NF - LOST ft. Hopsin 

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Official music video for “LOST” by NF.
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Producer: Nathan Feuerstein & Patrick Tohill
Director: Patrick Tohill & Nathan Feuerstein




11. mar. 2021

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Varela Studios
Varela Studios Pred 45 minutami
I'm waiting for him to the drop the album where he finds himself. Wonder if his status and popularity tanks.🤔
Waka -Sama
Waka -Sama Pred 2 urami
F*ck why did I ever stop listening to hopsin 🔥💣💥
Allan Johns
Allan Johns Pred 2 urami
Best collabo ever hope we get to see another one soon much love to NF n HOPSIN FROM KENYA..........
Abderrahmane El Ouechre
do the 9 BALOONS in the end of the clip means that he will have others 9 featurings ?
Jesse Nordstrom
Jesse Nordstrom Pred 5 urami
God damn I love this so much both the men influenced my life iam coming up on a year meth free and I dont feel lost but do love the song
SomebodysDad Pred 6 urami
I thought hopsin was creeping behind him but it was just the balloons.🤭🤦🏾‍♂️😭
Anomaly Juju
Anomaly Juju Pred 9 urami
I got chills over this 🥶
Bret Nuttall
Bret Nuttall Pred 10 urami
AAAAAaaaaaahhhahaaaaahahaaHAHAHA ... i"M sMilInG yaA
ETHIO Pred 10 urami
UnHoly GHouL
UnHoly GHouL Pred 11 urami
When the world needed them.......They showed up like the Heroes they are. NF AND HOP = THE REALIST
Jordan Finn
Jordan Finn Pred 12 urami
Real music until the day we die
Justin Smar
Justin Smar Pred 13 urami
Hopsin killed nf no challenge
Nikki Pred 15 minutami
@Justin Smar no bud. You are wrong and getting called out for it
Justin Smar
Justin Smar Pred 18 minutami
@Nikki lol shut up nikki ;)
Nikki Pred 2 urami
@Justin Smar no he does not 😂
Justin Smar
Justin Smar Pred 10 urami
Nf just sounds the same in every song no switch up in content he has no range sorry
Nikki Pred 13 urami
Stop it. Lol They both killed this. 🔥 NF had five syllable rhyme scheme and kept it going along with his amazing metaphors. They guy co directs and co produces his video like this one. Enjoy the beauty man the video is amazing! Hopsin amazing schemes too This is not a competition.
Lockette Pred 14 urami
Man, I'm so glad NF/Nate exists.
Marius Ciuchete
Marius Ciuchete Pred 15 urami
ahahaahahhaaha : D kids be likin these
CHROMA Pred 7 urami
im 19
Nikki Pred 13 urami
Try again. I am 42 and love this.
Nickoli Stef
Nickoli Stef Pred 16 urami
Some of the best stuff hopsin has spit that verse was insane.
MooseKingTV Pred 16 urami
Bro someone stop this man, he is burning the entire forest with this fire🔥🔥🔥
TAC0_LORD Pred 15 urami
Tegan Booth
Tegan Booth Pred 18 urami
Has anyone else noticed the difference between nf and hopsin. Hopsin says demons knocking I don’t have to let them in where as nf let his demons in his mansion and now it haunts him. Hopsin is positive saying that he can fight them
TAC0_LORD Pred 15 urami
omg yess
Devon Wilkerson-Makoski
Who disliked this? Who?!?!?!
TAC0_LORD Pred 15 urami
Gail Farcht
Gail Farcht Pred 19 urami
Exactly what I was thinking!
Dexter J
Dexter J Pred 22 urami
Inner turmoil is the spoon that you must use to dig your way out of the prison you've created
Madison Middleton
Madison Middleton Pred 22 urami
This is lit!!!
da d32
da d32 Pred 23 urami
pure millennial shit!
yes Pred dnevom
Rap Is dead
RzVids Pred 22 urami
Nikki Pred 22 urami
What a dumb comment to make
AW W Pred dnevom
Walking around in only black is really dangerous
Crandle Cockman
Crandle Cockman Pred dnevom
How did you get homie up in that ❄ 🏔
Andrew Mdub
Andrew Mdub Pred dnevom
I think it's a fucking shame Eminem dissed NF for no good reason, they would have made such a great collab.
Chris Sloan
Chris Sloan Pred dnevom
From 03:20. It gave me goosebump.
Zhorik Beat
Zhorik Beat Pred dnevom
cool man 👍💥💥💥💥💥💥💥
Mark Richard Hess
Mark Richard Hess Pred dnevom
I listened to hospins songs after this and got a bunch of racist shit. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Jamie Ferreo
Jamie Ferreo Pred dnevom
Modern hip hops dream team for real
Lilra Arrow
Lilra Arrow Pred dnevom
Either you know, or I have a sibling to find.
Dylan BROSE Pred dnevom
I love how the last comment before me was a whole month ago now , right before this song was released it said “NF and hoisin, this will be insane.”
