Game Recap: Mavericks 105, Clippers 100 

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Led by Luka Doncics 42 points, eight rebounds and Playoff career-high 14 assists, the No. 5 seed Mavericks defeated the No. 4 seed Clippers, 105-100, in Game 5. Paul George recorded 23 points, 10 rebounds, six assists and three blocks for the Clippers in the losing effort. The Mavericks lead this best-of-seven series, 3-2, with Game 6 taking place on Friday, June 4 at 9:00 p.m. ET



2. jun. 2021

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kingshearer2 Pred 8 dnevi
I hope we can win the series in the next home match I don't think my nerves could bare a 7th in LA.
kingshearer2 Pred 8 dnevi
Boban played well when he was on, porzingis although poor for the most part scored some crucial 3 pointers. I prefer porzingis playing centre rather than forward. Luca was brilliant but Finny-smith was the magic man tonight.
Jayson James Guerta
Jayson James Guerta Pred 8 dnevi
Porzingis should step up..
Jose Carapeto
Jose Carapeto Pred 8 dnevi
Genial Luka Doncić con los Mavs ganando un partido importantisimo en el cual en ataque de nuevo rebasa los 40 puntos y las 10 asistencias , solo el anota casi la mitad de puntos que sus compañeros que le ayudaron en defensa de nuevo para ganar su tercer partido contra CLIPPERS fuera de casa; ahora queda ganar un partido en casa ó llegar al séptimo en el Staple Center en el cual Luka lo tiene como cancha talismán. Go Mavs go , go Doncić go.
Mustafayeni Sevkanyeni
What a great young player is luca doncic...he will get all record in future.
Yıldırım Karamanlı
Jazz will destroy one oh them..
Shreyan Mallik
Shreyan Mallik Pred 8 dnevi
The teams are winning in their road games wow!
jasper brereton
jasper brereton Pred 8 dnevi
its funny because without luka the mavs wouldn't be anywhere neer the clips
Robber Sam
Robber Sam Pred 8 dnevi
Bro Kawhi is to good but rest of the team sucks. But Mavericeks all team is coordinated with each other and they all playing well.
Dave Reyes Abrah
Dave Reyes Abrah Pred 8 dnevi
Pandemic P Dribbling the Ball in the Crucial Seconds suddenly pass the Ball Rather than take the Shot...
b m
b m Pred 8 dnevi
Clippers will play very very sick sick dirty. It is their dirty strategy. Don't be upset about it. That's what day want. Mavs move very quickly. Otherwise you will be injured. Always be smart move. Go mavs.
b m
b m Pred 8 dnevi
Rick Carlisle must use Powel. He is the key. He is the most of time helping Luka and all of players. Rick, Don't make mistake. If we lose, it is your fault. Be wise.
John Dave
John Dave Pred 9 dnevi
John Dave
John Dave Pred 9 dnevi
John Dave
John Dave Pred 9 dnevi
John Dave
John Dave Pred 9 dnevi
Eddy Montero
Eddy Montero Pred 9 dnevi
Junior Pain
Junior Pain Pred 9 dnevi
🤣👍🏿 la 🐐 Don
qBacca Pred 9 dnevi
Love watching Doncic vs Clippers highlights
Achille Neri
Achille Neri Pred 9 dnevi
Piove. Il gatto è morto. La fidanzata mi ha lasciato... E io tengo ai Clippers Un haiku di Federico Buffa For the english fellas: It's raining. The cat has died. My girlfriend has left me... And I'm a clippers fan
Sandi Eržen
Sandi Eržen Pred 9 dnevi
...pa še 19pts. več od PG-ja ! crazy man . Th
Sandi Eržen
Sandi Eržen Pred 9 dnevi
Luka dobr jih vrtiš boba kuvanoga ! LD77 noro u končnici dat 42pts. pa še tko mlad EL Magical !
Fayde Pred 9 dnevi
Pg and Kawhi a
Abel Fisseha
Abel Fisseha Pred 9 dnevi
Pandemic P has officially been joined by Pandemic Kawhi😂
Trevor Ramabulana
Trevor Ramabulana Pred 9 dnevi
Luka is the Answer !!
