All reactions to Toast's Surprise Return to the OfflineTV House | Lilypichu, Michael Reeves, Scarra 

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All reactions to Toast's surprise return to the OfflineTV house ft Lilypichu, Michael Reeves, Scarra, Yvonnie and Toast also visited Fuslie and Miyoung.


0:00 Scarra reaction
0:34 Lily reaction
2:04 Michael reaction
3:23 Yvonnie reaction
6:04 Leslie gives Toast and Miyoung a hug
6:58 Toast coaches Yvonnie
7:13 Toast knees
7:32 Toast and Yvonnie troll Edison
8:30 Toast doesn't believe Leslie watches his streams
9:47 Outro

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Intro Music: Lullaby by Joakim Karud
Outro Music: Unknown Brain - Inspiration (feat. Aviella) [NCS Release]



5. maj. 2021

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OTV POG Pred mesecem
0:00​ Scarra reaction 0:34​ Lily reaction 2:04​ Michael reaction 3:23​ Yvonnie reaction 6:04​ Leslie gives Toast and Miyoung a hug 6:58​ Toast coaches Yvonnie 7:13​ Toast knees 7:32​ Toast and Yvonnie troll Edison 8:30​ Toast doesn't believe Leslie watches his streams 9:47​ Outro
Ameute Pred mesecem
Lol it’s so sad because they’re “working” when he comes in and it’s that awkward thing.
Noviosity Pred mesecem
1:40 temmie's reaction
LuckyShot Pred mesecem
@Jedi master kenobi the fuck?
Pred mesecem
Wait... When did Michael streamed?
tai tai
tai tai Pred mesecem
It's normal reaction when u see Jackie chan
Joshua Capitan
Joshua Capitan Pred dnevom
"Toast is black" ...wait wtf?
Izan Mohammed
Izan Mohammed Pred 2 dnevi
Me and lily when micheal hugs toast : awwwwwwwwwwww
Nasirbytheway Pred 4 dnevi
Does OTV make you pay them for their clips or no?
Justin Huffman
Justin Huffman Pred 7 dnevi
Could you imagine he just sees everyone and he just leaves like everyone just hallucinated him lol
LONXXX Pred 9 dnevi
i like scarras genuine reaction
Xrisus94 Pred 9 dnevi
Lilly and Michael playing it takes 2.
Jaiden Matos
Jaiden Matos Pred 10 dnevi
Bro toast was hurt after lily just stared and kept playing
manuel gomez
manuel gomez Pred 11 dnevi
I like watching dogs reacting to their friends coming back.
Lisa Chiang
Lisa Chiang Pred 11 dnevi
Why was he gone/was suppose to be gone for so long?
GianneSky Pred 10 dnevi
He went to Canada and stayed there for at least 6 months I think because his father is sick. He took care of him with his sister.
Reediculos - Stream and Gameplay
WHY he left OTV ? can anyone tell me please ?
GianneSky Pred 10 dnevi
He went to Canada and stayed there for at least 6 months I think because his father is sick. He took care of him with his sister. He did not leave OTV he left the house they stayed.
warriorcat Pred 13 dnevi
Toast is the best bread
Manef Ben Ghorbel
Manef Ben Ghorbel Pred 14 dnevi
Lily reqction iw disgusting jesus
B. R. Supreme-Constitution
That hug was so sweet.
KASOI Pred 15 dnevi
3:00 are you winnin son?
KASOI Pred 15 dnevi
Toast is like jesus coming back from death
killahill Pred 15 dnevi
Nobody could be fucked to get out of thier chairs
Garasay Pred 15 dnevi
I think I missed a few chapters, where did he go?
GianneSky Pred 10 dnevi
He went to Canada and stayed there for at least 6 months I think because his father is sick. He took care of him with his sister.
icantthinkofaname Pred 16 dnevi
I'm straight but respectfully toast is looking more fine usual 😩🙌
Phvsics Pred 16 dnevi
Are they all socially awkward? lol
BUTTERCUP Jones Pred 16 dnevi
I'm so confused. Where did he go? Why did he leave?
GianneSky Pred 10 dnevi
He went to Canada and stayed there for at least 6 months I think because his father is sick. He took care of him with his sister.
James-Reaction and Gaming
wait why did toast leave at first?
GianneSky Pred 10 dnevi
He went to Canada and stayed there for at least 6 months I think because his father is sick. He took care of him with his sister.
Peng Assawamartbunlue