Legend Pred dnevom
Who else can't stop listening to this?
juan lopez
juan lopez Pred dnevom
Fruit Vendor
Fruit Vendor Pred dnevom
Julius Wu
Julius Wu Pred dnevom
I had to pause the video to give NF a break.
hibeast Tv
hibeast Tv Pred dnevom
The balloons have returned.
Jeremy Shields
Jeremy Shields Pred dnevom
This song captures the human condition from almost every possible angle!
Jartez Brown
Jartez Brown Pred dnevom
Lexi Candy
Lexi Candy Pred dnevom
NF go in soo hard on this! He a real talented artist unlike all the other artists out there who just be usin that *Authenticviews* website to go viral.. SMH seems like anyone can go viral these days..
İrem Karkaş
İrem Karkaş Pred dnevom
I love the classical music vibe throughout the flow in his songs
Connie Ha
Connie Ha Pred 2 dnevi
This is me when I grow up. 🎤
carl mccartney
carl mccartney Pred 2 dnevi
Man I like nf and all, i really do, but he suffers from dababy syndrome, all his beats and flows sound really similar to the point i can only listen to one or two of either of their songs without feeling like i have the same song on repeat
Nikki Pred dnevom
He has plenty of different sounds if you listen to every song of all four albums and the mixtape. His big songs always will have cinamatic sound though. It will not change and why would he anyways this song and his other trend each time and this one had like 420k views in under one hour lol We love Tommees beats. This song was made in november of 2019 so it still has search vibes and was made before paid my dues came out. I noticed this one is similar. Its weird to see your comment because us fans love it and love tommees and Nfs beats. His cinamatic style is the only one out he is rapping at times on strings not drums that sets him apart from everyone else. I for one do not want it to change. But that is my opinion lol
young thug and future are genuinely lyrically and artistically better than both nf and hopsin. they're both utter garbage.
Nikki Pred 2 dnevi
How many times you going to comment the same dumb comment under Nfs page? You look dumb. NF and Hopsin are lyrically insane again you look dumb
aj lynn
aj lynn Pred 2 dnevi
This has been a long time needed
CJ Timmons
CJ Timmons Pred 2 dnevi
why do the voices sound the same?
M3RCYM3N 1911
M3RCYM3N 1911 Pred 2 dnevi
Eddie Martin
Eddie Martin Pred 2 dnevi
I love that NF and Hopsin made a song together
Muhammad Luthfi
Muhammad Luthfi Pred 2 dnevi
Gw ngeri mereka kepeleset jir
CubixNow Pred 2 dnevi
Token with NF and Hopsit, that s way too crazy!
viperprplayers Pred 2 dnevi
This rap is fire 🔥
Braden Bourque
Braden Bourque Pred 2 dnevi
Saw NF n Hopsin n had to listen
Fruit Ooft
Fruit Ooft Pred 2 dnevi
I play this song to save money on my heating bills from the spitting fire 🔥
Mohammed Zaid
Mohammed Zaid Pred 2 dnevi
lost in those words...
Jess McI
Jess McI Pred 2 dnevi
The more you listen the deeper you see and understand the message.
KMS Art Studios
KMS Art Studios Pred 2 dnevi
this song is so fire!! it litterally brings so much energy and emotion to me that i litterly cant take how cool this song is!!
wealthy black man
wealthy black man Pred 2 dnevi
Valgeh TAMIL
Valgeh TAMIL Pred 2 dnevi
NF won
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers Pred 2 dnevi
did you guys hear that NF is a dragon? its cause he spits fire.
TAC0_LORD Pred 2 dnevi
gerald wells
gerald wells Pred 2 dnevi
It's so nice seeing Hopsin collaborating with other rappers, he deserves so much more attention than he gets.
TAC0_LORD Pred 2 dnevi
yeah i subbed to him and i like his music
Elton Gerena
Elton Gerena Pred 2 dnevi
Pure Genius
Ethan Anderson
Ethan Anderson Pred 2 dnevi
Chorus: Ahhhhhhh, Welcome to world, welcome to the U.S.A, welcome to the children they can’t find a place to stay, welcome to the boarders, they say sex trafiicins okay, how can we live like this how can we live this wayyy, we doin this like normal, yeah we doin day by day, pop em in the trunk in this bed of this chevorlet, take em home, and mess them up, u go ahead and then shootem away, now joe biden is elected we doin this all over again Liikkke noo this ain't okay, how can this world be in this way, now we have to stand up, and make a change, we shouldn’t be doin this in the first place, u gonna let it slide let em get paid. This is all good, this is OKAY. ohh no let’s change it up and sayyyy, that the boarders aint open, yeah this should be happenin, okay let’s open em up again and allow sex trafficking, NOO keep em closed keep um shut, open them again and allow all these drugs, NO, okay let’s say they shut, for real this time, people aint making pennies but they at least makin a dime, people would be good, and nobody would be commit no crimes, imagine that, living in those times,, OKAY listen up now what I have to say this isn’t no mandalorian this THIS ISN”T THE WAY, we should be livin good living good day by day. Now this is the mandalorian this is the way, okay all is im trying to say, let’s all stand up all together and make this CHANGE!!!. Chorus: Heyyyy, Welcome to world, welcome to the U.S.A, welcome to the children they can’t find a place to stay, welcome to the boarders, they say sex trafiickins okay, how can we live like this how can we live this wayyy, we doin this like normal, yeah we doin day by day, pop em in the trunk in this bed of this chevorlet, take em home, and mess them up, u go ahead and then shootem away, but trump is was elected again we would be havin a good day. I just wrote this song it took me four days, and NF I want u to read this and see if u like it and maybe make it a song... or help to make it a song
Ethan Anderson
Ethan Anderson Pred 2 dnevi
@TAC0_LORD thanks
TAC0_LORD Pred 2 dnevi
wow nice song
Robert Lenz
Robert Lenz Pred 2 dnevi
Imagine if nf Eminem and snow tha product made a song together
Adriana Hart
Adriana Hart Pred 2 dnevi
I love you man , Thank you
Amanda Miller
Amanda Miller Pred 2 dnevi
Wow. Excellent work.
