The Legendary Power Of Tommy Morrison 

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BLTV takes a closer look at the career of Tommy 'The Duke' Morrison.




25. jan. 2021

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Nemo 1966
Nemo 1966 Pred 5 urami
Nothing compared to Mike Tyson
The Information Bomber
That's true
Freedom Of speech
Freedom Of speech Pred 6 urami
ST. Sportswear
ST. Sportswear Pred 6 urami
Louise Hayle
Louise Hayle Pred 10 urami
Any time someone talks about the boxing greats, I think of Jerry Quarry. He could take a punch better than anyone. 53 wins (23 by decision). He lost to some of the greats. Died essentially of old age at 53yo. Anyone talks of boxing glamour should remember the cost.
# Omar #
# Omar # Pred 15 urami
6:19 song name anyone?
Niki Lauda
Niki Lauda Pred 18 urami
Jesus! One of the best boxers in my lifetime, and I am 70. Clean boxing, with very diversified punches, and the speed of a leopard. Why have I not heard of this guy earlier. I never herd his name, but it was the pleasure watching this Thanks!
The Information Bomber
he was a hyped up bum killer
Peter Garcia
Peter Garcia Pred dnevom
Yo ...Tommy....Yo Tommy Gun
manny santus
manny santus Pred dnevom
Yeaaaa i remember dey be calling him the great big white hope.. stood out big time.'
KooLio I
KooLio I Pred dnevom
Power of doping and steroids
clifford yawn
clifford yawn Pred dnevom
Mike Tyson also had a hell of a left hook
clifford yawn
clifford yawn Pred dnevom
Foreman was extraordinary for his age
clifford yawn
clifford yawn Pred dnevom
Tommy never could beat the elite boxers He beat a lotta has beens though
71Kalej Pred 2 dnevi
We miss the duke!
Steven Bennett
Steven Bennett Pred 2 dnevi
Excellent collection, sad story, glad to see his best memories highlighted, Great vid mate
Mark Kuman
Mark Kuman Pred 2 dnevi
Love your SLtv Channel! Hi from Papua New Guinea!
Mauricio Roads Young
Cara bate muito..e detalhe..aguenta pancada.....best !!!
Scott Howie
Scott Howie Pred 2 dnevi
Loved Tommy . Hey yo Tommy I didn't hear no bell
Tab Howard
Tab Howard Pred 2 dnevi
That's One Good Production, With Great, & Inciteful Commentary, & Exciting Footage. You Did Tommy Proper Justas, & We'll Now All Remember Tommy Morrison, In A Much Better Light. As I, & I Hope That We Do All Really, & Truly Totally Appreciate All The Hard, & Tedious Work That Went Into Making This Great Boxing Video, & The Man That Spawned The Reason Of A Tough Man On A Quest!
NotMyName Pred 2 dnevi
One of the best! No doubt!
Fifi Macaffee
Fifi Macaffee Pred 2 dnevi
Enormous traps and delts are a dead giveaway of steroid use. Holyfield had the same look.
Leon Maliniak
Leon Maliniak Pred 2 dnevi
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Alejandro Jerez
Alejandro Jerez Pred 3 dnevi
Tommy got AIDS.
Tab Howard
Tab Howard Pred 2 dnevi
Yes He Did, & He Probably Laid Way More Hot Chic's Than We Can Even Count, & It Truly Sucks That He Made A Few Really Bad Decisions, To Say The Least, But His Left, Right, Left Was Just As Devastating To His Opponents Careers, As The Power Of Aids That Had Laid Him To Rest Too.! I Try To Look At How Artist Lived, Rather Than How They Had Died, Because His Handy Work Was Truly Legendary, & Until This Gent Shows His Output, & It Truly Recalls A Serious Contender In The Tough World Of Boxing.!
kamerarosak Pred 3 dnevi
The fact that you still have VHS tapes, I salute you!
Alton Baker
Alton Baker Pred 3 dnevi
Over rated! Didn't want to show the beating he took from Mercer and Lewis.
bigbilltoady Pred 3 dnevi
Got to love big George as long as your not in the ring with him in the early 70's.
bigbilltoady Pred 3 dnevi
I remember Tyson said tha Razor Ruddock hit like a bull.
bigbilltoady Pred 3 dnevi
That straight right at 9:41 busted that peak.
bigbilltoady Pred 3 dnevi
Why would any of the younger Quarry brothers get into the fight game after watching brother Jerry's brain melt away like a sugar cube in warm water from blows to the head?
bigbilltoady Pred 3 dnevi
I'm guessing Tommy left some brain damage in his wake.
Luke S.