Peng Assawamartbunlue Pred 18 dnevi
The boyz are back
Ian Dwiki
Ian Dwiki Pred 18 dnevi
Man.. you never iron that team liquid shirt huh?
Abudora Yakobu
Abudora Yakobu Pred 19 dnevi
why did yvonne say she got him to come back and then said my sheets are comfy?
Wierd Rat
Wierd Rat Pred 20 dnevi
Wait why was toast gone
GianneSky Pred 10 dnevi
He went to Canada and stayed there for at least 6 months I think because his father is sick. He took care of him with his sister.
ERROr DEAd Pred 20 dnevi
Please do the season two of dnd now that tost is here pls :)
Redilas Remuiase
Redilas Remuiase Pred 20 dnevi
The plant glue internally afford because suede behaviorally miss for a known coal. terrible, jobless satin
Cranky crew1
Cranky crew1 Pred 21 dnevom
You could see how happy and excited Micheal was when Lily told him Toast was back
bruhh Pred 21 dnevom
Lily really dosent give a f**k
SassySenpai Pred 21 dnevom
im crying
Yezzor Pred 22 dnevi
It's still crazy to think that both poki and yvonnie are from Calgary, I'm from Calgary as well, and It's cool to see people from your hometown so big and famous
Anna Marie
Anna Marie Pred 22 dnevi
I don't follow their streams and get info through YT and all but man am I happy to see him. I've been missing those among us clips that gave me entertainment but at least he's feeling better and is back with his friends.
suck a d
suck a d Pred 22 dnevi
reason why lily was not excited is she was thinking "oh no, chaos is back..."
farazr2005 Pred 23 dnevi
I disliked but only for 169
Joel Koh
Joel Koh Pred 24 dnevi
where did he go
Isabella Neves
Isabella Neves Pred 25 dnevi
this was strange af damn
WOLKENSCHWElF Pred 25 dnevi
this is so cute and heartwarming 🙂
Tekeu Saith
Tekeu Saith Pred 26 dnevi
To the people tried to cancel Toast Screw you :D! 🖕
FlakAnimation Pred 27 dnevi
Michael: Nice Now I Can Taze You Again
Thothrax Pred 27 dnevi
Oh you're a Toast fan? Name every stream
Doc Fallout
Doc Fallout Pred 27 dnevi
The Return of the King
Smiley Pred 28 dnevi
billy 9
billy 9 Pred 28 dnevi
7:14 toast is just at another level.
Maou Sama
Maou Sama Pred 29 dnevi
can someone explain the full story ...like did left smething or wht /
Yoongles Pred 29 dnevi
I think they can understand him.💛
Aiden Zheng
Aiden Zheng Pred mesecem
Toast looks like a lesbian mom with the glasses. Don't @ me
Lucas Campuzano
Lucas Campuzano Pred mesecem
Wait why did toast leave again?
arjjive Pred mesecem
I loved it when Michael said “That wasn’t the reaction he was expecting.” I really believe that Michael knows and understands Toast the most in OTV.
L.E A Pred mesecem
Lol out of the two of them Michael is the most excited
1OldPacman Pred mesecem
They are cold.
Absol Pred mesecem
"Honey you have to he excited" "BE EXCITED"
『Kayla.Gem』 Pred mesecem
Faeytei Pred mesecem
I’m so confused, what happened, where did he go
fuse llama
fuse llama Pred mesecem
he went back home to take care of his dad a while back I believe
Park Jimin
Park Jimin Pred mesecem
Toast Glowup thooo
crustybomb Pred mesecem
can someone fill me in on what happened with toast?
Carrot Chaser
Carrot Chaser Pred mesecem
Those are some cold reactions, they are obviously not friends, they are just co workers. no wonder he looks like he is ready to end it. but that's life, no gain without sacrifice and no sacrifice without gain, you get an easy job but a shitty life.
Psychedelic GB Yeti
Psychedelic GB Yeti Pred mesecem
I don't keep up.... When did toast leave and why? 🤔
PinkLava101 Pred mesecem
why was toast gone for so long? 😭 I missed him so much!!
Joan Ybañez
Joan Ybañez Pred mesecem
Did toast go on a break?.... did he leave???? What happened????
Lilantman 05
Lilantman 05 Pred mesecem
Wait when did toast leave
Daniel Ramirez
Daniel Ramirez Pred mesecem
Where has toast been ?
This Is All Fake But I'm Here For The Ride
If my relationship isn’t like lily and Michael I don’t want it
