bobby: I am never embarrassed Also Bobby: I am very embarrassed
Parkourer 72
Parkourer 72 Pred 3 dnevi
God bless y’all!! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!
Parkourer 72
Parkourer 72 Pred 3 dnevi
God bless y’all!! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!
Parkourer 72
Parkourer 72 Pred 3 dnevi
God bless y’all!! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!
Parkourer 72
Parkourer 72 Pred 3 dnevi
God bless y’all!! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!
Parkourer 72
Parkourer 72 Pred 3 dnevi
God bless y’all!! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!
Mirella Martinelli
Mirella Martinelli Pred 3 dnevi
boby did nothing the hole time
Colton Mccormick
Colton Mccormick Pred 3 dnevi
Bro why are you people sissies going to a cold bath he likes to exercise right Brian what are you heal yourself that’s how you get yourself better sissies bro
VenomPro360 Pred 4 dnevi
Bryan’s challenges were harder
VenomPro360 Pred 4 dnevi
No way an actuall deputy h9nked or anyone would, in that short a time span, if not never lol
VenomPro360 Pred 4 dnevi
It shouldn’t take that long to write I will never say never 100 times
VenomPro360 Pred 4 dnevi
Joe should have said you will NEVER get these lyrics out of ur head
VenomPro360 Pred 4 dnevi
How is he gonna use to his advantage lol. To see then suffer?
Licht OTK
Licht OTK Pred 4 dnevi
10:55 hi5 challenge on bryan it would have been more funnier if Bryan called Kevin to come over for some reason and just give him a Hi5
Trey Campbell
Trey Campbell Pred 4 dnevi
Please make Bobby do this (and add hot sauce as a challenge
Aisling Da
Aisling Da Pred 4 dnevi
I’d mingle with Bobby!
Silas White
Silas White Pred 4 dnevi
this was a really great video, ive honestly rewatched it close to 20 times now.
Rob thesnakeguy
Rob thesnakeguy Pred 4 dnevi
I haven't seen Matthias in a long time.
Camille Stephenson
Camille Stephenson Pred 4 dnevi
Jordan didn't do anything this whole challenge.
ChosenSlayr Pred 5 dnevi
They should just call this the “yes man” challenge
DJpuggs Pred 5 dnevi
I want more like this
Tom Lesar
Tom Lesar Pred 5 dnevi
Yes 👍🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨
Zane Liven
Zane Liven Pred 6 dnevi
Dang- The fact that he says the sign is true Big oof
SONICNEON87 Y Pred 6 dnevi
Do Say yes to Bobby or Bryan next time, also make Joey pay. Like if you agree.
jaycob pigeon
jaycob pigeon Pred 6 dnevi
Ops by jaycob 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
jaycob pigeon
jaycob pigeon Pred 6 dnevi
Teme edge i love de video i sub i wach your video all de time n'y jaycob
rosellen watson
rosellen watson Pred 7 dnevi
My name is Billy.
Halcyon Pred 7 dnevi
Why would you use an emoji in the title...
Jordan Bonifield
Jordan Bonifield Pred 7 dnevi
Mathias is in MEGA DESK
Fflawed Pred 7 dnevi
Jordan wrote 'I Will Never Say Never', or whatever, 100 times and then tapped out - Haha.
SpiderX _
SpiderX _ Pred 7 dnevi
6:58 Age of Ultron Reference
D.C. flash 0316
D.C. flash 0316 Pred 8 dnevi
Anyone else notice that Jordan didn’t have to do a second challenge... he only did the lyric writing.... and the ice bath was the third round
L Swan
L Swan Pred 8 dnevi
Bryan in old video: Is scared or ice then keeps on going in it Bryan from now: NOOOPE
Landon Schell
Landon Schell Pred 8 dnevi
He said “ buy yourself a spaceship ! “ 🤣
Water Fun
Water Fun Pred 8 dnevi
Do a part 2 Lol but with someone else
Water Fun
Water Fun Pred 8 dnevi
Do y’all do fan mail. If ya do, do a fan mail video.
Benjamin Goldie
Benjamin Goldie Pred 8 dnevi
Saber Emiya
Saber Emiya Pred 9 dnevi
Joey: never deny a pregnant woman ice cream Me: dang....wish my husband thought like that 🤣🤣🤣🤣
ACLskater3 // LSMG64 // SuperSkater64
Hey a Matthias camo!!! At least he was in a TE video again.
Adam Ravenscroft
Adam Ravenscroft Pred 9 dnevi
BROOO!! 14:50 I know that place!!!
