Andy Samberg Loves Hearing People Sing Along To Lonely Island Songs 

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Andy Samberg never gets tired of hearing people sing along to the "wonderfully dumb" songs by his comedy group, The Lonely Island. You can see Andy Samberg in his critically-acclaimed film, "Palm Springs," streaming now on Hulu. #Colbert #PalmSprings #AndySamberg
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2. mar. 2021

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Tiana Rhymes
Tiana Rhymes Pred 2 dnevi
Palm Springs was SO good.
Yasaar Abdulhaq
Yasaar Abdulhaq Pred 4 dnevi
LMAO that was the best clip of the movie to show after that awesome interview 😂
Kate Sadhbh
Kate Sadhbh Pred 4 dnevi
These two men support child abuse. ABA is abuse.
Shm Pred 10 dnevi
Honestly I love andy samberg, I liked pop star but palm springs just wasn't it Wasn't my cup of tea
Green Enchantress
Green Enchantress Pred 12 dnevi
He is my perfect guy.
blinkcamlove Pred 17 dnevi
After I saw Palm Springs, I fell in love with Andy's character and completely felt love and joy again. But seeing him now, I'm falling in love all over again but for something else. I always adored his little gap but I see its been corrected and I love this new appearance even more. It's subtle and Im sure no one else noticed (i just love the shape of teeth and smiles so I notice) Hes such a great guy and actor. Glad hes doing well
Ben:) Pred 18 dnevi
I feel like people forget to mention the Bash Brothers
- y
- y Pred 19 dnevi
Wait he’s married to Joanna Newsom????? Omfg....
Danus Dickens
Danus Dickens Pred 20 dnevi
popstar is so criminally underrated. it's incredible. iconic, if you will. bless the lonely island.
AL Pred 24 dnevi
Stephen geeking out over Popstar and singing "Equal Rights" was my FAVOURITE part of this interview
Hastey Burner
Hastey Burner Pred 26 dnevi
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rohan dua
rohan dua Pred 27 dnevi
Popstar is genuinely a brilliant movie. Densely packed with gags and verbal jokes that are clever and the songs are just genius.
Rozette Peckham
Rozette Peckham Pred 27 dnevi
Aight! I watched Popstar and I am glad I did. Thanks Stephen for mentioning it and Adam...love all your stuff, but turtles are full of diseases. I hope you washed your hands after handling him.
Chelsea Sicinski
Chelsea Sicinski Pred 28 dnevi
I'm not gay but if I was I would demand equal rights? Can't straight people also demand equality?
Jimena Caballero
Jimena Caballero Pred 28 dnevi
Where can I watch it Popstar? I’ve looked at Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max, and I can’t find it
sarita dua
sarita dua Pred 28 dnevi
its available for rent on amazon, itunes etc. but its not on any streamer.
Gamma Pred 29 dnevi
One of the funniest movies ever
Maureen Cronin
Maureen Cronin Pred mesecem
Brooklyn 99 has found its British audience during the pan.
Heather Arwood
Heather Arwood Pred mesecem
No joke, Popstar is one of my favorite movies. Can't even tell you how many times I've watched it. So worth watching.
Carroll Drebert
Carroll Drebert Pred mesecem
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Marcus Danchision
Marcus Danchision Pred mesecem
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Aditi Pred mesecem
His smile
DANNY D Pred mesecem
Andy Samberg 🔥
Mack Flash
Mack Flash Pred mesecem
The producer in the background "Noooooo..."
Always Falling Short
Palm Springs is a modern classic and you should watch it right away. It's a smart movie, and the twist isn't even the best part. Great acting on everyone's part. A sleeper hit. Go into it cold, and you wont regret it. It doesn't overstay its welcome at all. Edit: I haven't seen Pop Star which I think is in a totally different vein, and I'm not a big musical fan, but I love every Lonely Island song so I gotta give it a shot.
Rachit Rakesh
Rachit Rakesh Pred mesecem
Andy Samberg is genuinely one of the funniest people ever. I love him.
Zachary Resky
Zachary Resky Pred mesecem
I love Andy samberg, he is so god damn funny. Bin Ladin and threw it on the ground are some of my favorites. I can’t wait to see more of Brooklyn 99 and your other stuff. I love you Andy.
Kayl93 Pred mesecem
Popstar was incredible :D
dimithri94 Pred mesecem
Damn daddy
Rohan Gupta
Rohan Gupta Pred mesecem
I think Andy forget about Fuck off....a deleted song from popstars 😂
Duchess of Dork
Duchess of Dork Pred mesecem
Bet Pop Star got the ole Colbert Bump
Redwan husseyn
Redwan husseyn Pred mesecem
Just finished watching Popstar
clarissa zubia
clarissa zubia Pred mesecem
i’m a simple woman. i see andy samberg and i click.
