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7. apr. 2021

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Shannon Pred 2 urami
This brings me back to the good old days of Unus Annus
You remind me of Randy Marsh in South Park when he couldn't stop being sarcastic about "Sarcastaball"/"pussy football". It's like how you're continuously unintentionally sarcastic.
princess bubblecum
princess bubblecum Pred 11 urami
european riding and american riding are like two different things. I'm sorry but as a professional rider I had to cry while watching the video of cody riding. This girl was riding like she sat on a horse for the first time. In french we would call this animal abuse.
Lili Marie
Lili Marie Pred dnevom
When you can’t afford a horse
Isabelle H
Isabelle H Pred 2 dnevi
This is some homeschool shit
Caden Doyle
Caden Doyle Pred 2 dnevi
Liked the video solely for the horse kickflip
Heather Hunt
Heather Hunt Pred 3 dnevi
Dont forget about my Bad Girls club suggestion
jeyghastly Pred 3 dnevi
This is that one bobs burgers episode
Dani Annika
Dani Annika Pred 3 dnevi
please do a video on horseplay... its like that video you did on that girl that liked to pretend to be a dog with her boyfriend... but these people pretend to be horses and have meetups. its very strange
Elizabeth Lauren
Elizabeth Lauren Pred 3 dnevi
This dude has straight up lost his mind. Lmao Ngl as a horse girl I.... I have done a sort of “hobby horse competition” before... it was when I was in Pony Club (which is an internal organization where you ride REAL horses) and one of the rallies was called the Horseless Rally. It was more like a simulation of what a rally is and as dorky horse girls, my friend and I had a great time making the hobby horses by hand and goofing off. We did not take it seriously. We were just having fun.
slack jaw
slack jaw Pred 3 dnevi
I don't know why but cody reminds me of Graystillplays and Cherdleys
Gabrielle Zettler
Gabrielle Zettler Pred 3 dnevi
I think we need to explore the hobby horsing to pony play pipeline
I Rage
I Rage Pred 3 dnevi
What are we doing to our youth??? Seriously tho, running with those 'hobby horses' between your legs and jumping over some of the taller jumps while never dropping that damn thing is no small feat. I give each of those kids credit for their physical skills to do that! The prancing adults doing it tho...yeah, that's a little hard to understand for me.
Lewis Saunders
Lewis Saunders Pred 4 dnevi
this is the video that made me subscribe.
Crayvd Pred 4 dnevi
Cody’s weird hobby is wearing shoes in his house even though he’s sitting down most of the video.
miss daae?
miss daae? Pred 4 dnevi
i never thought i would hear cody use the word "canter" but also so passionately 💀😭😭
Michelle Trombley
Michelle Trombley Pred 5 dnevi
Where are those races held? 😂
Dylan Payton
Dylan Payton Pred 5 dnevi
Loving how wholesome this comment section is. Keep cantering it brother 🙏
tates_eq Pred 5 dnevi
As a REAL equestrian this is fucking g8 💀😭
Flying Cow
Flying Cow Pred 5 dnevi
Imagine someone not understanding the sarcasm
Michener Space
Michener Space Pred 5 dnevi
well done milking this topic for 10 minutes, respect
Michelle Trombley
Michelle Trombley Pred 5 dnevi
I ride horses
aslindehecate Pred 6 dnevi
alternative title: grown man gets winded from riding a stick im joking, I get winded sitting up sometimes
lol yeah
lol yeah Pred 6 dnevi
Okay but that last jump in the montage is actually respectable
B tip
B tip Pred 6 dnevi
OMG! Cody’s on x-games mode
HeyImRay Pred 6 dnevi
i’m ngl a few of those jumps were pretty impressive
swamini patel
swamini patel Pred 7 dnevi
what do colleges say when they see this on the college apps
The Pretty of the Odd
if i was a horse you'd have to shoot me!
Justin Cruz
Justin Cruz Pred 7 dnevi
You could say this sport might be ridiculous, but you can’t deny that some of these hobby horses riders have some hops.
Kaleem K.
Kaleem K. Pred 7 dnevi
white people
TkSharma Pred 7 dnevi
Magnus Kohler
Magnus Kohler Pred 7 dnevi
Where the shirt from, its fire.
