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3. dec. 2018

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EllieVlogs Pred letom
I rate the celebration 😂
The Supreme Noodle
The Supreme Noodle Pred 2 leti
Still astonished at Behz’ transformation, your acc built like a brick
it be like dat sometimes
Hashir Nawaz
Hashir Nawaz Pred 2 leti
Almost at 3 million subscribers!
OzzieGia2007 Pred 2 leti
Let’s Go Sidemates
El-Kadur Acosta
El-Kadur Acosta Pred 2 leti
hello! what cam do you use to record all the vids?
SanityKxlls Pred 2 leti
Ashton Sillett
Ashton Sillett Pred 2 leti
Roses are red Violets are blue I just got clickbated And so did u
Tim Pred 2 leti
When bill said I'll sit here if I want, i died hahahaha
Christopher Sinquefield
Gundam Seed was actually my intro into Gundam. I liked it, but the sequal was kinda meh >_
Harry Goldschmidt
Harry Goldschmidt Pred 2 leti
nice trim
Josh Vlogs
Josh Vlogs Pred 2 leti
Behz have you got big markos number. That big Austrian bastard cost me £300 by hobbling off early yesterday. Obviously I love him like a gay lover but I expect to be compensated. Hit me up bretherin xox
jamie hansom
jamie hansom Pred 2 leti
777vids congrats
Rayyan Usman
Rayyan Usman Pred 2 leti
I am a big fan of sideman and you
Damo McCoy
Damo McCoy Pred 2 leti
I miss the Nandos segments at the end
Kevin Ramirez
Kevin Ramirez Pred 2 leti
Wheres bezinga? what have you done with him you could blooded bastard
purple azteca
purple azteca Pred 2 leti
What no more Nandos?
CBJ Pred 2 leti
the fight "I'll sit here if I want" billy scott
ASDFGHJKL dfghjhgcgyuigfyuij
why is this dude in shape now?
CM M Pred 2 leti
Sold out, guess I'm not buying a jerz lo,
Born 2 Game
Born 2 Game Pred 2 leti
“I’ll sit here if I want” 😂 Get in Sidemates, good game again! 👍
Joseph O'Donovan
Joseph O'Donovan Pred 2 leti
How much would could a woodchuck chuck if the woodchuck looked like.... um... guess we can't say you anymore...
drop-magma647 Pred 2 leti
That transformation is very good. Keep it going, can't afford to get sloppy, now can we?
Gary Herbert
Gary Herbert Pred 2 leti
It’s sold out I wanted to buy one ugghh
Joshua Mee
Joshua Mee Pred 2 leti
Could you play a friendly against palmers
Harry Ford
Harry Ford Pred 2 leti
Glander looks like bloody timo werner
Robert Brandon
Robert Brandon Pred 2 leti
Behz should fight on the ksi vs Logan Paul rematch
AwesomeNarwhal Pred 2 leti
I'll sit here if i want
Matty Garbutt
Matty Garbutt Pred 2 leti
What do you get from Nando’s
Dome DomeXXL
Dome DomeXXL Pred 2 leti
perfect weather for playing football :)
Kach Pred 2 leti
Vs under the radar
Kyle Johnson
Kyle Johnson Pred 2 leti
Wait, so their 3.33 goals scored is way above average but your 5.0 is about the same as average. How does that work?
Stefano 1102
Stefano 1102 Pred 2 leti
Way above average of goals scored vs sidemates
Jónatan Nattestad
Jónatan Nattestad Pred 2 leti
my favourite youtube team is under the radar fc
Evan Garcia
Evan Garcia Pred 2 leti
Count how many times Behz says "it doesnt matter tho"
Skyler’s Petty
Skyler’s Petty Pred 2 leti
Noooo the shirts are sold out, I was gonna ask for one for Christmas
Henry24576 Pred 2 leti
Ok anyone that sees this if sidemates win 3-0 against Braziliant come to me and reply ‘yay’
Logi geir
Logi geir Pred 2 leti
Come to iceland and play
Harvey x
Harvey x Pred 2 leti
🏆AFC Sidemates🏆
Remy Tan
Remy Tan Pred 2 leti
Good job guys
K H Pred 2 leti
My man Alfie never fails to deliver
Alipure Pred 2 leti
We all know they're going to waking up with a cold.
Joel Garcia
Joel Garcia Pred 2 leti
Boys I can’t click on comments like if u cried
Chinos mendoza
Chinos mendoza Pred 2 leti
The game starts at 7:35
Rhys J
Rhys J Pred 2 leti
I only come for the guys FUT packs at the end tbf
King Bunj
King Bunj Pred 2 leti
rhys mccarthy jones LOOOOOOOOOL
Callum Wm
Callum Wm Pred 2 leti
Hello Behz fans, I make funny videos 💯 & I'm trying to hitting 2.3K subscribers! ❤
Liam Pattison
Liam Pattison Pred 2 leti
Where dya come up with these threat levels if they’re 9th in the league. I don’t get it
Honey Racks
Honey Racks Pred 2 leti
Film the Nando’s and That please lol
-iss- Pred 2 leti
This is the only sort of football I watch👌
ya14 hool
ya14 hool Pred 2 leti
+Behzhinga the other team's result?🤔
Nelson Flores
Nelson Flores Pred 2 leti
Y'all are going to win the league solid team
Ash Lynx
Ash Lynx Pred 2 leti
Marco Federico
Marco Federico Pred 2 leti
Get rid of the threat level stats. It makes no sense and is just wrong data
Tom B
Tom B Pred 2 leti
Nandos closed down now or something???
