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Directed by Matty Peacock
Written by Shawn Mendes, Matty Peacock, Connor Brashier
Produced by Roisín Audrey Moloney
Executive Produced by Andrew Gertler, Kim Dellara
Head of Production Casey Wooden
Production Company Caviar
Creative Direction by Connor Brashier

Director of Photography Larkin Seiple
Production Design JC Molina
Editor Isaac Hagy
Visual Effects by Ingenuity Studios
Color by Alex Bickel @ Color Collective
Sound Design Human Worldwide

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I wonder
if I’m being real do I speak my truth or do I filter to how I feel
I wonder
Wouldn’t it be nice to live inside a world that isn’t black and white
I wonder
What it’s like to be my friends
Hope that they don’t think I forget about them
I wonder
I wonder

Right before I close my eyes
The only thing that’s on my mind
Been dreaming that you feel it too
I wonder what it’s like to be loved by you
I wonder what it’s like
I wonder what it’s like to be loved

I wonder
Why I’m so afraid of saying something wrong and never said I was a saint
I wonder when I cry into my hands I’m conditioned to feel like it makes me less of a man
And I wonder if some day you’ll be by my side and tell me that the world will end up alright
I wonder
I wonder

Right before I close my eyes
The only thing that’s on my mind
Been dreaming that you feel it too
I wonder what it’s like to be loved by you
I wonder what it’s like
I wonder what it’s like to be loved by you

I wonder what it’s like to be loved by you
I wonder what it’s like to be loved by you
I wonder what it’s like to be loved

Right before I close my eyes
The only thing that’s on my mind
Been dreaming that you feel it too
I wonder what it’s like to be loved by you