XXXXX Pred 8 dnevi
Y’all can say it’s mean to make fun of those kids but I know when they get older they’ll think it was cringey too 😂
murfy murf
murfy murf Pred 8 dnevi
You have gotta get a new pfp boi
Emily Fewtrell
Emily Fewtrell Pred 8 dnevi
these girls will tots be in the olympics for high jump one day
Julia P
Julia P Pred 9 dnevi
The dude laughing is going to hell for that 😂😂
Emma Victoria
Emma Victoria Pred 9 dnevi
“put it in reverse terry” LMFAO
Audrey Chisum
Audrey Chisum Pred 9 dnevi
i hope historians never find this video
Kaitlin S
Kaitlin S Pred 9 dnevi
Kelsey is lucky. Cody's got some skillssssss. For real though, some of these people are very impressive. I just don't get why the horses are there? It kind of distracts from how impressive it is, I think. These kids would do well on their high school track team though lol
sky ward
sky ward Pred 9 dnevi
so the hurdle will riding a fake horse actually that's probably really hard unironically to hurdle when holding something that's kinda hard
Hubbe Pred 9 dnevi
Its Denmark... Are you suprised?
nophunsarah Pred 9 dnevi
the kickflip took me out
Branden Estrada
Branden Estrada Pred 9 dnevi
*Lives in the U.S* "Yeah, My Country has culture." My Countrie's Culture:
Cheeto Novak
Cheeto Novak Pred 9 dnevi
I really think you should get into pony play.
Phillip Propst
Phillip Propst Pred 9 dnevi
Idk what’s more disturbing this or the people that dress up as the horses.
Fuffley 8675309
Fuffley 8675309 Pred 9 dnevi
this brought back a memory I buried.... I had to do this once...
Mitch E
Mitch E Pred 9 dnevi
The last few mins were some big Jack Black energy
Debora Centeno
Debora Centeno Pred 9 dnevi
Not the news anchor cracking up at these little children 😶
Lsc Snowy
Lsc Snowy Pred 9 dnevi
Lmao I can’t even 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Katie Garcia
Katie Garcia Pred 10 dnevi
do u think cody ever has an out of body experience and is just like “wtf is my life and wtf is my job”
The Gold Wolf
The Gold Wolf Pred 10 dnevi
No Cody, you can’t kick flip a horse, you’ll just snap it’s stupid neck
Julia Wagner
Julia Wagner Pred 10 dnevi
idk why when you said “put it in reverse terry” with the *beep beep* ..... absolutely lost it
Nea_Lyn Pred 10 dnevi
codys videos are the type of videos to watch while eating dinner
z.m Pred 10 dnevi
Bro, they would be so good at jumping hurdles for track?? Or just hopping fences in general?? Imagine going to break into a place with one of these kids and they just leap over the fucking fence
Kier Verhoff
Kier Verhoff Pred 10 dnevi
Hossa Killed me
Sandy Nicholson
Sandy Nicholson Pred 10 dnevi
No, I know this isn't the right video to comment on and I'm very late, but having 7 years of riding experience I'm pretty sure your instructor was shit they didn't even correct you when you hold the reins so high Funny that it's not a canter but an extended trot
ColeNEmerald Pred 10 dnevi
What’s the royalty free EDM music?
Max Hobbs
Max Hobbs Pred 11 dnevi
ight but are we just gunna ignore how that girl cleared a 4 foot 6 inch bar?!?!?!?!?
Poppy Sensei
Poppy Sensei Pred 11 dnevi
bro why do you got call us out?? Tennessee isn't all like that
Jesse Mills
Jesse Mills Pred 11 dnevi
Codi please say poo it would be funny
hello there!
hello there! Pred 11 dnevi
I myself am a owner of three horses my horses would be disappointed in humanity if they saw this.
Ikeaguy Pred 11 dnevi
6:21 Cries in proud Swedish 😩😭✋🏼
Karan Phull
Karan Phull Pred 11 dnevi
I find out more disrespectful these kids are mocking a horse
M.nd731 Pred 11 dnevi
Tina belcher invented hobby horse ridding
xxximy xxximerton
xxximy xxximerton Pred 11 dnevi
yo he went switch
Carol Lynette
Carol Lynette Pred 12 dnevi
Dibs on "Full Grown Horse Man" for my Halloween costume this year.
