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Our whole crew got together to celebrate the start of what we hope will be a happier year: Happy New Year from all of us at Boston Dynamics. www.BostonDynamics.com.

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29. dec. 2020

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Invader Vim
Invader Vim Pred 6 minutami
The craziest thing to me though is how there's no cables running to the units, all of the processing is being performed by the unit itself. That's just absolutely wild.
Mary MacDonald
Mary MacDonald Pred 19 minutami
Invader Vim
Invader Vim Pred 21 minuto
So this is how humanity dies, to funky beats.
Rodrigo Rizzi
Rodrigo Rizzi Pred 22 minutami
Dança melhor que eu ;(
Kobaspire Pred 27 minutami
When the robot dances better than you do.... and I'm talking about the weird looking bird one.
Carson Bailey
Carson Bailey Pred 33 minutami
I see Disney's live actin Wall-e remake is coming along well.
Unca Alby
Unca Alby Pred 35 minutami
I dunno, this is all fantastic and everything, really, _but,_ did you happen to notice there are no humans around? And there's a big glass bulletproof wall, so like, nobody gets hurt if parts start flying off?
Mizzelinho Pred 20 minutami
You can see the reflections of 1 or 2 cameramen in the windows if you watch it closely and two guys is clearly sitting on the ground in the background in one of the "scenes"
Sad Nigga
Sad Nigga Pred 32 minutami
just in case they start breakdancing
Jonathan Johnson
Jonathan Johnson Pred 35 minutami
Little sobering when you find out Boston Dynamics was spawned from MIT purchased by Google then was sold to the Japanese holding company SoftBank. Hyundai Motors is looking to buy next. This is the fun side of the robot. I'd hate to someday seen the not so fun side. Fortunately, our military didn't think they'd be useful since they're noisy. Hopefully, that issue isn't fixed.
Jonathan Johnson
Jonathan Johnson Pred 25 minutami
@ExecutiveArka Thanks I corrected in my OP.
ExecutiveArka Pred 33 minutami
SoftBank is a Japanese multinational
Roger Dean
Roger Dean Pred 44 minutami
Seen it took over a year to make this. It’s all 100% real..
Pedro Palhares
Pedro Palhares Pred 45 minutami
Someone told me that I dance like a robot... that’s why
s p
s p Pred 54 minutami
All fun and games until one of these accosts you on the street and detains you for having an unapproved opinion
C RN Pred 56 minutami
im convinced the yellow one is cg
Bubu461989 Pred 3 minutami
@treyxyz they are not cg
treyxyz Pred 20 minutami
It’s all cg
Russell Pred 56 minutami
Your killer robots are really neat. Just hope a human operator can here me when they come for me.
A G Pred uro
** genuinely distressed that robots are now better dancers than me **
sajeu cette fois tu ne vas pas me voler le compte
Oh no Not them God please Summer bot dancer will rule the piste de danse
Jaso Foo
Jaso Foo Pred uro
Let me guess, you can strap rockets and machine guns on these robots too, ? Here comes Dr. evil to steel these robots and rule the world !🙀😹
TurricanRex Pred uro
Tornike Chanchibadze
Who said chappie is sci-fi ?
Bayne Pred uro
Ya ya. But can you clean my toilet?
Abdullah Turan
sorry I not do you love
Ali Sönmez
Ali Sönmez Pred uro
They dance better than me
Никита Шутов
Is it really robot?
1908 Pred uro
Zorro Pred uro
1:09 And you are? "I am IF prototype LQ-84i."
Very epic gamer
Joe Pred uro
When you've exterminated the last human on earth
Clxdy35 Pred uro
Wow these comments are so recent like just a couple minutes ago!! lol! But anyway thats a cool robot U-U
@Luke Snellen oh um do i know you?
Luke Snellen
Luke Snellen Pred uro
lol ur here as well
Not Thom Huntley
they set it to newest comments
Chava Katz
Chava Katz Pred uro
they dance better than I do
Raketa V
Raketa V Pred uro
They celebrated better than me...
mitrooper Pred uro
Funny how there are so many people in the comments calling these robots scary... Makes me realize of the huge amount of wimps in today's world.
A G Pred 59 minutami
now they can dance through your front door, up your stairs and right into your bedroom before doing a cartwheel and pulling the trigger
Limes2 Pred uro
the algoritem is recomending this again. So i watch it again.
Михаил Pred uro
Hello my fellow recomendationars
That’s scary as hell
Guilherme Lima
we need a Making-of
My Balcony
My Balcony Pred 2 urami
This is like a whole ass music video
Usuario Pred 2 urami
When you realised a robot dances better than you
Browser _JK
Browser _JK Pred 2 urami
Very uncanny valley, they feel like choppy animations brought into the real world.
adchalet Pred 2 urami
Today they're dancing. Tomorrow they're looking for Sarah Connor.
