This Girl Called Me Daddy... 

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13. mar. 2020

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Hope you guys enjoy this weeks video, been a busy one recently but the reddit comes through with the best content on planet earth. Head over and join the 'Can Confirm' army! Remember to get involved with Raid: Shadow Legends using these links! Install Raid for Free ✅ Mobile: clik.cc/h4Pai ✅ PC: clik.cc/uVLmB get a special starter pack, Available only for the next 30 days 💥
c k-m
c k-m Pred 7 meseci
You and Toby should make a drill track 💯😂
ULTRA ART Pred 8 meseci
big dub
Nathan Guzy
Nathan Guzy Pred 9 meseci
Get Simon on the song
L2_Fliqx Pred 9 meseci
Demz Don’t u know he’s in the sidemen 😶
chloe hannah gore
chloe hannah gore Pred 10 meseci
i dont think we can add you on the game behz
CrabbyFc and GO GX CLAN
SkullREIZX Pred 3 dnevi
Alternate title behz being suss for a good few minutes.
Cole Evers
Cole Evers Pred 13 dnevi
3:45 did he just reveal harrys girlfriend?
Nik L Artistry
Nik L Artistry Pred 15 dnevi
Yesss epic make a song with tobs
Jake Wilkinson
Jake Wilkinson Pred 18 dnevi
Lauren alexis all day everyday
PoSiTiVeLy GlAd
PoSiTiVeLy GlAd Pred 19 dnevi
Watching in 2021 knowing ya had plans sucks dude, keep on the grind man
Katt123 Pred mesecem
Alissa: "I like this guy, you know he's... different
Joshua Van veldhoven
That bit at the end creased me 😂😂
Georgia Legg
Georgia Legg Pred mesecem
I want a songgggggg with big behz and tobi
Ayaan Sisodiya
Ayaan Sisodiya Pred mesecem
Deniz Pred mesecem
where is the collab in redtube? cant find it
Victoria Bondar
Victoria Bondar Pred mesecem
“Installing science into young children”
Jack Hogan
Jack Hogan Pred mesecem
harry said the chinese n word for those that dont know. listen to simon. he says it under his breath
james turner
james turner Pred mesecem
Alissa Violet easy choice
Rugby Clips
Rugby Clips Pred mesecem
Lauren and Alisa on undercard
liam Pred mesecem
if only you knew..
Lauren999 H
Lauren999 H Pred mesecem
My name is Lauren....
Gabe Noni
Gabe Noni Pred 2 meseci
When your running the video at 1080 p and it still looks like a potato coz of internet ☹️😢
hawkdavid Pred 3 meseci
Hey look bez was doing the spiderman sign
Jada Lefevre
Jada Lefevre Pred 3 meseci
Too hottest sidemen makin a song together, I would love that
ogfik Pred 3 meseci
bingbong Pred 3 meseci
5:14 He hurts himself sliding across the floor But a few months later Pulls a fuckin truck with his own body strength 👏👏👏👏
Lily /ليلي
Lily /ليلي Pred 3 meseci
I mean you are a daddy
Kali Kadlec
Kali Kadlec Pred 4 meseci
I love your video's
R4DD Paddy
R4DD Paddy Pred 4 meseci
minnie moomoo
minnie moomoo Pred 4 meseci
yes i would love if you dropped a song with toby
MGi Dog
MGi Dog Pred 4 meseci
Tobby x Behz
Sonny Martell
Sonny Martell Pred 4 meseci
Oi the “you where clapped” Out of no where cracked me upppp
The Tyler's mad house Tyler
Bruh I would LOVE a song with tobi
Lilly JC
Lilly JC Pred 4 meseci
Laughed so hard I inhaled my own spit😂😂😂 never laughed so hard
Verecu __
Verecu __ Pred 4 meseci
I get an ad about raid shadow legends as he’s talking about his sponsor
Chris Lamarr
Chris Lamarr Pred 5 meseci
She also called Jarvis daddy
The Weekend
The Weekend Pred 5 meseci
I read that as I called her daddy 🤦‍♂️
moi _ bizo
moi _ bizo Pred 5 meseci
Behz she tryna move to you
Lil Tjoke
Lil Tjoke Pred 5 meseci
How tf is this 6 months ago? I swear it was last month
WxnterChill Pred 5 meseci
A song with toby would bang
dean lilley
dean lilley Pred 5 meseci
When you have all that money! Being called daddy is a reflex lol.. don’t know the girl or guy but! I like the apartment 👍
AlondraChica Pred 5 meseci
As an American female, I will admit that I absolutely love anything British. Lol
Non Yo Buisness Yeet
Non Yo Buisness Yeet Pred 5 meseci
harry said chinese n***a
Gutzz151 Pred 6 meseci
This would’ve been more surprising two years ago
drizap Pred 6 meseci
No, she called your money "daddy"
Sean Barboza
Sean Barboza Pred 6 meseci
This is that humble content
Chicken-noodle Soup
Chicken-noodle Soup Pred 6 meseci
Oi song with Toby would slap
srecko zuric
srecko zuric Pred 6 meseci
Bez hit that 4m yea the fucking boys
Ben Levy
Ben Levy Pred 6 meseci
0:26 this aged well....
