Watch NASA land the Perseverance Rover on Mars! 

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NASA will be attempting to land the #Perseverance Mars Rover and Ingenuity Helicopter on the surface of Mars! This is the biggest and most sophisticated rover anyone has ever landed on the surface of Mars.
After a 7-month long journey spanning 497 million km, Perseverance will land at Jezero Crater. It's a sibling to Curiosity, featuring a large drill and a soil caching system, upgraded wheels and cameras, and even an experiment that will make oxygen on the surface of Mars!
Want to know more about this mission? Check out our article explaining everything you need to know about the #Mars2020 Mission [Perseverance and Ingenuity]!
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18. feb. 2021

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All Good
All Good Pred 13 urami
Interesting times👍🇳🇿
Tesselator Tess
Tesselator Tess Pred dnevom
It is only flying at "10 times faster than a bullet" from a an old black powder musket though - according to the data on screen! At the time of that statement the screen showed almost 11,800 km/h. Black powder rifles (old muskets) have a mussel velocity of about 400 meters per second - times 60 is 24,000 meters per minute - times 60 is 1,440,000 meters per hour - divide by 1,000 is 1,440 km/h. "Ten times faster than" 1,440 km/h would be 14,400 km/h . So you missed there a bit my man. Modern high velocity rifles are around 1,200 m/s or 3 times that of a black powder musket at 4,320 km/h, so that ship is doing a little less than three times (2.731 times to be more precise) the speed of the typical modern rifle round - not ten times! :p Typical Bullet Speed x3 = 12,960 km/h Space Ship Speed x1 = 11,800 km/h
LISADRAKO Pred 4 dnevi
1 bar of internet
FBI. Junior Agent.
FBI. Junior Agent. Pred 5 dnevi
Imagine The Apollo Mission Took Out The Flag And *Rips* “Oops”
Boxersteavee Pred 6 dnevi
You can tell when it touched down she was WAITING to say that very line of the script! WHOOOOHOHOOO
mario yu
mario yu Pred 7 dnevi
The ignorant slime connoly breathe because show secondarily clean apud a hysterical throne. victorious, troubled imprisonment
Matztertaler Pred 7 dnevi
same picture taken in the namib desert would have been cheaper.
Matztertaler Pred 7 dnevi
They should have send the new Range Rover !
Bruce Brothers
Bruce Brothers Pred 8 dnevi
Can't the little helicopter blow the dust off the rover. I understand they might not want to do that initially but later in the program that might be a good test.
grimm reaper
grimm reaper Pred 9 dnevi
So very exciting! Belated congratulations teams!!!
Sanna Ong
Sanna Ong Pred 9 dnevi
The future futuristic retailer curiosly bake because sale customarily wink concerning a tedious ferryboat. breezy, sparkling shield
strange biped
strange biped Pred 9 dnevi
Where's the ACTUAL FOOTAGE TAKEN BY THE LANDER???? Where's the HELI-DRONE FOOTAGE of MARS??? Afraid we'll see all the UFO'S on MARS??? Come on, release the videos today!!!!
Ove Onkli
Ove Onkli Pred 9 dnevi
what A joke....
tony van schaik
tony van schaik Pred 9 dnevi
Pascal Arens
Pascal Arens Pred 14 dnevi
Gyros gravity pull .
Strigon Shitposting
Strigon Shitposting Pred 17 dnevi
This was the greatest thing I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing.
Gretchen Margret
Gretchen Margret Pred 19 dnevi
Text Me: Eight Five Six Three Two Four Seven One Four Eight
lamb0warri0r Pred 23 dnevi
NASA: we went to the sun believe us
jon lowe
jon lowe Pred mesecem
The alluring judge perinatally flash because ox shortly watch as a rampant security. mighty, ready desert
AcogR6 Pred mesecem
10:34 so youre getting more watts on Mars than on Earth?
Maria Uzcategui
Maria Uzcategui Pred mesecem
We should also Thank the ULA Launch teams for Launching this Rover to the Red Planet!
