How Much Should You Spend On a Mountain Bike? 

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Want to see which bike I would buy? sltv.info/label/j5d2x5GYanttkp4/video
How much should you spend on a mountain bike (MTB) ? Today I head to my local bike shop, Kinetik Cycles, to find out what we get at all different price points.
0:00 Intro
0:40 $900
5:01 $1900
8:55 $2800
13:00 $3000
17:15 $4500
20:40 $6400
24:35 $6000
26:55 $8000
30:00 $11,550
Magkano ang dapat mong gastusin sa isang mountain bike
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29. mar. 2021

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VanCan Pred mesecem
Check out my bike shopping video here (Enduros $5000-$12,000) : sltv.info/label/j5d2x5GYanttkp4/video
Freddie Diaz
Freddie Diaz Pred 20 dnevi
I went from a 2021 Cannondale Trail 7 to a 2021 Santa Cruz Bronson C.
Peter Weber
Peter Weber Pred dnevom
I bought a storm 2 . $850 aud . Changed brakes to deore 4 piston and 203mm disks . Turned it into an ebike with a bafand bbshd mid drive running 3000w . Good bike for the money . See how long it all lasts though . Lol
COLTON DEANDA Pred 2 dnevi
mtb community: Cheapest bike should be a $900 hardtail me: $120 full suspension on facebook marketplace
Russell Karshis
Russell Karshis Pred 2 dnevi
"$715 USD bicycle you're not going to see a 1x system or a clutch derailleur"... Looking at my $650 bike with both plus tubeless ready rims and tires. Of course that's in the USA so maybe you guys in Canada pay a bit more.
Danny 10,000
Danny 10,000 Pred 3 dnevi
This guy has a douchebag mentality trying to get people to buy an overpriced bikes that's not even carbon fiber.. And one thing you want to do when you buying expensive bike is check out the specs to make sure that it doesn't have a shity press fit bottom bracket cause PF bottom bracket start to creak. A threaded cartridge bottom brackets are better and easier to Serve Yourself..
VanCan Pred 3 dnevi
A bit harsh, Danny. I didn't set these prices, I don't even own the shop. This video is simply demonstrating the current pricing of mountain bikes. Although I also prefer threaded, a press-fit BB is annoying at best and hardly the end of the world.
keith brasier
keith brasier Pred 4 dnevi
11,000 😠🤨 where is the money going there just a massive RIP off Mountain bikes r just a joke I'd love to buy one but when I found out how much they r I was like no way
VanCan Pred 3 dnevi
11,000 is basically the absolute best you could possibly buy, it's got all the fancy bits. The 1,800 hardtail will get you out on the same trails
MJS MJS Pred 4 dnevi
How much should you spend on a mountain bike? You should spend enough money to piss your wife off, but not so much that she leaves you and takes half of it.
The Dusty Shredder
The Dusty Shredder Pred 4 dnevi
I'm currently building my own bike to save some money, when I have it finished, i'll post a parts list and the total price. The frame I purchased on aliexpress is still the same price, but they have added shipping costs around $300 USD. I was lucky enough to get it when the shipping was under $150.
Mike Marona
Mike Marona Pred 5 dnevi
why would you want a steel frame rather than aluminium.... NORCO sucks.
VanCan Pred 5 dnevi
They ride smoother. Theres a reason bmxs are steel.
Ahno Nymuz
Ahno Nymuz Pred 6 dnevi
Lol. These price of bike is Bs already price of second cars
Ahno Nymuz
Ahno Nymuz Pred 6 dnevi
I bought 699 full suspension with air rear shock and lock out
7dourskp plays games
Still using my moms 2014 storm 🤙
Los Santos City
Los Santos City Pred dnevom
Im crying i sold my moms 2014 storm for $350 back in 2020, Now it cost atleast $450 cause of covid. LOL
Ace Pred 8 dnevi
Could you ever possibly test ride a trek slash? Your bike reviews are awesome.
Chickencheese Pred 8 dnevi
Forgot that lifetime frame warranty on the SC Nomad. Plus the lifetime pivot bearing replacements. Overpriced? A little. Peace of mind? Yeah!
