Drawing Pokémon From Memory w/ Jaiden Animations 

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Drawing's hard especially when you don't have a good memory.
Jaiden's video ➤ sltv.info/label/sMKg2s7Tbqukd4Q/video&ab_channel=JaidenAnimations
Jaidens' channel (if somehow you don't know her already): sltv.info/watch/Gwu0nbY2wSkW8N-cghnLpA.html
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1. okt. 2016

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monke king
monke king Pred 45 minutami
Pokémon Not Pokemon
Lucy English
Lucy English Pred 47 minutami
When I saw absol I felt so sad bcs i had one on pokemon brick bronze, i loved it so much then the game got deleted (the one on roblox)
Alec_TheDemonChild Pred 4 urami
James the Pokémon show is an anime not a cartoon
Shereen Johan
Shereen Johan Pred 8 urami
Wait- what drawing tablets do they use?
Monsterninja15 Pred 19 urami
Absol dose have a pre evelotion ever herd of an eeve
D Brothers
D Brothers Pred 22 urami
ITS GAR-BO-DER not Gar-ba-der, the garbage one
Angela Barwick
Angela Barwick Pred dnevom
Blake Underhill
Blake Underhill Pred dnevom
Still good in 2021
Jackson Kelly
Jackson Kelly Pred dnevom
Jaiden won all the way in details
Ronk TheRuler
Ronk TheRuler Pred dnevom
Great video! You two are my some of my favorite youtubers! (Top 5)
Callum Robinson
Callum Robinson Pred dnevom
All James Pokémon drawings are cute
Callum Robinson
Callum Robinson Pred dnevom
The way James did absol is so cute and jaidens houndoom is great
Mason Kim
Mason Kim Pred dnevom
DaRealGaming Pred 2 dnevi
James is James from team rocket by saying inlay ok 👌
alfie evans
alfie evans Pred 2 dnevi
jaiden is spelt wrong at 1:51
Jamie Demboski
Jamie Demboski Pred 2 dnevi
Devil has been spawn
W L Pred 3 dnevi
Khail Pred 3 dnevi
They should do this again since 2 new generations of Pokemon have been added since then lol
Red Devil
Red Devil Pred 3 dnevi
wow guys so cute😱
Max Waily
Max Waily Pred 3 dnevi
James: I draw pokemon for 8 year old. Jayden: Aww....
Joshua Pred 3 dnevi
I’m sorry but I have lost so much respect for Both of you mainly James
Ethan Dyck
Ethan Dyck Pred 4 dnevi
whats everyones favorite pokemon
Angela Barwick
Angela Barwick Pred dnevom
In the wild cinerace and snorlax
Angela Barwick
Angela Barwick Pred dnevom
also starter frokie
Angela Barwick
Angela Barwick Pred dnevom
Sad no replies
RJ0315 G
RJ0315 G Pred 5 dnevi
Jayden has more pro or Anamation art while James has cartoon art
Antoni Martinez
Antoni Martinez Pred 5 dnevi
I am from Honduras
King Dedede
King Dedede Pred 6 dnevi
James: Garbador is the sexy one right? Me: If you like trash, yes
dragon kill dragon kill
wat is the sofwer
Cryptx Sloth Gaming
Cryptx Sloth Gaming Pred 6 dnevi
Flygon and noivern❤️
H2oSinking Orange
H2oSinking Orange Pred 7 dnevi
At 1:49 he spelled Jaidan lol
Adhav Ashok Prabakar
Absol is the most embarrassing one
Tiffanie Bosset
Tiffanie Bosset Pred 7 dnevi
the torchick names teriyaki
Aztec Pred 7 dnevi
hi jaiden all my friends call me Aztec I've watched all your vids
Aztec Pred 7 dnevi
do pokemon from every region but look the opposite type
Jake Fulton
Jake Fulton Pred 7 dnevi
POV your watching this when you don’t even like Pokémon
dragon kill dragon kill
Daniel Joseph
Daniel Joseph Pred 8 dnevi
James' gen 2 Pokémon looks like a mew with..... hair
Mayeth Mallo
Mayeth Mallo Pred 8 dnevi
The funny this is i oly watched 2 generation the very first one and the sun and moon but i know like 5 of them remember when what seen they where showed and everyrthing
Аня Иванова
James draws Pokémon's cuter than they are.
Alexie Lampano
Alexie Lampano Pred 9 dnevi
jaiden sayed i tshinck
Fluffy Flaaffy
Fluffy Flaaffy Pred 9 dnevi
4:09 look how he massacred my boi
Mohamed Abdalla
Mohamed Abdalla Pred 9 dnevi
she is anooying
Ff STorMm
Ff STorMm Pred 10 dnevi
They did preaty good
Huan Duc Tran
Huan Duc Tran Pred 10 dnevi
5:21 it looks like a fox,james
Jaime Neves
Jaime Neves Pred 10 dnevi
Jaiden totally won
Fire Wolf
Fire Wolf Pred 10 dnevi
My favorite pokemon is meowth
Dopeydonutthe12 Pred 11 dnevi
James: Ugh whatever Pokémon master... Jaiden: FLAFFY!!! Love you guys!!!
BenjiThaKidd Pred 11 dnevi
I remember this video! back when James was first blowing up...
Cole Elgersma
Cole Elgersma Pred 12 dnevi
jeez guys get you terminology right its basic then stage 1 then stage 2 I don't really care but I think you read the comments and that's a very important thing bc if u say the second 1 then people will get the second ev and stage 2 confused
Chef Cheese
Chef Cheese Pred 12 dnevi
You need to wear your seatbelt.
