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Amy: amy_ling_
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26. dec. 2018

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Saint Arj
Saint Arj Pred mesecem
where is Talia?
Saint Arj
Saint Arj Pred mesecem
actually this amy bird is ok
kitkat Oscy
kitkat Oscy Pred 2 meseci
why is no one picking up on what Freya said near the beginning😂😂 edit: when Josh asked am I your best friend listen to what she said 😂😂 1:09
Frankie Natzel
Frankie Natzel Pred 3 meseci
She called him Babes tho Simon and talia being sick in the other room I think jj can hear them
Kieran Thomas
Kieran Thomas Pred 3 meseci
1:08 jeez Freya like that yeah?
Bihbebbihb Wpjoeijw
Bihbebbihb Wpjoeijw Pred 4 meseci
Who’s the one on the right
Spencer Balogh
Spencer Balogh Pred 5 meseci
I can't believe that josh didn't say her celebrity crush was zerkaa
Srijan Arora
Srijan Arora Pred 8 meseci
Freya betrayed talia
James Murrii
James Murrii Pred 9 meseci
What did she say at 1:08?
OGxVLONE Pred 9 meseci
Amy was using the wrong side of her eraser😭
FriendlyPerson Pred 10 meseci
I was gonna drop a follow to Amy but the link is wrong? Idk if it was on purpose or accidental. Anyways... 🤣
MickiMouseDK Pred 8 meseci
Her @ is Amyroseling
marco REACTS!
marco REACTS! Pred 10 meseci
1:08 Rah Freya moving MAD
Karma_Cnr Pred 11 meseci
Amy is low-key toxic, she always needs to one up josh. Jealous
Edit Flamez
Edit Flamez Pred 11 meseci
Moist on my sofa?
Andrej Nikolov
Andrej Nikolov Pred 11 meseci
Next time do Freya vs Simon
Larna Dawn
Larna Dawn Pred letom
Where was talia
Laura Davies
Laura Davies Pred letom
Patrick Junior
Patrick Junior Pred letom
Why do I feel like Amy fancies Josh.
Peyton Anthony
Peyton Anthony Pred letom
Freya: your in I can feel it
Shinigami Pred letom
The fact that Amy is using the duster the wrong way
Zaman Hussain
Zaman Hussain Pred letom
ooo shit, I thought is talia Sorry amy!
Jamie Hopkins
Jamie Hopkins Pred letom
When u name ur best friends-Amy and Kelly, what about Talia?
Caroline MacLeod
Caroline MacLeod Pred letom
modern is contemporary
itsmejosh7676 okok
What happened to talia
PieLover- Joe
PieLover- Joe Pred letom
Even I guessed left, you can see it lol
Sophie Watson
Sophie Watson Pred letom
Talia & gee are 😳
LittleLouis Pred letom
I love this channel, but her laugh recks me
Lucy Duggan
Lucy Duggan Pred letom
talia is shaking
Joey Diaz lmao
Joey Diaz lmao Pred letom
That friend of yours is extremely envious of you. Be careful x
hugosan24X Pred letom
1:09 listen to that carefully😂 (She said i suk ur d)
Final Flash
Final Flash Pred letom
Oh shit on the Thumbnail I thought it was Talia
black hearts2
black hearts2 Pred letom
3some? haha
Freddie Alexander
Talia got fat
Matilda Undrell
Matilda Undrell Pred letom
anyone realise josh saying there's 52 weeks in a month 😂 19:18
thelenster 1990
thelenster 1990 Pred letom
S4H1L R45H1D
S4H1L R45H1D Pred letom
It's weird how Josh just breezed past the fact that Freya jizzed everywhere over an actor, it's a bit mad
AirlessOwl Pred letom
Gee and talia feel robbed
AVFC UTV Pred letom
I think this is lover vs boyfriend
yoel s6x
yoel s6x Pred letom
52 weeks in a month damn
Pratham Pred letom
Who even cares? That's right. No one
Lil Blyat
Lil Blyat Pred letom
1:05 listen in
Destiney Edmerson
Hey hallo
Kalvin Z
Kalvin Z Pred letom
Kalvin Z
Kalvin Z Pred letom
Larkty Pred letom
Lol 1:05 😂 😂
ToasterAlley Pred letom
@ Freya Nightingale why are the last 5 minutes muted???