COLTON DEANDA Pred 2 dnevi
what do you mean a little overpriced? I could buy a crown vic for 40 times less. exaggerated? no.
FURIVNO Pred 9 dnevi
700 bucks is a serious amount of money for some people
Philipp Grimm
Philipp Grimm Pred 9 dnevi
pretty sad that the santa cruz doesn't come with full axs
Sasha._.stupid Pred 9 dnevi
I ride a Norco fluid ht2 and it has a dropper but it has a quail
zepp3lin Pred 9 dnevi
And I can tell you some of the expensive bikes are overpricing with in house parts.The reason why I just by a frame and built up myself with the after market parts I want.
DANNY M Pred 9 dnevi
Lol i paid 4 thousand for a used 2005 2 door bmw 3 series that woulf beat any of these in a straight line hahahahahaha jkjk i wish i could only have a 5k dollar bike
LCNismo Pred 9 dnevi
Lol broke people problems. Coil spring fok... pfft. ride carbon only, axs, i9 carbon wheels only. Well worth it.
BrixMotoVlog 2k20
BrixMotoVlog 2k20 Pred 9 dnevi
Bought a hardtail for 75k philippines peso (1,467 canadian dollars) VXT Xtreme 29er it had a shimano deore m6100 12 speed and fox 32 sc and i kinda feel its a little overpriced, my height is 5.8 and i have 3 years of experience in motocross as an intermidiate rider
koejoe Pred 11 dnevi
Great video!
Kent Matthew Amit
Kent Matthew Amit Pred 12 dnevi
My cousin actually found a bike with air suspension and hydraulic brakes for $200
The Pedal's Advocate
The Pedal's Advocate Pred 12 dnevi
30:08..... *Blushes and squeals like schoolgirl*.
The Pedal's Advocate
The Pedal's Advocate Pred 12 dnevi
As much as the wife will let you. Or as much as the wife will not find out about. Haha.
Comment Guy
Comment Guy Pred 10 dnevi
Don’t let anyone including your wife decide what you do with your own money
David Rail
David Rail Pred 13 dnevi
Do aluminium frame brake easily? I have an aluminium hardtail and i'm wondering if i still can do some 2 meter jumps for exemple
Hondeer Pred 13 dnevi
Only things from my 20 years of riding money needs to be spent on are: Bottom Bracket Interface, Tires, Wheel/hub (non-lose ball), Pedals and grips. The rest is optional and skill makes up for it.
Jlj Pred 14 dnevi
I think you might want to point out that there are some trail bikes that can handle rowdy stuff. Especially now with the new trail bikes.
VanCan Pred 14 dnevi
Totally. It’s hard to cover every use case for everyone’s riding style. But if you’re a hard rider you can definitely still ride a trail bike.
Oper8or Pred 14 dnevi
To get a 2k plus bike it better have a built in testicle massager. Cant take a hard tail on rough trails? I've seen some riders do some really rough trails on a hard tail and they aren't pro's and dont even race. They just bash and have fun. I'm sure 3-5k is "budget" for someone, but not anyone I hang out with.
James Braum
James Braum Pred 15 dnevi
Great video! You remind me of Edward Norton.
K C Pred 16 dnevi
How capable would you say that Storm Frame is? I picked up the exact same bike a little over a year ago now and want to go all out. Air Fork, Tubeless Rims and tires, and a 1x11 Drivetrain. Can this frame be a great hardtail or is it best to sell and get a new bike, which is nearly impossible right now.
six pence
six pence Pred 16 dnevi
since when are steel frames more expensive than aluminum frames? I thought steel was the cheapest, then aluminum then carbon.
basiktopology Pred 17 dnevi
Santa Cruz frame, bars, and rims are made by Ten-Tech Composite Technology... along with many other bike company's parts
Obvous Fact Speaker
Obvous Fact Speaker Pred 18 dnevi
I’d be afraid to wreck that Santa Cruz if I ever bought it
Obvous Fact Speaker
Obvous Fact Speaker Pred 18 dnevi
I took my 700 dollar bike down a black at a mountain bike park, and the bike did pretty well.
