House Democrats Move to Impeach Trump for Insurrection: A Closer Look 

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Seth takes a closer look at the Republicans who incited the violent insurrection at the Capitol telling everyone it's "time to move on" after House Democrats unveiled a text of impeachment calling for the removal of President Trump through the 25th Amendment.
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House Democrats Move to Impeach Trump for Insurrection: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers




11. jan. 2021

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create77 Pred uro
Lindsay Graham acts like he's'THE' father figure for Trump - saying Trump did the right thing as his public performance/adoration messaging to Trump - his audience of one. Seriously, I think Trump has this guy by the balls and there's some blackmail going on - Lindsay Graham is sooooo erratic and wishy-washy, it's suspicious. Someone invetigate this story.
create77 Pred uro
so these people lost twitter followers BECAUSE OF Trump - Duuuuuuhhhhhh! They are blaming Trump. What they should do is UNFOLLOW Trump!!!
Losaiko Biden WON!!!
Every Congressman & Pence were in danger. Mob rule shows no control.
mta Pred 2 urami
oh, come on! i can't believe you would say something like that! NEVER tea with pecan pie. COFFEE! only a BARBARIAN would have tea with pecan pie. you put the cream in, then pour it into your saucer, and drink it.
Vocal V
Vocal V Pred 2 urami
What gossip is Melania Trump even talking about
karenza t. Wall
karenza t. Wall Pred 15 urami
Recommended is a deep enema for each republican in office so they can clean out their insides; then 20 cc bleach into the veins to disinfect.
jay cao
jay cao Pred 17 urami
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jose quinones
jose quinones Pred 18 urami
bansam loiem
bansam loiem Pred 18 urami
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jose quinones
jose quinones Pred 18 urami
Capital Hill no weapons. BLM 5 months riots, burning, killing, --- weapons. You are a hypocrite!
jose quinones
jose quinones Pred 18 urami
Who wants to talk to Pelosi who walked out on the President. There is no evidence of Trump led insurrection. Your Democrat's militia, BLM, rooted for 5 months and you said nothing...
jose quinones
jose quinones Pred 18 urami
Joe Biden is the President due to bought judges unwilling to bring forth Dominion machines, not made in Venezuela but used there to cheat for Maduro. Ted Cruz will be the next, legal, President in 2024.
Dave Robertson
Dave Robertson Pred dnevom
Oh wow are these POS just hilarious.And slimy lindsay graham takes the cake.What a friggin leprechaun.
Duong Hiep Ha
Duong Hiep Ha Pred dnevom
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oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Pred dnevom
I like when Seth channels his inner John Mulaney as he did with the “Be Best” bit.
Juan Aviles
Juan Aviles Pred dnevom
This is what happens when the minority becomes the majority but the money stays the same
Nate S
Nate S Pred dnevom
wah losing followers wah! oh so who is a snowflake now?
Harry Jude
Harry Jude Pred 2 dnevi
mmm ... but Madonna has no real power to incite people to action ... okay ...
RAPHAEL ZARA Pred 2 dnevi
Thank u Seth 4 making Trump's 4 horrific years bearable with A Closer Look segments. WE LoVe You!
Some College Kid
Some College Kid Pred 2 dnevi
As an Alabamian, I'd like to vehemently apologize to America for having to look at Mo Brooks. I'm so sorry you have to look at him and I'm especially sorry we elected a failed football coach to represent us in the senate.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Pred dnevom
I like when Seth channels his inner John Mulaney as he did with the “Be Best” bit.
Rock girl
Rock girl Pred 2 dnevi
“Come together” sounds like another republican code
Scott Hafele
Scott Hafele Pred 3 dnevi
It was antifa. Fake organization that wears red hats
89qwyg9yqa34t Pred 3 dnevi
As a person left of center, I absolutely believe that if Trump had won legitimately, we would have done the same thing, or worse.
marisol roman
marisol roman Pred 3 dnevi
Boo hoo!!!! For losing followers on Twitter or Instagram!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
laeeque nadvi
laeeque nadvi Pred 3 dnevi
Fears that those entrusted with guarding the American leadership may be infected with extremist ideology. Some were found involved in the storming of the US Capitol An inside hit of the kind that killed many world's leaders by their own bodyguards. John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. Such a possibility would worry the US security personnel. An allegation that extends to even some extreme right-wing Republican lawmakers.