James Harvey
James Harvey Pred 6 meseci
What’s ur fave song on rodeo
Ok Pred 6 meseci
Youre clapped mate
Aine Doyle
Aine Doyle Pred 4 meseci
Chloe Smith
Chloe Smith Pred 6 meseci
Anyone watching this today (hit 4 million)
Prajval _
Prajval _ Pred 6 meseci
4 million finally
Zer0 Pred 6 meseci
Behzinga 4 mill
Badlands Gaming
Badlands Gaming Pred 6 meseci
4m SUBS!!!!!!!!!!!
Anglestik Pred 6 meseci
*daddy* *he left me when I was five*
1,000 subs with no videos
This whole situation is so cringe im being deadass honest Nice video tho keep going 👍✊
Ryan Innes
Ryan Innes Pred 7 meseci
Lass and lad are Scottish words just gonna leave this hear
Mxldy Vxldy
Mxldy Vxldy Pred 7 meseci
Literally just got an ad for raid
Jags *
Jags * Pred 7 meseci
Tomas Langham
Tomas Langham Pred 7 meseci
I swear do a Behz x tobi collab
RSX_BackFire Pred 7 meseci
6:25 wait no one knows including me what Harry said even by now?
asian man
asian man Pred 7 meseci
And so grandchildren, this is the story of how I almost catfished behzinga
Infected Enderman
Infected Enderman Pred 7 meseci
1:18 u read my mind maaan!
TelsaWolverine -
TelsaWolverine - Pred 8 meseci
5:04 I'm confused
Neville Smith
Neville Smith Pred 8 meseci
Skip to 3 mins to cut out all the crap
jamison_g _
jamison_g _ Pred 8 meseci
Lily Wilson
Lily Wilson Pred 8 meseci
I'm just rewatching his vids again because they are just calm and funny 😂 🙂
Goldensheep Pred 8 meseci
What’s the intro music called?
Twenty Juan
Twenty Juan Pred 8 meseci
9:48 Use it on a Pokémon to increase the number of times a move can be used
Callum Johnston
Callum Johnston Pred 8 meseci
amazing book
Josh B
Josh B Pred 8 meseci
Behzinga x tbjizzle song
Reuben Bunter
Reuben Bunter Pred 8 meseci
Wait so ethans camera man isn’t gay?
GraZe Pred 8 meseci
Where can I get that pillow?
Alicja Roszkiewicz
Alicja Roszkiewicz Pred 8 meseci
So you admit you were 6 not 3, I knew it I teach 3 year olds and I can tell you now if they did any of that I’d be jumping off the walls
official RA
official RA Pred 8 meseci
Rahh ur sponserd by shadow legends and then a youtube ad popped up about shadow legenda
Rico Pred 8 meseci
Loved the vid but I’m not gonna like just so the likes can stay on 69 thousand likes 👍
Jack Bisson
Jack Bisson Pred 8 meseci
Jeremy Clarkson and the other three guys from that show have a new show called “ The grand tour
Lil Gamer
Lil Gamer Pred 8 meseci
Faze rain got exposed watch my latest video
George N. Lekkas
George N. Lekkas Pred 8 meseci
7:42 ..... who the fudje is in the backgroung???????
Hot Boi
Hot Boi Pred 8 meseci
Behz is pulling a mad one
PrxY Pred 8 meseci
Anyone else pause
VYXDEW 82 Pred 8 meseci
dan jones
dan jones Pred 8 meseci
hell yeahh, get behz, tobi and manny on a song g
Liam Norridge 10
Liam Norridge 10 Pred 8 meseci
Behz x Tobi would be sick
Beau Burley
Beau Burley Pred 8 meseci
Kick town and Ethan’s gym together
Abee vlogs
Abee vlogs Pred 8 meseci
"installing science into young children" the look on his face
Hariz Pred 8 meseci
my daughter calls me daddy as well
Bilal Pred 8 meseci
Behz be successing Callux for the title of "The Pussy Destroyer".
Master ChiFu
Master ChiFu Pred 8 meseci
Lauren Alexis over Alissa all day bro 🙌
Mahos Me
Mahos Me Pred 8 meseci
No one would ever call you that, you don’t even have a dad
3 A
3 A Pred 8 meseci
Where did he get his hoody !
Robert Mosack
Robert Mosack Pred 8 meseci
Good u can be your own dad
Sophie Lewis
Sophie Lewis Pred 8 meseci
His left pillow : you Payne = you pain
Josiahates Pred 8 meseci
id 100 stream tobi x behz
Mikal van Dijk
Mikal van Dijk Pred 8 meseci
This is how many people want Behzinga to date Lauren alexis
gsb Pred 8 meseci
Bez just chucked in a Lauren Alexis pic In the thumbnail
Evie Draycott 11 Rawmarsh
In the back to school video Harry said Chinese N**ga.Before you question how I know it if you listen carefully when simons laughing he repeats it.
Rangers Clan
Rangers Clan Pred 8 meseci
Ti qiva ropt
Dabing Squidward
Dabing Squidward Pred 8 meseci
Beacuse he's missing one
GodlySnip3Z 9999
GodlySnip3Z 9999 Pred 8 meseci
Nah u, JJ and Tobi should drop a song that would be sick
The Ecodragon
The Ecodragon Pred 8 meseci
It's just a shame no-one called you 'sonny'
Actrey Pred 8 meseci
I'M down to clown
Watson Harrell
Watson Harrell Pred 8 meseci
Atleast she knows her daddy