Luke S. Pred 3 dnevi
Can anyone tell me what music was used for this video? Especially at 2:57
Mao Templar Campofranco
I always thought that if Morrison in his prime had fought against Tyson, the story would be different today.
Toni T
Toni T Pred 4 dnevi
The best "one punch ko" in heavyweight division.THE PERFECT PUNCH!
Luis Velez
Luis Velez Pred 4 dnevi
Blaster Elforg
Blaster Elforg Pred 4 dnevi
True legend in the ring. Best of the best!
Lizbeth Espejel
Lizbeth Espejel Pred 4 dnevi
Woooow Is amazing awesome .
I Am Nord
I Am Nord Pred 4 dnevi
Its so clear that he started using steroids between the Terell and Tillis fight. I mean the body transformation between them is insane. He was a Great fighter But clearly on the steroids. To bad becuase i dont think he realy needed it and that probably contributed to his personality changes
Craig Neil
Craig Neil Pred 5 dnevi
You are right very humble God bless him
Craig Neil
Craig Neil Pred 5 dnevi
What happened to Tommy?
Craig Neil
Craig Neil Pred 5 dnevi
What a boxer
Joan Scott
Joan Scott Pred 5 dnevi
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Walter Morales
Walter Morales Pred 5 dnevi
Tommy is a bad ass for kicking everyone ass that beat his brother
Buck Boss88
Buck Boss88 Pred 5 dnevi
Morrison woulda killed deontay wilder lmfaooo
Roman Starr
Roman Starr Pred 5 dnevi
His style was so explosive in the ring; but outside it was a no contest. RIP Tommy.
Lucky Dave
Lucky Dave Pred 6 dnevi
Did Shelby throw that fight ? It looked like it when he just dropped his guard for no reason.
John Delper
John Delper Pred 6 dnevi
To impress George Forman with your Punching Power is quite an accomplishment, of George's wins 90% were by knockout.
pietro davino
pietro davino Pred 6 dnevi
Big Tommy legend
zayvin Pred 7 dnevi
rest in peace brother
World Records
World Records Pred 7 dnevi
Now a days he would be called a racist and riots in the streets right?
Thelast Firstborn
Thelast Firstborn Pred 7 dnevi
Song name at 1:18 please
Adriano James
Adriano James Pred 7 dnevi
Thank you for sharing these clips !
Abdullah Madani
Abdullah Madani Pred 7 dnevi
AIDS finishes him A small virus destroys his strength and reputation
AX7 Duran
AX7 Duran Pred 7 dnevi
Tommy seemed like such a good dude.Wish things would of been different.
William Nelson
William Nelson Pred 7 dnevi
Never appreciated his artwork until now. Dang.
ware fare
ware fare Pred 7 dnevi
Can't to hope the words, he was greatest! Love and respect to him and his suns from Russia! Tommy BEST!!!!! Царство небесное ему и пусть земля будет пухом!
Nishant Singh
Nishant Singh Pred 8 dnevi
Due to his personal life he was not a champion otherwise he was the biggest thing after Tyson n boxing
Johnny Lacey
Johnny Lacey Pred 8 dnevi
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Johnny Lacey
Johnny Lacey Pred 8 dnevi
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Petaz Rock
Petaz Rock Pred 8 dnevi
tayson le ubiera sacado la rechucha...corta
John Kraken
John Kraken Pred 8 dnevi
True Gamer
True Gamer Pred 8 dnevi
RIP Tommy 🙏🏾
Detlef Frank
Detlef Frank Pred 8 dnevi
Selbst die größten Fäuste können kein Gehirn ersetzen!
Nursultan Eskojaev
Nursultan Eskojaev Pred 9 dnevi
Александр Мохов
Морисон шикарен широкоплечий великан
Craig Shields
Craig Shields Pred 9 dnevi
What a collection you have!
bakpia merpati
bakpia merpati Pred 9 dnevi
LibsRcrazy Pred 9 dnevi
This dude was a beast. So talented and fast. What could have been.... the white hope lol. It seems boxing is dominated by white dudes now. How ironic
TheRiddick27 Pred 9 dnevi
Can you imagine any other the heavyweights today fighting with a broken jaw? And it hardly slowed him down. Morrison's legendary power was one thing but he never punched himself out after 1 sustained attack like Joshua & co do today's. And they fight at a far, far slower pace! Tommy could have been a boxing superstar to rival Mike Tyson but for his exploits outside the ring. And what a fight that would have been between 2 of the hardest punchers boxing has ever seen!
