Broner vs Garcia FULL FIGHT: July 29, 2017 - PBC on Showtime 

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(July 29, 2017) Head tilted slightly downward and eyes focused forward, Mikey Garcia seemingly saw nothing other than the obstacle in front of him: Adrien Broner.
Mikey Garcia impressively earned a unanimous decision over Adrien Broner in a 140-pound clash of multi-division world champions on July 29, 2017 on PBC on Showtime.
Moving up in weight to face “The Problem,” Garcia remained in constant control of their 140-pound showdown, turning in a dominating performance to earn a unanimous decision before a crowd of 12,084 at Barclays Center.
With his victory over Broner, a former four-division world champion, Garcia further elevated his status as one of the world’s best pound-for-pound fighters.
Garcia, a three-division world champion and current 135-pound titleholder, landed 244 of 783 total punches (31 percent) to Broner’s 125 of 400 (31 percent. His edge was even more apparent in power punches, with Garcia connecting on 152 of 328 (46 percent) and Broner landing 72 of 161 (45 percent).
The 29-year-old Southern California native calmly dictated the distance between himself and Broner, and stayed in his opponent’s face for almost the entire fight. After a slow first round that Broner won on all three official scorecards, Garcia went to work as he began to pick apart his opponent.
Over the next several rounds, Garcia showed off an impressive arsenal as he used his jab to penetrate Broner’s high guard before slipping shots to the body.
By the latter rounds, it was all but apparent that Broner needed a knockout to win, but even then, Garcia was able to counter the Cincinnati native’s desperate attempts. In the end, Garcia easily prevailed by scores of 117-111 and 116-112 twice.
Garcia, who earned his 135-pound world title in January with a third-round KO of unbeaten champion Dejan Zlaticanin, said he would weigh his options before considering his next fight.
While Garcia has returned to a place among boxing’s elite after returning to the ring a year ago following a contractual dispute that kept him inactive for 30 months, Broner is left to ponder his future after losing for the second time in five fights and for the first time in his career at 140 pounds or less.
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Henry GREY
Henry GREY Pred 2 dnevi
run broner run
felix del rosario
felix del rosario Pred 7 dnevi
the most overrated and boring so-called pro-boxer Mayweather and Broner should be best suited in the ballroom. dancing with the star's outfit is just fine.
Shea Cisneros
Shea Cisneros Pred 7 dnevi
Mikey that's right RAZA !
Shea Cisneros
Shea Cisneros Pred 7 dnevi
They should of called him " BORING BRONER "...
Setpheng Heebrt
Setpheng Heebrt Pred 7 dnevi
simply tamed
Lebron Jr
Lebron Jr Pred 8 dnevi
56:27 Look at big g in the back giving broner water 💪🏽 That was badass!
Richard Spinelli
Richard Spinelli Pred 9 dnevi
Broner might not be top tier but he has pretty good cardio in all is fights i don't think i have ever seen him gass out.
James magee
James magee Pred 12 dnevi
Crazy thing is if Broner wasn’t so worried about fighting like Floyd he coulda beat Mikey, Broner never really threw his right hand at all. Floyd jr🤣
SuperTruthful Pred 10 dnevi
Mikey, and his brother studied Broner and they know what he is capable of and Robert Garcia said, they trained for the Broner that was knocking people out. But Broner like the idiot he is refused to throw his hands...he lost to Porter, Garcia, Maidana and Pacquaio and he if fought he might have been undefeated we'll never know cuz he's a clown.
Kambiz Mostofi
Kambiz Mostofi Pred 12 dnevi
Broner has such fast hands. Amazing jab!
Quadir Brown
Quadir Brown Pred 13 dnevi
Good fight mikey putting in that work and keeping in respectful, broner still the can man and he still can get the f--k out of here.
Freddy Penaso hindi' totoo yan
Dapat power & speed c Mickey
Lesego Leso
Lesego Leso Pred 16 dnevi
Mikey with the psychological warfare in Rd 8 😂🔥
Jackie Blues
Jackie Blues Pred 18 dnevi
Just not enough offense or urgency from broner until the later rounds
Dark hunter 225
Dark hunter 225 Pred 18 dnevi
AB = About Bananas 🍌
Fionordequester Pred 18 dnevi
A thought occurs to me... Do those baggy pants of Broner's slow him down any? Wind resistance and all that?