OnDre Pred letom
I live in New Zealand. It is amazing
jewlz Pred letom
1:08 ooft
KebabJoe Pred letom
omg Amy are so beautiful, wtf :O
Karan Gaglani
Karan Gaglani Pred letom
ayye i live in san fransisco
Billy Wade
Billy Wade Pred letom
Freya admits that she sucks josh’s ****
James Reviews
James Reviews Pred letom
They been together for over 8 years. Of course
Tazza Pred letom
Why is no one talking about 1:09 😭😭
crakxn Pred letom
Freyas celeb crush was Vikkstar123
Jeff Andrews
Jeff Andrews Pred letom
bruh i thought she was Talia 😂
Jacob .Mulvey
Jacob .Mulvey Pred letom
Up New Zealand
That1Ginger Pred letom
Not gonna lie, she pretty fit and funny like, a great combination in a girl. In my opinion
Moody Pred letom
Amy makes me wanna kill myself by the way she uses the whiteboard eraser.
Kaylor Pred letom
Rip talia
Sven van Bree
Sven van Bree Pred letom
josh is such a lucky guy
James Reviews
James Reviews Pred letom
Brandeeno28 Pred letom
Video starts at 3:42
James Reviews
James Reviews Pred letom
No it's starts at 0:00
Reme Layne
Reme Layne Pred letom
52 weeks in a month
Football skills 57
Yess come to new zealand
Chongo Ok
Chongo Ok Pred letom
13:45 Jude law’s house
Kane G
Kane G Pred letom
jude law and ellie goulding? poor taste freya
tobioslevi Pred letom
“there’s 52 weeks in a month” - Josh 2018 19:14
Dennis Pye
Dennis Pye Pred letom
Who else thought she was talia at first
Lewis Williams
Lewis Williams Pred letom
Amy’s well fit
James Reviews
James Reviews Pred letom
Lewis Williams
Lewis Williams Pred letom
Amy’s well for
NSS Productions.
NSS Productions. Pred letom
'52 weeks in a month' - Josh 👏😂
Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson Pred letom
Not tryna get any hate I love Freya and josh but I see some slight flirting going on between amy and josh
Pippa Geach
Pippa Geach Pred letom
Lol the hat doesn’t fit josh’s head cos it’s too big hahahahahahha
Freakyx64 Pred letom
1:06 wtf freya
Fake Person
Fake Person Pred letom
4:17 it fridged me off at how she used the rubber.
Kas Im1999
Kas Im1999 Pred letom
Freya would make a very scary dominatrix
Harry Westmorland
Talia should just stop talking to Freya
Emmet Mccollum
Emmet Mccollum Pred letom
Josh you milwall wanker
Bailey Surry
Bailey Surry Pred letom
Nathan Hyde
Nathan Hyde Pred letom
When Freya Claps it’s like when josh has done really well in s3x and congratulations him after
Legend of Nibbaheem
best sidemen couple
Rahil Sahil
Rahil Sahil Pred letom
12:36 "i eas jizzing everywhere"- Freya that night
Jesus Martinez
Jesus Martinez Pred letom
I thought it was Talia
Gullimann2 Pred letom
That's not how you spell best friend.
James Reviews
James Reviews Pred letom
arselan rasoul
arselan rasoul Pred letom
Amy hitting on josh....
RyanJesty Pred letom
21:01 the fact neither of the girls heard josh say that ahahaha
Stevie Mendo
Stevie Mendo Pred letom
I’ll invite you here to see sanfran😂
GRod Pred letom
Talia low key got a diss track ready for Freya 😂
Saima Khan
Saima Khan Pred letom
Am I the only one who thought that was talia ? 😭😂
Gavin Roberts
Gavin Roberts Pred letom
1:07 wow freya
Viktor Jordanov
Viktor Jordanov Pred letom
My girl said I suck your di** so you are not🤣I'm dead
Liam Kiernan
Liam Kiernan Pred letom
Why does Freya look like a 3rd wheel
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix Pred letom
Shout out to Amy
Jaw Ehkueyou
Jaw Ehkueyou Pred letom
Suspect 👁
James Reviews
James Reviews Pred letom
Third eye sh*t
Ticmi '
Ticmi ' Pred letom
1:09 she just said i SUCL UR DICKam i only one to notice
Joshua Alfonso
Joshua Alfonso Pred letom
Joshua Alfonso
Joshua Alfonso Pred letom
Joshua Alfonso
Joshua Alfonso Pred letom
Joshua Alfonso
Joshua Alfonso Pred letom
maurya gouni
maurya gouni Pred letom
contemporary means modern smh
Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves Pred letom
19:16 Big brain time...
youngwez snm
youngwez snm Pred letom
will freya s friend amy ever do youtube
Hannah Giltrow
Hannah Giltrow Pred letom
19:08 "what can i say" 😂😂