2019 The Best Year Of My Life, This Is Why... 

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What a way to end the most powerful year of my life, I couldn't have done it without you & your support week in, week out keeps me going. Words can't do it justice how thankful I am to be in this lucky lucky position.
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31. dec. 2019

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Behzinga Pred letom
A little bit of a chat with you guys towards the end of this video, thank you for everything throughout 2019. Here's to an even bigger & better 2020, I hope you guys are celebrating in anyway you choose and be safe if you're out tonight! Have a good one, see you next year - Behz
Grace Highe
Grace Highe Pred 9 meseci
This didn't age well x
Big E
Big E Pred letom
2020 is your year don't tell ski it's not going to be his year lol
Hashtag GG
Hashtag GG Pred letom
Behzinga yes my two favourite youtubers in the same video❤️ btw you rock that flamingo costume🔥😎
Amelia Edits
Amelia Edits Pred letom
MrBeast omg hi
Amelia Edits
Amelia Edits Pred letom
Behzinga you deserve every thing you get and thanks for a brill year
DaOofer :c
DaOofer :c Pred 19 urami
ayee Stratford i love that place
Blu Pred 3 meseci
The late days without a mask before Covid19
Karim MC
Karim MC Pred 6 meseci
I’ve seen that at Gatwick airport
DHRUV MAKWANA ARTs Pred 9 meseci
Man you are dope !
Lewis Czugalinski
Lewis Czugalinski Pred 10 meseci
1000th comment
Sebastian Jablonowski
Sebastian Jablonowski Pred 11 meseci
I been there before and saw tha add
tykester Pred 11 meseci
Alissa back w Banks now....
Gameswithzee Pred letom
When does he talk about Alissa
xd Jagawaki
xd Jagawaki Pred letom
cuff up Alissa
Binge Society - Best Scenes
XII KLR 4 Bryan Nicolas
So basically he cant be a runner yet Because his father is still a runner
Uthy Pred letom
3:43 60 dicks 😂
Dragonwarlord ❶
Im the 1000th comment yay!!!
Andreas Hellström
Damn alissa doesn't follow you anymore fam
Euph0rya Pred letom
Song in the beginning? Pls im desperate
Harry Brown
Harry Brown Pred letom
3:44 "sixty six dicks"
JosephTheGod Pred letom
I don’t think 2019 was a “decent” year for anybody. It was either great or awful.
rMxdz Pred letom
2020 is gunna be a mad one
Gio Quagliata
Gio Quagliata Pred letom
3:43 60 what...
Rodrigo Dias
Rodrigo Dias Pred letom
Been a pleasure watching your development, not only on your fisic but also as a person. Proud of you mate
CJH Pred letom
2020 vision I see it clearly The light at the end of the tunnel is getting near me . . . - RANDOLPH 00:00 January 1st 2020
Nice Bloke
Nice Bloke Pred letom
Behz you're an Inspiration to me u have done so much in the last few years. From being out of shape to being #fitfam love ya mate YNWA. Now you just have to secure Alissa😍❤.
Tiegan Pred letom
Your such an inspiration and what you have achieved on a short amount of time is truly amazing ❤️
RE Equine
RE Equine Pred letom
I was in London that day and I was in Liverpool underground and my cousin wouldn't let me go to the platform with the billboard on. was gutted! I wanted to run off to quickly snap a pic but I get lost on London Underground!
jakeybp Pred letom
the inspiration himself... what a guy
alebongo 00
alebongo 00 Pred letom
Yes u BEAST!
JnG EXTRA Pred letom
You're the best bro 👊
Baby Girl
Baby Girl Pred letom
This is so what I needed right now! Been wanting to get back into the gym and I have been procrastinating it, this gave me a motivational push ❤️🙌🏼 thank you 🎉
Jakub2003 Pred letom
Im like your videos :-D
Justinas Draugelis
I do appreciate that you claimed your seat with sitting position number 7
The Crazy World Of Amy
Hey Behz, do the Sidemen have an email?
RAMBO Pred letom
And no one cares... this is why.. .
Francis Medel
Francis Medel Pred letom
3:43 "sixty dicks" 😂😂
bappobrad Pred letom
I don't care
St. Bryguy
St. Bryguy Pred letom
2019 wasn’t a good year for me
Loukes Pred letom
So proud of you Behz! Remember started watching years ago and now you're here, way..WAY healthier but never lost your fun quirky personality. Much love!
SamNotSoWell Pred letom
Im sorry but i fucking love behz cause im a big boy
Craig Callaghan
Craig Callaghan Pred letom
66 days to form a habit..... White and Brown. "Hold my pipe and syringe"
keira Pred letom
hes so cute. how excited he is
RocketRiderYT Pred letom
3:40 ( 60 dicks) 🤣🤣🤣
Centiphix •
Centiphix • Pred letom
You are one of my favorite youtubers cause You are so inspiring, go get'em Behz!!