Cold Crush
Cold Crush Pred 18 dnevi
Before the fight AB must say to his opponent not gonna hit you let's get paid..cause he's a boring ass fighter
GFAZZOS WICHO LG Pred 19 dnevi
Broner found out he could hurt Mikey real late in the fight
GFAZZOS WICHO LG Pred 19 dnevi
Broners coach is like scared to make him mad
Ari fishing mancing
Ari fishing mancing Pred 21 dnevom
AsaanteEl Pred 21 dnevom
Mikey gloves hardly had any padding in his gloves, I don't trust Mikey's brother
Emmett North Jr
Emmett North Jr Pred 21 dnevom
Mikey did win the fight,he kicked AB's ass,Emmett***
Chuck Sullivan
Chuck Sullivan Pred 21 dnevom
Why do black fighters always wear Mexican flag colors when fighting a Mexican fighter
Emmett North Jr
Emmett North Jr Pred 21 dnevom
I like Mikey Garcia and think he'll win the fight,Emmett***
Polo Smith
Polo Smith Pred 21 dnevom
Adrian doesn’t have what it takes anymore to be a fighter it’s sad because all the showboating this is the punishment for it if he would have been just a humble fighter he would have made it far
Te Ch
Te Ch Pred 21 dnevom
I love how Broner kept bluffing not being damaged but doing NOTHING but ocasional jabs, He even argue with his own corner, poor idiot!
Adelheid eusabius sina Kelore
Adrian's boxing style is too wild,
Signkutter signkutter
Signkutter signkutter Pred 20 dnevi
Adian Broner is too concerned about getting hit to be a good counter puncher...or a brawler...so much potential...but low pain tolerance
maya m
maya m Pred 22 dnevi
Mikey is a beast!!!!!!
strafer Pred 22 dnevi
He goes from a Philly shell to a Winky like high guard. Anything but a conventional stance. Anything more than a 2 punch combo is uncommon for Broner too. He has the speed but I think he’s worried of being countered.
Adrien more practice, you must be ready anytime
Fernando Gonzalez
Fernando Gonzalez Pred 24 dnevi
AB fasho didn’t like hearing the truth from his corner round after round 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
I B Pred 25 dnevi
6:11 soon as I hear a bee 🐝 buzzing in my ear
Fatmir Qyteza
Fatmir Qyteza Pred 25 dnevi
broner need mani pac
Diego Pavon
Diego Pavon Pred 26 dnevi
era para broner pegó más y las erradas de Mikey q tuvo miren la tualla del entrenador de Mikey
REU Pred 27 dnevi
Broner move style nothin change he should give hard combo punches
Ristian Dale Sumala
Ristian Dale Sumala Pred 27 dnevi
This fight is very entertaining. I love seeing broner getting his own ass whooped.
Ristian Dale Sumala
Ristian Dale Sumala Pred 27 dnevi
Mikey is a man on a mission.
Funny Movies999
Funny Movies999 Pred 27 dnevi
I love your content
Arturo Ake Yama
Arturo Ake Yama Pred 28 dnevi
Los boxeadores seles olvido como se tiran los ganchos al higado
Edgardo Carable
Edgardo Carable Pred mesecem
Let dance pam parampamppam,🤪🤪🤪brow ,😀&danny,
Ruben Garcia
Ruben Garcia Pred mesecem
Los dos son de medio pelo un poco mejor García pero no está para grandes combates y a Broner es de esos que solo utilizan para escalar
Ruben Peña
Ruben Peña Pred mesecem
Garcia should've gone to the body a lot more.
The 80s Babies 310
The 80s Babies 310 Pred mesecem
Mikey beating Broner and Easter’s Azz is what made all the African Americans get racial before the Spence fight. They were scared the little guy was gonna beat Spence. Lol 😂 Even Spence’s trainer told him before the 12 to finish him and he couldn’t even do it in front of his Hometown Dallas! Lol 😂 then makes excuses I was just trying to out box him. Lol compulsive liars!! Excuses always!!
