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School’s in session! And you know what that means: our brains are in work-mode!
But with teachers, class and early mornings come major challenges.
And we’re here to help you cut a few corners using nothing but quick thinking and a little craftiness.
What if we told you that you’ve just been doing school wrong this whole time! Take your notebooks and markers, we’re about to drop some absolutely amazing school craft knowledge on you that’ll leave you feeling like the most genius kid in your class!
#funny #comedy #school
00:03 How to pass the test with a pencil, your phone and a simple notebook
02:27 School hack to become the smartest kid in class, awkward moment in school
04:44 Cheat sheet funny fails and how to overcome epic fails
05:34 Math trick to have fun
07:00 Life hack that could save your life
08:49 Genius school trick for friends and classmates
11:29 Funny outtakes with awkward moments
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20. nov. 2020

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non-binary fandom parent
4:06 hiyly unsanitary to share water. I hiyly disagree of this part of the video
Cora Gurley-Poland
Cora Gurley-Poland Pred 21 uro
You are the best ♤
Millie Lawson
Millie Lawson Pred dnevom
BFFs 👯‍♀️😻😽👍👏👏👏👏 good job
Daniel Holdsworth
Daniel Holdsworth Pred dnevom
Mr Clark man is such a jerk
kristin mckittrick
kristin mckittrick Pred dnevom
When the teacher wanted Kate's water bottle it is just weird
Kendall's Adventures!
Tanya Kulikova
Tanya Kulikova Pred 2 dnevi
Ibrar Ahmed
Ibrar Ahmed Pred 2 dnevi
sunita Bhatia
sunita Bhatia Pred 3 dnevi
Moidu Kunnathummel
Moidu Kunnathummel Pred 3 dnevi
Callum George
Callum George Pred 3 dnevi
So funny 🤣
MARYAM Babiker
MARYAM Babiker Pred 3 dnevi
I saw you at tik tok
Jacob Spedsbjerg
Jacob Spedsbjerg Pred 3 dnevi
Maryam Mohamed Nasser Israfem
My teacher brings Dere own water
Amelia Carlucci
Amelia Carlucci Pred 4 dnevi
Closet Nub
Closet Nub Pred 5 dnevi
I don't have think about these hacks
Gyulnara Mxitaryan
Gyulnara Mxitaryan Pred 5 dnevi
Jeyasothy Pathmakamalan
I really like your show
Hadil Hadil
Hadil Hadil Pred 6 dnevi
Vlogs ETV
Vlogs ETV Pred 6 dnevi
Love you guys
Amber Durham
Amber Durham Pred 7 dnevi
Me nam is asherah
Amber Durham
Amber Durham Pred 7 dnevi
I really like your show
Dorothy Lawrence
Dorothy Lawrence Pred 8 dnevi
In my school our teachers bring their own water bottle
Amaya Ali
Amaya Ali Pred 8 dnevi
Every teacher has there own water bottle
Sophia Brown
Sophia Brown Pred 9 dnevi
Teachers will never take our water mostly bc it gross
Sabrina Jefferson
Sabrina Jefferson Pred 9 dnevi
I love 123go
Md. Abul Kalam Monjur Murshed
Bryan is so smart
Ariana Takerei
Ariana Takerei Pred 9 dnevi
chua jinyee
chua jinyee Pred 9 dnevi
Stop cheating
Michael Hoenes
Michael Hoenes Pred 10 dnevi
Brian is mean Brian is mean
csr gaming
csr gaming Pred 10 dnevi
Good 😊☺️