TheMrFelin Pred 18 dnevi
This "budget" options seems not so budget for me lol, I'll stay on the dirt xD
Josh Bamford
Josh Bamford Pred 18 dnevi
i have a fluid fs2 and havent had any problems hitting double blacks and pro lines
Gene Day
Gene Day Pred 18 dnevi
I saved up 2.5k US but my parents won’t let me spend it on a bike because that’s “too much for a bike”. They said I’m not allowed to spend more the 600 on a bike.
No Name
No Name Pred 19 dnevi
I spent around $1500 on mine that's what you should spend for that sweet spot.
cained unable
cained unable Pred 19 dnevi
Burgtec is an English component brand (like Hope)
Mitsuendea Mitsuendea
Mitsuendea Mitsuendea Pred 20 dnevi
I built my GT sanction pro with 12s XTs component, yari 160mm, vittoria daemion wheels 27.5, with magic Mary & hans damf tires for just under 2500usd..... ang i also bought commencal '21 29er MEta TR for 2199Usd, swap in my XTs 11s and yari 150mm with charger 2.1.....
Spectranex Pred 20 dnevi
I recently got a new Propain Tyee Al with Fox 36 Factory (170mm), Fox X2 Factory, MT7 brakes, GX drivetrain, Stans Flow MK3 rims and a Bikeyoke Revive dropper for 3700€. Such a better value than the bikes in the video.
klingburger Pred 21 dnevom
im a stickler for the aesthetics of the bikes and i would never ever buy the kona because i think its ugly as hell
Matt Mac
Matt Mac Pred 22 dnevi
Reverb dropper, ack
HJSHS Student CB27
HJSHS Student CB27 Pred 22 dnevi
is bikes online a good place to look?
ItsDylPickles Pred 22 dnevi
*Pretty Expensive*
Ryan Brooke
Ryan Brooke Pred 23 dnevi
$900 for the Norco... I would much rather but a Axum with a dp for $500 from Walmart or The Aluminum comp for $224 and upgrade it.
MTBr of SoCal
MTBr of SoCal Pred 23 dnevi
I sorta roll my eyes every time I hear somebody say "modern geo". I wish people would realize that it's more a selling point than anything else. Just a few years ago, bike geeks would frown and give dirty looks when you mention mid or high pivots but lower pivots were the "in" thing. Today, brands are shifting to back to mid and high pivots and calling that the "in" thing. Modern geos have been progressively going more slack, including even XC bikes.... which completely contradicts the concept of snappier handling. Yet, it's the "hip" thing today, the slacker the better, so it's considered "modern geo". Just give it another year and it'll regress to being less slack, and that will be "modern geo". To sum up, if you're a first time buyer, don't get sold on what's considered a modern geometry as a selling point. In other news, great vid :)
MTBr of SoCal
MTBr of SoCal Pred 23 dnevi
@VanCan LOL, nobody said anything about conspiracy. It's a matter of what's the selling point for the year (or couple of years). It's a matter of fact. This is with anything sold to consumers, what the current trend is today might have been the silly thing few years back and vise versa. Some top racers still use "outdated" geos. When people use to say, full sus were "needed" for any real AM races, they were proven wrong with riders tearing things up with hard tails. Remember when everyone said you can't win a DH race if you don't go carbon? How many recent racers won on a Alum bike?? Ya, alooot.
VanCan Pred 23 dnevi
If that were true, racers would still run those old bikes. Not everything is a conspiracy.
I got a Giant Talon 2 for $650 US, so far pretty good. It also came with a 1x9 clutch setup
Conradical Pred 24 dnevi
Better question: How much should you spend on 4 mountain bikes?
VanCan Pred 24 dnevi
All of it
The Communist
The Communist Pred 24 dnevi
1900 canadian dollar is not cheap
Monkey With A Bike
Monkey With A Bike Pred 24 dnevi
i have a trek marlin 5 and have hit a 25 foot jump
John DeF
John DeF Pred 24 dnevi
I paid $1100 for a brand new 2013 Devinci in 2015 that originally retailed for $3500. Bargains are out there. Still riding it and it rips to boot😂
Los Santos City
Los Santos City Pred dnevom
you reminded me of my uncle who drive all the from Vancouver Canada to California cuz he got a 40% off on a Trek Remedy 2016. Now its 2021 and its still looks brand spankin new. Bike shampoo every after ride. LOL
James R
James R Pred 26 dnevi
To even think that making a frame with the right geometry cost more is a true testament to the company's brainwashing the consumer into why things cost more.that's not to say that spending more cant get you more diminishing returns is very real in almost all industries
VanCan Pred 26 dnevi
There's no conspiracy here, it's more about what the bike is designed for. You won't find Enduro geometry on a $500 bike because no components at that price point would stand the abuse.
