Cousins Ejected! Luka Doncic Triple Double vs Rockets! 2020-21 NBA Season 

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5. jan. 2021

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bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Pred 8 dnevi
Cousins gotta have patience with these rockets refs. They are only friends with Harden.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Pred 10 dnevi
Ok that eject was so unnecessary, if the referee is blind af, he should put it on cousins
alonzo ball
alonzo ball Pred 15 dnevi
Cousins should just retire, hes gonna bounce from team to team taking the minimum
BlackSpyda1000 Pred 15 dnevi
Why am i not surprise cousin got ejected?
Wing Zero
Wing Zero Pred 15 dnevi
Why does Cousins always gets penalized for being a MAN. I personally think he's the perfect Center
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Pred 8 dnevi
Big fella, because Smoove don’t know the name haha
mike Pred 15 dnevi
Its crazy how luka always gets so many rebounds mans just talented.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Pred 10 dnevi
Cousins stays getting on trouble 😂😂😍
Trafficbaby Mj
Trafficbaby Mj Pred 16 dnevi
Boogie back😂
SuperTDSmith Pred 16 dnevi
we haven't seen DeMarcus Cousins in so long that we forgot he gets ejected every game
Storm Pred 16 dnevi
Did he say Luca donic she is back from the mavs
XtraUnormal Pred 16 dnevi
I just now realized *Texas* has *3 teams* in the *NBA.* Yeah we need more states with NBA teams 💀
Han Thu
Han Thu Pred 16 dnevi
Terrorized Mars
Terrorized Mars Pred 16 dnevi
Doncic best player in the nba hands down
Torrey Jr.
Torrey Jr. Pred 16 dnevi
Wow they doing cousins bold
Julie Arnold
Julie Arnold Pred 16 dnevi
cousins has a large ego problem he needs therapy
estehanio Pred 16 dnevi
Cousins gonna be begging and panhandling for burgers soon 🤣
The Dynamic Flashy
The Dynamic Flashy Pred 16 dnevi
Christian Wood.
Glaivex Pred 17 dnevi
Referees giving cousins the tim duncan treatment 😂
Ian Huh
Ian Huh Pred 17 dnevi
Both techs were nothing. The refs need to man up and stop being so sensitive
eatcheesekobe Pred 17 dnevi
Big fella, because Smoove don’t know the name haha
KaioCrap Pred 17 dnevi
Cousins stays getting on trouble 😂😂😍
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson Pred 17 dnevi
DeMarcus Cousins: *existing NBA Refs: *and so I took that personally*
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson Pred 17 dnevi
Cousins: *breaths Refs: that’s a tech Cousins: *exists Refs: flagrant 2 on cousins
808bboarder Pred 17 dnevi
That was a bad call ref. Let the man have some passion smh
Paxton Williamson
Paxton Williamson Pred 17 dnevi
I thought the Rockets dipped those jerseys?
Faisal Ande
Faisal Ande Pred 17 dnevi
Shiven Kumar
Shiven Kumar Pred 17 dnevi
That second technical was bs
Brandel Abaya
Brandel Abaya Pred 17 dnevi
bsmartbrendan Pred 17 dnevi
Mavs was shooting a lot of Freethrows I see
matasuki Pred 17 dnevi
Refs are being super impatient with Cousins. Biased refereeing
Marcelo Dino
Marcelo Dino Pred 17 dnevi
Reputation kills.
Dib Irken
Dib Irken Pred 17 dnevi
Guy who breaks up the fight gets to be the one ejected. Huh.
Eagle Pred 17 dnevi
The refs couldn't be arsed to deal with cousins
Coca Cola man
Coca Cola man Pred 17 dnevi
bruh they gave a tec foul to cousins for that holy nba refs are blind and weak
Clash701 Pred 17 dnevi
The nba soft af
Jovany Bautista-Williams
why cant people guard luka his step back and his jumper is a little slow. no one say anything im just saying
Suspect Pred 17 dnevi
Cousins: Breathes The Refs: And i took it personally
Apollo 2021
Apollo 2021 Pred 17 dnevi
when did REFS decide who can make the HOF?
Eugene hofmann
Eugene hofmann Pred 17 dnevi
Those refs were on there period
Alexander Milchev
Alexander Milchev Pred 17 dnevi
And just because of that I'm cousins fan
Cheddar Garner
Cheddar Garner Pred 17 dnevi
Dave Ceez
Dave Ceez Pred 17 dnevi
BS call on cousins Ref waited until Cousins reacted then tossed him
Gemini __ HML
Gemini __ HML Pred 17 dnevi
Cousins gotta have patience with these rockets refs. They are only friends with Harden.