Angelique Elijah
Angelique Elijah Pred 12 dnevi
I always wanted to learn to ride a horse, but my parents enjoyed me being able to breathe 🙄 parents, am I right? I wish someone had introduced me to this.. So many missed opportunities 😭
Bean GOD
Bean GOD Pred 12 dnevi
Cody has no right to look so fine while out in the desert on a toy horse smh...
KPloveFELATIO Pred 12 dnevi
“kick flip, kick flip, shuvit!”
ashlee jowett
ashlee jowett Pred 12 dnevi
i think cody has a thing for horsy gals
Ad3ll J Fry
Ad3ll J Fry Pred 12 dnevi
cody tryna skate the hobby horse
Rachel Klinkhamer
Rachel Klinkhamer Pred 12 dnevi
I have to admit cody you did some great horsing around but in saying that those kids looked so in their zone it made me so happy.
Eva Gamble
Eva Gamble Pred 13 dnevi
who’s gonna tell him that a “fast canter” is a gallop smh
Ardycat 05
Ardycat 05 Pred 13 dnevi
I am a hobbyhorser. I am extremely grateful that Cody didn’t throw shade at hobbyhorsers. I understand it may sound odd but personally it’s my escape. Those kids and that old lady were not hobbyhorsers. Hobbyhorsing is also creative, we sew and make equipment and the actual horses. Hobbyhorsing is tough exercise an i actually have mild arthritis from it. You guys can think it’s cringe or odd, maybe stupid but i think when i say ‘it’s my lifestyle and i don’t give two shits what people think’ i speak for almost all of our hobbyhorse community.
Audrey Ortman
Audrey Ortman Pred 13 dnevi
ok but that horse race looks real fun ngl
Zindzi Azubuike
Zindzi Azubuike Pred 13 dnevi
spider. pig....
Zindzi Azubuike
Zindzi Azubuike Pred 13 dnevi
you look more and more like you're from calgary
headphoned tanikoo
headphoned tanikoo Pred 14 dnevi
GlassInTheWoods Pred 14 dnevi
Ahmad Alsuwaidi
Ahmad Alsuwaidi Pred 14 dnevi
Horseman >>>>> Cowboy
hi hello
hi hello Pred 14 dnevi
He said “He’s going switch”
Carolina Sukie
Carolina Sukie Pred 14 dnevi
* horse drop *
Valen S
Valen S Pred 14 dnevi
some of these people are grown adults, who are they and what happened in their life?
Bastian Pred 14 dnevi
tbh the sport in itself seems great but were the horse heads rly necessary?
Ale Pred 15 dnevi
Cody looking more and more like Egoraptor's younger brother to me the more I look at him
Nativepride905 Pred 15 dnevi
"Trying to stay composed, even with the booming sound of tens of people..." had me dying 🤣
lilyy 13
lilyy 13 Pred 15 dnevi
cody is gonna be the newest addition to pony play
Katie Metheny
Katie Metheny Pred 15 dnevi
You should check out Chuckwagon Racing in America not the Calgary one
Zoe Emeraldbird sso
Zoe Emeraldbird sso Pred 15 dnevi
I'm an actual hobby horse and this made my day 😂
Emily M
Emily M Pred 15 dnevi
put it in reverse terry
SPACECOW Pred 15 dnevi
Cut ur hair
Jessica Ramirez
Jessica Ramirez Pred 15 dnevi
fantastic video
Ivar Torrestad
Ivar Torrestad Pred 15 dnevi
I dont want to be swedish any more
Joy Joy
Joy Joy Pred 15 dnevi
As a Viennese, ye that was pretty accurate what they did. Weird but accurate xd
R P Pred 15 dnevi
Megan Furlong
Megan Furlong Pred 15 dnevi
Cody never fucking disappoints #HHOAS
Aditya singh
Aditya singh Pred 15 dnevi
where is this shirt from cody? link please
chris woods
chris woods Pred 16 dnevi
if they like jumping why don’t they do hurdles or high jump in track
Michaela Renee
Michaela Renee Pred 16 dnevi
This is unironically impressive not even gonna lie
L. K.
L. K. Pred 16 dnevi
And people say whites have no culture.
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