Corey Lavoie
Corey Lavoie Pred 26 dnevi
I bought a 2021 honzo last August when the shops were able to order them and i absolutely love it, cant beat the bang for buck. Also howdy from New Brunswick 💪
Swedish Dagger
Swedish Dagger Pred 26 dnevi
At $700 Walmart legitimately has a better choice. KevCentral has reviewed many of the new models and even tapered head tubes. Norco is practically robbing you for not giving better components.
LX Mtb
LX Mtb Pred 26 dnevi
Kona bikes are way more expensive in germany
Noah Rochon
Noah Rochon Pred 27 dnevi
Trek fuel ex 7 or 8
Aussieroony Pred 27 dnevi
Not to be rude but I have a norco storm 2 hardtail and do plenty of jumps, drops and double Black trails, I think bike doesn't mean ability. Also storm 2 has 1 by 10 drivetrain and a clutch
J D Pred 27 dnevi
Love the Evil Offering!
seanktb Pred 27 dnevi
Specialized Rockhopper. 750 bucks, 1 by, decent hydraulic disc brakes, sturdy frame. My beginners choice!
deniz DG
deniz DG Pred 28 dnevi
I only ride a Trinx bicycle for Saturday & Sunday cycling. It merely costs me Rm1,200 (Usd400).
Max Gusarov
Max Gusarov Pred 28 dnevi
long story short mountain bikes are stupid expensive.
Michael Cline
Michael Cline Pred 28 dnevi
As someone who has gotten back into mountain biking in the last few years, I can say that regardless of how much value and capabilities new bikes bring, nothing is more shocking than shopping for your first "real" mountain bike. If you're not used to the idea of a bike costing more than your first car, it's a bit overwhelming.
honkydook Pred 3 dnevi
The simple fact that it costs more than your car should be alarming. These not only have less materials used in them, but many mass produced parts. The only real work putting these together is welding the frame and painting it. You can see exactly how much work is done putting these together on youtube here. It's literally a few hours of actual hands on work, and less steel than what's in your car door. Yet somehow it's costing you 3000+$ for a 'real' bike. If I can go to Walmart and pick up a bike for 200-400$, all assembled, and ready to go, and that's still profitable for the company making it. How much profit do you think these bike companies are making with their 3000$ model bikes..? 200%? 150%?
iJunzy Creations
iJunzy Creations Pred 28 dnevi
well Sam Pilgrim rode all the Whistler trails on a 180 dollar walmart bike so skills can definitely compensate for lack of hardware, amazing to see that 180 dollar bike handle black trails a line etc
Teo Sluga
Teo Sluga Pred 29 dnevi
It's actually all about suspension. If you compare that with a motocross bike suspension, you can go up to 5000 USD with the front fork only... Regarding frame material... It doesn't really matter for enduro or downhill. More weight - faster descent. So aluminum is more sensible choice for frames and wheels. Different story regarding XC bike...
James Eadmer Dela Cruz
I'll spend a steel enduro mountain bike, durable and easy to weld or ez to repair.
Liqweed1337 Pred 29 dnevi
2800 for a hardtail. you clearly have no experience in getting the best out of your money.
An average Nerfer
An average Nerfer Pred 29 dnevi
Yeah the Specialized epic Hardtail for 2200? Shoulda been on this list. 23lbs, carbon frame, lockout air fork, hydraulic disc brakes, clutch derailleur, tubeless rims and tires, internal cable routing, the whole sha-bang. Same with the Viathon M.1 gx eagle
jisezer Pred 29 dnevi
Wellll, I learned that Norco makes some terrible value bikes!
