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25. okt. 2020

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Megan Kaye
Megan Kaye Pred 11 urami
Can someone tell me where in the HELL i can get those glasses?
Halle Postma
Halle Postma Pred 16 urami
I would eat your cheese board, Emma
Green Grass
Green Grass Pred 21 uro
Deadass thought Draco took over the vlogs when I came to do my monthly check in on Emma💀
Mona Kirvesmäki
Mona Kirvesmäki Pred dnevom
ape culture
ape culture Pred dnevom
Monkey see, monkey do. WTF R U?
Marijo S
Marijo S Pred dnevom
i would try your chesse board :) it looks really pretty
Manuela Santiago
Manuela Santiago Pred dnevom
tbh i believe more in the cheese thing than horoscope HAHAHA
Mariah The Simp
Mariah The Simp Pred dnevom
Emma: Cheese has a lot of protein! me at 4am running to the kitchen to get all the cheese.. Me: hehehehehehe!
J.I Visuals
J.I Visuals Pred 2 dnevi
Jesus loves you all.
Selena Miller
Selena Miller Pred 2 dnevi
3 forehead kisses !!!? YAY!!!!
Selena Miller
Selena Miller Pred 2 dnevi
This video made me REALLY wanna eat cheese but I’ve been dairy free for over a year... *cry face* thanks Emma!
Selena Miller
Selena Miller Pred 2 dnevi
THOUGHT, I definitely would of ate your cheese board if I was there!!
Aidan Mansfield
Aidan Mansfield Pred 2 dnevi
I don't understand how Emma has so many clothes- like an entire room dedicated to clothes- and then goes out wearing jean shorts and a grey gap hoodie.
wren Pred 2 dnevi
i would DEFINITELY eat ur cheese board
Rosemary Peterson
Rosemary Peterson Pred 3 dnevi
is it just me or does emma not look like emma in this video? idk im probably crazy
kaylyn / vsp tuts
kaylyn / vsp tuts Pred 3 dnevi
me would eat it DID THEY EAT IT I NEED TO KNOW
Hazle Weatherfield
Hazle Weatherfield Pred 3 dnevi
This video is every housewife’s masked depression. Real housewife not bravo style. Cheers, Emma. Welcome to the Existential Crisis. We have cheese boards and bbqs.
Adelina Boschman
Adelina Boschman Pred 3 dnevi
I would eat all of it it looks so bombbbb🤪
jdlover56 Pred 3 dnevi
when you like the ✨fruit preserves✨🤡😭😭😭😭
Kelly Anguizaca
Kelly Anguizaca Pred 3 dnevi
the title: "wHo hAvE I BeCoMe" me: "you have become my favorite youtuber"😌💕 ily emma
E Tom
E Tom Pred 3 dnevi
yess chef chamberlain
Tahara Allen
Tahara Allen Pred 3 dnevi
I would eat the cheese board
makhi brester
makhi brester Pred 4 dnevi
I would eat your cheese board🥰I love everything on it
Mariana Harding
Mariana Harding Pred 4 dnevi
Why can't we see you hang out with your friends or whatever love to see how the barbecue went I can just picture it. Lol
Caleb T
Caleb T Pred 4 dnevi
You make me wanna try new things like eggs,and avocado(yes I've never had any of these two things in my life)
katie kopacz
katie kopacz Pred 4 dnevi
i want her kitchen jk i want her whole house
aline genzini
aline genzini Pred 4 dnevi
I would totally eat your cheeseboard 😍
Jaime Conway
Jaime Conway Pred 4 dnevi
Haylee Whitney
Haylee Whitney Pred 4 dnevi
Our kitties have the same food bowls 🥺
Jaime Conway
Jaime Conway Pred 4 dnevi
Ahahahahahaha ONLY 1.5K dislikes?!?!?!?! THATS A POPULAR ASS BITCH IF IVE EVER HEARD AND SEEN OF ONE. IM STILLSUBSCRIBED 2.35 years later (yes real og's count) and THIS IS MY FIRST COMMENT.... the confidence 😎
fusic Pred 4 dnevi
She puts vegan cheese and vegan shit then an egg 😂
Anthony Wall
Anthony Wall Pred 4 dnevi
It's true.... There should be a button for those of us who need to sing others' songs. :0
Kristen Ashley
Kristen Ashley Pred 5 dnevi
But everything is an aesthetic..... 😂
Rachel Roman
Rachel Roman Pred 5 dnevi
Emma it literally looks so good! How much are we talking because I’ll buy one right now 😍
Riley Longan
Riley Longan Pred 5 dnevi
ok emma u aint gunna see this but lemme just put you on this sweatpants brand thingy called heavy manners. its like a small insta business thing anyway thought u might like it its expensive but reallyyyyy high quality
Christian Lancaster
Christian Lancaster Pred 5 dnevi
I didn’t realize how much went into cheese boards 😂
Idkn0w Anym0re
Idkn0w Anym0re Pred 5 dnevi
Cat butthole
jeffrey o.Asamoah
jeffrey o.Asamoah Pred 5 dnevi
Just posted a new video! I have sales going on across all my merchandise right now for black Friday/Cyber Monday. Check out my newest video to see what's going on this week on moriahelizabethmerch.com. But I wanted to also let you know that I am running a 10% off discount for black Friday on my Teespring store as well!!! Use code: CYBER10 moriah-elizabeth.teespring.com/
lucy kr
lucy kr Pred 5 dnevi
nice cat but rowdy :)
Jasmin Martinez
Jasmin Martinez Pred 5 dnevi
Emma. You GENUINELY GENUINELY GENUINELY calm my anxiety everyday!! ahhhh
Dhwani Dash
Dhwani Dash Pred 6 dnevi
I feel like we need more 'me editing' parts!
