Jason Mantzoukas Bought a Special Mask to Accommodate His Beard 

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Jason Mantzoukas talks about how his essence is captured in the cartoons he voices, shows off a unique face mask he had to buy to accommodate his beard and gives a thorough breakdown of his art collection.
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Jason Mantzoukas Bought a Special Mask to Accommodate His Beard- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers




26. feb. 2021

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000JayDub Pred 2 dnevi
“Those eyes Seth: do you think you’ll be able to forget them?” I love ‘Zukes!
Barrie Grubb
Barrie Grubb Pred 3 dnevi
I love this guy!!
Scott McCutcheon
Scott McCutcheon Pred 4 dnevi
Invincible is good. Watch it.
Ryne Murray
Ryne Murray Pred 6 dnevi
He's wearing the "california" mask.
Joonha Shcal
Joonha Shcal Pred 7 dnevi
That's one Covid Hairstyle and Beard.
Rylin Mariel
Rylin Mariel Pred 7 dnevi
I think with the trophy, what's really happening there is that the dad is having a hard time getting his kids to eat with him - they always want to be eating over at their friends' houses, or (allegedly) at the library doing homework/research, or out galivanting around with their friends in the woods getting high. So the dad came up with the trophy, either as a motivator, or as a sarcastic dig at the kids who don't want to stay home and eat dinner with him very often. Probably because he's such a sarcastic snarky person, and picks at them all the time when they are there - ha ha.
William Olsen
William Olsen Pred 9 dnevi
Jason looks like one of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers righ now.
Kiki B
Kiki B Pred 10 dnevi
I have loved and appreciated Jay Mantzoukas' work for years. He is delightful af. After seeing this, I may want to marry him.
Dora B.
Dora B. Pred 12 dnevi
Art Beat With Jason 100% needs to happen. I would watch the HELL out of that
Kevin F
Kevin F Pred 12 dnevi
Most Meals with Dad
JoePassIsMyIdol Pred 13 dnevi
Zouks, what a talent
Christina Lopez
Christina Lopez Pred 13 dnevi
omg hysterical
Lori D R Blake
Lori D R Blake Pred 14 dnevi
Derek! Derek... Derick. Derek, Derek, Derek. Derek!?!
Ari Gordon
Ari Gordon Pred 14 dnevi
Why am I strangely attracted to this man.
Amanda Galvan
Amanda Galvan Pred 14 dnevi
Larissa Medenilla
Larissa Medenilla Pred 15 dnevi
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עמנואל Pred 15 dnevi
ONG HE'S LOLA?!?!?! 😅😂🤣😂😆🤣😂😂🤣😅😂😂
Sina Haase
Sina Haase Pred 16 dnevi
For those of you who don’t know much about this guy....he’s HILARIOUS. His sense of humor is so unique and really makes you laugh like a guttural dying with tears laugh as opposed to just smiling at your screen when someone says something funny. His freak out moments on Brooklyn Nine-Nine are one of my all time favorites.
Kevin of Parker
Kevin of Parker Pred 16 dnevi
I love that he looks like Joaquin Phoenix...BUT its Jaoquin Phoenix as crazy rapping alter ego. point being, when Joaquin wanted to look at crazy as he possibly could... the result is Jason Mantzoukas
Succubusisis Pred 16 dnevi
I can’t believe Jason is the only guest we KNOWN is wearing pants
RecklessViolet Pred 17 dnevi
I laughed so much. 100% would watch that art segment.
Nin Jason
Nin Jason Pred 17 dnevi
I now see, there is a lot of where Adrian Pimento from Brooklyn 99 came from :)
Evan O
Evan O Pred 17 dnevi
Someone tell me when art corner comes out
makearunat Pred 17 dnevi
This was a great interview, get him back on
Keren Isslaub
Keren Isslaub Pred 18 dnevi
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qwe1231 Pred 18 dnevi
Zooks is the best.