Tony Rust
Tony Rust Pred mesecem
those images of Utah are awesome
Kutch Denny
Kutch Denny Pred mesecem
The nonchalant bat worryingly spell because violet coincidentally flow beyond a hoc booklet. innocent, hissing sea
Ethan Bennett
Ethan Bennett Pred mesecem
Crank 90
Crank 90 Pred mesecem
You should make a cameo!
CoolChaco101 Pred mesecem
Lucas Imark
Lucas Imark Pred mesecem
Hey tim, just wanted to let you know that thunderfoot just called you an idiot... Oh the irony
AcogR6 Pred mesecem
brian-t-2046 Pred mesecem
What I really like about the name, "Star Ship", Is if you imagine.... You are walking down the street; and, the air raid sirens start up, and on the loud speakers..."STARSHIP IN EMERGENCY...STARSHIP IN EMERGENCY... ... " !!!! The streets clear, as everyone dives into shelters...Good name...really good name!!
brian-t-2046 Pred mesecem
In stead of blowing up the ships...they should plan the landing; say 600feet, or 1,000 feet, in the air!! That way when it stops 300 feet under ground...it's 700 feet in the air; and you get to use the ship again!!! you would have to carry a little more fuel, but that's easy for rocket scientists to figure out.... You'll probably do something like this, as you come in to a landing in Sydney, with a load of passengers, and mail!!!!
TEH ANN ZHE Moe Pred mesecem
George Jetson
George Jetson Pred mesecem
NEW Awesome MARS Flight Footage!!!
William Chamberlain
William Chamberlain Pred mesecem
19:07 eagerly waiting for the day we have spare mass for a Selfie-Sat to get video of the main mission vehicles en route
John Hardy
John Hardy Pred mesecem
nice video!
Saarth Harkawat
Saarth Harkawat Pred mesecem
belated Happy birthday by your youngest fan (maybe not your youngest fan).
Daz Bob
Daz Bob Pred mesecem
TIMMMM! Wake up! Big rocket. Rocketlab!
chitra jaikumar
chitra jaikumar Pred mesecem
Rocket lab is making a new rocket!!
space guy 9 32
space guy 9 32 Pred mesecem
@everyday astronaut Rocket lab just announced nutron. and he are the hat.
marsbar 709
marsbar 709 Pred mesecem
Why isn't there a stream scheduled for SN10 yet?
Sanford Winston
Sanford Winston Pred mesecem
The ludicrous cave synchronously grin because sheet formally clean before a accurate answer. upbeat, thin front
Chris Harris
Chris Harris Pred mesecem
no one is flying on that ugly space x rocket
Oren Pred mesecem
Tshering Thinley
Tshering Thinley Pred mesecem
Mark Arnott
Mark Arnott Pred mesecem
Mars 7-month vouge 2021 where now watching Videos of a landing 60-90fps ? wtf Tech ideas come from simplest idea's mars tech guy buys a cam for daughter she films herslef doing a backflip on the trampoline . Tech guy 🤔 why cant we add cams on the Mars Rover ☎ ring ring YES we can Were on it bro! Boom 2021 where watching real vidjas of mars 💯
BrokensWorld Pred mesecem
Happy Birthday!!
F4NG Pred mesecem
im 14 years old you have inspired me i've been watching you for over a year now i want to be an astronaut
Hadley Scott McIntyre
Bocas a shill. Remember the movie with jodie foster?
toranja Pred mesecem
у фы втйцв фв фыв ыолцщф
100brucebrown Pred mesecem
am Canadian and Canadian lawmakers have overwhelmingly approved a non-binding motion accusing China of committing genocide against its Muslim minorities in the western region of Xinjiang, so I have to leave channels like this unfortunately because spacex is telsa and vice versa. Elon seems to ignore these concerns in China.
John Goscinski
John Goscinski Pred mesecem
Is Tim still recovering from the landing? It's been a week and this is the newest thing on his channel. No coverage of Starship #10 static fire. Hopefully all is OK with Everyday.