Yara Haidoura
Yara Haidoura Pred 10 dnevi
I wanted to tell you that there is cameras in my shcool
Amaya Ali
Amaya Ali Pred 8 dnevi
Seriously everyone has cameras at there school
Kadar Shevin
Kadar Shevin Pred 8 dnevi
my school to
Tylese Reddy
Tylese Reddy Pred 10 dnevi
All the way to the end of the video 📚📚📚📑
Tylese Reddy
Tylese Reddy Pred 10 dnevi
Hi guys I hope you are at home
Tylese Reddy
Tylese Reddy Pred 10 dnevi
At 07:45 their voices sound funny😰😰😰😰
Olivia Livingston
Olivia Livingston Pred 11 dnevi
hafio jama
hafio jama Pred 11 dnevi
Romlah Mohammad
Romlah Mohammad Pred 12 dnevi
mizi jimi
mizi jimi Pred 13 dnevi
You guys are so perfect❤
Szandie Sarile
Szandie Sarile Pred 13 dnevi
Ugh this video is so boring
Amy Cann
Amy Cann Pred 13 dnevi
How do you put all of your devices in your bag
Andrew Wagner
Andrew Wagner Pred 13 dnevi
She likes Billie me to
Sumithra Jeyakumar
Sumithra Jeyakumar Pred 14 dnevi
What a genious tables wow iam very impressive i always watching your video😍🥰👍😘🌹❤❤❤❤❤
Real Vessel
Real Vessel Pred 11 dnevi
Shahrxjsf🏸🧂🍼⚾️🍼🏉Hans red 🥋🏈🗞🚳
Meg.scarloot Scarloot
Meg.scarloot Scarloot Pred 14 dnevi
Fam. Saes
Fam. Saes Pred 14 dnevi
L love your video's so much😘😘😘😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤🦊 there amazing l even SUBSCRIBED
Kat Carah
Kat Carah Pred 3 dnevi
Your videos are the best. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🧑🏼‍🦽🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊
Anand Tsnpdcl
Anand Tsnpdcl Pred 14 dnevi
Cheating is a big bad habit if you cheat in class what is use to go 🏫 school in future you will face a big problem stop this cheating video otherwise many people will be in problem stop this cheating video 🙏🥺
Lunar eclipse Live
Lunar eclipse Live Pred 14 dnevi
Great big mamas
Ahvri Anais
Ahvri Anais Pred 14 dnevi
Lunar eclipse Live
Lunar eclipse Live Pred 14 dnevi
@Ahvri Anais hi
Ahvri Anais
Ahvri Anais Pred 14 dnevi
GCP0 Pred 15 dnevi
I now why amy write 33 bc maya or should i say miya holed up three fingers
Emma Larkin
Emma Larkin Pred 15 dnevi
Why does she have so many back ups in the beginning
Mohamed Suhail
Mohamed Suhail Pred 12 dnevi
Alekhya Rayala
Alekhya Rayala Pred 15 dnevi
Pushpa Raghuwanshi
Pushpa Raghuwanshi Pred 15 dnevi
We should not cheat I will unsubscribe
Raphael Wafula
Raphael Wafula Pred 15 dnevi
Tracy Crume
Tracy Crume Pred 15 dnevi
Screw you screw you
Jayvie Manila
Jayvie Manila Pred 16 dnevi
My favorite
Jamie Fowler
Jamie Fowler Pred 16 dnevi
Your smart
Serita Pred 17 dnevi
MD. Hashibul Islam
MD. Hashibul Islam Pred 17 dnevi
Dumbest life hacks
Paras Singh
Paras Singh Pred 17 dnevi
RFCs pm xfj
Sandra Krosman
Sandra Krosman Pred 17 dnevi
And then the owner said "stop right there"
Rochelle daisy Mananggit
Kate as a smart
God Pred 17 dnevi
Francisco Gonzalez
Francisco Gonzalez Pred 18 dnevi
Hi I Love your videos so much 💗 💓 💖 💛 💕 💜 💗 💓 💖 💛 💕 💜
oshin_boo Pred 18 dnevi
oshin_boo Pred 18 dnevi
Jello_rice_balls !
