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12. nov. 2019

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Volt Kaiju
Volt Kaiju Pred 2 dnevi
24:19 Lol Beyblade be like
Franciscrack15 Pred 2 dnevi
me encanta le temporada 7
Robbie Pred 4 dnevi
You make advertisements fun. =)
Maxy Silver
Maxy Silver Pred 7 dnevi
16:43 impostor amoung us
Luna-C Gaming
Luna-C Gaming Pred 8 dnevi
*N O T E N O U G H M I N E R A L S*
Áron Demeter
Áron Demeter Pred 9 dnevi
I watched the whole series on online classes
SldgeHammr Pred 12 dnevi
48:50 Top 10 saddest anime deaths
The Peanut
The Peanut Pred 13 dnevi
deep in our hearts we know the derpfestor is planning a new takeover
The Peanut
The Peanut Pred 13 dnevi
Johan Torres
Johan Torres Pred 20 dnevi
this is Amon's ultimate form... beware his stupid look, it may be decieving, but hell awaits behind those black pupils
Cynthia Sanchez
Cynthia Sanchez Pred 24 dnevi
22:02 is when derpfester turns into a psychopathic genocider
Lmap Penos
Lmap Penos Pred 29 dnevi
I have to ask if these are based on actual things you've encountered in game.
Fernando Zapata
Fernando Zapata Pred mesecem
7:28 poor probe hahahahahaha 16:57 hahahahahahahaha 20:47 hahahahahahahahahahahaha 28:30 and 28:41 hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha 38:35 epic win hahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
AS1PANDA Pred mesecem
2:41 why is this so accurate :D
Igor Vinicius Trombetta De Oliveira
33:11 how imposters are made
Imparial Times
Imparial Times Pred mesecem
Somebody watch it from Russia?
Ferraz Pred mesecem
25:21 I'm convinced the only reason it takes so long to create carriers is that they get stuck in the gate.
Ferraz Pred mesecem
13:31 So, this is why my research takes so long.
tee ee
tee ee Pred 2 dnevi
gangnam style bro
jerjamby Pred mesecem
Best Season!
Cameron Scanlan
Cameron Scanlan Pred mesecem
I want a little zergling costume for my dog 🐕
Kaczka Gaming
Kaczka Gaming Pred mesecem
whats the red team all about
the funny gamer
the funny gamer Pred mesecem
Fun fact this came out on my birthday
Степан Полено
Второй час ночи, но заинтриговало и досмотрел до конца. Спасибо. Может быть, вы знаете русский язык. Отличная задумка, отличное исполнение. Браво!
Electroax Master
Electroax Master Pred mesecem
2:40, you'll se what's funny...
Electroax Master
Electroax Master Pred mesecem
3:25, Probes are under attack... Probes: Shut that mouth up!
Electroax Master
Electroax Master Pred mesecem
3:23, you're wariours have engaged the enemy... Bored Zerg vs bored Prottos...
Electroax Master
Electroax Master Pred mesecem
3:15, Base is under attack... Base condition: Attacked by bored Zerg probe...
Electroax Master
Electroax Master Pred mesecem
3:10, Probe: ok, vaspine gas... You must put that on a vaspine geyser. Probe: Now what?
Electroax Master
Electroax Master Pred mesecem
3:03, you must place that in a power field... Probe: Wut am I doing wrong?
Ian Olson
Ian Olson Pred mesecem
That’s cause I make moves count... and when the fights just about to play out the way I set it up... you know I’m invested and focused only on the fight... cause I play to win
Ian Olson
Ian Olson Pred mesecem
Always had trouble micro’ in my macro keys....
Grace DS
Grace DS Pred mesecem
Me: it’s raining marines out of the sky! Marines, no need to know why, just need a void ray just need a void ray~
Grace DS
Grace DS Pred mesecem
Who here realized that the Zerling Turing into a banding without the bandlig nest
Wade acbo
Wade acbo Pred 2 meseci
9/10 not enough minerals
Alessio Márquez
Alessio Márquez Pred 2 meseci
26:40 how is that song called
Spottedleaf Pred 2 meseci
16:43 there is a changling on the right said.
mortal hunter
mortal hunter Pred 2 meseci
The beginning of a mastermind 39:32
shao baojun
shao baojun Pred 2 meseci
The SCV has a family
shao baojun
shao baojun Pred 2 meseci
Are the zerging playing or fighting?