Jeff Okriya
Jeff Okriya Pred mesecem
Broner was trying to hit and jumps back like a grasshopper lol
Erik Salome
Erik Salome Pred mesecem
Congrats make Garcia
Paul Adlaon
Paul Adlaon Pred mesecem
" oh..boy Broner looks like feeling coward..'coz he's running condition.."
Edgard Basco
Edgard Basco Pred mesecem
Broner was a damn shit boxer,, just pretending to be a real boxer
Jes Ureta
Jes Ureta Pred mesecem
What bronner??? You look like pork asado now.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Baehaki Syakbani
Baehaki Syakbani Pred mesecem
Tinju Monoton, tdk seru n sangat tdk menarik
Leonidas s
Leonidas s Pred mesecem
Que pelea tan mas aburrida... parece que estaban entrenando los dos!
Tony Laxa
Tony Laxa Pred mesecem
Love Broner’s girly Vegas showgirl trunks
Beny Tagang
Beny Tagang Pred mesecem
Bronner is a dancing queen 😁😁
wifi vk
wifi vk Pred mesecem
Boxeadores nuevos ya no queremos medios boxeadores
Jenn Bug
Jenn Bug Pred mesecem
AB so trash still
TellIT LikeitIS
TellIT LikeitIS Pred mesecem
Broner is the example of all talent no work ethic
Maximino Del Rosario
Both boring fighter!!!!!!
Froilan Vargas
Froilan Vargas Pred mesecem
Garcia wla palang footwork to puro pasugod ang tayo importante sa knya makatama at wag lang matumba 😂 prang puno ng saging kapag c pacman nkalaban mo magkakanda ekis paa mo hanggang mawalan ka ng balanse jan sa matigas mong tayuan 😂
Lil Guccy
Lil Guccy Pred mesecem
Ab A B side fighter
Bobby Nanaman
Bobby Nanaman Pred mesecem
If Broner stops fighting like Mayweather and fights like a Broner he'd be a Mayweather.
Ramon Dela Cruz
Ramon Dela Cruz Pred mesecem
Mayabang si brownir Kaya binugbog
andy cruz
andy cruz Pred mesecem
Obviously Broner hasn't wake up with his nightmare during Maidana fight. He wont engage with Garcia and too jumpy reacting wildly to the thought that Garcia will give a punch. His face and body language has shown it all.
Mario Arocha
Mario Arocha Pred mesecem
Bronner was a good punching bag
Ronald Marr
Ronald Marr Pred mesecem
Garcia should take out the body.
Navek Ydeer
Navek Ydeer Pred mesecem
Broner is going to lose this fight. Is just singling up on everything single single single he's only thrown like two or three combinations this is like around 7
Navek Ydeer
Navek Ydeer Pred mesecem
Broner looks funny in his dress
Jesus Prieto
Jesus Prieto Pred mesecem
No entiendo agarcia si se cubre abajo el moreno porque no le pega al higado que alguien me explique
Karen Wyatt
Karen Wyatt Pred mesecem
Rule #1, the boxer who is in the center of the ring is winning, no matter who. I love Garcia's counter-punches! ♥
German Lophophora
German Lophophora Pred mesecem
I felt Garcia over favored hitting the upper part of the body, the black man´s gard completely uncover his lower body, Garcia could have butchered him going for the liver and stomach, in mexican old school boxing it is known black people are soft down there.
kook2zz boiii
kook2zz boiii Pred mesecem
Broners hook at 5:39 was damn quick
boxing 24/7
boxing 24/7 Pred mesecem
Is that tim bradley on the broadcast table.
MrFlacko777 Pred mesecem
I don't understand how Mikey whooped broners ass but didn't throw hands with spence . Spence is average to me. Boy garcia was a big disappointment for me ill never get excited for his bum ass ever again .
Jon Pred mesecem
Spence and crawford did not walk their mockery to manny, their balls are gone when their challenged was accepted. Not fighting each other for five years and now they evading 42y/o manny how shame. Crawford backfighting his promoter when manny respond their challenged, and spence is not visibly around. They should be stripped for not depending the title. Either crawford and spence manny will obliterate their face like ledwaba. Manny is the man of 147lbs. The two fleeing with their belts with them. Yet atlas and smith all praises to them
Michael Fitzpatrick
Michael Fitzpatrick Pred mesecem
I agree. At 42 manny's still faster than both of them
Augusto Cartagana
Augusto Cartagana Pred mesecem
La pelea estuvo algo pareja, ese García solo buscaba pegarle en la cara y no más le pegaba a los guantes de Broner, el debió golpearlo al Cuerpo.