Rock girl
Rock girl Pred 2 dnevi
Everything looks amazing ??
Rychy St. Vincent
Rychy St. Vincent Pred 3 dnevi
Hawley, Cruz and 140 other Republicans are no different than the person who sold Larry Nasser lotion, Jack The Ripper knives or Ted Bundy restraints. They are the people who would carve Trump on the back of a Florida Manatee at a beer party. Their sir names will stand out in trivia games no one will buy.
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Pred 3 dnevi
I swear hes the cutest thing ever
Oliver Dash
Oliver Dash Pred 3 dnevi
I am surprised she is not asking the FBI to arrest the Antifa people who attacked the Capitol to remove her husband fro office.
MrRotaryrockets Pred 3 dnevi
did you say Launch...no nooooo dummy I said lunch ... ooops sorry....my bad! and you left the button with the Donald....run.. Billy.. run...
Renee SKY
Renee SKY Pred 3 dnevi
Are you crazy
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Pred 3 dnevi
it would be so funny... ??
Diane O'Donovan
Diane O'Donovan Pred 3 dnevi
Mr. Trump IS the hot stove. For the last four or five years, the Republicans have been saying endlessly 'Ouch... it's cool. Ouch...it's cool. Ouch...it's cool. Ouch - you democrats should do something to stop my hand getting burned.'
kensaiix Pred 4 dnevi
5:20 "hot stove no touching again"? and also, "has learned his lesson"? maaan, this guy must have for the last 5 years lived under a rock.. that is buried deep inside a cave... on 'a moon... of jupiter
Rino Sanchez
Rino Sanchez Pred 4 dnevi
That Verizon bit was hilarious.
Chen Liu
Chen Liu Pred 4 dnevi
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T Gong
T Gong Pred 4 dnevi
It reminded me as a blacks activist said about these racist hypocrites , it like a man storm and rape and kill your family then turn around and said to you I'll share your house you, why can't we get along.
Nina Fox
Nina Fox Pred 4 dnevi
Dear Melania, I don't care. Do you?
the cat's pajamas
the cat's pajamas Pred 4 dnevi
The domestic terrorist criminal charges are to lenient.
misty poke
misty poke Pred 4 dnevi
The economic cement obviously groan because design consequentially joke inside a voracious baritone. psychedelic, milky feature
The Thinking Cat aka Neo Normie
It's so funny that the GOP are crying that insane and fascist people are no longer following them
the cat's pajamas
the cat's pajamas Pred 4 dnevi
Gonna miss Seth's butchering of Rump every night 😂🤣😂🤣
Mine Tekno
Mine Tekno Pred 4 dnevi
Trump supporter have the same mentality of the Pharisees in the Bible who sought to have Jesus crucified. They allowed themselves to be filled with evil.
Brad Grauer
Brad Grauer Pred 4 dnevi
I bet anybody on this page probably has to take out a dictionary to realize what insurrection even is including this political genius Seth Meyer
Loremaster Talus'ar
Loremaster Talus'ar Pred 4 dnevi
I'll bet Sarah Sanders is settling back with a few bottles of wine and thanking her stars she doesn't have to deal with this s*** right now. 😂
Richard Padget
Richard Padget Pred 4 dnevi
It's a crying shame the Democrats told the election and going to get thousands and thousands of people killed
Virginia G. Demby
Virginia G. Demby Pred 5 dnevi
Donald Trump should never be allowed to represent America's government again, he should be tried and held accountable.
Matthew Davis Buehrer
#VanillaIsis and their #PriveledgePutsch need to be treated for the #NaziJihadi they are. Use the Hashtags and unite against the reich.
김송주 Pred 5 dnevi
🌹범죄자는 나라를 다스릴수 없다. 대통령긴급명령권 펜스.넨시페로시.미치메코넬.조바이든. 즉시 때려잡아 체포🌹
Dan Mega
Dan Mega Pred 5 dnevi
Moving on within putting his criminal crocked ass in Federal Prison. Good bye Mari Lago.
Dan Mega
Dan Mega Pred 5 dnevi
He touched the hot stove and he learned his lesson and won't do it again?. Of course he won't do it again. He'll be in Federal Prison.
