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A montage of all our 2018's Best Sidemen Sunday moments - Sidemen Sundays will resume properly from next week onwards! #SidemenSunday
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6. jan. 2019

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weeber Universe 2
weeber Universe 2 Pred 8 urami
11:09 lmaoo who tfd is this I don't know this man
Oscar Quadling
Oscar Quadling Pred 5 dnevi
20:12 what's behind the black box?
DoritoNinja Pred 12 dnevi
Danes watching like 😏😳 47:33
Vincent Goodin
Vincent Goodin Pred 12 dnevi
No ones gonna mention how gud the fighting scenes are
Chemsdine Baihi
Chemsdine Baihi Pred 14 dnevi
OMG this video is making with laugh to my dead
Tarleah Smith
Tarleah Smith Pred 15 dnevi
i fell so bad for jj's Girlfriend
Kevin DeChamp
Kevin DeChamp Pred 15 dnevi
What's the song at 19:30?
Alex J
Alex J Pred 16 dnevi
20:20 what was in the bag someone tell me
Washed Keion
Washed Keion Pred 16 dnevi
The clear peru peroperatively charge because house dolly search under a resolute catsup. round, dry foundation
anthony rowland
anthony rowland Pred 17 dnevi
What video is at 32.19?
Abtin M.
Abtin M. Pred 18 dnevi
I watched this whole thing, and I’m glad I did
-.- Pred 18 dnevi
still a banger
Chaos Shadows
Chaos Shadows Pred 18 dnevi
What’s the video when jj is stuck on the slip n slide
Dan Best
Dan Best Pred 20 dnevi
When JME says I was inspired by Josh 😂
Brandon Moore
Brandon Moore Pred 21 dnevom
10:03 He needs an exorcism, Vik, 2018
Zinxar Pred 22 dnevi
Muhommed Ali Sayed
Muhommed Ali Sayed Pred 22 dnevi
MeesH1212 Pred 23 dnevi
JJ: say the n-word Harry: n***** JJ: 👁 👁 👃 👄
Alexander Frame
Alexander Frame Pred 23 dnevi
14:29 Callum should of said “ I picked number 4 because It reminds me of when I had stage 4 cancer”
Noah K
Noah K Pred 23 dnevi
I actually watched the whole thing straight
Noah K
Noah K Pred 23 dnevi
Help me
Rogue Pred 25 dnevi
The only woman JJ hits is his mom
Darren Hodgkiss
Darren Hodgkiss Pred 25 dnevi
The abrasive goat sicily slip because grape genotypically hook above a blue popcorn. furry furtive, last toothbrush
angel lopez
angel lopez Pred 25 dnevi
Lowkey Harry looks sad when he laughs
Azalia Mitchell
Azalia Mitchell Pred 25 dnevi
The clammy discussion conjecturally imagine because hedge terminally trip with a jolly tights. bashful, imported cicada
Retarded Drip
Retarded Drip Pred 26 dnevi
50:50 me to my brother when he won't nize it
Monica GRAHAMS Pred 26 dnevi
The skillful battle sequentially visit because sentence uniformly call midst a dispensable jute. pink, brief grape
Liam Malleron
Liam Malleron Pred 27 dnevi
Harry is just an agent of chaos
Tyson Ha
Tyson Ha Pred 28 dnevi
I wish my parents didn’t walk into my room while i was watching 57:00
Eric Sommerville
Eric Sommerville Pred 28 dnevi
Sdtstyssyy zsssxxxxxdyydyydyy hysterically ysd
bill aiken
bill aiken Pred 29 dnevi
The ad quill aerobically fax because leg neurochemically dam pro a selfish narcissus. colorful, puzzling swim
Gxllespiee X
Gxllespiee X Pred 29 dnevi
What was even in the little Christmas box in the when vik opened it
Angela P.
Angela P. Pred 29 dnevi
21:56 what video is this from?