Amanda Tan
Amanda Tan Pred mesecem
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Lauren Kinkade
Lauren Kinkade Pred mesecem
Best movie ever, so underappreciated. Three times? That's rookie numbers. Got to get those numbers up.
drewwasgreat Pred mesecem
I'm On A Boat is an all-time wedding banger.
CamileFernie Pred mesecem
Is quarentine getting to me or does Colbert have some serious drip?
Bano Banoo
Bano Banoo Pred mesecem
Wtf I’m attracted to Jake Peralta
Michael Woo
Michael Woo Pred mesecem
7:49 "Oh yeah I've tickled the sheep guts." Hahahahahahahaha. Dying. Hahahahahahahaha.
David Turner
David Turner Pred mesecem
I have to say I agree with Colbert about Popstar and if I think about it I can't think of one thing I've seen Andy in that I did not like.
ksks Pred mesecem
stephen talking about popstar is a MOOD. SAMEEEEEE. i love it so much, i recommended it to all my friends and i kinda wish 'finest girl' was my first dance song but i don't have the balls.
simsamsammie Pred mesecem
JUSTICE FOR POPSTAR. such an amazing and underrated movie
gene bennett
gene bennett Pred mesecem
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sarah Pred mesecem
pop star and the bash brothers experience are like criminally underrated
drb k
drb k Pred mesecem
I've seen Palm Springs a few times since it released and it really is the perfect pick me upper.
Oliver C. Karstark
Oliver C. Karstark Pred mesecem
NINE NINE! :D sorry. had to be said
Cerem Pred mesecem
popstar is one of the best movies ever yes stephen !!!
Brad King
Brad King Pred mesecem
Pop Star and Palm Springs are both stellar comedies.
Michael Scarn
Michael Scarn Pred mesecem
Palm Springs is great but in terms of pure comedy, Popstar is far superior. But Palm Springs is the better movie overall (much tighter script).
Michelle Brown
Michelle Brown Pred mesecem
Palm Springs is a really good movie, and has an amazing soundtrack.
Michelle Brown
Michelle Brown Pred mesecem
I have video of my now 18 year old son singing "The Creep" when he was 11. I am a horrible mother.
JediNxf7 Strikes Back
did he come out clean, and did he come out creepin?
Inverness Fan
Inverness Fan Pred 2 meseci
I have written a poem about Lonely Islands. Are we not all Lonely Islands? We search for other islands to build bridges for, and travel by ship with. We search for human contact. To seek other lonely islands. One day perhaps we will be United Archipelagos,
arlo247 Pred 2 meseci
Man, Love these guys
Deanna Durben
Deanna Durben Pred 2 meseci
POPSTAR is amazing
Suntaaria Pred 2 meseci
I love stephen's enthusiasm when he said "NO! Fuck this show!"
Simon Evans
Simon Evans Pred 2 meseci
He's in the British comedy series cuckoo from season 2 which is hilarious!
Know More Know Less
Know More Know Less Pred 2 meseci
Finally Jake Peralta grows a beard. Amy would like that 😂. Also Jake goes to palm springs again 😂😂😂
Will Beebe
Will Beebe Pred 2 meseci
Lol good lord, what a wonderful world we live in. Watching Stephen for a while now and his energy towards Pop Star Never Stop Popping was over the top. It was unusual, felt kinda sarcastic but overall sincere. "Watched it three times" yeah sure... But it was enough for me to put it on... and my god. It's one of the most hilarious, complete and complex, unique, just... Watch it! It had me laughing so hard I had to pause it several times, I cried at the end, and have to watch it again. I barely survived the first watch it was so powerfully entertaining. This is the most amped I've seen Stephen in a while and yup, gd checks out. Thanks Andy for giving us this and lol thanks Stephen for freaking out about it!
kevin cortez
kevin cortez Pred 2 meseci
wow, a movie about someone stuck in a timeloop? how original
Val Orlandini
Val Orlandini Pred 2 meseci
Popstar is going to age itself into a cult classic.
Sivi Pred 2 meseci
RowlzRoyce Pred 2 meseci
I was in the navy and I’m on a boat was my friends and my anthem for a while to the point where years later my best man at my wedding referenced it in his best man speech and later the DJ played it and we lost our minds lol
Film Toppings
Film Toppings Pred 2 meseci
Andy is a comedic genius and whoever disagrees is wrong
sigma's Platinum Rust
sigma's Platinum Rust Pred 2 meseci
So you made groundhog's Day???
Brandon Huggins
Brandon Huggins Pred 2 meseci
I been riding with lonely island since the beginning maaaaan. These dudes are absolute geniuses
Siska Nanamuk
Siska Nanamuk Pred 2 meseci
Man. My pandemic life is so different than everyone else's
Steven Rester
Steven Rester Pred 2 meseci
My friends and I sometimes do Lonely Island and Tenacious D songs for Karaoke, lol😂
KB Pred 2 meseci
im only 14 and in 6th grade i begged my mom to let me watch it and she did. im not sure if its a good or bad thing that I knew every lyric to every song in that movie and still do lol
Michael McConnell
Michael McConnell Pred 2 meseci
That dance in Palm Springs gave me a half chub
Michael McConnell
Michael McConnell Pred 2 meseci
Andy's the best!
