Olivia Rodrigo - good 4 u (Official Video) 

Olivia Rodrigo
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Directed by Petra Collins
Starring Olivia Rodrigo

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Music video by Olivia Rodrigo performing good 4 u. © 2021 Olivia Rodrigo, under exclusive license to Geffen Records




13. maj. 2021

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Preeti Jindal
Preeti Jindal Pred 3 urami
Upcoming Taylor Swift Singing songs about Exes
MrSick NSinistergamez
And another person
MrSick NSinistergamez
Listen to best friend by deja cat
Brandon Dunklin
Brandon Dunklin Pred 3 urami
Damn this Samsung Z flip ad is dope
`ღ ́-GOLD ROsE PRODUcTIONs `ღ ́-
She looks like me and I'm digging it
Cody Allen
Cody Allen Pred 3 urami
The ending gives me mad Jennifer’s Body vibes.
Thehy Pred 3 urami
How did you do that, both the house burned down and the house flooded, call the fire department, there is a madman in the house
Ana Beatriz Flores Queiroz
her devilish face...
Gisele Souza da Silva
Gisele Souza da Silva
Tatum Pred 3 urami
I imagine singing this song on stage to a room full of people along with my ex and the only time I make eye contact with my ex is during "LIKE A DAMN SOCIOPATH"
Its_Megan_ Pred 3 urami
and I thought Drivers license was good this is incredible
Emanuel Pred 3 urami
this song is very good
Aplatanito_02 Pred 3 urami
Gaming with THnation
Btw is the water tears or oil to start the fire
kim Hodg bttw
kim Hodg bttw Pred 3 urami
Mr Turtle Leg
Mr Turtle Leg Pred 3 urami
jayl_rf Pred 3 urami
Misery Business rip off. Off brand version
Jordan Pred 3 urami
Why that giving me 90s feels? Love this song, so mutch memories i feel
Ür_ Nãïjī
Ür_ Nãïjī Pred 3 urami
jellybean Pred 3 urami
Ok she needs to stop writing such addicting songs- I can’t just sit on the floor playing this song on replay for hours
mkj dfr
mkj dfr Pred 3 urami
The friendly cloud singly attempt because hole focally pack among a inconclusive maid. chubby, early paper
maureS Pred 3 urami
Completamente enamorado.
sophietruste. Pred 3 urami
omg is amazing.
Owen Braucht
Owen Braucht Pred 3 urami
this video ruins the song omg
Bxricky Pred 3 urami
Yeop Kidey
Yeop Kidey Pred 3 urami
Dominated Billie ??
シnidadaweebシ Pred 4 urami
This just gives me middle school vibes....why?
casablanca bell
casablanca bell Pred 4 urami
This song is dangerous and screams “I’m a salty” bitch
Rodrigo Cordeiro
Rodrigo Cordeiro Pred 4 urami
lindo, chorei, faz mais pls
Phoebe Shalom
Phoebe Shalom Pred 4 urami
For some reason, the ‘or maybe *you* never cared at all” the first time… the vibrato on the you is just 👌👌👌
riqee Pred 4 urami
Woah I never meant to brag
Priscila Santos
Priscila Santos Pred 4 urami
Oi você é muito linda te amo paz para sempre
Jacky Eastwood
Jacky Eastwood Pred 4 urami
Talented girl. Revenge music is sooooooooo good.!!!!!!! She's getting darker. Love it 👍
shaki roca
shaki roca Pred 4 urami
Amoooooo este tema ❤️❤️
MOAYAD alabbadi
MOAYAD alabbadi Pred 4 urami
والله ماش منفوخة
DrEnrozEz - Gaming
DrEnrozEz - Gaming Pred 4 urami
The song is pretty decent like a 7/10 but the music video makes no fucking sense
Abril Garcia
Abril Garcia Pred 4 urami
She is beutifull ✨
Sheana McLaughlin
Sheana McLaughlin Pred 4 urami
K I’m old and my daughter has been playing this none stop. It’s catchy…but I have a really dumb question….who is she talking about ? Cause I really need to know lol
Gabriel Amadeus Dos Santos
She's talking about Michinomiya Hirohito
Callmehsophie Pred 4 urami
Apple be watching this offendedly
UrbanAllegory Pred 4 urami
Im loving her...this has big early 90s counterculture diva vibes. The spirit of Tragic Kingdom era Gwen Stefani has been reborn in Olivia Rodrigo.
