👊🏻MESSI RED CARD!👊🏻 (Spanish Super Cup 2020 Barcelona 2-3 Athletic Bilbao) 

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18. jan. 2021

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dhairya nair
dhairya nair Pred 20 urami
Messi will be sent off and will be going to Man City
¡Shark-ira! Pred dnevom
ORIGINAL SONG is Mickey - Sweet California Like so people can see 👍
denimdenev Pred 2 dnevi
Messi Lose of SUPERCUP Chapmion and don't get Silver cup to Shame on himself, use Blossom Ultimate Ramming Speed Dizzy Punch at Asier Villalibre and get red card to escape the evil curse place Messi : JZEE!! Some one who VOODOO Shit at me and my squad, they are tricky and cheat of me, what can I do? Wait, l have watched movies and Japanese anime called "HeartCatch Pretty Cure" protagonist and character use fighting skill to strike enemy, now we have to do!! Villalibre : I can't let you get SUPERCUP CHAPMION, MESSI!! Prepare to lose and get Silver to shame on you again.AAAHHH HAHAHAHA!!!!! Messi : Now!! Eat this ! Blossom Ultimate Ramming Speed Dizzy Punch!! Villalibre : ARRRRRRR!! Help me! Someone help me! Messi is lost his mind, he used anime protagonist skill to attack on my head, ARRRR...SSSSSHHHH!!!! MY HEAD IS BLEEDING AND LOST MANY BLOOD!! YOU BASTARD, YOU ARE REALLY SICK MAN OF SOUTH AMERICAN FOOTBALL KING!! Referee : Wow!? WTF!!? Messi is a The Worst of Football King, become of Kung Fu and Pretty Cure Football King,That was shame of your Football History, you a red card and leave now!! Messi : Yes! Hahahaha! I escape from the evil SUPERCUP and VOODOO spell, and that I hate Silver to shame on myself. But I go to MAN CITY or MAN UNT or JUV or PSG.
CameAim Pred 2 dnevi
kill evry hard player...
SkyYet Pred 2 dnevi
Slap 3 trailer *heh*
0:33 why just Suarez in logo barcelona
gamiel kanda
gamiel kanda Pred 3 dnevi
Actually,messi second time against Chile he did nothing he was calm
DCGaming 55
DCGaming 55 Pred 4 dnevi
Deji: Can’t beat Jake Gib: can’t beat Jake Nate Robinson: can’t be Jake Messi: knockout in round one
JustVincent Pred 5 dnevi
People keep saying Messi his first red card was against Bilbao but people forget he got red on his Argentina debut 44 seconds after being subbed on
svijet kockica
svijet kockica Pred 5 dnevi
Messi he is argentinian sergio ramos
Ahmad Mohammad
Ahmad Mohammad Pred 5 dnevi
Hey 44oons why youdidnt do a vidio about the match that cr7 lost 2-0agginest inter
Sxft BciiYT
Sxft BciiYT Pred 5 dnevi
He could box Anthony Joshua.
Tadhgsgoated69 Lol
Tadhgsgoated69 Lol Pred 6 dnevi
What about on messi’s debut that red doesn’t count or what
0:25 hahahahaha
Francisco Cipriano
Francisco Cipriano Pred 7 dnevi
Messi stays whit berad and whitout beard in long of the video
Aryan Kumar 1
Aryan Kumar 1 Pred 7 dnevi
Messi could also replace One Punch Man😂
Τέσσερα εκατοστά είναι το πουλί σου
tubbs Pred 10 dnevi
He got revenge for Neymar being ambushed by the bilbaos
Daniel Cabrera
Daniel Cabrera Pred 11 dnevi
Original song name?
Mary Kinsella
Mary Kinsella Pred 11 dnevi
Ramos: I taught him everything he knows
Cheuk Chun Ng
Cheuk Chun Ng Pred 12 dnevi
That's why Messi is called Messidona Maradona also fought and gets a red card against bilbao
Mihajlo Kesić
Mihajlo Kesić Pred 12 dnevi
Manchester City FmXPes
What's the song name
Ngabonziza Karly
Ngabonziza Karly Pred 13 dnevi
Atul Anilkumar
Atul Anilkumar Pred 13 dnevi
Anyone, here for entertainment after that regular humiliation against PSG ?