Graelin Brown
Graelin Brown Pred mesecem
Bronner let Mikey bet him he's wash up period
I. .I
I. .I Pred mesecem
Why do black fighters always wear the mexican flag colors when they fight a mexican. Are they trying to disrespect us?
SuperTruthful Pred 10 dnevi
if they wear your colors why is it a sign of disrespect? it could be they are paying respect. to answer that question they are all online ask them.
Ramiro Ramos
Ramiro Ramos Pred mesecem
Because they want to be mexican so bad😂
Mango Jarrito MXBC
Mango Jarrito MXBC Pred mesecem
It’s cause they have no culture of their own.
Jeffski Padilla
Jeffski Padilla Pred mesecem
Mikey Garcia....too slow for Pacquiao, ...he becomes like a punching bag for pacman,🤣🤣🤣....like if u agree
kawaii potato
kawaii potato Pred mesecem
Doom Hernandez
Doom Hernandez Pred mesecem
Hindi pwedeng mas malakas c mikey Garcia kay Pacquiao kc sa labanang ito ay nagpapasuntok c broner kay mikey pero sa laban nila ni pacquiao ay hindi ito ginawa ni broner kc umiiwas sya talaga sa mga suntok ni Pacquiao.
David Marrero
David Marrero Pred mesecem
Got Garcia.
SAFORG Pred mesecem
He seemed fine with Mikey. Why was he so mad at Pacquiao after their fight?
Vergansio Pitoloco
Vergansio Pitoloco Pred mesecem
Jesse Barrios
Jesse Barrios Pred mesecem
these fighters are LAZY, no wonder they got beaten by the Pacman.
Julio Divino
Julio Divino Pred mesecem
Juniever Silig
Juniever Silig Pred mesecem
boring fights low skill
Joseph Johns
Joseph Johns Pred mesecem
The tranquil donald quickly please because floor utrastructurally admit except a invincible mark. messy, noxious protocol
Toan Nhan
Toan Nhan Pred mesecem
Garcia not in pacquiao level even at 42
Gladys Rodgers
Gladys Rodgers Pred mesecem
You let Mikey whip you what's wrong with you I don't watch your fights I peak what if everybody did the way I do so don't say you don't care you would care then
Jess Lucky
Jess Lucky Pred mesecem
No good,not nice,seems like no professional boxing
Ruben Alije
Ruben Alije Pred mesecem
Raven Sandag
Raven Sandag Pred mesecem
Broner skills of boxing s more n d Philippines which you can c in d brgy.level.
Pedro Luis Gonzalez
Pedro Luis Gonzalez Pred mesecem
A BRONER le gusta que lo peinen.y,..el que lo peino, bien peinado(pero para adentro,)fue EL CHINO MAIDANA !!!!
Mary Jane Favel
Mary Jane Favel Pred mesecem
Garcia hit Broner harder maybe the millions will drop out!!!
Mary Jane Favel
Mary Jane Favel Pred mesecem
Hey! Broner have you learnt how to box yet??? At least you're all dressed up when you're laying down knocked out !!!!
Marty Mcfly
Marty Mcfly Pred mesecem
I haven't seen much of mickey garcias fights but if this is all he has then all I got to say is if he fights pacquiao pacquiao for the win.
Toan Nhan
Toan Nhan Pred mesecem
Garcia no head movement flat footed tailor made for pacquiao
Angel Avina-Ramirez
Angel Avina-Ramirez Pred mesecem
It’s 2021 is Mikey retired??
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee78 Pred mesecem
AB= "About Bums" 😝. Why broner wearing Mexican colors, then getting his ass kicked by Mexicans all the time? 🤔
john Zion
john Zion Pred mesecem
AB looks like he wants to take a crap everytime Garcia throws a punch
Washington Vargas
Washington Vargas Pred mesecem
Broner fugiu do Garcia o tempo todo
Samuel Marquez
Samuel Marquez Pred mesecem
Adrian didn't come to fight.
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