Frank Things
Frank Things Pred 2 meseci
30:43 carbot predicts the A M O G U S
Hedake Hartendorp
Hedake Hartendorp Pred 2 meseci
27:35 why they attacking their own base?
K1rm Pred 2 meseci
Out of menerals!
shao baojun
shao baojun Pred 2 meseci
I love probe,why do they have to be killed?
shao baojun
shao baojun Pred 2 meseci
Константин П
Аахахаахх!!! LoL!!!
Константин П
@K1rm Nobless oblege, йопта...😌
K1rm Pred 2 meseci
Oh i see vi ochen' KyJIьтурный человек.
Weed Yeeter
Weed Yeeter Pred 3 meseci
20:22 that one had me
Maciej Karolczak
Maciej Karolczak Pred 3 meseci
from 2:41 to 3:40 is absolutely hilarious... :D
Lan Tian
Lan Tian Pred 3 meseci
40:08 song name?
Yato Hex
Yato Hex Pred 3 meseci
theese zerg wars xDD
Pilot Pred 3 meseci
ZvZ lol xD xD
Pilot Pred 3 meseci
46:36 WTF? xD
Andrew Hyun
Andrew Hyun Pred 3 meseci
47:23 Boom goes the dynamite lol
Ratte Pred 3 meseci
*And then Derpfestor spent minerals on bluetooth speakers for the entire Red Team. The morale of his army went up by a reported 500%.*
D Rock
D Rock Pred 3 meseci
I love the “not enough minerals!” guy, lmayoo so good!
chalk Pred 3 meseci
하울의 움직이는성 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Одисей Sokolov
Одисей Sokolov Pred 3 meseci
Спасибо! Все самые любимые моменты
Одисей Sokolov
Одисей Sokolov Pred 3 meseci
Наверно одна из лучших реклам;)
Nikita Vambrikov
Nikita Vambrikov Pred 3 meseci
Chandler Jameson
Chandler Jameson Pred 3 meseci
The part that showed how the different species can compliment each other’s tactics was quite heart-warming
김태성 Pred 3 meseci
gen4sis Pred 3 meseci
You have my vote to direct the Starcraft movie, if there will be one ever.
Jonathan Lim
Jonathan Lim Pred 3 meseci
[REDACTED] Pred 3 meseci
This greedy executor now reminded me of Aldaris
joaquin Pred 3 meseci
40:09 xdddd nice laser party xd
кадет ютубер
Jvhgfhgfbjbjv vh здесь есть русские
K1rm Pred 2 meseci
Капец тут наших
Tomasz Cichacz
Tomasz Cichacz Pred 4 meseci
i have starcraft at home and its the best game ever :D
00_Ma Bóng
00_Ma Bóng Pred 4 meseci
(( = ? nào thế Biết
Shek1nah Pred 4 meseci
all hail lord derpfestor... and while we are at it... not enough MINERALS
b m
b m Pred 4 meseci
can widow mines really attack air units?
Draknight Pred 5 meseci
*N O T E N O U G H M I N E R A L S* *M U S T C O N S T U C T A D D I T I O N A L P Y L O N S* *Y O U M U S T P L A C E T H A T I N T H E P O W E R F I E L D* *Y O U R E Q U I R E M O R E V E S P I N G A S* *T H A T M U S T B E P L A C E D O N T H E V E S P I N G E Y S U R* *A B A S E I S U N D E R A T T A C K* *Y O U R W A R R I O R S H A V E E N G A G E D T H E E N E M Y* *P R O B E S A R E U N D E R A T T A C K*
TGTLD Pred 5 meseci
Purple sus
K1rm Pred 2 meseci
One infestor among us
Eminentia Cry
Eminentia Cry Pred 5 meseci
Ой, как пёрну, как пёрну щас.