Elisabeth Banber
Elisabeth Banber Pred 5 dnevi
The guy's face on the right at 9:07! XD I would make that face too...
Ms Julie Willoughby
Ms Julie Willoughby Pred 5 dnevi
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G K Pred 5 dnevi
Unbelievable!!! Worried about their Twitter followers???
kensaiix Pred 4 dnevi
priorities man. you gotta have 'em.
Leon rumph
Leon rumph Pred 5 dnevi
Lock him up!lock him up!lock him up!
Sharon Jarvis-Young
Sharon Jarvis-Young Pred 5 dnevi
We have to hold Trump accountable for the insurrection to set a precedence... if he leaves office now without facing consequences it will only leave the door wide open for this to happen again. Impeachment is not enough... We also need to create a viable way to remove a sitting president who incites violence, abuses his power and neglects his duties as president allowing thousands to be put in harms way 100%
U seven of 10
U seven of 10 Pred 5 dnevi
The trial will be held in Washington DC (they say) .
Johnny C
Johnny C Pred 5 dnevi
She's a real "bestard." 😉
Paul Snell
Paul Snell Pred 5 dnevi
plus he has executed people too.
Habu Ya
Habu Ya Pred 5 dnevi
11:15 omg. i lost it. soo funny. you be best!
Neil Badger
Neil Badger Pred 5 dnevi
Reporters lose Twitter followers and feel the need to complain. A police officer gets murdered for trying to defend the capitol building. On reflection Twitter followers are not so important.
Sonja Kracke
Sonja Kracke Pred 5 dnevi
They are not only stone cold criminals, but absolute vampires!
Master Saab
Master Saab Pred 6 dnevi
Couldn't happen to a more deserving guy.
no hokie
no hokie Pred 6 dnevi
Y'all couldn't care less about the riots all of last year
Untethered Pred 6 dnevi
Late Night show hosts need to stop talking about politics. Trump never incited violence against the capital or anything. He actually said at his speech in DC that they were going to peacefully protest. He also said that he wanted everyone to get away from the capital because of the escalating violence with far right wing people. Get your facts straight before you say a president did something that he didn't do just because you don't like the man.
Sean Spark
Sean Spark Pred 5 dnevi
@Untethered Well said indeed, but you see, I fear these type of late night hosts are looking for one thing, a stronger thing than ethics, trust, integrity, morals, honesty, truth... it's gold nuggets in their pockets. Who funds them? Hmm partially the poor weak minded souls who watch it, who is the other source? Look that up for a tasty fact.
KD35Beast Pred 6 dnevi
Bro STFU omg you literally said nothing about all the violent BLM riots that kept being pushed by democrat leadership who kept pushing for more protests after so many violent ones happened and all the protests became violent even after they kept pushing it. Democrats like Maxine Waters literally called for violence against Trump and his cabinet members back in 2016 bro like if telling supporters to protest and then a few idiots from the protest break into the capital means "Trump incited violence" you're an idiot
Paul Doyle
Paul Doyle Pred 6 dnevi
Demonrats stole the country to burn it to the ground officially rather than burn loot murder groups and antifa.
Juan Dominguez
Juan Dominguez Pred 6 dnevi
My favorite bit on this one is at 10:55
kolim jone
kolim jone Pred 6 dnevi
Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley AKA: Herman Goering and Joseph Goebbels
Jessica Gravelle
Jessica Gravelle Pred 6 dnevi
The world is burning but Seth fucking DELIVERS with the voice impressions every 👏🏼 damn 👏🏼 time 👏🏼
Vi S
Vi S Pred 6 dnevi
Congress can't accept the votes from the house of representatives on the impeachment because should be a do process. So quickly to impeach but in a trial should have a do process. All the votes don't count. But if Congress commit an error if they do then will demonstrate that they are not representing the American people. Amazing the house of representatives showed up so quickly to represent themselves but when they needed to pass a relief bill draggs for months.