Mohammed Koné
Mohammed Koné Pred 19 dnevi
He's so hilarious! Did not expect the full-face mask lmao
Benito Ewing
Benito Ewing Pred 19 dnevi
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Whitzala Pred 21 dnevom
make Art Beat with Jason happen ASAP!!!
Whitzala Pred 21 dnevom
omg go day drinking while visiting Art Galleries!!!!
thomson salwa
thomson salwa Pred 21 dnevom
The alive field nearly notice because debt dimensionally terrify into a silly clave. unkempt, maniacal stitch
flamephlegm Pred 22 dnevi
I was watching Baby Mama the other day and remembered how good he looks without the beard.
R C Pred 22 dnevi
He'll lose his mind and morph into DEREK!! 🤯
Thelma Rudolph
Thelma Rudolph Pred 25 dnevi
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Karasu Nyan
Karasu Nyan Pred 26 dnevi
Petunia Pandy
Petunia Pandy Pred 27 dnevi
And there it is, why I love this man so much.
Daniel Pred 27 dnevi
Damn, Zouks always gives me energy!
Samantha Phillips
Samantha Phillips Pred 28 dnevi
Great! Now I want to see all the art he has collected :/
this and that
this and that Pred 28 dnevi
My Top Wildcards 1. Jason Mantzoukas 2. Tim Robinson 3. Charlie Day
Dissociated Women Incorporated
You know who likes circular beards like that? _MY MOM!_
Messofanego Pred 28 dnevi
That has to be Kristen Wiig looking nervous in the poster!
Jolla Diwa
Jolla Diwa Pred 29 dnevi
proudly showing of the the nice things in my home via zoom. big mood. this is my kind of crazy after one year of lockdown life, too!
Ebonie Melvina
Ebonie Melvina Pred mesecem
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하하 Pred mesecem
Jim M
Jim M Pred mesecem
G A T T A C A ! ! !
natdesjardins24 Pred mesecem
Christopher Bill
Christopher Bill Pred mesecem
That trophy deserves to be in the MOMA.
Samantha Shearer
Samantha Shearer Pred mesecem
Will be living for Art Beat with Jason. Please. Please. Ok. I'll add a pretty please.
AintItJay187 Pred mesecem
His hair is slowly taking him over lol
Mate Amargo
Mate Amargo Pred mesecem
He needs to do stand up comedy
Sivi Pred mesecem
i spit water onto my laptop when he showed the little cowboy
Alexander Pieman
Alexander Pieman Pred mesecem
just giving a thumbs up to every comment that encourages his return - i mean what the hell was that, more please
Kimberly Hallett
Kimberly Hallett Pred mesecem
Where's the button I smash to subscribe to this art segment?
russo thuga
russo thuga Pred mesecem
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Stacey Whitworth
Stacey Whitworth Pred mesecem
Jason Mantzoukas is one of the funniest people on the planet. PERIOD.
Saskia Black
Saskia Black Pred mesecem
I adore Jason. Please make him an art segment. 💜
thelonious monk
thelonious monk Pred mesecem
Jason's going to be haunted by hipsters and children of divorce and I would pay money to watch it
Lisa B
Lisa B Pred mesecem
Geostorm. That’s bananas
Larry H
Larry H Pred mesecem
I think i would watch a show that involved Jason buying, talking about and giving away random art like that. Kind of reminds me of those old maddox posts.
philpheburbs Pred mesecem
this is fookin hysterical
Tubby Custard
Tubby Custard Pred mesecem
Spencer Lawrence
Spencer Lawrence Pred mesecem
PLEEEEEASE do “Art Beat with Jason” regularly!!
Amanda Johnson
Amanda Johnson Pred mesecem
Can we Jason on to design an interior of my home? I am thinking the whole thing, art on the walls, furniture pieces, all of it!!!
kirsten_ducky Pred mesecem
Oh this is just pure joy!