Junrhe Eborra
Junrhe Eborra Pred 9 dnevi
Not Me
Not Me Pred 9 dnevi
Luka is ridiculous
Shaolin Rasta
Shaolin Rasta Pred 9 dnevi
Damn this is the most chill I've heard the Goatmentator
Daniel M
Daniel M Pred 9 dnevi
Terrance Mann should’ve went up instead of passing that
Rafale F4
Rafale F4 Pred 9 dnevi
Grande Lukita
LC B Pred 9 dnevi
Why the hell did Mann pass to Batum, he had an uncontested layup...
they could've won if the guy didn't pass
b m
b m Pred 9 dnevi
Clippers is very dirty player. Morris is very very violent and liar. He is very very sick. He needs to get help.
b m
b m Pred 9 dnevi
Mavs are too gentle. Clippers are dirty players. Refs are not fair. But Mavs won.
b m
b m Pred 9 dnevi
Mavs go aggresive. Coz Clippers are really working harder than Mavs everytime and every moment. Go Mavs.
Kk 23
Kk 23 Pred 9 dnevi
Luka Magic! 🎩
bob by
bob by Pred 9 dnevi
i want the mavs to win so bad
b m
b m Pred 9 dnevi
Por zingis is a Zombie. Get rid of him. His mind is very twisted and not in the right mind. Is he crazy. He is not helping Mavs.
lornhoj sucab
lornhoj sucab Pred 9 dnevi
b m
b m Pred 9 dnevi
Powel is the key. Plz damn remember this stupid coach Rick.
b m
b m Pred 9 dnevi
Luka agaisnts the Clippers. Luka is a god. So great.
Ante Šućur
Ante Šućur Pred 9 dnevi
luka is the ebodiement of P&R
Teo Wenjie
Teo Wenjie Pred 9 dnevi
I don't care either lose or win,I wanna see Cousins and Kennard finally get some fxxkin time. Damned Ty Lue
Kensith L
Kensith L Pred 9 dnevi
Clippers #14 basketball skills is same as me cant dunk and make stupid basketball decision, like passing to a triple teamed teamates
The Basketball Historian
It's like these two teams have never heard of homecourt advantage, lol.
Faiezi abu bakar
Faiezi abu bakar Pred 9 dnevi
Dear mark cuban, luka needs help.. sincerely fans
Rangga Scofield
Rangga Scofield Pred 9 dnevi
Mavs Vs Jazz will be an epic matchup
Michael Strode
Michael Strode Pred 9 dnevi
Clippers thinking they finally figured it out. Mavericks like to say no.
Félix Antonio Gutiérrez Santolino
Doncic not making the MVP is just BS
Milos Pred 9 dnevi
Marco Antônio
Marco Antônio Pred 9 dnevi
What a game
Ariel Mozetta
Ariel Mozetta Pred 9 dnevi
The "white " Jordan
ju yew tang
ju yew tang Pred 9 dnevi
really too bad, Mann could just take the shot 🤦🏼‍♂️
The Man Who Laugh
The Man Who Laugh Pred 9 dnevi
Terrence Mann fucked up...
Leo-sama Pred 9 dnevi
Doncic is on fire
Syl Doukpa
Syl Doukpa Pred 9 dnevi
So clippers and Dallas loosing at home 😂😂😂
00 11
00 11 Pred 9 dnevi
looks like there will be no LA team in the second round
Max Alonzo Misericordia Flores
I did like the Mavs starting line up
Rahman Pred 9 dnevi
Terrence put so much respect to the rusty veterans. 😴
Freda Heist
Freda Heist Pred 9 dnevi
I can't believe this.This was clippers game.
Freda Heist
Freda Heist Pred 9 dnevi
Just one open lay up for game winner and suddenly pass.This is a spiritual attack.The player needs prayers.Somebody is behind this.The guy must have lost his mind.
