CHUNKZ, FILLY, HARRY PINERO + KONAN ARE BACK | Does The Shoe Fit? Season 4 Episode 1 

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Does The Shoe Fit is back! Like, subscribe and comment who you want to see next time.
Chunkz and Yung Filly are joined by Konan and Harry Pinero for a series of speed dates. Chunkz won over the most girls last season, who will be Season 4's dating king?




18. okt. 2020

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Yung Filly
Yung Filly Pred mesecem
Chunkz & myself have a new single out called HOLD! We can do something really special but only with your help, pls purchase if you haven’t already or go stream! ditto.fm/_hold
Abbas Ali
Abbas Ali Pred 8 dnevi
@Footasylum I any1 interested in free ubereats I mean free unidays accounts?
Abbas Ali
Abbas Ali Pred 8 dnevi
Hi any1 interested in free ubereats I mean free unidays accounts?
Vxzor Pred 19 dnevi
Swear you said you weren't coming back😂 better you stay tho.
dsfssfdfsdsfs scsdcss
dsfssfdfsdsfs scsdcss Pred 21 dnevom
@Tendzz Babesss this comment 💬is a banger
dsfssfdfsdsfs scsdcss
dsfssfdfsdsfs scsdcss Pred 21 dnevom
It's a banger 💥 from the get Go of the song 🎶to the end
Mohamed Awaale
Mohamed Awaale Pred 2 dnevi
When HP said playboy carti; chunkz had to look through the window to think about his life 😂😂😂
Trevor B. Yokkanan
Trevor B. Yokkanan Pred 2 dnevi
I wanna see Specs or Savage Dan on dis ting next season
Hlogi Lehlogonolo
Hlogi Lehlogonolo Pred 2 dnevi
konan=simp lol
Christy Otieno
Christy Otieno Pred 3 dnevi
😂🙂😂😂😂 i die
ImLuxious Pred 3 dnevi
She’s butters
blackout Pred 4 dnevi
lily was on a tv show on bbc called face the consequences , where she admitted she gets into fights every time she goes out
Zak Yasin
Zak Yasin Pred 5 dnevi
LELELELE Harry got my respect #SOMALI
GGS-SHADOW Pred 5 dnevi
Her names lily he got her a rose🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣
Tweezy Twayi
Tweezy Twayi Pred 5 dnevi
rah but what's her instagram @ tho ? 😫😫😫
andre silva
andre silva Pred 6 dnevi
filly got the fade, cant wait to see him being dangerousssssssss
Pumla Makhasi
Pumla Makhasi Pred 7 dnevi
When konan said 5
JAYE Pred 8 dnevi
7:45 LMAO
Splasher Pred 8 dnevi
Konan a badman matey wearing a Rolex and ain’t even flexin true sav
Killmonger Pred 8 dnevi
Harry “oh baby I’m gonna lie to you” nah this guy my prime minister
MAD ADDER Pred 10 dnevi
Vybz clartel
saffatlol Pred 10 dnevi
Am I the only one that thinks Harry looks like Nicolas Pepe?
bilal zari
bilal zari Pred 12 dnevi
Harry is mad I fucking love him "lilililililililili"
Apex_cal Pred 12 dnevi
Is she a man?
Alvin Abbam
Alvin Abbam Pred 13 dnevi
I hope they invite Nick for the new Season lol😂😂😂 Nick, Chunks, Filly and Harry... would be top!
2 piece no bisuit
2 piece no bisuit Pred 14 dnevi
Abdi Abdi
Abdi Abdi Pred 14 dnevi
Sfiso Radebe
Sfiso Radebe Pred 14 dnevi
Konan reminds me of Finn from Season 4 & 5 of Misfits
Mohamed Dahir
Mohamed Dahir Pred 14 dnevi
5.47 kill me
Deez Nutz
Deez Nutz Pred 15 dnevi
Girl has the face of someone’s uncle 😂
Stnbrdge Pred 15 dnevi
Why’s Konan sound baaaare like Michael Dapaah hahaahha
Simao Dias
Simao Dias Pred 15 dnevi
Hassan ahmed
Hassan ahmed Pred 15 dnevi
She was acc butters
Joel Wagner
Joel Wagner Pred 15 dnevi
The hairline joke was MAD
Splasher Pred 15 dnevi
Konan a g matey got a Rolex ain’t even flexin jt
S L Palelei
S L Palelei Pred 16 dnevi
I'm a big fan of chucks man ❤
Expo Rxtsy
Expo Rxtsy Pred 16 dnevi
Conan wearing a rolex and still not showing off🤲🏼
Amanuel Fekadeselassie
that jacket came off in the intro aswell🤣🤣🤣
Gooner Eagle Eye
Gooner Eagle Eye Pred 17 dnevi
The game is too strong from HP
Aleena Hussain
Aleena Hussain Pred 17 dnevi
when Harry started making that "aaaarrrraatatt" i couldntttt
Pktz Pred 17 dnevi
How in gods name did this girl say filly came with "the smallest dick energy" and was rude is she skunked😂😂😂
Dr Steelhammer
Dr Steelhammer Pred 17 dnevi
Never thought Konan would be so relatable. He's just a straight up nice guy!
