Juice WRLD - Bad Boy ft. Young Thug (Directed by Cole Bennett) 

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Lyrical Lemonade Presents:
Juice WRLD - Bad Boy featuring Young Thug (Official Music Video)
In Loving Memory of Jarad Higgins
Directed & Edited by: Cole Bennett
Song Produced by Pi'erre Bourne
VFX: Cole Bennett & Nocturnal FX
Colorist: Loren White & Cole Bennett
Director of Photography: Taylor Randall
Steadicam: Renard Cheren
1st AC: Olivia Aquilina
2nd AC: Paige Hochstatter
Gaffer: Christian Meijia
Key Grip: Salvador Torrison
Grip: Jonathan Lopez
Grip: Alex Halsted
Electric: Lars Moede
Set Build: DreDayDesignz
Art Asst: Conrad Edmonds
Key Makeup: Michelle Echevarria
1st AD: Bernard Niyonzima
PA: Anthony Alvarado
PA: George Hammond
PA: Blayne Parker
PA: Jake Wilson
PA: Lance Rowland
PA: Faisal A.Omar
Production Company: Lyrical Lemonade
Executive Producer: Cole Bennett
Producer: Salvatore Tarantino & Jay Tauzin
Production Manager: Henri Coleman
Production Coordinator: Toni Sudimac
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LENNY ~ a hidden character representing happiness & good energy