My Perspective
My Perspective Pred 6 dnevi
I had to see what the fuzz was all about with this girl and.... people really watch this shit?... wow
apple Pred 6 dnevi
I actually think coffee causes even more headaches! But I think you're immune to it now because you drink so much! Anyways I really love you!!
Firey Zindus
Firey Zindus Pred 6 dnevi
*I would love to try your cheese board, also I'm proud of your success in everything you are trying to improve, love you queen!*
Allison Balliet
Allison Balliet Pred 6 dnevi
wow what a question who have u become?
PizzaExpert Plus
PizzaExpert Plus Pred 7 dnevi
A sellout.
Madison Work
Madison Work Pred 7 dnevi
am i like special or anythibg
Roxanna Read
Roxanna Read Pred 7 dnevi
I am a vegan but anything for you queen
mia !!!
mia !!! Pred 7 dnevi
Dane Nielsons
Dane Nielsons Pred 7 dnevi
Emma: “My friend Olivia says yes to everything, she’s so easy going” Also emma: “Olivia said if I don’t get this cheese she’s calling the police”
Among us
Among us Pred 7 dnevi
Of course i would eat your cheese board it's looks tasty and delicious 😋😋
kirsten Smith
kirsten Smith Pred 8 dnevi
Okay but those aren’t cowboy boots... they are line dancing boots. Please, please, pleaseeeee don’t drag cowboys like that 😂😅 sorry, love you so much but it’s just one of my biggest pet peeves haha...sorry
Jason Finney
Jason Finney Pred 8 dnevi
Look good asf
kat terrell
kat terrell Pred 8 dnevi
why does she always only have one avocado left
fatyy yy
fatyy yy Pred 8 dnevi
ted mosbey`'s boots
Sasha Grey
Sasha Grey Pred 8 dnevi
💖 𝐅𝐎𝐑 𝐀𝐃𝐔𝐋𝐓𝐒 𝐋𝐄𝐓'𝐒 𝐊𝐋𝐈𝐊 💖foto video x 🐻 𝐊𝐋𝐈𝐊 𝐇𝐄𝐑𝐄 ≔⫸ shorturl.ca/dirtyflirthotsexscene [18+] TANTA BEYEZAS QUE DIOS A HECHO EN ESTE MUNDO ASERE Y DISEN QUE DIOS ES MALO SI DIOS ES MALO NADIE ES BUENO ASERE MIL GRASIAS POR TANTA BEYESAS I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli.
Public Enemy
Public Enemy Pred 8 dnevi
what up with opiate addicts bein trumpies
Shalom Gale
Shalom Gale Pred 9 dnevi
22:34 oMg eMma iS sO stInkY
Shalom Gale
Shalom Gale Pred 9 dnevi
no one: emma: mY fRIenD oLivIA
Giovana Porto
Giovana Porto Pred 9 dnevi
i love how she's so precautious with her money but like... she's rich
CodingWithZineb Pred 9 dnevi
if i would eat it? i would eat the board with it girlll it all looks good!!!