Tanner Cox
Tanner Cox Pred 17 dnevi
Both of those calls are so soft. Anyone else would of got away with that
Ashley Rivera
Ashley Rivera Pred 17 dnevi
Of course
MarQuis nash
MarQuis nash Pred 17 dnevi
Ion think he deserved to be ejected he was way calmer than how he used to be
Flykilla2353 Thomasn
Flykilla2353 Thomasn Pred 17 dnevi
Nba refs on Demarcus Cousins “and I took that personal “ 😂
Danny Eh
Danny Eh Pred 17 dnevi
that shouldnt be a second tech LUL
Flykilla2353 Thomasn
Flykilla2353 Thomasn Pred 17 dnevi
If demarcus cousins isn’t getting ejected he’s not demarcus cousins 😂
Alexander Pineda
Alexander Pineda Pred 17 dnevi
Lebron complains to the ref Ref: ....... Boogie complains to ref Ref: Send him to prison
Dutch Van der linde
Dutch Van der linde Pred 17 dnevi
Who is you’re favorite NBA player??? 👇🏼
Julio Daniel Insfran
Julio Daniel Insfran Pred 17 dnevi
Refs are soft man
Justin Pred 17 dnevi
I swear refs are bias against boogie
Nick Pred 17 dnevi
He deserved to be tossed I was def rooting for the rockets but he was being a rascal 😂 so the ref didn’t wanna deal with him
Chuka Ezeigbo
Chuka Ezeigbo Pred 17 dnevi
Cousins is still a child, James Harden still lacks focus, John Wall is still a mid tier player incapable of causing a spark. I'd be surprised if these rockets even cracked 9th seed.
Peter Smith
Peter Smith Pred 17 dnevi
Luca doing the harden step back 3
Jamari Young
Jamari Young Pred 17 dnevi
NOW Boogie Cousins is back.👌🏾
IBRAHIM Alowonle
IBRAHIM Alowonle Pred 17 dnevi
Cousins needs to learn how to chill out for once
0 7
0 7 Pred 17 dnevi
Cousins is back.
FrostyMusic Pred 17 dnevi
I feel bad for boogie.
maxthereof Pred 17 dnevi
'The big fella' interesting name.. parents these days..
kbloi101 Pred 17 dnevi
Cousin needs anger management class
Carter HINE
Carter HINE Pred 17 dnevi
fried rice
fried rice Pred 17 dnevi
they should have some sort of review system to check on dem soft refs
Ruppy Singh
Ruppy Singh Pred 17 dnevi
luka back
KawhiLowry-Gaming Pred 17 dnevi
"Demarcus cousins ejected" People: "finally an ejection"
Kel23EmUp Pred 17 dnevi
Ain’t no NBA season without Boogie getting ejected😂😂😂😂
Emman Miclat
Emman Miclat Pred 17 dnevi
They just want him out of the game.
AYYKWAM Pred 17 dnevi
Whatever movie u didn't see i was in it
The OG of techs is Sheed Wallace, Boogie an apprentice
KOJO WINS! Pred 17 dnevi
These refs gonna keep it up and the NBA is gonna turn into the PGA tour. Corny as Hell!
Imma keep it ahunnid
Imma keep it ahunnid Pred 17 dnevi
Bruh cousins did not start that altercation
Brandon Banks
Brandon Banks Pred 17 dnevi
The refs doing cousins dirty big time 😭
Devonte Blair
Devonte Blair Pred 17 dnevi
Luka left his teammate hanging at the end 😂
JJ Games
JJ Games Pred 17 dnevi
Cousins ba ba back at it
somi park
somi park Pred 17 dnevi
냉면표정머리없눈전화기 인하재 인하대걱정화재방구 반구 메리츠화살코
somi park
somi park Pred 17 dnevi
somi park
somi park Pred 17 dnevi
송아저씨냉몀싫타 서장훈결벽증마약투
Goztepe2002 Pred 17 dnevi
NBA has gotten so soft it hurts to watch.
Montemex23 Pred 17 dnevi
If only Luka was in shape , ripped, and chiseled he’d be the MVP
Flxx YT
Flxx YT Pred 17 dnevi
Imagine them two fighting lol
Harris 05
Harris 05 Pred 17 dnevi
When tingus pingus comes back mavs are gonna be scary.
smoy Pred 17 dnevi
imma lebron fan and lebron complains alott
somi park
somi park Pred 17 dnevi
Ndedaj1102 Pred 17 dnevi
Not really suprised lol, Cousins always getting into trouble. lol
BloomingfieldHD Pred 17 dnevi
Cousins has got the emotional control of a 12 year old with ADHD and
krick_mufc Pred 17 dnevi
The NBA is to damn soft these days......
Even Pred 17 dnevi
What a surprise
Devastinator Pred 17 dnevi
That ejection was bs. Refs are so soft.
Whakeen Sisante
Whakeen Sisante Pred 17 dnevi
Boogie is finally back😂😂😂
Joker4MVP Pred 17 dnevi
Willie pushed him first and second technical is just soft call...
Coji Pred 17 dnevi
That second Technical was some BS and the refs know it
A S T R O Pred 17 dnevi
Boogie's only averaging 4.7 points sooooo PICK IT UP BOOGIE
NoName718 Pred 17 dnevi
How unlucky is Cousins? Almost had a ring..
help i need vänke
help i need vänke Pred 17 dnevi
bruh refs have it out for cousins
Brandon Riddlesprigger
That was a weak whistle by the ref....
TK Rex
TK Rex Pred 17 dnevi
The NBA needs to stop hiring some of these soft officials
crazybutlazyyy De
crazybutlazyyy De Pred 17 dnevi
Ok that eject was so unnecessary, if the referee is blind af, he should put it on cousins
Fire Burn
Fire Burn Pred 17 dnevi
Whoever had to guard doncic team grade was a F-
Ryan Phan
Ryan Phan Pred 17 dnevi
Where Tim hardaway hr credit in the vid, mans had 30 and was 8-10 from 3
RightIn 2
RightIn 2 Pred 17 dnevi
"Luka Doncic..shes back in the line-up".... ?? thats some cheeees
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