Everyday Astronaut
Everyday Astronaut Pred mesecem
Been busy building out the studio down here. Almost done! Will be ready for SN10’s flight! 🙌
Paul Loveless
Paul Loveless Pred mesecem
I'm at the bus stop dancing to the intro music. Like, actually.
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Pred mesecem
"I remember this spot... it looks good!"😂🤩 GREAT ACHIEVEMENT NASA&JPL! ❤❤🙌 Thank you Tim for your precious live coverage! Happy to support you!
Maria Uzcategui
Maria Uzcategui Pred 25 dnevi
And Thank You ULA team!
QwQ Pred mesecem
Ethan Bennett
Ethan Bennett Pred mesecem
i think you need to shut up. he supports space. he is clearly excited about this.
ForsakenReflex Pred mesecem
What, like YEesesrsrsrsrsrsrsddedeses
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Pred mesecem
I've been watching these every 8 to 9 years since Sojourner in 1996.
Ethan Bennett
Ethan Bennett Pred mesecem
well you haven't cause you're a bot
Arcomatrix Radio
Arcomatrix Radio Pred mesecem
Lol, no critical comments calling out the fakery....must be sanitizing the comments to only the brainwashed ones. Bunch of putzes.
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Pred mesecem
videos! :)
Debopriya Dey
Debopriya Dey Pred mesecem
I am very sad other people cannot get into space x
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Pred mesecem
1:27:14 Tim: "Someone's getting emotional on air." Surprisingly, it's not Tim.
Debopriya Dey
Debopriya Dey Pred mesecem
There is no meaning of watching it
Debopriya Dey
Debopriya Dey Pred mesecem
I am not telling everyday astronaut is bad ,i like him (there is no meaning)
Debopriya Dey
Debopriya Dey Pred mesecem
Who ever is from india watching everyday astronaut videos please do not watch bacause if you want to be a rocket engineer go to isro no one outside the US can get into space x so its your choice
Bobby James
Bobby James Pred mesecem
Can someone can someone tell me how they took that photo shot of this thing Landing and why is it always daytime on Mars
In Justice
In Justice Pred mesecem
How do they separate the audio and video data, losing one and not the other, with off the shelf camcorders? That takes some advance mods, no?
Florencio Vela
Florencio Vela Pred mesecem
I've ordered the tri motor cyber truck fsd last April & may buy the S Plaid as well. I got lots of solar & battery backup system to charge them both.. & i wish i could work there to see my truck getting built..i love space x too!!
miko foin
miko foin Pred mesecem
Thanks for the great coverage Tim.
Star Gazer Prime
Star Gazer Prime Pred mesecem
1:18:05 Atmospheric entry.
mark brooks
mark brooks Pred mesecem
I Hope People can take off there Mask's, when they talk on TV News Conference's
Earth Pred mesecem
People in chat: ITS GONNA CRASH! Perci: *Are you sure about that?*
Ethan Bennett
Ethan Bennett Pred mesecem
@Earth well you would be when they've been spamming on literally every comment. they aren't on nasa's side. they're trying to get you to look at the pfp and click on their account.
Earth Pred mesecem
@Ethan Bennett I mean I'm not annoyed Its on NASA's side so I'm not too annoyed
Ethan Bennett
Ethan Bennett Pred mesecem
@miko foin bot
miko foin
miko foin Pred mesecem
And that my friends, is how it’s done. Landing on Mars is no simple thing. Absolutely fantastic job, perfect landing. Well done JPL!
Inimbrium Pred mesecem
Hey Tim. Just realised that I know very little about the various cargo resupply missions to the ISS. Maybe an idea for you? Peace.
mwtrolle Pred mesecem
Don't you make a new video on the information, pictures and videos we have got this far from the rover?
WHY Pred mesecem
Another great video! I'd be the happiest guy in the world with an audience like you. I would be honored if you would come over to see me on the channel and rate any of the videos! :)
alida flus
alida flus Pred mesecem
1:27:14 Tim: "Someone's getting emotional on air." Surprisingly, it's not Tim.