bora Pred 9 dnevi
Clippers in 7
Carrot Glaze
Carrot Glaze Pred 9 dnevi
There's just something fishy about this series. It is just IMPOSSIBLE not to take that easy lay up at the last possession. Why pass it outside when you can just lay that up and lead a point? -_-
C. Djeundji
C. Djeundji Pred 9 dnevi
Luka is giving them homeworks 🔥🔥
Jeff Assassin
Jeff Assassin Pred 9 dnevi
Kawhi Leonard should have stayed with the raptors if the clippers don't win this series against Dallas it'll be one of the worst decisions kawhi Leonard has ever made in his life
Bicicleteando RD
Bicicleteando RD Pred 9 dnevi
Never expect less from Luka magic
nonstop ruka
Durantula 2018
Durantula 2018 Pred 9 dnevi
Boban nas🙏🙏🙏🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸
Big Dog333
Big Dog333 Pred 9 dnevi
Losers Always
Joshua Pred 9 dnevi
2:23 wait why didn't he bank it in???? Literally no proper contest??? Wtf???? Maybe I'm missing something
Keith S. Heather
Keith S. Heather Pred 9 dnevi
It's ok all as plan clippers gonna win in 7 👍😉
dark 0804
dark 0804 Pred 9 dnevi
Imagine both la teams upset in the first round
PRIME Pred 9 dnevi
why dint you lay it up mann?? HAHHA
vasilis zaxaropoulos
Καλημέρα ωραίο βίντεο δώσει
Nameka Pred 9 dnevi
I cannot believe he passed out of that clear lay up at the end. And decided to pass it into a conjested area instead....for a lay up.
ilker Yılmaz
ilker Yılmaz Pred 9 dnevi
Why NBA players can't play defense? They all seems like friendly ghost Casper.
Christian Plata
Christian Plata Pred 9 dnevi
Luka is a supertar!
Adi H
Adi H Pred 9 dnevi
Batum choked
Mirandasiwillja Pred 9 dnevi
Cuban looks like Mike Rappaport!
Tiago Tiago
Tiago Tiago Pred 9 dnevi
Young Turk
Young Turk Pred 9 dnevi
Number 14 just lay up mann
johnvront Pred 9 dnevi
Luca is a fantastic 3 point shooter
Till Mathan
Till Mathan Pred 9 dnevi
Cuban is getting old. First time I see his grey hair
Niels S
Niels S Pred 9 dnevi
Luka is gettin absoluty ridiculous right now! Looks more like he‘s playing 2k Park than NBA Playoffs 😂
The Mouus
The Mouus Pred 9 dnevi
Luka is something else. What a player !
PJ 13
PJ 13 Pred 9 dnevi
Doncic >George already,kawhi overrated
inald maringan
inald maringan Pred 9 dnevi
Luka Magic Doncic Is Back.. Love Dalls Mavs ,, MVP Player is Luka 'Magic' Doncic
Yochai Harpaz
Yochai Harpaz Pred 9 dnevi
Why did he pass the ball?????????
Bilguun Pred 9 dnevi
Luka's built different
Will the home team finally win one? Go Luka, go Mavs!!
maurice bathan
maurice bathan Pred 9 dnevi
Batum have no idea to shoot the in last second,
Антон Pred 9 dnevi
I wish Mavs got next round of play off
Haruki Nakamura
Haruki Nakamura Pred 9 dnevi
If the mavs want to win in game 6, literally somebody has to step up other than luka, because i can already picture that since this is a do or die game for clipps, they will atempt to double team luka for most of the games. If tim, kp, kleber, dorian don't make their shots, the series might extend to game 7. Mavs need to play tgeir best basketball in game 6 and treat it as if its a game 7.
Panhard Ipay Supardi
Let's go MAVS...
RJ Chan
RJ Chan Pred 9 dnevi
Besides Luka, I can't think of any other player that can lead this same MAVS team and beat the Clipper 3 times
potty Pred 9 dnevi
MJ nobody else
KingArthur8 Pred 9 dnevi
Dirk Nowitzki .. or maybe not but definitely Kobe Bryant though
Simon Says
Simon Says Pred 9 dnevi
LeBron James, you may have heard of him. though i should add it'd be more so if he were younger
DEAD GRATEFUL Pred 9 dnevi
I love how when Clippers have home court advantage it doesn't mean a thing.... Cos they've got no fans Or even worse laker fans come to boo lol
Robert Mastnak
Robert Mastnak Pred 9 dnevi
Sir Charles you mistaken, congrats Dalas maverics...
jjboybeamer Pred 9 dnevi
Paul George should have driven the fuck into the lane and dunk or lay up that shit stupid pussy move to pass in such a clutch situation
Stefan Zlatanović
Stefan Zlatanović Pred 9 dnevi
Be cautious, Clips lost every game at home and won every game on the road. Just be patient and prepare for the next game fellas. Enjoy Lukas Magic and let the Don take the matter in its own hands.
Ivan Lončarević
Ivan Lončarević Pred 9 dnevi
Luka ..👍🏻 Amazing performance again 💯 Unbeliveble player..💪🏻💯