Noah Johnson
Noah Johnson Pred 2 meseci
When "harp heads" are gathered in a group, are they called a "harpeggio"? Asking for a friend.
John Ford
John Ford Pred 2 meseci
I love how Andy Sandberg looks more and more like Hans Gruber as time goes by. The irony from his character on Brooklyn nine nine is too good.
Kamara Wyatt
Kamara Wyatt Pred 2 meseci
Lonely Island music has been so therapeutic during this pandemic.
Sam Ashkenazy
Sam Ashkenazy Pred 2 meseci
I just rewatched Pop Star because of this and it is just as funny as Colbert hypes it up
John Murray
John Murray Pred 2 meseci
Joe Diaz
Joe Diaz Pred 2 meseci
This show is so incredibly well tuned for its audience.. 130yr olds.
Joe Diaz
Joe Diaz Pred 2 meseci
Colbert just now seeing 2010 movie................ Says everything. My parents are too young for your jokes... they are 70
Michael Scarn
Michael Scarn Pred mesecem
Movie is from 2016
Joe Diaz
Joe Diaz Pred 2 meseci
Had chance to pair title with tonight show band covering lonely island boys song... boomers miss the moment, shocking no one.
Ryan Adshead
Ryan Adshead Pred 2 meseci
This is a tale, of Captain Jack Sparrow...
Becca Antoine
Becca Antoine Pred 2 meseci
“You do feel like you’ve passed through them pearly gates” “I’ve tickled the sheep guts” wtf lmfaaaooo
Rain On Your Parade
Rain On Your Parade Pred 2 meseci
Good because everybody look at me
Sophie T
Sophie T Pred 2 meseci
Weird Al sent me here. So many great comedians grew up with Weird Al and were influenced by him. Hurray!!
Shivani Desai
Shivani Desai Pred 2 meseci
Olivia J
Olivia J Pred 2 meseci
He’s not exaggerating Popstar is hilarious!
Benjamin Stubblefield
Benjamin Stubblefield Pred 2 meseci
I called it bleed through.
Benjamin Stubblefield
Benjamin Stubblefield Pred 2 meseci
You probably shouldn’t expect babies to speak in full sentences at 4 months, and talk about sword fighting, and complain that every day it’s harder and harder to remember past lives, and repeat them aloud, as they faded, desperate not to end up in the sandbox with the incoherent children, but I did.
Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange Pred 2 meseci
Palm springs is a great addition to movies like groundhog Day, and Russian Doll
Tresa Keeter
Tresa Keeter Pred 2 meseci
Bad bitches only.... hahaha roo 2019 was amazing and so was lonely island !
HumbleBumbleBooks Pred 2 meseci
7 is definitely where the concept of sarcasm clicks in. I say this as a mother of a 7 year old daughter who is starting to surpass us in the art of sarcasm.
Elvis Elmer
Elvis Elmer Pred 2 meseci
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mercyxmutual Pred 2 meseci
The clip they showed is one of my favorite parts of Palm Springs!
James Pred 2 meseci
"It takes a village...to make me look dope" :)
Val Pred 2 meseci
popstar is criminally underrated, and the bin laden song is one of the best songs on it
Michelle Koh
Michelle Koh Pred 2 meseci
Finest Girl and I Just Had Sex are bangers
Michelle Koh
Michelle Koh Pred 2 meseci
It's not gay when its in a three-way;
Tiffi Pred 2 meseci
I'm going to watch Pop Star tonight
Beatlesfanish Pred 2 meseci
Man, I really loved this interview. Two dads, who are fan of each others work, having a fun chat.
Tv IsMyBestFriend
Tv IsMyBestFriend Pred 2 meseci
randy batson
randy batson Pred 2 meseci
andy is hot!!!
Natalie Hope
Natalie Hope Pred 2 meseci
Stephen said "Popstar" was funny... Instantly paused the video, looked the movie up on SLtv. Did not rent it. No, no. Immediate lifetime commitment with it via a $14.99 purchase. Why? Stephen said it was funny.
lostpoundpuppy Pred 2 meseci
WELP! I need to watch this movie now. LOL!
Ren MO
Ren MO Pred 2 meseci
Love, Love, LOVE The Lonely Island!! I was just listening to “Motherlover” tonight while getting curbside food pick-up and was trying to mute it out of concern for scandalizing the delivery person bringing my food!!! Love all the songs, love Awesome Town, SNL, etc, etc. I hope they tour again! I also very much enjoyed “Palm Springs.”
Andy Samberg Bloopers
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