Greyareas27 Pred 6 dnevi
*Some typical **_MitchTrumplican_** party CULT FOLLOWERS' debating methods are listed here* _(feel free to add your own):_ *1)* *FULLY OPTIONAL TRUTH-* (aka "alternative facts") --Cult followers do not respect truth. In fact, they sincerely believe that truth is determined entirely by their own willingness to accept or reject it. In other words, only those things the cult follower WISHES to be true qualifies as truth. Truth or fact is at the exclusive whim of the extremist. The sources which armed them with the disinformation they possess, are always accepted at face value. No proof or verification is required. YOU on the other hand, will inevitably be required to provide "sources", "links" or other aids, which they have decided in advance are NEVER acceptable to them. For they and only they stand on high in ultimate judgement. (If you are foolhardy enough to play under their terms, you deserve the migraine that follows.) *2)* *"WHATABOUTISM"* --They totally ignore any specific criticism of Trump or the extreme right, and attempt to change the subject. (In the case of Trump, this deflection and obfuscation nearly always involves either Biden, Hillary or Obama. - -General right-wing criticism inevitably leads in some form to vilification of Black Lives Matter or the ultimate "bogeyman", ANTIFA.) _This is one of their most effective strategies and far too many opponents allow it to succeed._ *3)* *DEEP FAKE-* --They repeat assorted false conspiracy theories advanced by right-wing extremist media (George Soros, voter fraud, stolen elections, etc.) _By the way, they always imply that all voter fraud can ONLY favor the Democratic party. Never the other way around. Do not allow this presumption to fly._ *4)* *ONE-WAY ACCOUNTABILITY-* --When these extremists talk about people "taking responsibility for themselves" or "being accountable" for their actions or condition, they NEVER think those concepts should apply to them. Black and brown people are to blame for the racism and racial inequality they claim to confront, which by the way ended with slavery. (The more charitable extremists generously extend it to the end of Jim Crow.) This is of course, one of the most despicable of their distortions. But they are conditioned to pretend it's completely rational and logical. Also, they insult the collective intelligence of black Americans by insisting that the "left" has successfully brainwashed them, suggesting they aren't smart enough to recognize their own oppressors. *5)* *ONE-WAY FAKE NEWS-* --They believe there is no such thing as right-wing fake news. Everything they say is automatically true. And of course, all information from non right-wing individuals or media is automatically false by virtue of the source. Information provided from "THEIR SIDE" is 100% right/ Information from the OTHER SIDE is 100% wrong, 100% of the time. *6)* *ZERO-SUM NATIONALISM* -- Their position is that you might live in the United States, but anything good for non right-wing extremists is bad for America. The cult followers believe: If you are of the wrong ideology, race, religion, nationality or lifestyle, they have decided you are not a "REAL American". (This of course, is in their mind justifies the Jan 6th debacle where they sought to "take back" THEIR country.) *7)* *DRUNK UNCLE U.S. HISTORY-* --This commonly succeeds because so many Americans don't know the truth in the first place. (It's interesting to note that foreign-born individuals and commentators often recognize and push back on this more often and more effectively than natural-born Americans.) One of the most ubiquitous examples of this is rewriting the history of racism in America. It often involves an attempt to completely absolve the Republican party (and by extension, right-wing Conservatives), of all accountability for racism both past and present. *8)* *STOPPING THE CLOCK_* --This is a method designed to take credit for periods that appear to reflect positively on their party while taking no blame for periods that reflect negatively on Conservatives or Republicans. One good example is racial injustice in America. The Republican party began it's existence on the right side of the race issue. So they talk incessantly about centuries past. However they "stop the clock" at the Civil Rights movement because in the past 55-60 years, they have virtually nothing to brag about. In the case of Trump, the clock stops at the Covid-19 pandemic. They intend to only acknowledge economic and human conditions prior to the crisis. So things like skyrocketing deaths, joblessness and homelessness are discounted, allowing them to ignore and excuse the catastrophic failure of Trump's "response" to the disaster. As if it did not occur on his watch. *9)* *RIDICULOUS FALSE EQUIVALENCIES-* --This is a very common method they will use if you allow it to pass through. A ready example is comparing the Black Lives Matter movement to white supremacist extremist groups. Even stooping as low as being more offended by a black man kneeling silently before a football game (in their view, "disrespectful to the flag"), than they are by a white man using that same flag to attack and beat a Capitol police officer. *(THIS IS BY NO MEANS INTENDED TO BE PRESENTED AS A COMPLETE LIST. IT IS SIMPLY A FEW OF THE MOST COMMON TRICKS MITCHTRUMPLICANS AND CULT45 MEMBERS EMPLOY. YOU MAY HAVE MANY MORE.)*
Greyareas27 Pred 6 dnevi
@kolim jone Why do I get the impression you have no idea what you just read?
kolim jone
kolim jone Pred 6 dnevi
And Melania for 4 years you had nothing to say... I think you should not start now... shut up and go along with your Orange boy.!