Austin Rogers
Austin Rogers Pred 3 dnevi
Damn Hopsin, I felt every word of that. Thx for the song.
Austin Rogers
Austin Rogers Pred 3 dnevi
Definitely no insult to NF, I actually feel his music the same way. I love what Nate did and I have nothing less than respect for him.
Chris Dunavan
Chris Dunavan Pred 3 dnevi
Like the song so far.. At the beginning so far though..
Cr7 Pred 3 dnevi
I got a group of love ones that ain't my friends. Facts bro🔥
Brotha.B The Black Sheep
Shay Smith
Shay Smith Pred 3 dnevi
I’m traveling from south Texas to Minnesota to see this man in concert in sept ! He continues to save my life
Tim Stilwell
Tim Stilwell Pred 3 dnevi
NF is such a good example. Hopsin keep reading your James! God bless you both
Steven Valentine
Steven Valentine Pred 3 dnevi
Another banger
Brett Pred 3 dnevi
I'd love to hear Eminem on this too
Michael Kowalczuk
Michael Kowalczuk Pred 3 dnevi
This was dope
AceTheAnimator Pred 3 dnevi
Dude... You're the best to ever enter my life Nate
John Pred 3 dnevi
Erin Ellen
Erin Ellen Pred 3 dnevi
best song and video ever made. period.
your daily lonely depresø
Dude so much quotes I love this
Jist Love
Jist Love Pred 3 dnevi
Amber Rookstool - Woods
Blain3Official Pred 4 dnevi
The beat goes hard!! It's a bit different from the other NF production, and I like that.
Killer_Tank _Man
Killer_Tank _Man Pred 4 dnevi
I hope the day I meet you both, either same day or not, im going to be the happiest man alive, I love both your music cause I relate to it like no other, im so happy that both your music is going places 😁
intense_dragon72 Pred 4 dnevi
Jade Pomeroy
Jade Pomeroy Pred 4 dnevi
I love how relatable and real he is with his music. He definitely is my favorite rapper.
Albert Jaramillo
Albert Jaramillo Pred 4 dnevi
aqua hyper
aqua hyper Pred 4 dnevi
He is underrated
Club Baby Sealz
Club Baby Sealz Pred 4 dnevi
7k people are lost:(
Lar Eh
Lar Eh Pred 4 dnevi
A lot of y'all might be too young for this, but this theme is giving me pilgrim's progress vibes.
Jonah Hamilton
Jonah Hamilton Pred 3 dnevi
Never too young for a 200 year old book 🤣 love it though I see it with the burden references and the journey. Hears hoping NF battle raps Apollyon
Elizabeth 3D
Elizabeth 3D Pred 4 dnevi
Elon Musk
Elon Musk Pred 4 dnevi
We need a collab with Eminem NF and Hopsin..that track would be straight fire!
Douglas Nelson
Douglas Nelson Pred 4 dnevi
before i was a fan now im a whole conditioner
Ezequiel Barge
Ezequiel Barge Pred 4 dnevi
eminem collab needed at this point
Kyle Blansjaar
Kyle Blansjaar Pred 4 dnevi
Whos your friend
Kyle Blansjaar
Kyle Blansjaar Pred 4 dnevi
Yes the balloons are back
Marek Tarraste
Marek Tarraste Pred 4 dnevi
After listening it like 10 (or 100 times) I find myself liking this song more and more
Ray Pred 4 dnevi
this is fireeeeeee
Donna Graham
Donna Graham Pred 4 dnevi
This song is so motivational!!!
Monray kiarie
Monray kiarie Pred 4 dnevi
Hopsin went harder on his verse though he should collaborate with NF more often
Pariote Pred 4 dnevi
In all honesty, This wouldn't be so MAGNIFICENTLY heat if it weren't for the fact that I know how much NF and Hop mean what they are saying.
Nkosi Phillips
Nkosi Phillips Pred 4 dnevi
They should make a album or mixtape together