Elbasan, Albania, a travel secret, and a hidden gem - travel vlog 

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After our epic train journey (last video) we stayed for awhile in beautiful, charming, Elbasan, Albania. This is a city that doesn't seem to be on the radar of most travelers, and maybe it should be.
We explored the ancient castle, a two-thousand-year-old ROMAN road (wow, the Via Egnatia, a route all the way to Istanbul), the city streets, shops and markets, the city park, and even a river with a dam.
Come and see this underrated city in the mountains of Albania...
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We're Shannon and Jeremy, a couple from California. We started traveling full-time, beginning in Southeast Asia. After realizing that we want to do this forever, we began sharing our weird and wonderful experiences around the world, here on SLtv.
Thanks for traveling with us.
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12. dec. 2020

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Osmanian Channel
Osmanian Channel Pred 24 dnevi
you guys are cool! thanks for the tour
Planet Medallion Travel Vlog / Blog
Thanks for watching!
Franc Jaho
Franc Jaho Pred 4 meseci
I reccomend to you to go to Pogradec! It’s a great town! Good video!
Horrorybill , monothonya ,ugly....depresive !!
Al Busha
Al Busha Pred 4 meseci
Spent 28 years of my life in that town. It is a very old town at least since Roman conquest and it was called by Romans, Scampa or Skampa as we write it in Albanian. That is Via Egnatia or Road Egnatia and it connected Rome with Istanbul or Constandinople. The river you saw it's called Zaranika and usually does not have much water but in the winter when it snows it brings a lot of water. There is another river called Shkumbin which is bigger and where we used to spend summer days swimming and bathing. Right where you start this video I used to spend hours with my bodies talking soccer and watching "xhiro" where people used to do their walk in the evening back and forth of that street we called boulevard a concept Americans find it hard to understand. Not sure if they still do xhiro. The area in front of wall used to be different. That castle wall was totally covered by huge pine trees. It was pretty charming. And yes Rinia Park means Youth Park. Wish you guys visited Elbasan in the spring. That park is something else in the spring.
Bill Cutting
Bill Cutting Pred 4 meseci
Planet Medallion Travel Vlog / Blog
Bledar Bakushi
Bledar Bakushi Pred 4 meseci
Rinia Park means Youth Park