Minecraft, But All Ores Are Potions... 

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Minecraft, But All Ores Are Potions... (Challenge)
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This is a Minecraft (1.16) challenge in which I am trying to speedrun Minecraft and beat the enderdragon, however, every ore can be made into a SUPER POTION! This is not a Minecraft Speedrunner VS Hunter, but a 'Minecraft but' challenge... This one was really strange.
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14. apr. 2021

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Wisp Pred 23 dnevi
comment if you saw the little easter egg ;)
powerblazt _32
powerblazt _32 Pred 16 dnevi
I didn't
Maya Jusszel
Maya Jusszel Pred 22 dnevi
Riji Khylle Pactol
Riji Khylle Pactol Pred 22 dnevi
@Bethany Cha i dont think they are easter eggs
Jude’s Channel
Jude’s Channel Pred 22 dnevi
I did
SPOKY Pred 22 dnevi
do minecraft but you have infinite reach :)
Nelia Manio
Nelia Manio Pred 48 minutami
Tyrone Perkins
Tyrone Perkins Pred 5 urami
I love in the intro when he gets surprised he screams OoOoOoH
Beep Beep
Beep Beep Pred 6 urami
Love your vids
gipsy danger
gipsy danger Pred 7 urami
The diamond didn't really have as cool effects as much as the intro
Kevin_kommt_ zu_mir_spielen
Ez Callange
Isaac Munchieface
Isaac Munchieface Pred 8 urami
Wisp will die if you don't subscribe
adrian adrian
adrian adrian Pred 12 urami
drink mob potions
Kenneth Lehrman
Kenneth Lehrman Pred 12 urami
Nobody: Wisp intro: AAAAAAAAA
Tenny Xavier
Tenny Xavier Pred 13 urami
Hey yo! I'm new here can anyone suggest me about his videos?
imposterbrine Pred 17 urami
Wisp : be like when he find 💎 10:40 o my 😋😋😋😊😊😊
yolly garcia
yolly garcia Pred 20 urami
I love dragon
Kaylee Clay
Kaylee Clay Pred 21 uro
YES he got the 2 likes
gamer king
gamer king Pred 23 urami
The ending was unexpected
gamer king
gamer king Pred 23 urami
I wish if he told his seed
KairaDaniel Jimenez
KairaDaniel Jimenez Pred 23 urami
Do u know tapl
Imangali Saken
Imangali Saken Pred dnevom
u need to give names of mods
Vwx Yz
Vwx Yz Pred dnevom
That "woaaaah" is always hillarious
Aforgottenkid Pred dnevom
this is getting so insane i think its fake
funnie monke
funnie monke Pred dnevom
Alah or Muhammad. 😳
Shirley Noel-Sanchez
Wisp: *says he wants a small number of likes* everyone watching the video: we will give you up to a thousand okay?
chic10 modas
chic10 modas Pred dnevom
winned a sub ur content incrible amazing dude
Siddharth Sebin
Siddharth Sebin Pred dnevom
I saw ur comment on skeppy’s channel
Da Miner
Da Miner Pred dnevom
he said 2 likes not 200,000 smh yall suck at this.
steps games
steps games Pred dnevom
when i saw that flint and steal enchanting i started wheezing like dream xD
Nq Cm
Nq Cm Pred dnevom
Your right dig straight down why we didn't think about this
Pred dnevom
Mining straight down is actually horrible. He just got lucky.
lolnub Pred dnevom
this is how drugs were made.
Marquis King
Marquis King Pred dnevom
Only if Minecraft actually had diamond potions so op and im not bad at finding diamond im actually pretty good at it.
Ruv Pred dnevom
10:26 You forgot to say: “Hey guys welcome back to my channel and I’m strip mining rn” Thing.
JETT SMITH Pred dnevom
me dug down on a big vain of caol the 20 block wide ravine full of lava waiting down there
Naheeda Parveen
Naheeda Parveen Pred dnevom
zaina bani hani
zaina bani hani Pred dnevom
Stop angry
Cemny Senpai
Cemny Senpai Pred dnevom
Bro stop screaming at the beginning
Ali Faheem
Ali Faheem Pred dnevom
Netherite potion 😎 yo it will 💯 give invinciblity
Minecraft LOL 2.1
Minecraft LOL 2.1 Pred dnevom
2:43 I always do that when im out of resources
Felipe Iglesias
Felipe Iglesias Pred dnevom
I love your video
Arlin Lesondra
Arlin Lesondra Pred dnevom
2:42 the zombie was just watching him mine iron ore lol
Yasemin Cömert
Yasemin Cömert Pred dnevom
why you dont look at netherite posion
Ananda Tarabec
Ananda Tarabec Pred dnevom
Clip that with the diamonds and send it to Gamers React
nergiz ramadan
nergiz ramadan Pred dnevom
I love hau,u laf?I love u
JrTheGamerMan My singing monsters fan
Idk why but try to do a normal Minecraft speed run but when you get hit you get rickrolled
Destroyer XL
Destroyer XL Pred dnevom
why do u scream in the intro everytime xD
yes i can by battery is 1
Josh Lemuel Alijaya 1314006
wisp you forgot the netherite potion
FnfKapi Wolf
FnfKapi Wolf Pred 2 dnevi
Luiza Sales
Luiza Sales Pred 2 dnevi
poção de lapis lasule>>>>>>
The Last kids On earth
I love easter eggs did you do that?