Nancy Furry
Nancy Furry Pred 4 urami
Good 4 u I hear like,3 times a day
Sour Candy
Sour Candy Pred 4 urami
Amazing song
Adrian Delgado
Adrian Delgado Pred 4 urami
Si, soy hombre y escucho este rolon
Laura Vitória
Laura Vitória Pred 4 urami
everything that makes me sick... makes me feel better I love you Olivia
Bushra sheyyab
Bushra sheyyab Pred 4 urami
Who's from tik tok here!
Bushra sheyyab
Bushra sheyyab Pred 4 urami
Who's from tik tok here!
Pael I Pädi
Pael I Pädi Pred 4 urami
Im not and thats great
Kendra Williams
Kendra Williams Pred 4 urami
Why all your songs sad
Gabiins Pred 4 urami
Alguém do Brasil??
Real Pred 4 urami
the end off this video doesnt make sense!
Tanishiya Perera
Tanishiya Perera Pred 4 urami
I love ur voice it’s so good
Zayn Pred 4 urami
she’s so overrated
Bxricky Pred 3 urami
Your mother
Jessica Adams
Jessica Adams Pred 4 urami
if you dont like her music you can keep scrolling idk what you get from commenting this lol
Ichigo ame
Ichigo ame Pred 4 urami
thi is perfect music 4 good u
Johann Enslin
Johann Enslin Pred 4 urami
Sounds like he is better of without your toxic behavior
Jessica Adams
Jessica Adams Pred 4 urami
you obviously don't know the meaning of the music video so why dont you try finding out the meaning behind it before commenting shes acting toxic in this and a "crazy ex girlfriend" becuase that what people just labeled her as
judy22dc Pred 4 urami
The best song
SoviMusic Pred 4 urami
Letra sltv.info/label/bKaXu8XSnHt5m3g/video
Amie Starkey
Amie Starkey Pred 4 urami
My mom:what do u even learn from this song Me: never to break up with a singer
Nkrvip Ki
Nkrvip Ki Pred 4 urami
Its my first time to listen to her carefully and damn this girl really knows how to slay
KS - 02DA 896228 Queenston Drive PS
your voise is nice
Sabrina Vieira
Sabrina Vieira Pred 4 urami
Lorena Miranda Perez
jeje vine porque me acordé de todo lo que pasó con army sjsjs pensé que oiría algo nuevo pero resulta que en tiktok ya lo había escuchado y ahora que lo escucho completo me gusta y voy a oír más :v
きうぴ Pred 4 urami
Janet Greene
Janet Greene Pred 4 urami
The recondite cougar transmurally obtain because dish concurringly jail astride a billowy octagon. unable, shrill believe
Thunder Pred 4 urami
Ngl 1000 of the views on this video are probably from just me
Kelsie Bartlett
Kelsie Bartlett Pred 4 urami
Moclan5 Pred 5 urami
The „subtle“ Samsung as tho haha
Helena Veiga
Helena Veiga Pred 5 urami
Lily Plays Toca
Lily Plays Toca Pred 5 urami
Turtle_Adxres Pred 5 urami
Cøøkie_ Çrûmbles
Is it just me or am I the one who didn't really like drivers license or deja vu or didn't even listen to her much but likes this to the max
Sarra RHOUMA Pred 5 urami
this song really gives me early 2000s vibes
Gabriel Amadeus Dos Santos
@Coco And Oreo’s Adventures it's pop rock
Coco And Oreo’s Adventures
It doesn’t
愛 b a b i !!
愛 b a b i !! Pred 5 urami
amo o jeito q os brasileiros sofrem junto com essa música pq metade do amor adolescente daqui é baseado nessa letra
Coco And Oreo’s Adventures
@愛 b a b i !! bum
愛 b a b i !!