Callum White
Callum White Pred 2 leti
That weather is honestly tragic, had a game today won 7-4 but felt like my toes were gone
MURZZ Pred 2 leti
Ill sit here if I want
Sayed PachA
Sayed PachA Pred 2 leti
Do a big match Undertherader vs afc sidemates
Hannah Smith
Hannah Smith Pred 2 leti
Can someone tell me how old alfie is 😂😂he looks so young
GoblinzHD Pred 2 leti
The intro is waaaaay too long now, it shouldn't be half the length of the video. You should shorten it down and maybe add more half time talk/post match commentary.
The local Prick
The local Prick Pred 2 leti
I like how you haven’t been really cocky Becuase of your transformation ❤️
Adam Whayman
Adam Whayman Pred 2 leti
My g keep up the good work
Alfie Birch
Alfie Birch Pred 2 leti
#donsaside would smash you
Alfie Birch
Alfie Birch Pred 2 leti
PhoenixTH Pred 2 leti
there was no pack being opened at the end, NOOOOOO, probably best thought not to get a stinker :)
Jack Smithies
Jack Smithies Pred 2 leti
Watching your vids is becoming a routine in my day great vids keep it up
Jimbo Jones
Jimbo Jones Pred 2 leti
Have you got a normal job yet or still a full time youtuber?
Olé Hancock
Olé Hancock Pred 2 leti
I’ll sit here if I want😂
Mr Sapey
Mr Sapey Pred 2 leti
Oi behz didn’t realise you buy from the sidemen kids section
Olé Hancock
Olé Hancock Pred 2 leti
It doesnt matter though
Kevin Oblocki
Kevin Oblocki Pred 2 leti
Extreme weather??? They played a football match in Russia that was -26
Deadly Pred 2 leti
should i get galaxy s9 iphone 8 or iphone 8 plus
PandazZ Pred 2 leti
I don’t understand how such a small team is so good and scores like so many goals in 30 minutes.My team scores 1 in an hour!Lets Go AFC Sidemates🔵🔵
FDMeat Pred 2 leti
Extreme weather? Pfffffffffffff, Come to Russia, man, we will show you football in extreme weather
Stephen A Smith
Stephen A Smith Pred 2 leti
Or he shouldn't be a soft ass. I'm from England and I've played in much worse conditions than this
Bob Bobesen
Bob Bobesen Pred 2 leti
The rain sounds are the Best
Rashed Elamin
Rashed Elamin Pred 2 leti
2:23 #ForzaYouFuckinSidemates
Rashed Elamin
Rashed Elamin Pred 2 leti
Last week when that dude told Glander to take more steroids pissed me off so much
Elitegaming 15
Elitegaming 15 Pred 2 leti
I just got an advert that had morgz in it what has life become
Rashed Elamin
Rashed Elamin Pred 2 leti
2:08 LEGEND. LOVE THAT SMILE 5:32 Steven though XD The website stats are mad 11:57 they nearly escaped, but they handed that over 12:07 best quote of the Sidemates 12:40
NDS 11
NDS 11 Pred 2 leti
4k until that 3mil congrats
Liam walsh
Liam walsh Pred 2 leti
The team stats are so useless they don't make sense if your goals scored per game is 5.00 and is on average why is there goals scored 3.30
Matthew Burrows
Matthew Burrows Pred 2 leti
Sidemates= ballers
Jordan Pred 2 leti
Bez shouting "yep, thank you, yep, cheers" has me deceased😂😂
Callum Wm
Callum Wm Pred 2 leti
Hello Behz fans, I make funny videos 💯 & I'm trying to hitting 2.3K subscribers! ❤
ROBBIE BHOY Pred 2 leti
3 million on the way
Lydon Green
Lydon Green Pred 2 leti
Come on sidemates.
charlie Byrne
charlie Byrne Pred 2 leti
Study for Christmas tests or Sidemates? Not a tough one
Will Holborn
Will Holborn Pred 2 leti
Hoping for a sidemates shirt for Christmas !!!
Daniel Kevin
Daniel Kevin Pred 2 leti
Love your vid
Just Mark
Just Mark Pred 2 leti
AFC side mates vs utr gang
Celtic Forever
Celtic Forever Pred 2 leti
Are West Ham beating Cardiff tomorrow?
CannonBallBob Pred 2 leti
Make a pink away kit cuz why not ;)
Haris Jahangir
Haris Jahangir Pred 2 leti
"one of our worst games..." STILL WON! 😂😂
da beast
da beast Pred 2 leti
about time brooklyn gets his free shirt for watching so much, like if you agree
Scott Baxendale
Scott Baxendale Pred 2 leti
Ah theirs no weekly pack
Telzy Pred 2 leti
Jesus Christ you’ve lost so much weight
Gavin Doyle
Gavin Doyle Pred 2 leti
Benz I’m trying to get a shirt but there hasn’t been smalls in stock for weeks
joshua 1111
joshua 1111 Pred 2 leti
Another banger son
Edda Katrín
Edda Katrín Pred 2 leti
What this is called summer in iceland 🤔🤔
Santiago Angarita
Santiago Angarita Pred 2 leti
“I’ll sit here if I want “ That’s a trademark celebration
Parker Hollosi
Parker Hollosi Pred 2 leti
EXTREME weather
Sven Lebos
Sven Lebos Pred 2 leti
Do other vidios not AFC sidemates
Cillian Mullins
Cillian Mullins Pred 2 leti
Keep bringing out those fut vids on your 2nd channel cus they are on point
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