Maddie Pred 2 dnevi
Shouldn't emerald potion give you hero of the village ?
Niek Van Schaik
Niek Van Schaik Pred 2 dnevi
Make a normal survival world
ethan case
ethan case Pred 2 dnevi
Why dont you make multiples
Lostard Pred 2 dnevi
What about netherite?
Emilia Jeje
Emilia Jeje Pred 2 dnevi
And diamond in 6:09
Emilia Jeje
Emilia Jeje Pred 2 dnevi
Wisp i see fortress in 3:13
Oh oh wait what is happening? OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Ben Jits
Ben Jits Pred 2 dnevi
alric weng
alric weng Pred 2 dnevi
hela is the name of a cell culture and if you dont know what that is then a kid is smarter than you :)
Ghastly Games
Ghastly Games Pred 2 dnevi
Wisp:EASY DOES IT! He says that as he falls down a tower 🤣
wert Pred 2 dnevi
TOTAL GAMER Pred 2 dnevi
You make very good video I like your all videos do face reveal
Scarlett Rani
Scarlett Rani Pred 2 dnevi
You forgot about netheright!
VNS •AGT Pred 2 dnevi
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith Pred 2 dnevi
2:46 I feel bad for anyone who acually uses that advice and mines straight down.
REVERSE MOM Pred 2 dnevi
Wisp like: lets do 2 LIKES and me like: more like 200.000 🤣
killerRaptor99 Gaming
I’m sorry but wisp is so shot now he was better when he hat 276k subs before utube took over his soul and he did uhc on hypikel
Žebrák plus
Žebrák plus Pred 2 dnevi
So why there is a stone in bottle I thought that stone is not 100% diamond💎
Batuhan Akyürek
Batuhan Akyürek Pred 2 dnevi
Please add Turkish subtitles. I am Turkish. We watch as my family and we are dying of laughter.
Batuhan Akyürek
Batuhan Akyürek Pred 2 dnevi
Please add Turkish subtitles. I am Turkish. We watch as my family and we are dying of laughter.
Batuhan Akyürek
Batuhan Akyürek Pred 2 dnevi
Please add Turkish subtitles. I am Turkish. We watch as my family and we are dying of laughter.
Batuhan Akyürek
Batuhan Akyürek Pred 2 dnevi
Please add Turkish subtitles. I am Turkish. We watch as my family and we are dying of laughter.
Batuhan Akyürek
Batuhan Akyürek Pred 2 dnevi
Please add Turkish subtitles. I am Turkish. We watch as my family and we are dying of laughter.
Batuhan Akyürek
Batuhan Akyürek Pred 2 dnevi
Please add Turkish subtitles. I am Turkish. We watch as my family and we are dying of laughter.
AYUSH Arora Pred 2 dnevi
Nothing is happening in survival mode you just cheating in codes
Maya Baldueza
Maya Baldueza Pred 2 dnevi
what about nerherite
valentijn vdBerg
valentijn vdBerg Pred 2 dnevi
where netherite potion?
vegeta gaming
vegeta gaming Pred 2 dnevi
u should make minecraft but u can eat alive animals
Diana Harsono
Diana Harsono Pred 3 dnevi
Emeralds before Diamonds-
Blake Ashby
Blake Ashby Pred 3 dnevi
I love how he acts like each of these videos are a very difficult challenge even though he makes the game 10X easier
NuXeZ Pred 3 dnevi
rip for ancient debris
Liam Saldanha
Liam Saldanha Pred 3 dnevi
Face reveal? Please
hans pangawan 6C
hans pangawan 6C Pred 3 dnevi
What mod name
Hawks Simp
Hawks Simp Pred 3 dnevi
Congratulations on the 3.17M subs my dude
Katliyn Toro Chirinos
*to coal all the way down to diamonds
Nancy Renteria
Nancy Renteria Pred 3 dnevi
Why not mystery thing in the neather
GamerMonsterYT Pred 3 dnevi
What about netherite?
Whalem Pred 3 dnevi
Mans using X-ray still
Ginna Ankney
Ginna Ankney Pred 3 dnevi
What about netherite
Nikulus Karadjov
Nikulus Karadjov Pred 3 dnevi
you dont use netherit potionnnnnnnn
GLaZeD BaCoN130
GLaZeD BaCoN130 Pred 3 dnevi
You mean 200k likes
superhifan the cuber
The fact he never sets his spawn...
Dan Nat
Dan Nat Pred 3 dnevi
Love the Easter eggs my dude
Rahaf & Adam Kids TV
I like it when he screams 😂
Jack Watts
Jack Watts Pred 3 dnevi
I mean we got the 2 likes
Davy Game On
Davy Game On Pred 3 dnevi
Great job. Respect 😉
Oscarmayes0819 Mayes
I think he’s running out of ideas
Samir Ghandouri
Samir Ghandouri Pred 3 dnevi
Havent you did nether Iron?
Samane Parizad
Samane Parizad Pred 3 dnevi
Gaming Channel
Gaming Channel Pred 3 dnevi
um can you tell me the link to the mod please it looks so fun
Rafael Antonio Silva Camacho
me wen i found diamonds and redstone $_$
zila ziman
zila ziman Pred 3 dnevi
Wisp you didnt make the netherite potion
Bimboral Pred 3 dnevi
Bc netherite isn't exactly an ore
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