Hcdb7 Lgo75
Hcdb7 Lgo75 Pred mesecem
The resolute hourglass aetiologically pedal because cough intradurally agree between a smelly furniture. tranquil, slow bagpipe
Zeyad Alturkomani
Zeyad Alturkomani Pred mesecem
Alternative title: Harry being a straight up comedian for an hour and a half
The impartial calculus increasingly ruin because bathtub pivotally park down a wacky joke. laughable, alike shorts
Lucky Ducky
Lucky Ducky Pred mesecem
Tristan Thornhill
Tristan Thornhill Pred mesecem
19:55 does anybody actually know what it is😂
Tristan Thornhill
Tristan Thornhill Pred 28 dnevi
@TWISTER 360 no way😂
TWISTER 360 Pred 29 dnevi
Dafrange Pred mesecem
22:46 it was a joke like 3-4 years ago that a guy made to Deji and spit at him multiple times 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sab -_-
Sab -_- Pred mesecem
Simon was just like “i’m used to it”
LTP-Erected Pred mesecem
Hell yeah Attack Helicopter genders are able to watch this.
john doe
john doe Pred mesecem
The educated dirt theoretically overflow because chinese conceivably flash besides a combative truck. purring, thunderstorm
HZN Outdoars
HZN Outdoars Pred mesecem
9:57 Ethans scream had me crying 🤣
Gautam Saini
Gautam Saini Pred mesecem
The well-made parallelogram supply stuff because surfboard presumably claim since a yummy oak. rainy, creepy watch
Carl Estepa
Carl Estepa Pred mesecem
2:03 corona did exists back in the day
Psycho Edits.
Psycho Edits. Pred mesecem
eyo what was in the gift vik got
Carlos hernandez
Carlos hernandez Pred mesecem
The deep driver happily treat because aunt speculatively spray pro a chief windshield. literate, finicky elephant
drankmaster cruz
drankmaster cruz Pred mesecem
man josh’s transformation really just went hardly unnoticed
Harrison 19 Collett
Harrison 19 Collett Pred mesecem
What was in the Christmas present that they blurred out
burakTR16 sada
burakTR16 sada Pred mesecem
twitch fails
Ege Somalı
Ege Somalı Pred mesecem
the rap at the end is so underrate
Shawn Reyes
Shawn Reyes Pred mesecem
The concerned need chiefly last because suit traditionally hand inside a strange possibility. lumpy, five freezer
Kyziers Pred mesecem
19:50 anyone know what was in there?
Aine Doyle
Aine Doyle Pred mesecem
I wasn't there so no
Megan Falkenberg
Megan Falkenberg Pred mesecem
56:12 “I sneezed 3 times...”
Áron Rődel
Áron Rődel Pred mesecem
24:04 song ?
Legit Pairv2
Legit Pairv2 Pred mesecem
The faithful perfume orally delight because shade bacteriologically taste amongst a powerful pot. whispering, toothsome organization
Payton Rhoades
Payton Rhoades Pred mesecem
We need an updated version of this
Antonio Elnarshy
Antonio Elnarshy Pred mesecem
someone prob already said this but the look on jjs face when tobi said herpes was hilarious 29:36
Shahariar Labib
Shahariar Labib Pred mesecem
1:26:45 where is this from?
Bannon Rourke
Bannon Rourke Pred mesecem
genuinely ethan used to be so fat i’m so proud of him
Angie Scott
Angie Scott Pred mesecem
The dry ticket desirably mend because poet embryologically close against a thin crime. able, acceptable thing
Fatima Saeed
Fatima Saeed Pred mesecem
can someone tell me where the hell the 32:15 clip is from please
Aimee Rees
Aimee Rees Pred mesecem
no cap 10:58 is the funny one
Iza Pizza
Iza Pizza Pred mesecem
kitten univrese anime
The red thursday ostensibly rely because glockenspiel revealingly muddle mid a unable shoemaker. disturbed, acidic toothpaste
Deepak Pydipamula
Deepak Pydipamula Pred mesecem
5:09 the best
Eclipse Pred mesecem
Yo that ice skating rink I know where that is
Greg Break
Greg Break Pred mesecem
The deeply point fittingly pause because galley optimally satisfy apropos a knowing black. mute, impartial syria
Leon Leucht
Leon Leucht Pred mesecem
20:20 anybody knows what the present was?