Pariah VGC
Pariah VGC Pred mesecem
Everybody: Excited Lily: Oh, you’re back.... Michael: FUCK! JESUS CHRIST!
Simp4 Bakuhoe
Simp4 Bakuhoe Pred mesecem
poke Pred mesecem
I just now realized Yvonnes glasses were fake...
Aimee Pred mesecem
I laugh when lily said "oh your back" like toast went to grocery store. 💀
Emmanuel Arceo
Emmanuel Arceo Pred mesecem
did everybody notice that the bois are the only one that give toast a hug
vkmd Pred mesecem
Bruh imagine coming back to ur friends after such a long time and they don't even stop playing to greet u
Teriyakii Pred mesecem
I love how he doesn't even talk, he just walks in the room, pats them on the shoulder and waits for their "welcome back!", then leaves.
Sora Pred mesecem
Toast is the main character
Jordan Wilson
Jordan Wilson Pred mesecem
Why did toast leave?
Chilly BillyGrapes
Chilly BillyGrapes Pred mesecem
I’m gonna cry
Unfunny Pred mesecem
Too concentrated on trying to please the children that give them money to actually care Toast is there lol
Dyana N
Dyana N Pred mesecem
Alternative title: Toast being a creep for 10 minutes straight 😂😂
Ava Mosqueda
Ava Mosqueda Pred mesecem
Wait where did he go?
Ꭱite Pred mesecem
Cece Elizabeth
Cece Elizabeth Pred mesecem
Scarra and I have the same reaction, bear hug!
potato_ head
potato_ head Pred mesecem
Idk why i was so shocked when i noticed that yvonne's glasses was just a filter
potato_ head
potato_ head Pred mesecem
Where did toast go?
Eric Andersen
Eric Andersen Pred mesecem
Wtf happened?
crossmarian crosscode
*8:46** sorry i was focused on Miyoung's sexy legs*
Æß Pred mesecem
The Among US GOD Back
Lowkey Vibez
Lowkey Vibez Pred mesecem
Why is toast so cute
James Bond
James Bond Pred mesecem
We dont care
KNoesey Pred mesecem
Michael was so excited he looked like he wanted to jump up and run to see him 🥺🌸💕✨
Vatsal Sharma
Vatsal Sharma Pred mesecem
What is the name of this shooting game
Kgazda27 Pred mesecem
Hey can someone explain why did toast leave offlinetv?
GianneSky Pred mesecem
He went back to his home in Canada to take care of his father. Because his father got ill at that time.
StormNite 0178
StormNite 0178 Pred mesecem
wait i’m not up to date with everything why did toast leave ? i’m confused
GianneSky Pred mesecem
He went back to his home in Canada to take care of his father. Because his father got ill at that time.
Nanof Urbiznis
Nanof Urbiznis Pred mesecem
This reminds me of when I used to be sick and stayed in the hospital for like 2 months when I was in 3rd grade and then came back to school and everything felt new and weird again like the first day. I was always mute on the first day out of shyness/awkwardness. Toast here is me from back then. Same mood lol.
Galaxis Pred mesecem
Bruh why toast lookin like albie
No Pred mesecem
Their dad came back. This time with the milk
Logan T
Logan T Pred mesecem
I really feel bad for toast, R.I.P...love you toast
TheHeroBrain Pred mesecem
Michael's and Toasts interaction was just so heartwarming, trying to describe it with words would be stupid
xo.Alleb Pred mesecem
You can see how emotional toast was when he went to his friends one by one . Like he went thru such a hard time and finally feeling courage and seeing his friends brings him so much comfort. 😭😭😭😭 and my hearts break so much Bc he went thru such a bad time . Judge him all you want if that’s the only thing you can do .
Artemis Nine
Artemis Nine Pred mesecem
More than anything, I just hope he's okay.
undreadly Pred mesecem
scarra: NO WAY!!!! lily: oh ur back 🙂 i love them lmfao
• Bubblxii •
• Bubblxii • Pred mesecem
how is he even just walking into there rooms/houses like what
Clumsy And Blurr Things
Is this a new video or old?
GianneSky Pred mesecem
nEw new
ThisIsFine Pred mesecem
My heart... cannot take this... t-too much serotonin-
Reactions to Toast's Return
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