Panagioti Xidias
Panagioti Xidias Pred 13 dnevi
This song is so catchy
Asir Gamer
Asir Gamer Pred 13 dnevi
kick one
Hit Games
Hit Games Pred 14 dnevi
Joshua Bedford
Joshua Bedford Pred 14 dnevi
What a punch !
NotAunlu_ Pred 14 dnevi
GTA Lionel Messi
Luke dagamer
Luke dagamer Pred 15 dnevi
3 dayd
Luke dagamer
Luke dagamer Pred 15 dnevi
90mins each game whis 270 minutes of ban
Peter Curran
Peter Curran Pred 15 dnevi
Great punching skills
Eelman of Keyser
Eelman of Keyser Pred 16 dnevi
442oons:happy 2020 The description happy 2021
Cristian Grama
Cristian Grama Pred 16 dnevi
Hello 442oons could You do football flashback 2008 Buffon save agaist Adrian Mutu , Euro 2004 final and Champions league 2005 final please
Mini Ronaldo Ronaldo
Mini Ronaldo Ronaldo Pred 16 dnevi
Join mma
amir gamer dz
amir gamer dz Pred 17 dnevi
NICOIKER 7 Pred 17 dnevi
Hola todos casa
Verlatile !
Verlatile ! Pred 19 dnevi
Ramos: i taught him everything he knows
Alex Springate
Alex Springate Pred 18 dnevi
You literally just stole the top comment...
ilham kdr
ilham kdr Pred 19 dnevi
JOKER JH Pred 19 dnevi
The title is wrong. It must call Messi is Ramos
rsheed s
rsheed s Pred 20 dnevi
messi: you ve played all night and im sick of that song valvarde: dafuq?
Mario García Óriz
Mario García Óriz Pred 21 dnevom
0:44 Imagine if Messi does that in real life, his wish Will make truth
carolconn2 Pred 21 dnevom
Messi looks like he wants to kill everyone when in 2004 he was all shy 😖😖😖
كرار اصطورة
كرار اصطورة Pred 21 dnevom
برشلونه يفوز بالكاس ليش ما تطلع فايزين
Marshall Smith
Marshall Smith Pred 22 dnevi
Messi could use his punching skills to actually beat Ramos in a fight
NotFonsiiツ Pred 23 dnevi
Malísimo Messi
Itz Eklippzy
Itz Eklippzy Pred 24 dnevi
Comfirmed:messi to man city
Duval In The Wall
Duval In The Wall Pred 24 dnevi
Lionel Messi has unlocked a new ability: his first
Roger Gadiel Poroj Martínez
Yay messi
Dan3Laighty Pred 24 dnevi
Grande messi
Eva Ravndal
Eva Ravndal Pred 24 dnevi
Just me that realized Messi did not have a beard, then suddenly he has and then he is shaved again🤔
Crewposter and footballer
Playback speed 2x trust me
cristian preda
cristian preda Pred 24 dnevi
There's a error in 1:06 anf 1:11
Marin MM7
Marin MM7 Pred 24 dnevi
0:18 If you listen carefully to Villalibre,he says "brain package",but it should be "brain damage." 0:40 In real life,Messi actually got 2-game,not 4-game ban. 1:16 If you pause,the mouth of someone that is running away from Messi is in weird shape.
I am Ahmed
I am Ahmed Pred 25 dnevi
Killing sergio Ramos and Ronaldo
The Siblings
The Siblings Pred 25 dnevi
The song is: Hey, Mickey
Marie Wyatt
Marie Wyatt Pred 26 dnevi
666 dislikes?
Jacob-t-Champion Pred 26 dnevi
Exactly 1m views
gabrielcentenodasilv Pred 26 dnevi
He can win WWE
Rony el crack
Rony el crack Pred 27 dnevi
خالد تشان
خالد تشان Pred 27 dnevi
Uza King
Uza King Pred 27 dnevi
Messi got his revenge on Saturday
sa sony
sa sony Pred 27 dnevi
No 2 times red cards
Biotic Instep
Biotic Instep Pred 19 dnevi
For Barca it’s first
nameles Pred 27 dnevi
Choose A punch from zlatan at the face Or A punch from messi at the jaw
bacon kingz
bacon kingz Pred 27 dnevi
HALAMADRID Calle Pred 27 dnevi
No apro de verlo
ADIL KHAN Pred 28 dnevi
Messi can kill lewy ramos ronaldo neur muller and Koeman
NicolasTheBeast Pred 28 dnevi
WTF Messis beard apears in some of the schenes
Aditya Dube
Aditya Dube Pred 29 dnevi
Wellll Messi got his revenge!!!!