Rene Turner
Rene Turner Pred 9 dnevi
The determined march specifically whine because wave dolly happen a a elastic suede. uptight, natural refund
Kent McFarland
Kent McFarland Pred 9 dnevi
Got an autograph from him in the Kansas City airport after one of his last knock-out fights. Took me 10 minutes to get the guts to ask for it but he gave it to me. What a great fighter! Sorry his life ended too early.
Conal Otoole
Conal Otoole Pred 9 dnevi
Could have gone all the way what a wasted talent
Aliya Pred 9 dnevi
Great amount of work done! Very much appreciated!
hamza rao
hamza rao Pred 9 dnevi
Tommy we will remember you... You were the real warrior...
Chief Agu
Chief Agu Pred 9 dnevi
Do Dick Tiger!!!
Mannylo Anime Squad Life Lessons
Sad they never talk about Him though its probably due to his personal life :/
Spiritcr1jsher Pred 10 urami
@James Rhodes exactly
James Rhodes
James Rhodes Pred dnevom
@Rock 'n' Jimmy it's because he covered up having HIV and endangered a bunch of other fighters.
Rock 'n' Jimmy
Rock 'n' Jimmy Pred 2 dnevi
The real reason they don't talk about him is probably cause he is white!
yilguy Pred 10 dnevi
I hear those punches from Turkey. Plus; Great boxing fundamentals and mechanics. Look at trajectory of his shoulder. Perfectly transfer energy from one side to another.
heat4yoass Pred 10 dnevi
One of the greatest that could've been, but never been.
Rihsyan Adam Riansyah
Rihsyan Adam Riansyah Pred 10 dnevi
well spoken boker, pretty rare now
Chris Parker
Chris Parker Pred 10 dnevi
I would like a filmmaker make a Tommy Morrison movie
danielino danielino
danielino danielino Pred 10 dnevi
Grande campione!
Fred Zag
Fred Zag Pred 10 dnevi
I boxed a round with Tommy. I gave him a scare. He thought he killed me!
AX7 Duran
AX7 Duran Pred 7 dnevi
A lot of talent ...to bad he made the wrong choises....he could have been one of greatest
David David
David David Pred 10 dnevi
He was so good he fought pros when he had full blown aids
Sergey Antakov
Sergey Antakov Pred 10 dnevi
просмотрел до половины.. практически во всех боях против него выставляют каких то жирных, нетренированных балбесов... только пара равных(относительно) противников было... а так да.. атлетичный парень в хорошей форме... жаль прожил всего 44 года.. RIP..
Anibal Ferran
Anibal Ferran Pred 10 dnevi
Morrison era muy güeno, eh!, veloz, potente y muy jurioso, contra Ruddock fue una verdadera guerrra.
Gino Minelli
Gino Minelli Pred 11 dnevi
Tommy Mr . Steroide !
Jason Losey
Jason Losey Pred 11 dnevi
My cousin by marriage. My stepfather was related. Amazing fighter, would have destroyed Tyson had they not paid the lab off and say HIV positive and wasnt.
The Information Bomber
William Mersh
William Mersh Pred 11 dnevi
As Good as He was Rocky still Smashed Him LOL
Ден Денович
Ден Денович Pred 11 dnevi
Американская белая машина 💪👍👍👍
90s best era ever for HWs imo
Delmar Simpson
Delmar Simpson Pred 11 dnevi
Aids guy endangered other boxers
Прдислав Тврдокуровић
бгтххзг6к бхвм дзу6б у
Rizwan Rafeek
Rizwan Rafeek Pred 12 dnevi
A man without trash talk hard to find.
Macworks Pred 12 dnevi
Thanks for the video 🙏
E10 Pred 12 dnevi
Tommy was good but he always had a suspect chin and was a well known steroid abuser.. I believe that’s how he got aids
Nick Worrell
Nick Worrell Pred 12 dnevi
Two of my favorite fighters. Morrison and rudduck.
selim Demirkol
selim Demirkol Pred 12 dnevi
Arkadaşlar ne yaptıkl kahraman diyorsunuz sadece kendisi için maçları kazandı okadar
Um Mah
Um Mah Pred 12 dnevi
Mike Tyson
Jason J.
Jason J. Pred 13 dnevi
Wow, what a beast. What a great career.
M J Pred 13 dnevi
A good example of the power of steroids in the 80's and 90's.
exile. Pred 13 dnevi
he went after every guy who beat his brother, badass
Wannabe Slabber
Wannabe Slabber Pred 10 dnevi
@David David huh???
David David
David David Pred 10 dnevi
Denzel Washington Fight Scenes
Ramiz Zmaj -  TURA ZA KELN
I have some awful news...
Subway Has Pizza #shorts