Business Bunny88
Business Bunny88 Pred 9 dnevi
can i win
Richard Matriz
Richard Matriz Pred 10 dnevi
The public criminal biomechanically love because mile similarly paste outside a understood summer. steady, heavenly heavy hellish whiskey
Da loly pop Pop
Da loly pop Pop Pred 10 dnevi
Ruby Valenzuela
Ruby Valenzuela Pred 10 dnevi
Bobby: 44 dollars Joey: No I used most of it Also Bobby 😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢
Da loly pop Pop
Da loly pop Pop Pred 10 dnevi
Bryan: * goes to hi 5 sees syphus* UMMMMM MATTHIAS!!
Marcelo Giron
Marcelo Giron Pred 10 dnevi
No one Literally no one on earth Brain:calls Jordan a quitter on ice bath Also brain : quits on the ice bath too
Brooklyn Williams
Brooklyn Williams Pred 10 dnevi
Bobby: *Putting quarters on the ice cream* Me thinking: Wait isn't money dirty?! Also me: Well she also made money and got ice cream, but still ew.
Thegoat G
Thegoat G Pred 11 dnevi
I am a big fan can u pls respond
FELIX TV Pred 11 dnevi
You three need to take reveange on J-Fred!
Tammy Mclaren
Tammy Mclaren Pred 11 dnevi
2:35 Bryan should have had Jordan write Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious 100 times
Alex Wall Wall
Alex Wall Wall Pred 11 dnevi
What he should have wrote Fiddle DIDDLE pickle StIcKs are red, blue and green. One thousand time.
bitterbites Pred 11 dnevi
# single and ready to mingle
Cow Pred 11 dnevi
Bryan: I've done something worse in public... right? also him: ran as a wizard mascot for a mile
sticklo5n crew
sticklo5n crew Pred 11 dnevi
hey J-Fred if you know what far cry 5 is you will love jonh seed
Gordon Keesler
Gordon Keesler Pred 11 dnevi
gamer thor
gamer thor Pred 11 dnevi
Marie Potter
Marie Potter Pred 11 dnevi
Bryan I'm a like a walking fire hazard me😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
KAYLA WHEELER Pred 12 dnevi
Is it just me that now I found out that Kelly is pregnant?!?!?
Indrajit Manoj Kurup
Indrajit Manoj Kurup Pred 12 dnevi
this video was posted 15 days after my birthday
Canada _CW
Canada _CW Pred 12 dnevi
Bro where are your masks
The Lighter
The Lighter Pred 12 dnevi
Brian: my bysaps are burning me what bysaps Me: what bysaps
Tonya Bye
Tonya Bye Pred 12 dnevi
More Penguins
More Penguins Pred 12 dnevi
Me: ... Also me: I didn’t say no
Routines with The girls
I love you guys I am your biggest fan
Follower of Jesus
Follower of Jesus Pred 12 dnevi
Bro since when are you a dad Joey
Shawn Hill
Shawn Hill Pred 12 dnevi
Mr.railfan 4005
Mr.railfan 4005 Pred 13 dnevi
I like that truck j-fred its nice
KingdomMinded Pred 13 dnevi
Oh Bobby you don’t mess with a pregnant 🤰 women’s ice cream lol 😂
Gavin Yates - CVMS 2027
Do another video but with say yes to bobby
Bee man Vlogs
Bee man Vlogs Pred 13 dnevi
WILLIAM TAYLOR Pred 13 dnevi
no just kidding, stop at 9:47
WILLIAM TAYLOR Pred 13 dnevi
pause at 9:18 and look at Joey's face
AsianKin Pred 13 dnevi
Imagine being a fan and seeing bobby holding that sign
Cj Moore
Cj Moore Pred 13 dnevi
Bryan next to high 5 Matt and woods out side looking at a suit case that just self destructed
Eli the rad guy
Eli the rad guy Pred 13 dnevi
Joey: take the tree I don't want to do it Also joey: drives all the way there just to tease bryan
Cayden Franck
Cayden Franck Pred 14 dnevi
is matt and j-fred brothers
Country Girl
Country Girl Pred 14 dnevi
Bobby nice pit vipers
Victoria Sanchez
Victoria Sanchez Pred 14 dnevi
Bobby:I’m going to be nice 👍 Also Bobby:I’m going to make her regret asking for ice cream 🍨.
Itz_ MeAlex
Itz_ MeAlex Pred 14 dnevi
Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! 15:02
Jack gaming
Jack gaming Pred 14 dnevi
(Me seeing a add on a game and hearing bts music then asking a BIG bts fan if they ever heard of bts letting any games like it put they're music in its adds and the big bts fan says no) Me: YOU ARE A FAKE AND A FRAUD *runs at the game with a baseball bat* (lol)
Spazz Sportzy
Spazz Sportzy Pred 14 dnevi
Who else could smell the in the car
bigwic Pred 14 dnevi
i need that merch
bigwic Pred 14 dnevi
this is .....lolololol
Zachary Buchan
Zachary Buchan Pred 15 dnevi
xzZKrypticZzx Pred 15 dnevi
We lit ourselves on fire....