Jello_rice_balls ! Pred 18 dnevi
Sheila Ramkissoon
Sheila Ramkissoon Pred 18 dnevi
mohamed nagy
mohamed nagy Pred 18 dnevi
Did you see when Kate was in school at the classroom her t shirt is billie
Sheila Ramkissoon
Sheila Ramkissoon Pred 18 dnevi
Edrtyuiv jugfur odifid ke0d9f dir8dd0dod
Sheila Ramkissoon
Sheila Ramkissoon Pred 18 dnevi
Sheila Ramkissoon
Sheila Ramkissoon Pred 18 dnevi
Nathan Farr
Nathan Farr Pred 18 dnevi
The ethereal judo trivially occur because impulse socially supply until a agreeable karate. subdued, ad driver
grace keller
grace keller Pred 18 dnevi
I like this episode is super cool 🌡️⛱️🏖️🏜️🌅🌄☀️🌤️⛅
Deanna Nava
Deanna Nava Pred 18 dnevi
Isabella vava
Destyni D
Destyni D Pred 18 dnevi
One of the girls voices were funny but idk which one it was
Cervantes Cervantes
Cervantes Cervantes Pred 18 dnevi
Kate and sorry I meant that
Cervantes Cervantes
Cervantes Cervantes Pred 18 dnevi
Poor karate if I haved to share the water in will me share bc what of you drink it
Cristin Velasquez
Cristin Velasquez Pred 19 dnevi
A middle of a cell a criminal😅
Ivy Matsunaga
Ivy Matsunaga Pred 19 dnevi
Why would u cheat when u can just study.
Ashley Marita
Ashley Marita Pred 19 dnevi
what are you doing kate .. failing i gues hahahahah🤣🤣🤣😂😂😅😅
Ganaa Erka
Ganaa Erka Pred 19 dnevi
Ha ha hhhaaa
Dulce Santana
Dulce Santana Pred 19 dnevi
Do you own answers helly
Dulce Santana
Dulce Santana Pred 19 dnevi
Kate stop cheating
Anna Christie
Anna Christie Pred 19 dnevi
It was so good I was just there to see what you got here
Dulce Santana
Dulce Santana Pred 19 dnevi
ladivacs Pred 19 dnevi
I love 123 go
Mirjana Kosak
Mirjana Kosak Pred 20 dnevi
CHARIES dad 😇😇 Henry 😢😢😢
Tinymario0 Pred 20 dnevi
Violet-Rose Taylor
Violet-Rose Taylor Pred 20 dnevi
Dyana Hernandez
Dyana Hernandez Pred 20 dnevi
123 go why should you be sharing with your teacher that's discusting
Ashton Hatfield
Ashton Hatfield Pred 20 dnevi
I’m such a big fan
Stacey Jones
Stacey Jones Pred 20 dnevi
Lovely video olivia
Stacey Jones
Stacey Jones Pred 20 dnevi
Lovely vidyoo
Lance Acfalle
Lance Acfalle Pred 20 dnevi
i love 123 go! :D
Debbie Rhodes
Debbie Rhodes Pred 20 dnevi
4:05 a teacher cant do that cause they would 100000% lose there job.Also a teacher cant yell,scram,or punish you for not giving them something like a water bottle thats not theres i does not matter what the seuation is
David Lewis
David Lewis Pred 12 dnevi
Rukia Alnaimy
Rukia Alnaimy Pred 13 dnevi
Is what I am impressed of you because you are requiring so fast 💨 Can we be friends
Mogul Brothers Media
Mogul Brothers Media Pred 20 dnevi
And u can't force someone to give u something of there's
Sophie Wolff
Sophie Wolff Pred 21 dnevom
Sophie Wolff
Sophie Wolff Pred 21 dnevom
One thing how did she know the answers (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃
KayKay Shullaw
KayKay Shullaw Pred 21 dnevom
Lemon Plays
Lemon Plays Pred 21 dnevom
How would you not know the "Exam" answers on the papers but, At home you just write it on a SMALL piece of paper cuz like... Im confused -_-
Linda Van Sui Cer
Linda Van Sui Cer Pred 21 dnevom
I dont like 123 go but i just wanna try some of there stupid hacks😄😄
Lawanda Moore
Lawanda Moore Pred 21 dnevom
They funny they mack my Laugh
Arun Rajan
Arun Rajan Pred 21 dnevom
Why do you have to cheat in school you can just learn instead if cheating
Fam. Saes
Fam. Saes Pred 14 dnevi
L never cheat if you count you know all de awnser's🙂
Ashley Marita
Ashley Marita Pred 19 dnevi
your so right i gues😐😐