HumanBeing! Pred 12 dnevi
can someone tell me what programm they are using? 😊
Jpg Gaming
Jpg Gaming Pred 13 dnevi
8:57 T-t-t-t-TERIYAKI
x helena x
x helena x Pred 13 dnevi
Ich liebe Voluminas 💚👃🏼🧲⏱️
ScriptedFred Pred 13 dnevi
what do u use to draw?
penguins are so cool!
penguins are so cool! Pred 13 dnevi
Jaidens rufflet tho
Zoid Pred 15 dnevi
Still here
Pangolin Pred 15 dnevi
James made a Noibat instead of a Noivern
Springtrap Pred 17 dnevi
Rotor is the best pokemon
Vienna Shadle
Vienna Shadle Pred 18 dnevi
Hi jaden!
Cryfox Pred 18 dnevi
What app do you use for drawing?
Hibu Grayu
Hibu Grayu Pred 18 dnevi
@jaiden animation
Hibu Grayu
Hibu Grayu Pred 18 dnevi
Jules DoeDoe
Jules DoeDoe Pred 18 dnevi
Austin Playz
Austin Playz Pred 18 dnevi
11:03 that’s noibat
Austin Playz
Austin Playz Pred 18 dnevi
Pokémon should let them make new Pokémon
Lil beanie weenie
Lil beanie weenie Pred 18 dnevi
When your watching this when you see blood on your popcorn and relies your tooth is bleeding a very quick edit: I was holding a paper towel on that tooth while typing this
A RDY Pred 19 dnevi
I'd take that absol's pre evolution is he/she's not a legendary pokemon
thatone youngergirl
thatone youngergirl Pred 19 dnevi
People When I Show Them Charmander: "OMG! You Have Charizard?!" Me: "Actually-- *sigh...* yeah..."
SuperMaks Ultra
SuperMaks Ultra Pred 19 dnevi
You wacht pokrmons
Jodam Rey
Jodam Rey Pred 20 dnevi
“Lord Helix im sorry”
James Trentini
James Trentini Pred 21 dnevom
01:51 He spelt Jaiden wrong
Chubba Hubba
Chubba Hubba Pred 22 dnevi
🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 i legit thought torchic only had one foot you broke my world
Phoenix Gamer
Phoenix Gamer Pred 23 dnevi
Meath is no a bad guy there are a lot of them in Kanto if you play the old John game
rym _
rym _ Pred 23 dnevi
What program is that
Joe Frick
Joe Frick Pred 24 dnevi
jaiden is best artest
becky nelson
becky nelson Pred 24 dnevi
“I’m so glad we’re not recording this and putting it on the internet”
Niko Malbasic
Niko Malbasic Pred 24 dnevi
which program is this?
Brinda Prasad Ray
Brinda Prasad Ray Pred 24 dnevi
SLtv: Let's recommend this to everyone after 4 years.. 😏😏
killa vik
killa vik Pred 24 dnevi
Ded's Channel
Ded's Channel Pred 25 dnevi
1:59 Garfield!
Print Prime
Print Prime Pred 25 dnevi
Ash had .. in the CARTOON !!!! Anime u ******
Juanito Gonzalez
Juanito Gonzalez Pred 25 dnevi
Como pueden dibujar con mouse!?
grimeyfuture Pred 25 dnevi
Best video ever 🤣🤣🤣
AwesomeAutumn Pred 25 dnevi
What are you using to draw in this video?
Benny B
Benny B Pred 25 dnevi
I love how jaiden is just jameses character with a shirt and hair
Wazilla Pred 25 dnevi
2:30 The Sheeps Are Pround
Poppy Animatedly
Poppy Animatedly Pred 25 dnevi
James kangaroo is adorable pls give him to me
Derek Johnson
Derek Johnson Pred 25 dnevi
what app is this?
i have to use references to draw. i can't draw any other way Lol
Eternatum Pred 26 dnevi
I love pokemon
OhhhTekers Roblox
OhhhTekers Roblox Pred 26 dnevi
Bro James your first Pokémon u drew it looked like Garfield
beyazderincik Pred 26 dnevi
Think he’s gay
Phuwit Piputsuwannachai
Flaffy is mew with cotton
Ives Iosa
Ives Iosa Pred 26 dnevi
Jaiden raund 2 win
Ives Iosa
Ives Iosa Pred 26 dnevi
Jaiden wins raund 1
troggle boy
troggle boy Pred 27 dnevi
You should’ve of called Jaiden *jessie* for the video... *team rocket*
Hugopima YT
Hugopima YT Pred 27 dnevi
Meowth looks like Garfield
reema Pred 27 dnevi
Lord helix
reema Pred 27 dnevi
Jaiden anime's
Christopher Zweck
Christopher Zweck Pred 28 dnevi
7:26 since you are talking about food about a year ago Christmas 2019 my dad made pork cracking and it took two hours and it tasted delicious cause i tried it for the first time then today i went to a Chinese restaurant called taste amazing and it wasn't click bait and i ordered port crackling with vegetables and chips and rice and it took 5 minutes to make and IT TASTED SO GOOD
The Diamond Lee511g
The Diamond Lee511g Pred 29 dnevi
I only saw part of the ghost busters movie XD
ELCHANCLUIS Pred 29 dnevi
¿ Algún otro Mexicano ?
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Ogledi 58 tis.