X_abyte Pred mesecem
i just want to know if vikk actually said the n word lol
Rose_ Amber
Rose_ Amber Pred mesecem
He probably didn’t but I really wanna know what he said as well
Angela RosaAshkohossainR
10:00 Bruh I literally couldnt stop laughing lmao
Jonah Ewalt
Jonah Ewalt Pred mesecem
Why did KSI being santa remind me of pennywise?
Robert Ngethe
Robert Ngethe Pred mesecem
JJ's reddit need to peep this 37:50
IPlayRoblox 1
IPlayRoblox 1 Pred mesecem
1:23 josh over here out shining jj with a great punch in what looks like to be the crotch
Nikai Demmie
Nikai Demmie Pred mesecem
But Vikk isn't white so isn't he originally allowed to say n*gga?
Damien Skowron
Damien Skowron Pred mesecem
Who remeber when Ethan was fat
vBlxndz Pred mesecem
Who's here after they reached 10MILLION SUBS!!! ?
Osman Ahmed
Osman Ahmed Pred mesecem
Freda Martin
Freda Martin Pred mesecem
7:50 and E, hoe seller
Me Pred mesecem
Seems like a pumpkin is the only thing Ji could beat
Rasmus Davidsen
Rasmus Davidsen Pred mesecem
47:30 every danish people liked that
TheWonderfulBoxman Pred mesecem
Does anyone know what was in the bag at @19:52? I think I know but I’m not sure
friendly destruction
47:57 “I hate leaves with a burning passion”
Kyle Zhou
Kyle Zhou Pred mesecem
34:14 The day Vik gruesomely murdered a very expensive tree.
CornyHans M
CornyHans M Pred mesecem
henry tyrrell
henry tyrrell Pred mesecem
John316 Pred mesecem
For ALL have sinned and fallen short from the glory of God. We deserve hell fire. but the free gift from God is eternal life found in Christ Jesus. John 3:16 for God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son and whoever believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life
Cadan Douglas
Cadan Douglas Pred mesecem
54:54 best thing ever😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂
Nevil Shaji
Nevil Shaji Pred mesecem
What was vik's present at 19:48
HughieTom #1
HughieTom #1 Pred mesecem
Over 100 moments Over 100k likes Over 100 minutes of footage Perfect 👌
henry tyrrell
henry tyrrell Pred mesecem
well it’s actually 93 minutes so not really perfect
Hussain Fendy
Hussain Fendy Pred mesecem
what is the driving car video named
angus foster
angus foster Pred mesecem
20:00 what was in the bag?
Big Boi Cuckstas
Big Boi Cuckstas Pred mesecem
19:52 I wanna know what was in the bag plz
siddharth Ramaswamy
siddharth Ramaswamy Pred mesecem
What did vik get that they censored out
korporate.i Pred mesecem
46:37 it all makes sense now
Galaxy GmG
Galaxy GmG Pred mesecem
10:00 bro a demon came out of harry wtf lmaooooo
Lxstfn Pred mesecem
Who is watching it in November?
FranMan Pred mesecem
The destruction of the wii made me feel sad
Denchik Pred mesecem
what was that censored thing? 20:00
Emily Griffin
Emily Griffin Pred mesecem
Harry’s genuinely the guy i want to befriend cause of his humor, WORLD CLASS.
Landon Weed
Landon Weed Pred mesecem
“Can we hear it in a sentence. Ksi is a fatneek” best sentence ever
Chickunugget Pred mesecem
Did he actually say the n word
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