1. okt. 2020

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Denisse Juarez
Denisse Juarez Pred 2 urami
What is art? tHIS IS ART!!!
Fildza Shafa Fatilah
omg i love uuuuuu
akshee Savi
akshee Savi Pred 2 urami
Anya Murrant
Anya Murrant Pred 2 urami
Who else loves shaun Mendes?! 👇🏻
Tania Burnard
Tania Burnard Pred 2 urami
Omg loving this song ATM
Estrella Estrada
Estrella Estrada Pred 2 urami
I literally can't stop listening to your song, I love it
Rachel Burnett
Rachel Burnett Pred 2 urami
i love this songgg #shawlia
Inessa Skate
Inessa Skate Pred 2 urami
Who’s here after his amazing Kimmel performance
Inessa Skate
Inessa Skate Pred 2 urami
So surreal and magical
Sofí Mar
Sofí Mar Pred 2 urami
Let's give thanks for the wonderful song that this beautiful human being has given us
Kerriesha Campbell
Kerriesha Campbell Pred 2 urami
like this wonder- ful man
Kerriesha Campbell
Kerriesha Campbell Pred 2 urami
i wanna be a model , an actress and maybe a singer
Kerriesha Campbell
Kerriesha Campbell Pred 2 urami
i love this song and the behind the scene is aspiring to me
Sofí Mar
Sofí Mar Pred 2 urami
This is great, Shawn deserves us to support him more, doesn't he?
Janet Cortés
Janet Cortés Pred 2 urami
Teee amooooo
mateo galbar
mateo galbar Pred 2 urami
anne Pred 2 urami
Is it just me or does the bgm of the chorus sound somehow similar to 'halo' by beyonce.
Anya Mariam Abraham
Anya Mariam Abraham Pred 2 urami
He doesn't looks so good with long hair , short hair amazing
Aaron Rodriguez
Aaron Rodriguez Pred 2 urami
People pay more attention to Carly B then this masterpiece
Angella Ricco
Angella Ricco Pred 2 urami
where is filming?
Priscilla Kanta
Priscilla Kanta Pred 2 urami
Ohhh my ❤️
lary Silva
lary Silva Pred 3 urami
lary Silva
lary Silva Pred 3 urami
Te amo
Mateo Paloma
Mateo Paloma Pred 3 urami
Since you were a baby, I love you. I taught you to walk, to talk and I hugged you so much.. you didn't realize it was Me, but it was Me. It's true, you got away from Me, but I NEVER got away from you. Who told you that I am a punishing Father and that I just sit and do nothing to save you and to save this world? Remember, son (daughter): I am still in control of everything you see and believe it or not, my goal to change this world still stands. But my main goal is you. If you feel pain and do not understand why so many things happen.. Do not hesitate to come to Me, I really know how you feel and what you are going through, and remember, it is not that I do nothing to change it.. because there is no storm that lasts forever and the darker the night, the sooner the dawn comes. I know that sometimes it is very difficult to understand things and I understand you, believe me I do. Tell me everything you feel with your words even if you think you don't know how to do it, because from the first time you stopped to think about who I was, I heard you. And no matter how distant it was, do not see how important it was for Me.. Or if even many criticize you for doing it.. Here I will be and we will go through "shame" together. I will not stop showing you all my help and all my Infinite Love that no one else can feel for you, as I have done from day 1. Here I am and I want to save you. Do not forget.. - That is God who has spoken to you through my comment, because he knew that you needed to know and what he hopes the most is that no matter how difficult this moment is, go and leave everything that does not allow you to speak with Him, because believe it or not, He still has something prepared for you. Go and make it possible❤️ ;).
lary Silva
lary Silva Pred 3 urami
lary Silva
lary Silva Pred 3 urami
Te amo
lary Silva
lary Silva Pred 3 urami
Love you
lary Silva
lary Silva Pred 3 urami
Te amo
lary Silva
lary Silva Pred 3 urami
Love you
eLLo Pred 3 urami
See I am just now jumping into the Shawn Mendes fandom but literally this man is soo talented I am just upset
Himanshu sharma
Himanshu sharma Pred 3 urami
Who are those dislikers
Ruby Ribrics
Ruby Ribrics Pred 3 urami
I luv u Shawn Mendes
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki Pred 3 urami
The dislikes are from the people who are Jeolous of shawn and badly wants to be like Shawn
MGTplayz Pred 3 urami
Harry potter vibes anyone??
Kuripot Pred 3 urami
its like the mv is the offspring of twilight and harry potter fr.
Maya love's fidget toys!!
This is such a beautiful song especially when the the ocean splash on him
LifeWithKadifa Pred 3 urami
why am i so obsessed with this song have this on repeat whole morning and i singing the chores to the top of my lungs my mother think i crazy
desk260 Pred 3 urami
Pure ART.
Mrinmayi Raje
Mrinmayi Raje Pred 3 urami
So beautiful 🥰
Eunicep Brown
Eunicep Brown Pred 3 urami
Love this 😀❤ amazing perfect video of Shawn new music 🎶 ❤ 🙌👌💯👏
angela Sardo
angela Sardo Pred 3 urami
3ro B Julieta Abril Lotumolo
Hòa NT