Omni Bus
Omni Bus Pred mesecem
He was a great improv teacher in NYC back in the day, too.
eMburst Pred mesecem
This really confirmed that I'd like to be Jason's friend. What a guy. I'd want him to help me decorate my apartment.
Sara Beckstrom
Sara Beckstrom Pred mesecem
Jeffrey Characterwheaties is such a great actor-- SO happy for his success as lovable goofball comedian "Jason Mantzoukas" who has an "egg allergy"
Geoff Maddock
Geoff Maddock Pred mesecem
Jason is the hero we need.
Denmark Millikan
Denmark Millikan Pred mesecem
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gorobot Pred mesecem
This was the best interview segment in the entire quarantine. Zouks is an absolute king
msminmichigan Pred mesecem
He's losing his mind and I'm reaping all the benefits
Adam Chen
Adam Chen Pred 21 dnevom
This needed a pause in the middle and a curtain drawn at the end
Sarah Anderson
Sarah Anderson Pred mesecem
That was so funny lol
Grey Wilden
Grey Wilden Pred mesecem
Art beat art beat !!!
BnaBreaker Pred mesecem
I wish this interview lasted for an entire day.
Giorgio Pred mesecem
Hey guys, it's me, Adrian Pimento.
Brett E
Brett E Pred mesecem
2:40 Seth fake laughing so hard he's going to die
cheala Mcphee
cheala Mcphee Pred mesecem
He is the Best!!
Rachel Hammack
Rachel Hammack Pred mesecem
I need an AD house tour!
Blue Poet Productions
Few things legitimately make me "laugh out loud" anymore. But this Jason Mantzoukas segment did it for me.
David Turner
David Turner Pred mesecem
I don't get excited about celebrities but I think I would spaz out a bit if I could meet Jason.
Z G Pred mesecem
Isaac Salas
Isaac Salas Pred mesecem
Everytime I see Jason I realize Rafi and Pimento is just him, they hire him on shows and just let him do whatever he wants lol
really regular
really regular Pred mesecem
This was so aimless and yet so entertaining. Thank you.
Joseph Naman
Joseph Naman Pred mesecem
Heynong Man
Janet Pred mesecem
Jeffrey Character Wheaties strikes again 😎
Wayne Browne
Wayne Browne Pred mesecem
We need MORE Jason Mantzoukas.
Wayne Browne
Wayne Browne Pred mesecem
He is one of the funniest people I've ever seen.
Troy Wood
Troy Wood Pred mesecem
I love Jason Mantzoukas!
Joe Human
Joe Human Pred mesecem
The painting on the right is clearly Golden Globe winner Ms. Anya Taylor-Joy.
I'd like to see the love child of Jason and Zac galafinakas (or however you spell his name) it would be galifinamanzoukas
Guns On Bungees
Guns On Bungees Pred mesecem
This is, BY FAR, the best zoom interview i've seen - if not one of my favourite interview in general! I don't think I've laughed this hard since Amy Poehler berated the Free Solo guy in her interview (the video of which is missing by the way???) Please please have Jason back to show more of his art and house. You've stumbled upon gold.
Alex Pred mesecem
Chaotic good. Jason. Mantzoukas.
Alex Pred mesecem
I feel seen, thank you Jason
Kristen Emily
Kristen Emily Pred mesecem
jason mantzoukas is the funniest person on the planet and you cant change my mind
Phil B
Phil B Pred mesecem
How about Brooklyn 99, Seth?!
Daniel Wang
Daniel Wang Pred mesecem
He is forever Nuclear Nadal in our minds
Connor M
Connor M Pred mesecem
2:36 look at Seth ..... wtf ... are you OK seth?
Bassist1996 Pred mesecem
He is Pimento in person lol
Caroline Cuevas
Caroline Cuevas Pred mesecem
I would pay to hang out with Jason
TheBrainvision Pred mesecem
This dude doesn't have an off mode
Emma Jean
Emma Jean Pred mesecem
I want a TV show called "Show and Tell with Jason Mantzoukas" that is just this
Seniors Needs to be STOPPED!
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