Skipmonster Skippy
I want to participate in the Gymshark66 competition, however , I don't really want to post pictures on my accounts(insta, Twitter), so is there a way that I can participate but privately ? Sending details via dms or email ? Thanks for the opportunity and inspo 💗
henry hatton
henry hatton Pred letom
Weird flex but ok
Jasmine Atkins
Jasmine Atkins Pred letom
3:43 60 dicks !?😂😂
Daniyal Vaqas
Daniyal Vaqas Pred letom
legend >3
jojo! Pred letom
big up behz, appreciate you mate keep smashing it son x
Elbantorion Pred letom
Not Gymshark66 it’s Execute Order 66
Anthony Kelly
Anthony Kelly Pred letom
You helped me so much behz and I’m really thankful for it and please upload more cause ur one of the best youtubers and I love watching your videos
SgtPepper Pred letom
Is no one going to mention how iconic this year has been for the sidemen
Jajala Pred letom
3:43.91 60 ds
fredy_69mw f12
fredy_69mw f12 Pred letom
Gotta secure Alissa this new year
Rick Avila
Rick Avila Pred letom
Behzinga get Alissa and rub it in into jakes face plzzz mate
bella l.
bella l. Pred letom
You did do that.
Annael K
Annael K Pred letom
Even actually got HOT
Nick Lopez
Nick Lopez Pred letom
Leo Pred letom
Heyo American Gang
Max Ratcliff
Max Ratcliff Pred letom
Thankyou for a great year Behz! I widh you an awesome 2020
Zabidjonez Pred letom
I beg u do more gym vids bro inspiration
Simen Storøy
Simen Storøy Pred letom
This is so wholesome! Bring on 2020! Smashing it man!
Simen Storøy
Simen Storøy Pred letom
Smashing it man! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Let's get that bread im 2020!
MystiqueDev Pred letom
How old do you have to be?
Rachel Robertson
Rachel Robertson Pred letom
The fitness journey Ethan’s been on has been so inspiring - I’ve pledged, here’s to the next 66 days to kick start mine 😬🤞🏻
Shpacka Pred letom
Yooo what’s the outro song my g x
Tim McPherson
Tim McPherson Pred letom
Ngl, Ethan's glow up in 2019 is just proof that anything is possible once you set your mind to it. Big up mate, thanks for being an inspiration
Amelia Smith
Amelia Smith Pred letom
Tobi+Ethan= iconic duo
TheZombieNixon Pred letom
2020 is the year I do the same
Jacko Pred letom
#sidemenmonday aussies where u at
Tmvse Pred letom
You played an ad song in the beginning and I thought my phone was broken
Slome Tv
Slome Tv Pred letom
Ide love to meet you this year you’ve motivated me to go gym a lot threw out the year keep up the good work my guy
Dan Pred letom
I rate this big behz
Ruairí Murphy
Ruairí Murphy Pred letom
Sixtydicks days😂
Mr Big
Mr Big Pred letom
Man just said sixty dicks, instead of sixty six.
Roddy Smith
Roddy Smith Pred letom
Great lighting from that tv screen😂😂😂
u_72 r_77
u_72 r_77 Pred letom
Did this guy curb stomp someone?
Rahul Dubey
Rahul Dubey Pred letom
When does AJ video come out
Thadchan Piraisoodi
2019 def has been the year for you congrats bro hopefully, 2020 is mine
Adam Church
Adam Church Pred letom
3:44 sixty dicks
Vlurx Pred letom
behz had the biggest glow up of the whole sidemen
Atticus King
Atticus King Pred letom
I love that he’s more gassed about this poster than his 3 MILLION subs. Man literally states “this is the biggest moment of my career.”
Tejalkera_Msp love
Happy New Year and Happy New Decade!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
rehan Pred letom
The first part of the video is jokes
Hasan Mohammed
Hasan Mohammed Pred letom
3:43 I heard 60 dicks
floor food
floor food Pred letom
3:42 man said 60dicks lol
Wly xb
Wly xb Pred letom
Imagin bellielish dating behzinga
MalcoPunch Pred letom
behzinga leaving the sidemen to join gymshark
Dimi Papa UK
Dimi Papa UK Pred letom
Mad respect for everything you have achieved! Sidemen Gang Gang!
Andrew Craigen
Andrew Craigen Pred letom
I can’t believe they were in the underground and no one cared 😮
James Beattie
James Beattie Pred letom
Of course you deserve to be here lad we love you
Kwame-Pierre Pred letom
Mary Ross
Mary Ross Pred letom
The first picture looks like Piff The Magic Dragon.
Asad Asad
Asad Asad Pred letom
who else thought this would just be a compilation
Just Facts
Just Facts Pred letom
‘60 dicks, days’ disclaimer Ethans not gay everyone 🤔🤔
Aya AG
Aya AG Pred letom
The amount of energy and positivity you have !! I love it♥️
AlexxGrande Pred letom
3:44 60 dicks... days to change your life 😂😂😂
T Eduardo
T Eduardo Pred letom
Thanks for inspiring me!
Andrina_VBZ Pred letom
Man said sixty dicks days
Ria Hair
Ria Hair Pred letom
Start of the video reminds me of the 5 second spotify ads
jack barson
jack barson Pred letom
Yes bro hope you had a good new year and also can you do a tattoo tour or smot bless
Oasis Summer Fruits
Love you Behz lad
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