Hòa NT Pred 4 urami
Go to by Jimin
Matilde Armenghi
Matilde Armenghi Pred 4 urami
How beautiful is he?😍🥺
ReallyNoobieta's Channel
Key epic be like:I used to be sh*t now I'm the whole poop
Arshi Lalani
Arshi Lalani Pred 4 urami
okay why did i think of polar express?
GryZZy Pred 4 urami
I’m getting M83 vibes ngl
Anne Jimenez
Anne Jimenez Pred 4 urami
This song makes me cry but it's also so good and Shawn can act too 🥺
This kinda give me the same vibe as the taylor Swift out of the woods
CatGoesMeWOW Pred 4 urami
its like watching a movie. Great work Matty Peacock :)
Maria Fernanda
Maria Fernanda Pred 4 urami
" I Wonder What it's like to be loved by you" 🇧🇷❤️
Pipi Cute
Pipi Cute Pred 5 urami
K S Pred 5 urami
Honestly I have one heck of a crush on him. Both his voice, his songs, the way how his eyes shine, the way that he shakes his hands in his hair. The way that he moves is so attractive and truly catches my heart. But mostly the longing inside of me that wants to hug this sorrow full creature!
Ricardo Vicente
Ricardo Vicente Pred 5 urami
Thanks for that song, Shawn
Jerald Elias
Jerald Elias Pred 5 urami
Ayt this is offiicially my favourite music video of all time.
Elyas Aboudi
Elyas Aboudi Pred 5 urami
Popular opinion : everyone want to see Shawn Mendes in real life
Zaris Bharal
Zaris Bharal Pred 5 urami
I wonder
blxsh Pred 5 urami
This needed to play at Justin's and Hailey's wedding.
Frede07gaming Pred 5 urami
i dont like it
Brit-Pop Snob
Brit-Pop Snob Pred 5 urami
Too 40 horribleness. Post (Canadian) American Idol/ AGT. First there was Susan Boyle; now there’s this person.
José Manuel Domínguez Limon
Achis me hace recordar a alguien con esta canción:(
Monika Untari
Monika Untari Pred 5 urami
Miss you my life my insurance my heart and i love you 🙏
Rebeka Karvalics
Rebeka Karvalics Pred 5 urami
i love you
Ananya Jaiswal
Ananya Jaiswal Pred 5 urami
I'm in love with this song
Aditya Mehra
Aditya Mehra Pred 6 urami
I first thought that It is a disney movie 😂
Navneet Kaur
Navneet Kaur Pred 6 urami
Auto tune to his voice means adding water in the ocean❣️
Ancient Pred 6 urami
the secenery reminds a bit of Taylor Swifts "Out of the Woods"
Sevinch Bekir
Sevinch Bekir Pred 6 urami
Zunaira Gousia
Zunaira Gousia Pred 6 urami
Why does he look like a tarzan ❤️🙏
Lord Grim
Lord Grim Pred 6 urami
**𝙿𝚘𝚝𝚝𝚎𝚛 𝙷𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚜 𝚑𝚊𝚟𝚎 𝚎𝚗𝚝𝚎𝚛𝚎𝚍 ⒸⒽⒶⓉ**
Aribah Bhatti
Aribah Bhatti Pred 6 urami
The lyrics are actually masterpiece. Love from Pakistan
Valentina aguirres
Valentina aguirres Pred 6 urami
Te amo.
Tik Tokers Channel
Tik Tokers Channel Pred 7 urami
Disney used him for the little mermaid film projects
Saqi Abbasi
Saqi Abbasi Pred 7 urami
Harry Potter 2.0
Julie Lazarovová
Julie Lazarovová Pred 7 urami
Are we not gonna talk about his beautiful HAIR??
Mysterious Joker comedy
Bro you are just spectacular, wonderful music brother
Anamika Singh
Anamika Singh Pred 7 urami
Who else is extremely curious about Camila and Shawn Mendes 👇
netflix acc
netflix acc Pred 7 urami
come out for petes sake
Absar Hajiri
Absar Hajiri Pred 7 urami
Elise Smid
Elise Smid Pred 7 urami
This is what you call storytelling
farida adamjee
farida adamjee Pred 7 urami
this song and video is truly amzing. added to my list of favourites
Analie Dano
Analie Dano Pred 7 urami
Iloveyou Shawn. the Voice. 😍😍😍💚
Jerome Cabcaban
Jerome Cabcaban Pred 8 urami
I love the vocals it's so good❤
Annie Pred 8 urami
this made me shed an actual tear, shawn never disappoints and he rlly went beyond with this masterpiece :’) this is such a beautiful and powerful song
Sarcasm Studio
Sarcasm Studio Pred 8 urami
Everyone is saying this give them Harry Potter vibes. It gives me coming out of the cage vibes. Like come on guys.
Sharoon Rafeek
Sharoon Rafeek Pred 8 urami
Go watch zayn's better, it needs more attention.
eslkss Pred 8 urami
chills literal chills
Dhani Mehrishi
Dhani Mehrishi Pred 8 urami
Best one I've ever heard from Shawn Mendes.
Jimena Flores
Jimena Flores Pred 8 urami
fame robs people's shine
ALC infoChannel
ALC infoChannel Pred 8 urami
GaMeR2442 Pred 8 urami
Shawn:I wonder what it's like to be loved by you Me:l wonder music is Life
Shada Mehthab
Shada Mehthab Pred 8 urami
Who else just thought that he looks like Timothee Chalamet....
luvy luv
luvy luv Pred 8 urami
What a beautiful man😍
SHANI SHANI Pred 8 urami
Omg ❤❤❤😨
Loukik Jain
Loukik Jain Pred 9 urami
Wonder is a real wonder
The Playlist Queen
The Playlist Queen Pred 9 urami
Am I the only one who thinks he kinda looks like Dean Lewis now?
GaMeR2442 Pred 9 urami
Who disliked 21K people should have a new brain(its just a joke)
Catarina Palma
Catarina Palma Pred 9 urami
Wow, just wow
Kirandeep Kaur
Kirandeep Kaur Pred 9 urami
Ayushma Thakuri
Ayushma Thakuri Pred 9 urami
I hadn't seen this side of him... thumbs up
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