Reuben Wong
Reuben Wong Pred 5 meseci
What unit is the ‘leader’?
Michal Čížek
Michal Čížek Pred 5 meseci
sltv.info/label/nbCLr7mqiqp9pZ4/video Out of range and whole battle is parody to KKND Crossfire intro probadly. sltv.info/label/mc90mdbXi4twhmc/video
FoxSaurus Pred 5 meseci
Top 10 battles of anime
FoxSaurus Pred 5 meseci
25:38 to 27:00 is carrier in a nutshell
W.D gaster
W.D gaster Pred 5 meseci
you know why they lost? 49:28
Ekaterina Obraztsova
Ekaterina Obraztsova Pred 5 meseci
18:26 just zerg rush. 38:26 he am still standing :/
Dah Eggroll
Dah Eggroll Pred 5 meseci
Stanford Leeham
Stanford Leeham Pred 6 meseci
Renewable energy and IT and construction
Gabriel Ahimsa
Gabriel Ahimsa Pred 6 meseci
omg thx for the laugh, base under attack Paw paw tziit tzit
Никита Брусницын
33:17 thats how they made impostor an alien in Among Us(Fact Rules)
Pilot Pred 6 meseci
where download music?
Selwuś Pred 6 meseci
18:07 - I love that toilet paper on the ghost’s foot. He was in the toilet when blue was scanning barracks. Love your easter eggs
Jordan Read
Jordan Read Pred 6 meseci
Honestly I would love to see a custom campaign that follows the "storyline" of Starcrafts seasons 3, 5, 6 and 7. Long live Derpfestor.
Kyle Dawson
Kyle Dawson Pred 6 meseci
This was emotional
Marcus Heier
Marcus Heier Pred 7 meseci
23:37 - That Dragon Ball reference!!!!!! :O
Eun Jung Cho
Eun Jung Cho Pred 7 meseci
Carbot in the first part, the crawling thing is purple and it changed to red
Matthew Marr
Matthew Marr Pred 7 meseci
Lesson number 1. They aren't helping you make the show, they stealing your credibility. Correction, you are selling them your credibility for a very pitiful sum.
Matthew Marr
Matthew Marr Pred 7 meseci
Hey.......hey........hey........how are those Raycons working out for you?
Matthew Marr
Matthew Marr Pred 7 meseci
OMFG!!! It's more than hundred dollars and its not even waterproof. You are the worst fucking salesmen in history. Seriously. Thanks for the laugh you spineless chucklefuck.
KopaZ Pred 7 meseci
25:44 lol, ZeraTOOL
Евгений Сантаклаусов
I love rage zealot)
Axton 1209
Axton 1209 Pred 7 meseci
pop5678eye Pred 7 meseci
Kuya Badz
Kuya Badz Pred 7 meseci
25:24 "zeraTOOL" 🤣🤣
James Perkins
James Perkins Pred 7 meseci
Marine in dropship 30:43, who stab yo?
James Perkins
James Perkins Pred 7 meseci
Why for mines watch twilight in medivac? Are mines bad at the relationships?
HyperFr35h Pred 7 meseci
why are the red ones attacking the others even if they're the same
koko say
koko say Pred 7 meseci
아직도 구독자수 100만이네... ㅋㅋ
Maria Vazquez
Maria Vazquez Pred 7 meseci
Cuanto por el producto y soy tu fan pero no te entiendo porque soy mexicano
조영환 Pred 8 meseci
한국사람 좋아요 해라.
Tialdo Pred 8 meseci
Anyone else lose all sound for anything related to combat or the zerg?
Achiraya Tangwattanaphoolphon lGreatlp1-6 29
1 dragonfly kill 11,485,288,624,862 unit
R4d6 Pred 8 meseci
So I remember a moment in either this season or Season 7 where there was an entire army of Cyclones, but I can't find it.
30 Years of Blizzard (Cartoon)
He officially quit
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