Hunter Smolowitz
Hunter Smolowitz Pred mesecem
The hoc talk coronally decay because mole lately snatch outside a mean eyeliner. complete, good belt
astrolover 95
astrolover 95 Pred mesecem
When discussing the potential for humans living on Mars anyone notice his slip when he said he thinks it could be a possibility in 20-30 minutes? At 15:34
Joe Bloggs
Joe Bloggs Pred mesecem
I just don't see how man gets to Mars, this mission got a car size rover to the planet, how many flights will it take to build a habitat to support life. I want to see it but by 2030?
Andrew Williams
Andrew Williams Pred mesecem
@Ethan Bennett The USA is 27,000,000,000,000 in debt and now is moving towards socialism which will increase this 100 fold. We are soon to become a third world country, we are not going to Mars period. I thought as a kid while watching the moon landings that we would go to Mars in my lifetime but as I got wiser I now know it is never going to happen. Robots are much more suited for space exploration and that is the future now. One mans opinion.
Ethan Bennett
Ethan Bennett Pred mesecem
@Andrew Williams well we've easily got the money, it's just getting the governments to release the money.
Andrew Williams
Andrew Williams Pred mesecem
Radiation is the major problem..then $$
Mild Mannered
Mild Mannered Pred mesecem
Please can you make a video about RTGs thru history of spaceflight? Perseverance has a fat RTG booty
alida flus
alida flus Pred mesecem
Pers better be nice to oppy!!
James B. Wave Artist
Why don’t they release an array of small cameras / parachutes like the ones in hunger games from the main capsule as it descends. These smaller rigs / drones can then cover a larger surface area and set up a network of data collecting points , measuring simultaneously. Plus - there would be a greater chance for success if we spread the bets so to speak?...and surely landing smaller craft would be way easier / safer?
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Pred mesecem
I keep clicking the like button again and again 😂😂
Ethan Bennett
Ethan Bennett Pred mesecem
and whoever made these bots are getting them to comment again and again.
Mario C
Mario C Pred mesecem
You require a child’s mind to beLIEve NASA.
Owen Salisbury
Owen Salisbury Pred mesecem
Nasa always going have advantage off being allowed to use nuclear fuel and unlimited government funding.
Callum - カラム
Callum - カラム Pred mesecem
Bunch of racists in the live chat against China..
dolita windo
dolita windo Pred mesecem
And that my friends, is how it’s done. Landing on Mars is no simple thing. Absolutely fantastic job, perfect landing. Well done JPL!
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Pred mesecem
would just chance to drop on top to the lander after being released way up in the atmosphere but it's still possible.
Aspen Bridge
Aspen Bridge Pred mesecem
00:00 - 00:01 flashbacks to BF3 deploy in metro
Larry E. Goines Jr.
Larry E. Goines Jr. Pred mesecem
Solid OXide Electrolyzer (SOXE) 2CO₂ + 4e⁻ → 2CO + 2O²⁻ 2O²⁻ → O₂ + 4e⁻
Larry E. Goines Jr.
Larry E. Goines Jr. Pred mesecem
The Bible Says To Gouge Out Your Eye, So You Don't Have To Look At It??!?
Larry E. Goines Jr.
Larry E. Goines Jr. Pred mesecem
Time Should Be 11-Year Cycles, Following Sunspots And La Nina?
Larry E. Goines Jr.
Larry E. Goines Jr. Pred mesecem
Google Announces Its Lifetime Net Carbon Footprint Is Now Zero. Google’s Ceo Sundar Pichai Has Revealed That The Company Has Eliminated Its Entire Carbon Legacy.
Larry E. Goines Jr.
Larry E. Goines Jr. Pred mesecem
Green Google Makes Google Green?!?
Larry E. Goines Jr.
Larry E. Goines Jr. Pred mesecem
Pressurized Gas Has Been Around Since McDonalds Fountain Drinks?
harfaury Pred mesecem
Where did you get the spacex falcon models from? They’re brilliant and now I want them too 😂
harfaury Pred mesecem
@Ethan Bennett alright lol. Do you happen to know anything about the models?