Paola Ferreira
Paola Ferreira Pred 2 urami
yiuğit ateş
yiuğit ateş Pred 2 urami
The Fork
The Fork Pred 2 urami
it’s real lol
Dave.K Pred 2 urami
they are less robotic than me on the dancefloor
Tag6362 Pred 2 urami
That's as scary as it is exciting
Manu Yeeeha
Manu Yeeeha Pred 2 urami
Meowkiller Osiosi
Meowkiller Osiosi Pred 2 urami
Imagine investing millions of dollars in robots so they can dance
Laviny Machado
Laviny Machado Pred 2 urami
why is this being recommended today?
Andria Kikacheishvili
dk wtf?
Meowkiller Osiosi
Meowkiller Osiosi Pred 2 urami
Dont know but i like this
Station42 Pred 2 urami
i dont love you cuz u will destroy humanty after couple of years so u trying to act cute but u are not! robots!
Boti Pred 2 urami
skynet is getting near
The Fork
The Fork Pred 2 urami
Lucky Blah
Lucky Blah Pred 2 urami
Damn thats kinda Epic ngl
Dale Frazer
Dale Frazer Pred 2 urami
Why does this scare me more than seeing them do back flips?
ShotMoreShot Pred 2 urami
Kraizmer Segregation
Борис только в России!!!
SimulationNetwork Pred 3 urami
The begining of the end.
The Fork
The Fork Pred 2 urami
Piotr W
Piotr W Pred 3 urami
Dirty dancing 3
marlonDM Pred 3 urami
The Fork
The Fork Pred 2 urami
Turandot29 Pred 3 urami
Nice to see our future robotic overlords have a festive side.
トメ松江 Pred 3 urami
wannaeatpizza Pred 3 urami
2:54 mins of absolute joy
Rowan Pred 3 urami
This is both the most terrifying and entertaining thing I've ever seen.
Anthony C
Anthony C Pred 3 urami
Ah so cute, it's like watching Skynet when she was a baby before she went on to extinguish humanity.
The Fork
The Fork Pred 2 urami
Galaxy Network
Galaxy Network Pred 3 urami
when the government says we will be spending tax on robots :
Voodoo Man
Voodoo Man Pred 3 urami
Dancing in a facility now in the present day... but will be dancing on your corpse in the future.
Ezequiel Morales
Ezequiel Morales Pred 3 urami
Fucking pixar is going to get humanity killed when the machines finally rebel.
The Fork
The Fork Pred 2 urami
they won’t
Deux Mains Sans Maitre Stephane Marin
Tu l'empales et on en parle plus...!
Jesse Nolan
Jesse Nolan Pred 3 urami
can't wait till these cute robots are deployed to commit crimes of empire in developing nations
Mandal Mandal
Mandal Mandal Pred 3 urami
when Boston Dynamics Devs are waiting on a flux capacitor to ship
Calon Bupati bandung
Matt Ally
Matt Ally Pred 2 urami
@Baju Kotor they bored so they create this dance lol
Baju Kotor
Baju Kotor Pred 2 urami
salty sponge
salty sponge Pred 3 urami
Such a feel good video, I love it
So Biden administration will put these in place with a machine gun?
The Fork
The Fork Pred uro
@gas-powered-crusader They wouldn’t even be able to be able to hold one. Also, Boston Dynamics is against weaponizing their robots.
@The Fork You are right, they put RPGs to them. Silly me...
The Fork
The Fork Pred 2 urami
New Forest Pony
New Forest Pony Pred 3 urami
Turn the sound off and then imagine this is your enemy on the battlefield. Is this video designed to make us desensitised to the horrors of war?
Drew Melman-Rogers
Drew Melman-Rogers Pred 2 urami
@Parker Nolan you know what that’s fair. It is super cool. Also IMO robots>people ngl
Parker Nolan
Parker Nolan Pred 2 urami
@Drew Melman-Rogers Dancing Robot
Drew Melman-Rogers
Drew Melman-Rogers Pred 2 urami
Don’t worry they don’t JUST make war robots. They’ll also make the robots that make construction, sanitation, shipping, welding, and electrical work completely obsolete in 15 years, potentially automating away as much as 30% of American jobs
Parker Nolan
Parker Nolan Pred 3 urami
Dancing Robot
King of the NECK BEARDS
Imagine if you was in the building and you stumbled across that. On its own.. lol
Jim Wegner
Jim Wegner Pred 3 urami
I'd love to see the outtakes from this.