You are being Watched
You are being Watched Pred 29 dnevi
How many are watching this after messi scored a free kick against athletic bilbao
Rocky Ramakrishnan
Rocky Ramakrishnan Pred 2 dnevi
Christopher Perez
Christopher Perez Pred 12 dnevi
Peter Curran
Peter Curran Pred 22 dnevi
Luis Aguirre
Luis Aguirre Pred 24 dnevi
Arjen Bakker
Arjen Bakker Pred 29 dnevi
who's here after barca bilbao 2-1
Mahdi Azeez
Mahdi Azeez Pred 29 dnevi
Mahdi Azeez
Mahdi Azeez Pred 29 dnevi
خالد تشان
خالد تشان Pred 27 dnevi
لا تتكبر اتكلم عربي
خالد تشان
خالد تشان Pred 27 dnevi
طيب كيف رديت انا بتكلم معاك عربي
Mahdi Azeez
Mahdi Azeez Pred 27 dnevi
خالد تشان
خالد تشان Pred 27 dnevi
خالد تشان
خالد تشان Pred 27 dnevi
Mahdi Azeez
Mahdi Azeez Pred 29 dnevi
hhhhhh that was so funny
Mahdi Azeez
Mahdi Azeez Pred 29 dnevi
Messi in 2004: I am very shy Messi in 2021: I WANT TO KILL EVERYONE
HoodieWith2os Pred 24 dnevi
what do you even get from copying comments, People aren't even liking something you came up with, where is the gratification in that? A number count?
le carrot
le carrot Pred 26 dnevi
Shuma Atiqunnassa
Shuma Atiqunnassa Pred 28 dnevi
Loooool i kno writh
Hamster Gang
Hamster Gang Pred 29 dnevi
13 days later: Barca beat Them.
Asserian Sport
Asserian Sport Pred 8 dnevi
And Messi scored a freekick
Huseyn Fatullayev
Huseyn Fatullayev Pred 29 dnevi
Yes I can't understand barca wins them twice but lose at cup finak
bro ok
bro ok Pred 29 dnevi
Sweet revenge
Guillaume Emilien Marie Van Der Eijk
mini pes gamer
mini pes gamer Pred 29 dnevi
Murray -Messi 2021
Zack Poulton
Zack Poulton Pred 29 dnevi
Zack Poulton
Zack Poulton Pred 29 dnevi
Third red card ever but third ever 2 for Argentina #terrible for them
Please SUBSCRIBE Pred 29 dnevi
@Mikel tube AND @Leotube will be sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Please SUBSCRIBE Pred 29 dnevi
Carmen SANDIEGO vs Lionel Messi NOTHING WIN it MEANS draw
Kobe Gaming
Kobe Gaming Pred mesecem
Punch is head
Edgar Axel
Edgar Axel Pred mesecem
Frionel Friandes Fressi Frioccitini
Carl Johnson 3 z FBI
Asunta Ajo
Asunta Ajo Pred mesecem
P Ronaldo
sgx7 Pred mesecem
What is real song name
Aibek 2001
Aibek 2001 Pred mesecem
Hey Mickey
Играча БГ
Играча БГ Pred mesecem
Johnson Guilfoyle
Johnson Guilfoyle Pred mesecem
Messivs canelo
CR7 Pred mesecem
wtf did i just watch
Adwin Das
Adwin Das Pred mesecem
That plater acted so much
Gabrieel Pred mesecem
Actually the worst 442oons video in a long time
Lb1 Pred mesecem
That’s halouirius
Tarek Chehida
Tarek Chehida Pred mesecem
MESSI RED CARD !!!!!!!???
Jaafar Haruna Dasuki
so funny messi red card and the song
Shanik Abeyesekera
Shanik Abeyesekera Pred mesecem
Hopefully he won't miss Barca vs PSG
Ras Pred mesecem
He's already back.
qiang xue
qiang xue Pred mesecem
GTA Barcalona city lol
Captain Aditya
Captain Aditya Pred mesecem
442loons is a CR7 fan and their videos prove it again and again and again........
Amy Aura
Amy Aura Pred mesecem
Leon Orieta
Leon Orieta Pred mesecem