14. jan. 2021

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Neo Aka Nfury
Neo Aka Nfury Pred 5 minutami
Juice is an illusion
Farai Kaseke
Farai Kaseke Pred 13 minutami
to think this could've been a part of his discography, project, takeover, there was so much in store
raymancho Pred 16 minutami
Gaming All day
Gaming All day Pred 22 minutami
Is it just me who think how long did it take to edit a music video
Hazard Kadriu
Hazard Kadriu Pred 25 minutami
Who is better? Juice: ignore Xxxtentacion: ingnore. Pop smoke: ingnore. Lil nas X: ingnore
Eve Kay
Eve Kay Pred 26 minutami
sad juice world died
david stokan555
Is he alive
Teresita Molina
We love juice wrld
Nafal Almansoory
Yo pm come out here lol
toucan gammer
toucan gammer Pred uro
Will Smith and marten Lawrence I'm a bad boy
Zalán Rózsavölgyi
More Drip The Kid
More Drip The Kid Pred 2 urami
Stabz Pred 3 urami
Fvlse King
Fvlse King Pred 3 urami
Whoops pressed replay again. ;)
Rehan Ik
Rehan Ik Pred 3 urami
A heist based music video with no bank damn juice and slatttt with da different type of heist vibe
Patricia Luna
Patricia Luna Pred 4 urami
best song of this year
Joaquin Ortiz
Joaquin Ortiz Pred 4 urami
Nice song
coozis Pred 4 urami
I tried to use "Juice WRLD" as my new password, it says its too strong
iLexX Pred 4 urami
Who’s here bc of fortnite
ELITE DARK 323 Pred 5 urami
TTV_ViBes Brown
TTV_ViBes Brown Pred 5 urami
999🖤🤍🖤🤍locked in
Gavin Campbell
Gavin Campbell Pred 5 urami
Fun fact: This song was playin on the tv on the song 21 by polo g b4 dis song was released
CringeBot OnYT
CringeBot OnYT Pred 6 urami
Rip juice WRLD ❤️❤️ to Juice
Arsha.1st Official
Arsha.1st Official Pred 6 urami
People who dislike dis song should get a COVID test cuz one of the symptoms is no taste
Daniel Graham
Daniel Graham Pred 7 minutami
deleted .
deleted . Pred 6 urami
0:30 that was on polo g 21 music vid
Revive Pred 6 urami
Who else was here during the Premier
Benny Shaite
Benny Shaite Pred 6 urami
Who remember when ally did the snippet and showed to original version
captainpickle4 Pred 7 urami
that intro of him spitting facts really motivated me, thank you juice
FaZe hype
FaZe hype Pred 7 urami
Semaj and Taylor gaming
juce wrld
Victoria Sanchez
Victoria Sanchez Pred 7 urami
OmG 😱 nle choppa
Issa_Po1nt Pred 8 urami
ima bad boy HEHEHE
Chickenchazzer Dj3⃣9⃣0⃣0⃣
Go to polo g 21 video n look who’s on the tv
Michael Clarke
Michael Clarke Pred 9 urami
Juice WRLD is in a better place REST UP JUICE 🖤🖤
Dave Martinez
Dave Martinez Pred 9 urami
I don't know what I'ma do when juice runs out of unreleased music
HyBZ Pred 9 urami
Juice is still alive
ItzTwxst Pred 9 urami
This song never gets old
RealSlick781 Pred 9 urami
Beat is DUMB FIRE!! This whole ish SLAP 🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤
Liskairy Queen
Liskairy Queen Pred 9 urami
I like this song
Sebastian Jin
Sebastian Jin Pred 10 urami
I have this on repeat.
hekter Boost
hekter Boost Pred 10 urami
but rip if he is we love u juice
hekter Boost
hekter Boost Pred 10 urami
naah man juice wrld aint dead
Slipt Psyche
Slipt Psyche Pred 10 urami
Juice WRLD had such a beautiful voice.
Stephanovic Pred 10 urami
nice john lennon sunglasses. coincidence? i think not
XdJordan Pred 10 urami
My grandfather told me about Elvis Presley my father told me about Michael Jackson and im gonna tell my kids about Juice Wrld the freestyle goat
9 9 9
9 9 9 Pred 10 urami
Damn...I love juice wrld soooooo much but since hes passed my lifes been so fucking depressing and miserable, and do u know what's sad is that I only listened to xxxtentacion and juice wrlds music and I still only do that and I probably will do that till I die(probably some day I'll feel brave enough to commit suicide)😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏➰🪑☠
Nolsty Pred 10 urami
miss him so much, 999 gang 4ever
king james
king james Pred 10 urami
Mateo Peternel
Mateo Peternel Pred 10 urami
Young Thug...Future wannabe
liem tran
liem tran Pred 10 urami
beratt ayマ
beratt ayマ Pred 10 urami
yahya kassim
yahya kassim Pred 11 urami
LLJW chain 🧃🌏
jacob daus
jacob daus Pred 11 urami
I thought juice wrld died months ago? How is he releasing new videos?
jkingVEVO Pred 5 urami
Months? He died over a year ago, on December 8, 2019 (Nicki Minaj’s 37th birthday). Juice did this video on October 25, 2019.
MemeZ Pred 11 urami
you realize they could’ve been prerecorded right
Florecita Jimenez
Florecita Jimenez Pred 12 urami
R.I.P JW 🥲
Calin Albright
Calin Albright Pred 12 urami
I didn’t even scroll through all the comments but I’m guessing famous rappers on here
Adil_1124 Pred 12 urami
People who disliked probably accidentally clicked it while turning up to this fire 🔥
NEX GHOST Pred 12 urami
Omg amazing 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗 RIP
Faygo Cadet
Faygo Cadet Pred 12 urami
If you ever feel stupid remember bandit bykko's comment.
Joshua Cooper
Joshua Cooper Pred 12 urami
never forget
Devin Abdalla
Devin Abdalla Pred 13 urami
Kenyetta Jackson
Kenyetta Jackson Pred 14 urami
GTA five
king de killer
king de killer Pred 14 urami
R.IP juice wrld
Law Stayne
Law Stayne Pred 14 urami
David Montalvo
David Montalvo Pred 14 urami
Legends never did 999 forever
Harley Pred 14 urami
I gotta skip young thug.
Shiloh Sebastian
Shiloh Sebastian Pred 14 urami
Love you Juice and Thug 🖤
Jacob Waldron
Jacob Waldron Pred 14 urami
I’m a big fan of you Juice WRLD in Sun Young
Jacob Waldron
Jacob Waldron Pred 14 urami
Jacob Waldron
Jacob Waldron Pred 14 urami
Annalee chopper I’m a big fan of you too
Jacob Waldron
Jacob Waldron Pred 15 urami
Jelly Java I know you like Juice WRLD but I’m a big fan of you
Abrar Bareque Aurko
Abrar Bareque Aurko Pred 15 urami
I thing the spotify version of this song should also have the message at the beginning by juice
Kyle.Nicole.49 Pred 15 urami
so trash
cados lotus
cados lotus Pred 15 urami
Hai hai njan mathram annu malayali
Zyro •
Zyro • Pred 15 urami
I’m ouiu
Naruto -Kun
Naruto -Kun Pred 15 urami
Who else thinks the Mccoy lyric by Young Thug is so satisfying?
Roxie Metz
Roxie Metz Pred 15 urami
Juice wrld why did you have to go
xxxtentacion fan
xxxtentacion fan Pred 15 urami
I thought juice wrld died
CCB Pred 15 urami
Better than Lucid Dreams
funny memes for you to watch
is he faking his death
kakayi xv Gáme
kakayi xv Gáme Pred 17 urami
Buena música desde Argentina
Jonathan Shaw
Jonathan Shaw Pred 17 urami
Seth Everman: Im a Bald Boy
John Fitzgerald
John Fitzgerald Pred 17 urami
Aaliyah Hassan
Aaliyah Hassan Pred 17 urami
Joyce wrld faked his death
Kama N
Kama N Pred 17 urami
king speed
king speed Pred 18 urami
JakeWasHere Pred 19 urami
24M views and 1M dislikes 1 in 24 people liked this vid
JakeWasHere Pred 19 urami
This is so underrated. RIP Juice 🕊🕊
Mick gaming
Mick gaming Pred 19 urami
This is lit!!
귀칼진격거 Pred 19 urami
rip..... i love you!!!!!!!!!
The saviges Balsys
The saviges Balsys Pred 20 urami
Fuck why is he dead
The saviges Balsys
The saviges Balsys Pred 20 urami
I cant singing and lisining and i know all the leaerics
wyyth Pred 20 urami
so u tellin me they took juice out the coffin for this one?
bruh Pred 21 uro
why is young thug making that fucking sound lmao
paolo bartolini
paolo bartolini Pred 21 uro
juice wrld was wearing dem new jordans😎
Celtic Fox
Celtic Fox Pred 21 uro
R.I.P Juice 😔
LittleJa Tv
LittleJa Tv Pred 21 uro
Cole Bennett 🏆
Tomas Godinho
Tomas Godinho Pred 21 uro
bad boy
Kuba Nowak
Kuba Nowak Pred 22 urami
We Love you!🖤
Puxel Pred 22 urami
We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will. (copied)
Isaiah Carter
Isaiah Carter Pred 8 urami
words of a wiseman
morskaya puhota
morskaya puhota Pred 22 urami
[*] ❤️
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