CodingWithZineb Pred 9 dnevi
"cOOOlll" lol she sounds like those 10 year old americans haha i like it
CodingWithZineb Pred 9 dnevi
lol i love how im just listening to someone talk about cheese, nice :)
Marine Lessard
Marine Lessard Pred 9 dnevi
I would totally eat it!! It made me so hungry looking at your cheeseboard that I actually went eating cheese during your video!
Lisa Cho
Lisa Cho Pred 9 dnevi
Sibhongile Lachish Chitengi
Literally all she does is regular things in her kitchen but I’m just so entertained
Costa Jessica
Costa Jessica Pred 9 dnevi
Emma: I'm Irish. Jacksepticeye:〜Happy Irish sound〜
Cayla Maureen Cuison
Cayla Maureen Cuison Pred 10 dnevi
I genuinely love your videos 🤘🏻
i literally want her whole closet
now i wanna make a cheese board
samantha young
samantha young Pred 10 dnevi
samantha young
samantha young Pred 10 dnevi
M Powell
M Powell Pred 10 dnevi
no wonder the world is going to hell in a handbasket
blxeberrie bug
blxeberrie bug Pred 10 dnevi
I don't know who needs this but I love you You are worth it You will get through it ❤
blxeberrie bug
blxeberrie bug Pred 10 dnevi
God bless you all he loves you more than you can imagine praise Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior I love you too be safe there is no love greater than Gods love! xoxoxoxo❤❤❤✝️
Sondos Hussein
Sondos Hussein Pred 10 dnevi
i missed emma i haven’t watched her in years and damn she’s great
Lexi Lex
Lexi Lex Pred 10 dnevi
“Smells like when Declan burps” 😂😂😂😂
MALEEYAYA Scott Pred 10 dnevi
Nobody: Everybody in the comments: “Nobody: “ “Everybody in the comments: “
Gabriella Trulli
Gabriella Trulli Pred 10 dnevi
Emma Lee
Emma Lee Pred 10 dnevi
Good morning sisters! Have you checked out yesterday's new video yet?! sltv.info/label/e5OpqtGxjmeNg2s/video
Mara Artist
Mara Artist Pred 10 dnevi
“It’s like..I can’t fully be myself because there is always risk to be copy righted” She is ✨icon✨
Maria Alexia Zarza
Maria Alexia Zarza Pred 11 dnevi
I’d eat from ur cheeseboard emma :)
Violet Heuck
Violet Heuck Pred 11 dnevi
I would definitely eat her cheese board it looks so good!!!!!
Brooklynn Scott
Brooklynn Scott Pred 11 dnevi
"Genuinely"~ Emma Chamberlain
Hailey Craven
Hailey Craven Pred 11 dnevi
Alazia Jae
Alazia Jae Pred 11 dnevi
im not really a cheese person. id eat the crackers tho :)
may ba
may ba Pred 11 dnevi
my brother knows Emma chamberlain as the girl who says bad words
maggie ruggles
maggie ruggles Pred 11 dnevi
my cats have the same bowls as urs lolol
marissa cruz
marissa cruz Pred 11 dnevi
emma: nothing a little coffee can’t fix also emma: brings out a gallon of coffee
Alyssa Cruz
Alyssa Cruz Pred 11 dnevi
I just realized I have the same glasses as Emma! Target=acquired
daniel joesph livelife
I'm always back for more ...lol you make boring look fun
Keeley Klingler
Keeley Klingler Pred 11 dnevi
She definitely had her glowup!
Oldgold1988 Pred 11 dnevi
Who's cares
Chara Spiro
Chara Spiro Pred 11 dnevi
I would eat your cheese bord probably the whole of it but not really bc we dont want any poopy problems you know but it looked amazing
Chara Spiro
Chara Spiro Pred 11 dnevi
Emma: also yes I am wearing the same sweatshirt as yesterday and I do that for multiple days no shame😗 THIS IS LITERALLY ME I LOVE HEEEE
Keonna Burns
Keonna Burns Pred 11 dnevi
The cheese board though! You're also my new favorite SLtvr!
Emma doise
Emma doise Pred 11 dnevi
pls do asmr
Avery Zipp
Avery Zipp Pred 12 dnevi
The fact that its 3am and I just went into the kitchen to grab cheese because I watched this video lmfao
gay toulouse
gay toulouse Pred 12 dnevi
who else loves when emma just vlogs random days?
Caroline Stone
Caroline Stone Pred 12 dnevi
Damn ur house is anazing
Holly Cupid
Holly Cupid Pred 12 dnevi
The number of times she did zooms ins omg!!😂