Ryan Larson
Ryan Larson Pred 29 dnevi
Just buy a good ebike for 2 or 3 thousand. More fun, plenty of exercise, weight doesn't matter so none of this "carbon fiber 15k" crap.
Jody Lowe
Jody Lowe Pred 29 dnevi
I think for full suspension cross country the point of diminishing returns is around $2500. Just sayin
Ross Brice
Ross Brice Pred 29 dnevi
I have a transition TR 500 which I bought for $1600🤟🏻
BoBo The rice farmer
BoBo The rice farmer Pred 29 dnevi
Where’s the yeti my guy
Thomas Kimball
Thomas Kimball Pred 29 dnevi
I get the whole "Wow are you crazy, you could've bought a car with that money" response all of the time when I tell how much I have spent on bikes. I currently own 3 bikes all over $6k. It basically comes down to this: If you are the type of person that is going to ride your bike once every couple of months, around the block in your neighborhood or at the community park, by all means got to Target and buy that cheap bike. If you are the type of person that rides several times a week at very technical trails with crazy downhill sections where you are actually risking your life, you'd better be spending at least $2k, and that's a minimum. In life, with everything, you get what you pay for. Buying a cheap bike versus an expensive bike is like going to the hood for a $10 piece of azz to a $400 piece. One is going to be quite a bit safer than the other.
Thomas Kimball
Thomas Kimball Pred 24 dnevi
@John DeF if you say so. I personally don't know any avid riders on $400 bikes or riders that make 30k riding 6k bikes. I do know there are people who most likely ride more than once a month that do more work making replies to other people's comments on SLtv. Good luck to you and your $400 bike Chum.
John DeF
John DeF Pred 24 dnevi
But even avid riders dont generally have 18g to drop on bikes. If you can afford it more power to ya. Its the people who drop 6g on a bike that make 30g a year that look silly.
The Punisher
The Punisher Pred 29 dnevi
i feel like you get alot more with the direct brands ike Canyon and Yt...
jan Rieß
jan Rieß Pred mesecem
Oh man, these Canadian Dollars are screwing with my brain. No 3000$/€ bike should have a RS 35 (Which is an air fork btw), but once you convert the CAD that's 2000€/2400$ which seems MUCH more reasonable :D
Athiskemon Pred mesecem
I got my cheapest bike for just a $103. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Jimmy So
Jimmy So Pred mesecem
Started MTB Last year at the beginning of the pandemic. First bike was actually a used full suspension XC bike and was $500. Road weekly with friends that are serious enthusiasts with $5k+ bikes. 4 months later I ended up selling my first bike and my back up car just to buy my Next bike a $3k enduro bike...absolutely no regrets.
A L Pred mesecem
I’ll stick to my SS Vassago JabberWocky to run trails on the weekends and the pavement during the week. Just have two pair of wheels for quick change.
Nick Soppe
Nick Soppe Pred mesecem
Where’s the Trek roscoe 7 2021
Stormyy RL
Stormyy RL Pred mesecem
Then there is me riding black trails on a $500 full suspension bike like: Who needs money
mike kober
mike kober Pred mesecem
Bmc blast is cheaper then narco and usable mountain with 1 by and all shimano deore parts
Gal Bartok
Gal Bartok Pred mesecem
Gx = xt
thomas holkham
thomas holkham Pred mesecem
can the torrent boost huge shit right now i ride a 2009 norco six three and live doing huge stair sets (13-16) withh the frame snap under that pressure i just love the huge gap from the seat to u
Felix 221
Felix 221 Pred mesecem
You could get so much better bikes for cheaper
Pusher Xbi
Pusher Xbi Pred mesecem
Do you Like Focus Bikes. I think the Focus Jam has also a very good Price for a fox 34; fox dps; dr Swiss X1900 and Shimano deore Xt 4 piston Brakes?
jane blogs
jane blogs Pred mesecem
Thumbnail -Can you Title -Should you
Arvid Gideskog
Arvid Gideskog Pred mesecem
I have a scott scale 710 that i bougth of my friend at 700€ i think that’s norr worth than the storm no hate tho
Arvid Gideskog
Arvid Gideskog Pred mesecem
mort low
mort low Pred mesecem
You can get a very good budget bike but it cost hell more money to get something that is 10-30% more fast, solid, light. For me 2800€ already is crazy expensive for a (unpractical, slow) bike...
