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23. sep. 2018

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Ben_Collyerr Pred letom
8:48 that kid makes me sick brings
rab farm3
rab farm3 Pred letom
I am a Chelsea fan
Kubaa _
Kubaa _ Pred 2 leti
Greetings from poland we love fabiański
Liberty loveder
Liberty loveder Pred 2 leti
I'm a Chelsea fan aswell
Jake Edge-Owen
Jake Edge-Owen Pred 2 leti
Behz you need the pink preds 😂
jimmi cartwright
jimmi cartwright Pred 2 leti
So on 8 minuites 49 in this video, a mid decides to dab....
Young Moe
Young Moe Pred 2 leti
Hahaha West Ham are die
Azzam Rey
Azzam Rey Pred 2 leti
8:48 cheeky dab
Mini Behzinga
Mini Behzinga Pred 2 leti
Good video behz😜🔥⚽ #TeamBehz
Kevin Oblocki
Kevin Oblocki Pred 2 leti
@ 0:04 is that Miroslav Klose wearing #9?
Billy Walsh
Billy Walsh Pred 2 leti
Thas my school
Earrape Metal
Earrape Metal Pred 2 leti
8:48 that kid tho
Ally Bool
Ally Bool Pred 2 leti
David Ospina's long lost cousin sitting behind them??
Mirela Makedonska
Mirela Makedonska Pred 2 leti
8:47 that kid dabin😢
Giggsy Pred 2 leti
8:48 No child.
MorpheusMatt Pred 2 leti
8:48 Dab
Jacob Davies
Jacob Davies Pred 2 leti
8:50 that dab tho
Emily Brett
Emily Brett Pred 2 leti
I knew I saw you yesterday!! My boyfriend didn't believe, we played well COYI⚒️
Jack Bailey
Jack Bailey Pred 2 leti
Get the pink preads
AliADS Pred 2 leti
go follow fat lads ben has join us now!!!
purple azteca
purple azteca Pred 2 leti
XXL Sidemates jersey please!
Eisa Al Fahim
Eisa Al Fahim Pred 2 leti
Great vids Benz love u
B FC Pred 2 leti
Are you going to West Ham arsenal in January
Shane Doyne
Shane Doyne Pred 2 leti
DAGZ Pred 2 leti
You need to play the journey
Saksham Dwivedi
Saksham Dwivedi Pred 2 leti
Honestly... when they talk ... pls admit it.... we all stalk the guy sitting behind I SAID ADMIT IT!!!
Daniel Akimie
Daniel Akimie Pred 2 leti
Good vids behz keep up!!!!! West ham is good
Deasy Pred 2 leti
Good video mate !
West Ham United FC
West Ham United FC Pred 2 leti
So close to taking three points... COYI
Ben Roxy
Ben Roxy Pred 2 leti
@drakus and I scored 5 penalties stats tell nothing did you watch the match?
drakus Pred 2 leti
ben roxy incorrect..westham just played super defensive..... Just look at the number of shots Chelsea had
Ben Roxy
Ben Roxy Pred 2 leti
@drakus incorrect Chelsea had the ball and did nothing with it west ham deserved it more
West Ham 123
West Ham 123 Pred 2 leti
West Ham United FC ⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒
drakus Pred 2 leti
No you weren't chelsea dominated the whole match...yiu lot just played defensive...
Syn Pred 2 leti
Who was watching the guy in the back stuggle to open that thingy
LegendaryAlex Pred 2 leti
Disappointing video, where tf fc sidemates at
Conor Khgfrgb
Conor Khgfrgb Pred 2 leti
Great video keep up the good work 👍
Jason Barci
Jason Barci Pred 2 leti
Go Chelsea
Shonky Games
Shonky Games Pred 2 leti
Brendan Foster
Brendan Foster Pred 2 leti
kid behind was wearing rascal merch
Joseph Harper
Joseph Harper Pred 2 leti
Runs away with hat says he can't play because his injured 🤣
Paul Godwin
Paul Godwin Pred 2 leti
I’m a Chelsea fan
Terible Ghoul
Terible Ghoul Pred 2 leti
Hey behzinga,can you play fifa 19 the journey cause i really enjoy watching you playing it😁😁
Chase Ebert
Chase Ebert Pred 2 leti
Hope you lot are enjoying Fabianski because we sure miss him😭
Skyler’s Petty
Skyler’s Petty Pred 2 leti
If your a real og you notice that the same guy is behind them every season in 90% of the west ham videos
Lysander Zapata 0308
west ham is so shit oml
Who eats a pie like that?!!!!
oneLoaf Pred 2 leti
Alex Anderson
Alex Anderson Pred 2 leti
My guy is dabbing at 8:49 right hand of the screen
Sam Rogers
Sam Rogers Pred 2 leti
Marine Knight Sorry lad but that is on the left
MiniKItty Lucy
MiniKItty Lucy Pred 2 leti
Behz love your doing the vlogs again
Jake Andrews
Jake Andrews Pred 2 leti
8:48 Always that one Cringy kid who see's a camera and feels the need to dab
crkld _crkld
crkld _crkld Pred 2 leti
Anyone else see at 4:50 that kid writing something, is he plugging his ur or something😂
TILSON MEDIA Pred 2 leti
hey behz i love ur transformation, just made mine, so sick if u saw it my bro!