Yushi games
Yushi games Pred 3 urami
All this will hapin as soon as the elctrction becom wirless check mky coment after tht it will be big change in the worled
Neo Pred 3 urami
Secretary of Defence is drooling watching this.
R49 Y
R49 Y Pred 26 minutami
@Luke Snellen I do not have that security clearance...
Luke Snellen
Luke Snellen Pred uro
@R49 Y Proof?
R49 Y
R49 Y Pred 2 urami
We already have military robots. It is just not announced to the public...
Hairless alligator
Hairless alligator Pred 3 urami
The music industry has been real quiet after this music video dropped
moist banana
moist banana Pred 3 urami
So this is a real robot? If so our advancement in robotics is outstanding. This is so cool, keep up the cool work
Damsel Pred 3 urami
The yellow robot doing those ''on pointe'' moves is hilarious :))
Gene Pred 4 urami
two guys, a dog, and an ostrich "dancing to Do You Love Me?". Nothing strange here.
HULKGQ Nissan Patrol
All pre programmed and a user interface. Now imagine if it's connected to a network with internet access and it somehow downloaded an Ai.
Андрей Ильющенко
уяя марсиане все сюда припёрлись
TopHat Pred 4 urami
Keep the dancing. I want a robot that will do all the housework, just not the floors. Speed it up - I'm waiting!
Kristjan Kask
Kristjan Kask Pred 4 urami
New meme potansial.
Matteo Cunningham
Matteo Cunningham Pred 4 urami
aliens: there's a new planet within flying distance. *chart course* Aliens: wait it's those humans we heard about *delete charted course* Aliens: But they spent a year making a robot that can dance *chart course again*
Common Lisp
Common Lisp Pred 4 urami
When will the robots be able to write programs which are more AI than normal programs?
Ynot Tony
Ynot Tony Pred 4 urami
This is the dance they're programmed to do after they murder your family and watch your home burn
Ctakan Ctakanih
Ctakan Ctakanih Pred 4 urami
Даже не верится 👍👍👍 молодцы американцы!
Maddi G
Maddi G Pred 4 urami
This feels like a threat. Like an abuser.
Michael Fugate
Michael Fugate Pred 3 urami
Matteo Cunningham
Matteo Cunningham Pred 4 urami
robotics engineer: how come when I show up they are always out of place. robot: IDK man. Engineer: uh, did you just... Robot: I mean, *Beep boop*
Ian Christensen
Ian Christensen Pred 4 urami
Thor S.W.
Thor S.W. Pred 4 urami
Everybody gangsta until the robot picks up a gun XD LOL...
Martino Pred 4 urami
Scary as hell...
The Fork
The Fork Pred uro
@Arthur Clay what do you mean? If someone tells a robot to kill someone it won’t just kill someone.
Arthur Clay
Arthur Clay Pred uro
@The Fork just imagine if these robots get into the wrong hands.
The Fork
The Fork Pred 2 urami
Bryce Phil
Bryce Phil Pred 4 urami
Boston dynamics is the irl equivalent of aperture science
riff raph
riff raph Pred 4 urami
In a year they'll be showing us the versatility of their panels with disco music
Mike Williams
Mike Williams Pred 4 urami
So what have you been doing during the pandemic? Boston Dynamics: Uh... you know, important science stuff.
Mia Janes
Mia Janes Pred 4 urami
I cannot express the amount of joy I felt when the yellow one hopped in and began to kill it Also 1:39 made me giddy like tf why am I so happy at seeing them shuffle
David Pred 5 urami
next they will make us dance for them
The Fork
The Fork Pred 2 urami
My Man
My Man Pred 5 urami
0:51 This is getting out of hand. Now there are two of them!
Michael Larkin
Michael Larkin Pred 4 urami
Twice the pride, double the fall
...after taking over the planet
Dijital Mesih
Dijital Mesih Pred 5 urami
Keske 2 3 çag sonra dogsaydim uf be
tonyfan3 Pred 5 urami
Ain’t gonna lie my 5yo son and I move around imitating these and he is into how the AI moves
David Brown
David Brown Pred 5 urami
At least when my wife says I dance like a robot I can show her this.
Jake Bryant
Jake Bryant Pred 5 urami
Guys, don’t be fooled. They are practicing their victory dances for when they take over the world
The Fork
The Fork Pred 2 urami
Sydney Losstarot
Sydney Losstarot Pred 5 urami
....and then Skynet took over the entire planet
tonyfan3 Pred 5 urami
Gotta respect AI that appreciate Motown! 😍
Tobias Beniston
Tobias Beniston Pred 5 urami
Robo dog is so cute
This Is Huge
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