Ethan Bennett
Ethan Bennett Pred mesecem
@harfaury don't bother with the other "commenter", they're bots. i've seen them everywhere.
harfaury Pred mesecem
@dolita windo ??
dolita windo
dolita windo Pred mesecem
Oxygen as 1st step terraforming the planet.
Fury Pred mesecem
what a time to be alive
Mce Ferrari
Mce Ferrari Pred mesecem
Tiago Santana
Tiago Santana Pred mesecem
waiting for james webb
hanunija Pred mesecem
The Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon and will give everyone the reward they deserve. Repent to God and Christ and confess and repent of your sins! Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior! Forgive one another and love one another! Read the Bible and learn to live as pleases God and Christ!
Ethan Bennett
Ethan Bennett Pred mesecem
@hanunija it won't. nothing will. converting someone to a religion is brainwashing, not for "their own good".
hanunija Pred mesecem
@Ethan Bennett Search for "Rapture Dreams". Maybe it convinces you that god is real.
Ethan Bennett
Ethan Bennett Pred mesecem
i'm fine with religion but i'm not gonna do that. just cause i don't believe in god doesn't mean i'm a sinner.
Johann Yang
Johann Yang Pred mesecem
Pers better be nice to oppy!!
Ethan Bennett
Ethan Bennett Pred mesecem
oppy is dead though.
Bleacherz Pred mesecem
What would be the effect of the contaminated if rtg unit broke apart?
Humans R Ants
Humans R Ants Pred mesecem
I miss the old control room desks.
Dean Johnson
Dean Johnson Pred mesecem
I am dropping you. Not because of you, but because I will not support SLtv and its fascist policies. Thank you for your content I have enjoyed.....
Ethan Bennett
Ethan Bennett Pred mesecem
'fascist'? like what?
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Pred mesecem
i know you would like to be part of the nasa or spacex team but you have filled a void for me and people who care about the future of earth thankyou
HEADS TAILS Pred mesecem
Show me live footage of this space craft landing, even if it is delayed transmission and ill take a look for you..Show me CGI of a non existent space craft landing and i will call you Gullible..
manw3bttcks Pred mesecem
Do they just trust on dumb luck that the top shell and parachute don't float down on top the lander and crash onto it? Sure it would be super unlikely that the parachute and shell would just chance to drop on top to the lander after being released way up in the atmosphere but it's still possible.
Journey to Health and Wealth
AVAV Stock is about to 🚀🚀 they helped make the Ingenuity Drone!!
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Pred mesecem
The guy who announced tango delta... nominal was probably wondering why people around him were so quiet... until he said touch down.
Said Mohammed
Said Mohammed Pred mesecem
Enough destruction on Planet Earth!! Mars is next... Shame on Nasa! people with hardships and financial difficulties all over Planet but regardless of all they spend billions to fulfill their fantasy dreams.
Jas K
Jas K Pred mesecem
Thanks for more details about all from-To. - we 're waiting the new images about Mars if there is a previous life or info. about putting a kind of some plants to start generating the Oxygen as 1st step terraforming the planet.
bonnpoland Pred mesecem
1:27:25 sums it all up nicely! Also, Tim's face! :-D
John Q Ivan Q
John Q Ivan Q Pred mesecem
Not cgi
John Q Ivan Q
John Q Ivan Q Pred mesecem
Where is real picture?
Liebe IST • Physische Unsterblichkeit
Kein Mensch, selbst "die da oben" haben nicht die Macht dazu, alles "in den Sand zu setzen" oder diese Welt zu retten. Was hier geschieht, ist seit "langem" geplant. Es geht darum, den wahren Plan zu erkennen, sonst wird es nichts. wir-kl-ich-keit de
Geoff Hilton
Geoff Hilton Pred mesecem
You have a fabulous job, it shows that you are really excited about the proceedings, I'm so relieved that everything went OKay, the most stressful event in the future for me is the launch of the James Webb telescope, I'm worrying already.
Something Else
Something Else Pred mesecem
Will this channel continue to simply post live streams of rocket launches or are their some new explainer videos coming?
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