Jordan Wolves
Jordan Wolves Pred 2 leti
Ngl, west ham used to be a quality team, away games at west ham used to be class with atmosphere this new stadium you have no atmosphere its dreadful to see a club like this so dead in the ground
Josh McKinley
Josh McKinley Pred 2 leti
Please start a fifa 19 journey series
DOM THE BOM Pred 2 leti
Bring back mafia
Adrian Smith
Adrian Smith Pred 2 leti
Get the pink preds for you and I behzypoo
Olly Coates
Olly Coates Pred 2 leti
Leeds are falling apart again
Owen Slevin
Owen Slevin Pred 2 leti
Is he acc one of the inbetweeners
Alexandre Kess
Alexandre Kess Pred 2 leti
I’m french and gioud is actually the baddest player in the world he didn’t even score a goal during the wc
Stealth PuLse
Stealth PuLse Pred 2 leti
Mate I played in that weather my whole entire team was cold and damp we still won 7 nill
Aiden Brennan
Aiden Brennan Pred 2 leti
Wernt this called are west ham finally getting better
Oscar Briggs
Oscar Briggs Pred 2 leti
Are we finally getting better
Bobby Ekers
Bobby Ekers Pred 2 leti
Well known robert clack stadium in the Sunday league game that's my schools football pitch 😂😂😂
Billy Walsh
Billy Walsh Pred 2 leti
bobby_ ekers yes bobbo
FIZZY710 Pred 2 leti
Changed title 🤔
Evertonian 1878
Evertonian 1878 Pred 2 leti
That dabber annoyed me 😂
AW 12
AW 12 Pred 2 leti
Antonio is as much use as wiping your arse with sandpaper. Arnie was the missing piece if the jigsaw.
tom jackson
tom jackson Pred 2 leti
Need binoculars your that far away from the pitch
Anthony Xochipiltecatl
8:48 mans hit a fat dab
random Pred 2 leti
I am falling in love with the boy behind behzinga 😂
Stuart Guy
Stuart Guy Pred 2 leti
I don't know whether to laugh or cry with that half time entertainment
Luke Johnson
Luke Johnson Pred 2 leti
as a hammer as well a point today was good but should have had 3 because of Yarmolenko
ragii Pred 2 leti
Behz do the Fifa 19 Journey please famlee
Michal19lol Pred 2 leti
RemboX3 Pred 2 leti
Can you do the journey
gamer 216
gamer 216 Pred 2 leti
Nice work mate keep up the good content 👍
Michael Casey
Michael Casey Pred 2 leti
As a Liverpool fan I would like to formally say thank you to West Ham❤
Peder Njaerheim
Peder Njaerheim Pred 2 leti
Did someone else spot The kid at 08:50
Pop 308
Pop 308 Pred 2 leti
8:50 the kid dabbed in the background
Rigel Ali
Rigel Ali Pred 2 leti
Surely you're going to play fifa this year
Mwila Mwenya
Mwila Mwenya Pred 2 leti
8:49 the cringe from that kid's dab
Sharifa Navsarka
Sharifa Navsarka Pred 2 leti
Look at the kids at the back when Ethan is starting to watch the West ham and Chelsea game
Mwila Mwenya
Mwila Mwenya Pred 2 leti
Can we just address the man behind behz struggling to get a candy bar open😂😂
אראל ז׳אן
אראל ז׳אן Pred 2 leti
Behz you should join manny’s Sunday league team
West Ham Highlights
Hi guys, if you want to see the full highlights from West Ham v Chelsea then please go and watch my latest video, thanks
corey jobson
corey jobson Pred 2 leti
8:49 kid dabs behind you
Tahmed Rahman
Tahmed Rahman Pred 2 leti
Behz has probably had the best glow up out of any youtuber
Dima Shemchuk
Dima Shemchuk Pred 2 leti
8:48 please stop
MishzZ 101
MishzZ 101 Pred 2 leti
I'm going to keep calling behz a handsome chap until he calls me handsome
Bobby Lee
Bobby Lee Pred 2 leti
Josh Blake
Josh Blake Pred 2 leti
GOOOOOO!!!! GIVE ME THE CAMERA “oh what the fuck r u doing”
The G.O.A.T
The G.O.A.T Pred 2 leti
Cant believe we drew with west ham poor performance
Oscxr11_02 Pred 2 leti
We need Christensen in for luiz, to buy a proper lb and a class rw
Robbie Maclachlan
Robbie Maclachlan Pred 2 leti
Boys in the back at 2:47 😂😂
gang sheet
gang sheet Pred 2 leti
Charlie looks like a condom at the start
Chris reynolds
Chris reynolds Pred 2 leti
i played sunday league today and won 9-2
Sam Knight
Sam Knight Pred 2 leti
U have the silk men next, 01625 and what
Ibrahim Ali
Ibrahim Ali Pred 2 leti
I was at the match today
Malek Asmi
Malek Asmi Pred 2 leti
I love how the kid at 8:48 looked at the camera,DABBED,then smiled.
Tom Walsh
Tom Walsh Pred 2 leti
0:56 Hahahha 😂
500 subs no videos
500 subs no videos Pred 2 leti
We deserved to win (chelsea)
Adam gibbs
Adam gibbs Pred 2 leti
Is that the pitch at Robert clack?
Cosmicsword203 Pred 2 leti
I m a Chelsea fan and honestly, west ham was our toughest opponents till now...
BB _7
BB _7 Pred 2 leti
Cosmicsword 203 I’m a Chelsea fan we never win against them always draw it’s annoying
The LegendaryMyth
The LegendaryMyth Pred 2 leti
Love my man Giroud 🇫🇷 #COYG
FaTaL LG Pred 2 leti
Mate it was fantastic to meet you today and thank you for jumping onto my vlog really appreciated it :)! Top lad in person as well as on camera. Much respect 💚
Embarrassing Live TV Moments
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first game with MY SKIN