愛 b a b i !! Pred 4 urami
@Coco And Oreo’s Adventures I DONT UNDERSTAND U TOO
Coco And Oreo’s Adventures
amine Pred 5 urami
taylor swift from wish lol
Jessica Adams
Jessica Adams Pred 4 urami
just no--im sorry that dosen't make sense
Yasmim Lohoff
Yasmim Lohoff Pred 4 urami
Olivia is so much better
MOAYAD alabbadi
MOAYAD alabbadi Pred 4 urami
Pael I Pädi
Pael I Pädi Pred 4 urami
Coco And Oreo’s Adventures
@amine that’s what I thought
Audrey Treleven
Audrey Treleven Pred 5 urami
-Luana Pred 5 urami
Resumindo: Joshua: vamo fica sério, mas não vamos namorar Olivia: me apaixonei, fudeu Olivia em Carteira de motorista: então gente, fui trocada. Joshua em Lie Lie Lie: menina mas você é falsa ein? Sabrina em Skin: Mais eu tô pegando seu menino sim você que chore sozinha. Conclusão: a Olivia não superou, porque tinha esperança de voltar.
-Luana Pred 4 urami
@Coco And Oreo’s Adventures why?
Gabriel Amadeus Dos Santos
@Coco And Oreo’s Adventures Why?
Coco And Oreo’s Adventures
Merve Yazar
Merve Yazar Pred 5 urami
This sounds A LOT like paramore
Coco And Oreo’s Adventures
It doesn’t LOL
LaMario Pred 5 urami
Vibe Paramore
Valentin L.
Valentin L. Pred 5 urami
If someone mixed Avril Lavigne, Taylor Swift and Britney Spears together 😂😂 still cool in her own way
Reina Isabel Argueta
Esta canción es súper chida😊😭💔
Christina Kripal
Christina Kripal Pred 5 urami
Stop simping for joshua basset the songs good and all but stop simping
Sanchia Marais
Sanchia Marais Pred 5 urami
My bf just cheated on me and this song is helping me so much
Aryan Sehgal
Aryan Sehgal Pred 5 urami
how is this song popular... it sucks dude.. gfy olivia, the only people who like your songs are simps -_- accusing bts of fake views, when your views are probably the fake ones seeing how trashy your song is... you cant even get a good camera your quality is so horrible. get a life girl
Jessica Adams
Jessica Adams Pred 4 urami
imagine being 18 and having the whole bts ARMY after you---it's a nightmare idk why yall are mad at her its her team her team literally dosent allow her to promote her own show
Also, the quality is meant to be that way dumbass lmao, it's supposed to give retro vibes
"Accusing BTS of fake views" so we're just lying now to fit an agenda, is that it?
MeMe Pred 5 urami
I didnt like her last song but you look like a hater lmao shes not bad let her do her thing
Marko Rafael
Marko Rafael Pred 5 urami
i told everyone ROCK'S NOT DEAD!!!!!!
lustology Pred 5 urami
Andrea Zornes
Andrea Zornes Pred 5 urami
I love this btw dont let anyone tell you that you are overreacting you are the best
Dulce Ortiz
Dulce Ortiz Pred 5 urami
Dulce Ortiz
Dulce Ortiz Pred 5 urami
te amo muchísimo
Dulce Ortiz
Dulce Ortiz Pred 5 urami
olivia sos el amor de mi vida
Elianny Vargas paulino
Soy la única española pero es la de bizarbaak
xxLazywolfxx Pred 5 urami
Olivia rodrigo and Camilla cabello Collab?
Lolitas fake
Lolitas fake Pred 5 urami
put it on 2x
Løst Pred 5 urami
I would not be surprised if she was a cancer ;-;”
Mq qa
Mq qa Pred 5 urami
kauan Tenório
kauan Tenório Pred 5 urami
A Olívia entregou tudo, obrigado
Spider The Devil
Spider The Devil Pred 5 urami
Fun fact: The phones at the start were galaxy z flips
Mq qa
Mq qa Pred 5 urami
You are not good enough to challenge BTS
Mq qa
Mq qa Pred 3 urami
@Jessica Adams no
Jessica Adams
Jessica Adams Pred 4 urami
who ever said that--can yall pick some grass and stream butter if you want instead of poking at a 18 year old
Mq qa
Mq qa Pred 4 urami
@Mq qa then gtfo off this video. Focus on Butter. We need longetivity. You dragging other artists makes BTS look bad and you look stupid.
Mq qa
Mq qa Pred 4 urami
Jacob Becker
Jacob Becker Pred 5 urami
Olivia, you're the QUEEN of pop!!!
Lilly’s World!🌷