357 246
357 246 Pred 17 dnevi
Where was filly rude to her.... please this girl just tryna get clout
Jorge Ronquillo
Jorge Ronquillo Pred 17 dnevi
Y’all need to link with @thesidemen or just with @ksi
YUNGRAMZY Pred 17 dnevi
Is it just me or does she look like a guy
A.D Prophet
A.D Prophet Pred 18 dnevi
Get expressions oozing on here!👍
Grief Pred 18 dnevi
This gyals butters wtf
Max Storm
Max Storm Pred 18 dnevi
Not gonna lie this voice cencorship is getting kinda JARRING for real for real. Footasylum fix up ASAP.
W Gucci
W Gucci Pred 13 dnevi
Trust me like what does Harry even say at 13:03
TBZM007 Tanaye.M
TBZM007 Tanaye.M Pred 18 dnevi
Who else is reading the comments to find out what the show ppl blurred out about what Harry said
Shakirah Sabira
Shakirah Sabira Pred 18 dnevi
I'd definitely Nikah and chill Chunkz
Shooky Shooky
Shooky Shooky Pred 18 dnevi
Come back here to watch her and Filly's date and she is a top dickhead. Just violating man for free.
JStackzo Pred 18 dnevi
Truss me🤧
peb Pred 18 dnevi
Mikha Tuku
Mikha Tuku Pred 18 dnevi
Her names lily and he got her a rose what an idiot 😭
Hannah Robleh
Hannah Robleh Pred 18 dnevi
KJ Pred 18 dnevi
First girl is clapped
Nat SYM Pred 19 dnevi
Pretty sure she over exaggerated jus for entertainment purposes on the results episode
Row Image
Row Image Pred 19 dnevi
The first girl looks like a man💯🥴
J M Pred 19 dnevi
Loooooool Harry has one peng ting at yard he don't need no more love 😂😂
Simba Pred 19 dnevi
Konan is sooo little 😂😂😂
tht1blackguy Pred 19 dnevi
Came back after she violated filly 😭😭
DS Sports
DS Sports Pred 19 dnevi
How tf did filly give small d energy. What he did with the last gyal yeah that was like small d energy but with good reasoning cause she was dry af and idk how she didn't know it but everyone else did but with this one he wasn't as bad as she made out to be. Man miss with that bullsh*t. I know its entertainment and all and I respect that but bruh her opinion on the date was not even close to how it was originally played out. Filly was being honest and direct which can get a gyal cut for no reason lol when once again its all for entertainment. Shes the one with the small d energy only wanting to talk about the sexual ting and the side things here and there but nothing else so foh. (No disrespect to Harry Pinero, you do your ting which was funny asf). Sorry if I am taking it seriously but man thats some weak sh*t from her part.
DS Sports
DS Sports Pred 19 dnevi
Once again I understand its all entertainment purposes. But if you can see where I am coming then respect. If not its all good.
HecticZenon Pred 19 dnevi
Am here to learn what small D*CK mentality is about
Jake Ohi
Jake Ohi Pred 19 dnevi
5:40 I swear he sound like a suicide bomber from a garrys mod or something 🤣🤣
Mathieu Muller
Mathieu Muller Pred 19 dnevi
What does HP says at 13:07
Jamie Pred 19 dnevi
“You’ve got the tight type”
Mathieu Muller
Mathieu Muller Pred 19 dnevi
What does HP says at 13:07?
Ibrahim H
Ibrahim H Pred 19 dnevi
Naa filly is too rude😂😂 hows man saying “gyal wants to be taken on holiday” and turning his head back and laughing 3:17 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭
h_a Pred 19 dnevi
Had to rewatch after that last ep, filly weren’t even rude man 😭
Shooky Shooky
Shooky Shooky Pred 18 dnevi
Same here!!! I came back to see and he didn't do anything to warrant what she said.
Prodqt Pred 19 dnevi
who's reatching after she said filly got small d energy to see if the date was that bad LMAOOOOO
Jonathon Hayden
Jonathon Hayden Pred 18 dnevi
Lool it wasn’t even bad
A J Pred 19 dnevi
how did you find me
Mathieu Muller
Mathieu Muller Pred 19 dnevi
Me man hahahahhahahahah
Sara Pred 19 dnevi
Hahaha I am. The date didn’t seem that bad though 🧐
Yung Rolz
Yung Rolz Pred 19 dnevi
It wasn't that bad thooo
drew Pred 19 dnevi
Man beg you don’t bleep shit out 🙏
Hj95 Pred 19 dnevi
who came back here after what she said about filly 😂😂😂
Tasha 123
Tasha 123 Pred 15 dnevi
What did she say
Uchiha Jei
Uchiha Jei Pred 18 dnevi
i did loooool, i don’t see what filly did so wrong 😂
James Coker
James Coker Pred 18 dnevi
What did she say?