Jackson Mahomo
Jackson Mahomo Pred 6 dnevi
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Eliyah Afzal
Eliyah Afzal Pred 6 dnevi
If Biden doesn't jail trump he is just as treasonous because it guarantees this will happen again
Dorothy Gray
Dorothy Gray Pred 6 dnevi
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Mathew Ferstl
Mathew Ferstl Pred 6 dnevi
currently for me has 3373737 views
Nia Granger
Nia Granger Pred 6 dnevi
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Michael Frawley
Michael Frawley Pred 6 dnevi
Then say...love you brother...crocodiles rule the world
Michael Frawley
Michael Frawley Pred 6 dnevi
Pour petrol on my prone body
Michael Frawley
Michael Frawley Pred 6 dnevi
Actually ...I must have been a freak...your buttons are perfect
Michael Frawley
Michael Frawley Pred 6 dnevi
WoW...you are now my favorite Sundaynight late night show host ...your voice is great...it’s your buttons
Michael Frawley
Michael Frawley Pred 6 dnevi
No not
Michael Frawley
Michael Frawley Pred 6 dnevi
The good news is a third party will win the next Presidency
Michael Frawley
Michael Frawley Pred 6 dnevi
Seriously...I know you’re mother dresses you...you are forgiven...but just barely
Canada Man
Canada Man Pred 6 dnevi
Yall are living a reality TV show
M S Pred 6 dnevi
And Melania for 4 years you had nothing to say... I think you should not start now... shut up and go along with your Orange boy.!
M S Pred 6 dnevi
Just think of this impeachment as our hastily putting a judge on the bench just short of the new election
Laima Lisovska
Laima Lisovska Pred 6 dnevi
If you believe what you say you ought to apply the same standard to your own! P.S. you lie to people about the reality for money! Next time you pretend you care about people dying, don’t smile... that’s a give away!
Super Yacht Chef
Super Yacht Chef Pred 6 dnevi
MAGA - Now stands for “ my ass got arrested.”
Tara Price
Tara Price Pred 6 dnevi
ByeDon....May God Help America!
Boss LE
Boss LE Pred 6 dnevi
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Rinaldi Maxine
Rinaldi Maxine Pred 6 dnevi
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Big Theodore
Big Theodore Pred 6 dnevi
Before he became president key inside and its erection the first day that he said if I lose this rate if I lose I was cheated you can't have a fair election after that
Mohmee Gaik
Mohmee Gaik Pred 6 dnevi
Dear Seth Meyers your clear interpretations of events is amazing. Thank you for adding humor too.
Whyso Nueyen
Whyso Nueyen Pred 6 dnevi
Dont forget the murder, with the fire hydrant!...
Homecomfort Pred 6 dnevi
Guantanamo bay miltary prison has the welcome mat out for the many who will be attending a reunion before end of this month. Epic !
The McEwens
The McEwens Pred 6 dnevi
Seeing Jim Jordan on there smfh....he needs to be gone already
The McEwens
The McEwens Pred 6 dnevi
Divide our country more? Get a Clue! Shitcan all of them that followed And coddled his demented idea of life. Highly trained? Because they can perform a maneuver wrong? If that’s highly trained we have issues...
kerry folden
kerry folden Pred 6 dnevi
news?? nuke ths
Donna Hensley
Donna Hensley Pred 7 dnevi
Again history shows us. Angry white supremacist wealth can start a riot that poor MAGA people will pay the price for. They will lose their jobs and freedom.
Edgar Autrey
Edgar Autrey Pred 7 dnevi
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Benni Grote
Benni Grote Pred 7 dnevi
The unruly litter appropriately glue because ice elderly intend to a jobless linda. meek, agonizing lace
Tiago B
Tiago B Pred 7 dnevi
Criticizes millennials and Gen Z, then complains about losing followers... my god the hypocrisy