Andrew Cureton
Andrew Cureton Pred mesecem
$11,500 with cables that hit the jump before you do. Jesus someone needs to trim those back.
Victoria the green cheek conure
Bruh I do double black tech trails with the coil fork on the not o storm
playgroundchooser Pred mesecem
We're well north of $2K & it's a steele hardtail? 😵 Uhhhh... "Reasonable?"
playgroundchooser Pred mesecem
@VanCan no... I think I'd love it! 😆
VanCan Pred mesecem
You’d hate my $2500 BMX 😂
J Dean
J Dean Pred mesecem
10.k later and it sits next to my unfolded laundry in the basement. Pro tip, buy a huffy if you want to enjoy a weekend ride.
Ευθυμιος Καραλης
too expensive
Camoking7705 Pred mesecem
My fam when they hear how much my canyon sender costs with parts- “10,000?!?! ARE YOU STUPID?!?! WHYYYYY?!?!?”
Zmil YT
Zmil YT Pred mesecem
I went to my LBS and had a 800 USD budget but ended up with a 2.050 dollar bike instead, don't even know how... I got myself a scott scale 940, love it so much!
John DeF
John DeF Pred 24 dnevi
If you use it its not wasted. Thats what I tell my wife😂
geemy geemy
geemy geemy Pred mesecem
what about a used bike? I think if you enjoy doing maintenance it's worth checking out. not the best time right now because used bikes tend to be overpriced because of demand, but if it has a good frame and solid components it could got a 2010 rocky mountain sxc 70 which was 4300 usd back then for 750usd plus it had several upgrades full deore xt brakes/handlebar/tubeless tires. spent less than 100usd for pedals, dropper, shorter stem I had a few issues with drivetrain like a couple broken teeth and now considering a ~300usd 1x11 or 1x12 shimano upgrade geometry is not modern but it was all mountain bike at the time so slacker than average plus it's XL and running 100mm dropper at the lowest height. Air suspension is great and long travel at 160mm (fox talas 36/thx air 5.0) wheels are 26 but not a problem for me . maybe until I try a modern 29 full suspension? with all the money I saved on the purchase I could buy tools/learn to service the components myself and I'm a bit less scared of breaking things or doing mistakes when I'm wrenching on the bike than if it was a $3k+ new bike. If something breaks other than the frame, I still have money to fix it and possibly upgrade at the same time. my only advice would be to be super careful when you buy a used bike and not be too cheap. my riding buddy got a decent 2006 XC hardtail for $400 but broke the chain on his first ride, his brakes are noisy and not powerful. parts are pretty expensive so even if it looks you are saving a few hundreds upfront, I'd say spend at least 1000 usd on a good used bike not too old with boost thru axle which is one of the only things you won't be able to upgrade later. I have thru axle in the front and QR in the back and it limits the hubs I can put in the rear. it makes going microspline complicated. if you are not 100% sure to commit then start with renting or get a super cheap bike first, and go checkout your local trails/parks. when you have a better idea of the kind of riding you like, and have learned the basics of maintenance, flip to a better bike
Big Wave
Big Wave Pred mesecem
It ain’t cheap, but what you can get these days for a range of $2-3.5k is actually an incredible value for dedicated enthusiasts.
Blox117 Pred 3 dnevi
@Nothing uhhhh, 2700 can get you a bike that easily goes over 100mph. obviously you have no concept of value.
Nothing Pred 3 dnevi
@Blox117 idiots how? I payed 2700 for my giant trance 2 and I haven't had to replace a single part in 3 years of riding blacks and double blacks and riding HARD. Compare that to my old cheaper specialized hardtail which broke weekly. With bikes you get what you pay. I've gotten a ton of enjoyment and use out of my bike, and it's been more than worth it for me. Call me an idiot, but I'm the one having fun.
Blox117 Pred 11 dnevi
3000 is an incredible value for dedicated idiots
armando cardenas
armando cardenas Pred mesecem
Giant Trance 27.5 or 29 in aluminum . 2250 dollars ( tax included ) .