KCRNSTN Pred 19 dnevi
I did😂😂 the disrespect 🤣
Kofi Ossei
Kofi Ossei Pred 19 dnevi
LOOOOOOL I thought it was just me
msmwn13 Pred 19 dnevi
oi whats lily's ig
BadruTuber Pred 19 dnevi
HP aint got the sauce no mo!! what with the lililililili ting...Where my somalis at?
megan griffin
megan griffin Pred 19 dnevi
Coming from a woman who is 3/4 Cherokee Indian... and I have the nose....I cannot stop looking at her nose!!! Jeeeezussss
Rejhan Ferhatovic
Rejhan Ferhatovic Pred 19 dnevi
ꕶᗩᏒᏦꕯᎬ 90
ꕶᗩᏒᏦꕯᎬ 90 Pred 19 dnevi
Bet she would get bare disses on her inster and twitter 🤣🤣
Shan's Serenity SPACE
Shan's Serenity SPACE Pred 19 dnevi
Shan's Serenity SPACE
Shan's Serenity SPACE Pred 19 dnevi
jayman691 Pred 20 dnevi
Playboi Clarti for the win
ONA Pred 20 dnevi
6:45 it was at this moment, that Filly Knew...... He Fucked Up😂😂
Dinglelust Pred 20 dnevi
What's lilys insta
U A Pred 18 dnevi
Oscar browning
Oscar browning Pred 19 dnevi
Joanne kirnon
Joanne kirnon Pred 20 dnevi
Yall need some subtitles
KING VICTOR Pred 20 dnevi
You know what Konan is getting better... my man
lamba dic
lamba dic Pred 20 dnevi
this girl proves to the world that what happens in porn DOES happen in real life too
lamba dic
lamba dic Pred 20 dnevi
i hate all these bleep censors man let just hear it
bushkin54 Pred 20 dnevi
Filly came on somethin different with this trim yunno... it looks like the fade is gonna protect his heart 👀😂😭
Binaaa S
Binaaa S Pred 21 dnevom
She looks like Ibrahimovic 😂 but talks soo wierd !!
Ecliptic Raid
Ecliptic Raid Pred 16 dnevi
@prod.cozybeats ahlie😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
prod.cozybeats Pred 17 dnevi
Nah thats a vio about ibrahimovic
Shooky Shooky
Shooky Shooky Pred 18 dnevi
Nah u lot man 😂😂😂 one person said she looks like Vladimir Klitschko with a wig now your saying she looks like Ibrahimovic😂😂😂😂 I'm done
J. Jonessy
J. Jonessy Pred 21 dnevom
Yo my whole year got so much better watching this series
KPEE OFFICIAL Pred 22 dnevi
James Shane
James Shane Pred 22 dnevi
Her insta??
*Youlovetoseeit* Pred 22 dnevi
Its like the big reveal but the reveal is not that big though... Fuck.
PressPlay Media
PressPlay Media Pred 22 dnevi
5:38 😭😭
Vanessa Mutoni
Vanessa Mutoni Pred 22 dnevi
Now why does she keep opening her jacket 😭
ane mute
ane mute Pred 22 dnevi
Why do they keep bringing konan on😂 bless
Vanessa Mutoni
Vanessa Mutoni Pred 22 dnevi
Don’t do that to my bruva😭
Neenee Jones
Neenee Jones Pred 23 dnevi
Filly you cute!!
pea.ce_ Pred 23 dnevi
I laughed too much BABAHHDHS
Aidan Martin
Aidan Martin Pred 23 dnevi
What’s Harry say to her when it gets beeped out?
PAUL EDEM Pred 23 dnevi
Stop censoring the comments!!!!
Ben Reilly
Ben Reilly Pred 23 dnevi
Konans chat is deaddddd
Alex Jones
Alex Jones Pred 23 dnevi
this is the peak of british culture
Mohammed Saad M
Mohammed Saad M Pred 23 dnevi
Her insta account ¿
Selwyn Pred 24 dnevi
Ayyyy big up the Basingstoke massive
wagwan6248 Pred 24 dnevi
Jeremy P
Jeremy P Pred 24 dnevi
bruv please keep these 4 man 😂😂😭
Ebube Uyaebo
Ebube Uyaebo Pred 24 dnevi
Chunkz: her name is lily and you got her a rose. This guy🤣
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